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Super Paper Mario Walkthroughs
(Nintendo Wii)

Submit your own walkthrough and you could win a free computer game!
Submitted By: jubbamhc
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--------------------------=== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===-------------------------

01 Game Mechanics & Characters......................................(SPMAAA)
02 Walkthrough......................................................(SPMBBB)
2.0 Prologue.....................................................(SPM000)
2.1 Chapter One..................................................(SPM001)
2.2 Chapter Two..................................................(SPM002)
2.3 Chapter Three................................................(SPM003)
2.4 Chapter Four.................................................(SPM004)
2.5 Chapter Five.................................................(SPM005)
2.6 Chapter Six..................................................(SPM006)
2.7 Chapter Seven................................................(SPM007)
2.8 Chapter Eight................................................(SPM008)
2.9 Post-Game....................................................(SPM009)
03 Boss Strategies..................................................(SPMCCC)
04 Shops & Items....................................................(SPMDDD)
05 Recipes..........................................................(SPMEEE)
06 Cards............................................................(SPMFFF)
07 Optional Pixl....................................................(SPMGGG)
08 Pit of 100 Trials................................................(SPMHHH)
09 Treasure Map Hunting.............................................(SPMIII)
10 FAQ..............................................................(SPMJJJ)
11 Version History..................................................(SPMKKK)
12 Special Thanks...................................................(SPMLLL)
13 Contact Information..............................................(SPMMMM)

---------------------=== GAME MECHANICS & CHARACTERS ===--------------------

Section 01: Game Mechanics & Characters (SPMAAA)


The controls for the game are quite simple, and as such I don't feel a need
to expand on what the manual will tell you, but if you don't have the manual
for whatever reason, I'll tell you the controls here.

Control Pad (D-Pad)
Move the Cursor
(Press down using Peach) Guard
(Press down using Bowser) Breathe fire
(Press up when next to other character) Speak to nearby character
(Press up when in-game signal tells you to) Examine a door or chest
(Press up during a conversation) View previous dialogue messages.

A Button
(When using Mario) Flip dimensions
(When there is a long description in a menu) Scroll text

1 Button
Use a Pixl
(When a dialogue star appears) Read the rest of the message

2 Button
(When using Peach in midjump) Open parasol and float
Select an item
(When a dialogue star appears) Read the rest of the message

1 & 2 Buttons
Display quick menu

+ Button
Display menu

- Button
Display controls

(When viewing and pressing A button) View Tippi's hints and explanations,
examine people and things
Some items and minigames also require the pointer's usage

Home Button
Brings you to the Wii menu screen

Power Button
Turn off the Wii console


Combat in Super Paper Mario is a simple affair, as you just use your own
jumping skills and occasionally items or Pixl abilities to defeat enemies,
while you accumulate damage from biotic factors, like enemies touching you,
or abiotic factors, like falling into a gap. If you suffer too much damage
and die, you lose the game, and have to start over from your last save
point. I wouldn't worry about dying too much, as the fighting is none too
difficult and the small amount of health items you'll either get from the
enemies in the game or from shops more than compensates for whatever unlucky
hits you'll receive from enemies.


If you wiggle the Wiimote while defeating an enemy, you will likely get some
bonus points for being stylish. Also, if you press the 2 button when you're
landing on an enemy, you'll bounce higher.


Do this everywhere you go. No, seriously. In more than half of the places
you flip, you'll find something interesting and worth the time. However, be
careful not to spend too much time in the 3D world, as you will start to
take damage if your Flip Meter runs out.


The way you level up in this game is sort of like in other RPGs, but with
some crucial differences. In most RPGs, you'll receive experience points for
defeating an enemy, and eventually you'll level up. Here, you receive points
for defeating enemies and for doing other certain actions, like grabbing an
item. Once you hit a certain amount of points, you'll level up, and either
your attack or number of health points will increase, unlike most RPGS where
a variety of stats all increase at a level up.


You may be tempted to forget Tippi's ability to tell you information about
things you point at using the Wiimote, but it's really a foolish move to. At
any time you're stuck, you should always try dimension flipping, a bit of
backtracking maybe, and using Tippi.

---Mister I & Red I---

Got probably upwards of twenty e-mails about these two. They're the 'eye'
enemies that shoot lazers at you. I say a lot of times in the walkthrough
that you can't kill them. That's not true, as I've learned from my readers.
Like in previous Super Mario games, if you flip to 3D and run around them,
they'll be defeated. Likewise, if you just use Fleep on them, they'll also
be defeated. So, there you go.


I've received close to a dozen e-mails on this, so instead of quoting one
person or another, I'll just say that this bit wouldn't be here without
them. Anyway, you can jump on spike-topped enemies, like Bowser, without
getting damaged if you use Carrie. I didn't really think that it needed it's
own section, but I suppose it does.


Mario: Everyone's hero, Mario is on the scene once again to save all the
worlds from the Void, and more specifically, Count Bleck. Along the way, he
might want to find Peach and Luigi, maybe. Maybe.

Princess Peach: Fair ruler of Mushroom Kingdom, she is apparently betrothed
to Bowser. That's too bad. Missing at the start of the game.

Bowser: Normally an enemy of Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser will help you out, but
he isn't happy about it. Mmm, fire breath. Also missing.

Luigi: The hapless brother of Mario, Luigi is a bit more, uh, 'cautious'
than his sibling, but he's always there to help out. If anybody wants him.
He's missing, too. Quite the theme we've got going here...

Tippi: A mysterious Pixl that brings you to Flipside. It's hinted strongly
through the game that she is more than she appears to be.

Merlon: Tippi brings you to meet Merlon, and he'll tell you of your quest to
save all worlds. Go to him when you need to know what to do.

O'Chunks: The 'brawn' minion of Count Bleck. Likes to go hero 'chunkin.

Mimi: The 'freakin' creepy' minion of Count Bleck. She's freakin' creepy.

Dimentio: The 'mysterious' minion of Count Bleck. Ciao!

Nastasia: Seems to be Count Bleck's assistant. It's mentioned that she owes
him her life. Talks like Bill Lumberg from the movie, "Office Space".

Count Bleck: He's evil, wears a monocle, switchs from talking in first to
third person in gusto, and has a starry cape. Clearly not somebody to mess
with, as is evidenced by the way he's the big evil guy of this whole thing.

-----------------------------=== WALKTHROUGH ===----------------------------

Section 02: Walkthrough (SPMBBB)

Here's the walkthrough for Super Paper Mario, and along the way I'll tell
you every secret I find. If you find something that isn't mentioned here,
however, e-mail me about it! I'd love to know so more people can be helped,
and if it's something that I truly missed, I'll add an 'E-mail Note:' right
in the section where it's needed. Let's go!

-------------------------------=== PROLOGUE ===-----------------------------

Section 2.1: Prologue (SPM000)


After all of the ridiculous happenings in Peach/Bowser's Castle, you're
brought to Flipside by your Pixl helper Tippi, and meet Merlon, who appears
to be of the magical persuasion. He likes to keep himself busy by making
sure all of the worlds don't end. Hours must be great. Anyhoo, he directs
our attention to a rather depressing purple hole in the sky that spews an
interesting sort of lightning. Created by Count Bleck, the guy who you just
saw spirit away Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and a whole task force of Bowser's
minions, by way of the Dark Prognosticus. Before long, you've got yourself
the job of saving the world through collecting the eight Pure Hearts, as is
foretold by the decidingly pleasant sounding Light Prognosticus. Before you
wonder to yourself about just why you're going on a fetch quest for eight
instead of the usual seven mystical items, the answer is revealed to you.
Why, that sly Merlon already had you a Pure Heart!

With your do-nothing attitude already netting you a Pure Heart, it would
seem that the Great Hero Mario of Legend could accomplish his entire goal
of planet saving by doing nothing at all! Alas, this is not the case, for
you must switch gears soon after and place the Pure Heart in the Heart
Pillar, located in Flipside. Your Pixl pal Tippi is on the job, helping to
guide you there along with the in-game instructions on how to move. Start
by running directly right and off the ledge, and then left after you've
fallen, chatting to the Flipside denizens for some obvious observations.

When you've reached the white block you'll be asked to place the Pure Heart
in it's spot, triggering a bit of special effects and an opening door near
Merlon. With that task accomplished, you'll be told to return to Merlon. Do
so by traveling back to where you fell, and pressing up on the d-pad when
you're standing in front of a red arrow. You'll be transported to the 2nd
floor of Flipside. Talk to the people around you for more irrelevant bits
of info, then go left. You'll stumble across a save block, which you hit by
jumping and hitting it. To your right now are the town fortune teller, inn,
path back to Merlon, and path to the third floor. To the left are Merlon's
place, the item shop, and non-functional path to the 1st floor. You have no
coins at the moment, so head up the path to Merlon, where you'll receive an
item that allows you to travel back to Flipside from most locations you'll
travel to in the game.

You're told that you'll be meeting with a dimensional governor who will be
giving you some nice new powers. Sounds great to me. Go through the red
door and the quest begins!


But first, some wacky mishaps involving the main villain and his
maliciously mischievous minions. It culminates with some hero-chunkin' to
be done by the classic muscle man O'Chunks, and another minion travels with
him to watch. All of this is due to the Count receiving news that there is
an interdimensional interloper that is most likely the foretold hero.

-------------------------------=== CHAPTER 1 ===----------------------------

Section 2.1: Chapter 1 (SPM001)



You're taught about Tippi's function as an information source, and told by
Tippi to find the dimensional governor, Bestovius. It's also noted that the
Pure Heart is not nearby. Travel right and you'll encounter a Goomba, which
you can defeat most easily by merely jumping upon his head. Since he only
has one health point, he'll be defeated. Collect the coins from the item
blocks and continue east, and once you reach the unbreakable blocks that
surround a door, jump upon the closest breakable block, and from there over
the door. Continue on your way, defeating an enemy that likes to jump when
you're nearby. Careful though, it'll take two jumps to defeat this one. As
you reach the house, go by and save, and then enter.

Entering into a seemingly empty house, Tippi will tell you to use his, her,
um, it's function as a Pixl and search the house via Wiimote pointing. Once
you've done so, you'll see a door. Click on it to make it enterable, and go
right on in. Bestovius will first make you self-conscious about your poor
mustache size, and then will delve right into dimensional flipping. But wait
just a moment there! He wants ten-thousand coins for the teaching. Despite
your coin-shortage, agree anyway, and he'll let you skate through on the few
coins in your pocket. What a deal! He'll mutter like a madman for a moment
or two there and then give you the rather shiny ability to flip between the
myriad dimensions. Just hit A and you're on your way! Do it right now and
you'll see two items for your trouble. Return to the flat plane and let the
meter recharge, then head into the outer room, again changing dimensions to
get another item, and changing back. Now, outside into the unknown!

E-mail Note: Bestovious will teach you to dimensionally flip whether you pay
him or not, if you just refuse to pay, he caves in and says, "I guess I'll
have to teach you anyway." - Kamens711

E-mail Note (2): In chapter 1-1 near Bestevious's house (the guy that grants
you the flip power) you can obtain a Squiglet card. All you need to do is
jump on the save block to the right of the house, and then jump onto the
house. On top of a brick block above the house is the card. - llamaman2

Change dimensions upon leaving for a couple of coins and some 8-bit help you
may recognize from the past. They'll damage any enemy they hit. Nice. Now
drop off the ledges and change dimensions again, revealing a trail of coins
and another pipe. Enter the pipe on the right and you'll enter a cave that
holds a chest with your item. Don't worry, your little pals will travel with
you. But ho! Change dimension again and you'll find another coin trail that
lurks behind the platform. Leave via the ground pipe. Jump over the gap, and
go 3D. You'll find that those unbreakable blocks were quite unattached after
all. Head inside the door, there's nothing left to find in the new dimension
the rest of the way.

Upon entering the new area, the leveling up system is explained. Earn points
by defeating enemies, gain more health and attack power as a result. Defeat
the group of foes by way of Koopa shell, which you'll get by jumping upon
the first turtle-like enemy, a Koopa. Just run into it to defeat it. Go
further until you reach the tall pipe, and then change dimensions, taking
care to nab yourself the Goomba Card while passing by. Jump onto the middle
pipe and get that block, and continue on your way, defeating the enemy that
appears solely in the third dimension.

Check continuously for blocks that are only in the other dimension while you
continue your progress. Take note of the happy flower at the top of the item
block pyramid, it'll rain coins down all over the place. Take care not to be
overeager as yours truly was, I managed to jump off a ledge in the pursuit
of a very large coin. Anyway, as you reach the unjumpable gap, change
dimensions, you'll see a path on the left as well as an enemy at the end
that you should quickly defeat. Go back to 2D and go up the steps and across
the gap. You won't find anything except for an enemy in the third dimension
over here. In the normal dimension, however, you will find yourself a new
enemy with four health points that spits slow rocks. Once they're all
defeated, enter the door.

Run right and defeat the Sproing-Oing enemy, who has the annoying tendency
to constantly split itself upon damaging. When past it, change dimension and
hit the block behind the hill for your little buddies to come back to help
you take the fight to evil. Continue forward and destroy the enemy in 3D,
changing back to eliminate the normal enemies. Upon hitting the enemy block
you'll receive a 'watch-out!' warning, which you should heed, you just
unleashed a zombie Shroom. Use your minions to defeat it, or if you have
managed to already lose them, just dodge it. Upon reaching the next
impossibly tall hill, change dimension, putting a bit of distance between
yourself and the hill. Eek! An army of easily defeatable enem-Hey. Just go
crazy here, jumping to and fro collecting coins, points, and the occasional
dropped items. Just take care to watch your Flip Meter.

Once you've passed that bit of excitement, continue on, defeating one of the
slinky-like enemies just to fight another when you change dimension to go
between the steps. Head back afterwards and jump on the coin block, and from
there to the tall hill, so you can hit the brick block there for some nice
amounts of coins. Making forward progress now, go up the steps and jump over
to the hill, and enter the door. Don't waste the time to change dimensions,
there's nothing there to find.

Bypass the immediate danger of the Piranha Plants by changing dimension and
walking right by them. Hit the item block and you'll get an item that will
grow you out into a gargantuan size. Use it by running straight forward, and
you'll plow through everything in your path.

E-mail note: At the end of chapter 1-1, you stated that you should stay 2D
and get the star since there is nothing else there. However, before
touching the star, if you change to 3D and follow a small path behind the
wall there is a chest containing an enemy card. - Luke Jones



Easy enough here, more of the "defeat enemy, change dimensions and defeat
that enemy," stuff we've been doing. So, do it. Be warned, though, you'll
encounter winged enemies that make your own jumps a bit of a hazard. Don't
miss a single enemy, they're easy points compared to the amount of danger
they are. When you're done at the bottom level go 2D and jump up the
mountainside's levels, defeating the red Koopa along the way. Then jump up
into the red square and you'll rather ingeniously be transported to the next

Simple enough here, change dimensions and jump on the blue block seemingly
encased in desert block to trigger the appearance of a mountain that you
can jump on. Go up and jump into the blue square, it'll move you over to the
next doorway. Go into the third dimension for a second here and fall very
gingerly down the ledge to the left, and you'll fall next to a coin block.
Head up the same way as last time, but this time enter the door. Head up
the stairs, let the Koopa walk off the edge, and then change dimensions. Hit
the four coin blocks and jump on them, and from them to the next ledge. Up
here go again into three dimensions, first to hit the hidden four coin
blocks, and then to go from them to the indestructible blocks above them.
Defeat the lone enemy here, and change into the third dimension. Don't worry
if you fall, you can hit a brick at the bottom that creates a ladder back to
the coin blocks. Anyway, look for a brick block hiding in 3D next to the
highest indestructible blocks. It'll create another ladder upon being hit
which takes you to a line of delectable clouds that have an even more
delectable line of coins atop it. Travel along it's way and jump down. Go 3D
to avoid the rolling blocks. Run quickly up the hill, there's nothing to
find and time running out. At the end, enter the door.

Run up the path and read the sign to learn the bridge is closed. Oh, darn.
No way to stop the end of all worlds now. How terrible, whatever shall we do
no-Ooh, is that a pipe? Enter it and you'll be in the background of the game
screen. You can't enter the third dimension from here, so just run left and
enter the building here. Go up the steps and you'll see water appearing out
of nowhere. Change dimensions and you'll find a man with similar fashion
sense scared out of his mind. Talk with him and stand close before changing
dimensions back, therefore rescuing him from his dimensional peril. Luckily
enough, he's Red, the guy that wrote the sign we read just a bit ago. He'll
ask you a question about the color of manliness, answer 'Red' and you'll
have a bridge to travel across. Leave the house and travel through the pipe
back to the foreground of the game screen. Continue on your way and you'll
soon reach a town.


Run around a bit and talk to the people, one of which reveals that by
changing dimensions, you can enter a pipe hidden behind the blocks next to
her, and further more, down there changing dimension hides more goodies.
Like coins! Follow the good lady's advice and do so. Now go into the first
shop, and if you have fifty coins, and you certainly should, get yourself a
Life Shroom, just in case. Go into the next building up to hear the paranoid
ravings of a madman, and continue onto the next building, where you should
change dimension once to find and enter a hidden pipe, and again to walk by
a group of Thwomps. Enter that door too. In here, use the Wiimote's pointing
abilities to reveal another door. Go in.

Ooh, a treasure chest, and it's big too! That should make you feel better
about being locked inside. Open it to reveal a new Pixl friend, Thoreau. His
own special ability allows you to pick things up and throw them, even while
jumping. Pick up the red and silver block next to you and chuck it at the
blue switch on the left side of the room while jumping to open the door.
Leave as you got in.

Go into the fourth building now and talk to the elder, he'll protest at
first, but at the sight of your new Pixl he'll acquiesce and tell someone or
other to put the bridge back up, allowing you to progress. Once you've left,
go back left to the blocks hiding the pipe. Jump from them to the nearby
roof on the left, and from there right until you're to the elder's roof. You
will find here a Boomboxer card. Jump on down when you've got it. Now run
right and enter the pipe before the gap, you'll go the game screen's
background again. Run right to the house, and when you go in, head up the
steps, change dimensions, and grab the Red & Green card in front of the bed.
With that out of the way, talk to the man in green. He'll put out the bridge
and ask you again about colors. I chose 'green' because it was the first
option and I already had the bridge, and I got booted out of the house for
my troubles. How rude. On the other hand, it was much quicker and more fun
than backtracking out, so respond how you like. Run over the bridge and hit
the star block to end the chapter.



Run right, defeat enemies, change dimensions to reveal blocks, the same old
thing. Be careful of rocks, though, they're enemies that we aren't able to
harm directly just yet, due to their defense being two. You can however goad
them into flipping themselves by ramming the rock, but it's really not worth
the time. Something important to note, when you're at the ledge directly
before the last sand river, change dimensions and look behind the rock that
you just passed, you'll find a card behind it. Defeat the Boomboxer that's
near you too, it should be easy with the card you've got of it. Jump over
the river and change dimensions, then sneak up behind the enemy with the
glowing tail. Change dimensions back very quickly and attack the tail in
fast succession to defeat the enemy. You can't do anything about the enemy
in the other dimension here, so just enter the door.

Here run up and again goad the enemy into flipping itself and defeat it,
jumping past the sand river next. Defeat the cloud enemy by jumping on it's
top, being careful to avoid the gas it spews out as it can cause the adverse
sleep status effect. With a small bit more travel and a dimension change,
you'll see a rock with an arrow atop of it that tells you to follow a trail
to the right that isn't visible from the normal dimension screen. Follow it
and you'll come across a signpost that tells you to jump ten times beneath
a red palm tree. Sounds simple enough.

Time for the Grand Red Palm Tree Quest of the Ages! And away we go! Run back
to the normal trail, and go left, not right, until you're at the door to the
last path. Go through, and jump over some rocks and sand rivers until you've
reached the red palm tree of legend. Jump the ten times required and the
door of magic stars will open! Or, it's just another door. Ah, well, that
quest didn't take long. Go through the door.

Here you'll need to take out an enemy near the indestructible blocks, and
then another in the other dimension, switching back to normalcy for a coin
block and a ride using the red squares, after jumping up to them with the
spring. On the other side of the sand pit, change dimensions to get all of
the blocks, and change back to 2D. Jump from the spring to the top, and from
the top indestructible squares to the lone square to the right. Once you've
landed on it, use Thoreau the Pixl's ability to throw himself at the blue
switch to activate the next red square transport.

The place you land has a surprising amount of 3D enemies on it if you want
to bother with it, but if you do watch out for the sand, it's not always
easy to get away from. On this side defeat the enemies and use the save
block, and then jump on it in the third dimension, and from it to the other
indestructible blocks now in 2D until you reach the pipe. Enter it to find a
row of coin blocks, and when you change dimensions you'll find an additional
row hovering above the first. Hit them all and additionally, if you jump
above the middle coin block in 2D, you'll hit an invisible brick coin block.
Be advised, the last 3D block has a blue Shroom that'll both heal you 20
points and give you a sizable point bonus. Leave the pipe and make certain
that you've saved before you enter the next door.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: O'Chunks +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 20
AP: 1

O'Chunks isn't too bad for a first boss, his attacking consisting of
grabbing you by the feet and throwing you and jumping in the air above you
in an attempt to crush you. He also will lower his shoulder sometimes and
try and ram you while you're trying to get close enough to grab him. Your
way of winning this is usage of the Pixl Thoreau. Get close enough to throw
the Pixl at him so that you've got him, and then throw him to daze him. Jump
on him quickly to do damage. Repeat as much as needed and you've won.


With that out of the way, go to your right and enter the door. Run around
first in 2D to defeat all visible enemies, and then 3D, then travel by way
of moving platforms to the door above you on indestructible blocks on the
left of the door you came in from. Here you'll find another stone telling
you to look at it in 3D, and when you do it tells you to hit both the Minus
button and the 1 button on the Wiimote when you're on a distant blue
platform. Let's keep this one in mind. Go back through the door and head
right, onto the spring and then from platform to platform to the other door.
In this area, run to the right to find platform? Why, that isn't
distant at all! Nonetheless, hop on and simultaneously press both the Minus
and 1 button on the Wiimote to trigger the next scene. Jump over to the
right and hit the star block to end the chapter.



Start off by running down the steps and defeating the lone enemy so that you
can walk through the door. Here you can defeat the shelled enemies by
jumping on them and hitting them into the sand. Then run over and hit the
item block for a quick ten health point heal, and if in danger of the fire,
go into the third dimension. Switch back and jump from the item block to the
indestructible blocks above and to the left and right of it. The left side
has two enemies, the right side one, along with a ladder. The ladder leads
to a Life Shroom, always a good plan. Head back up the ladder and back down
to the ground floor, heading right and through the door.

In this room, head into the other dimension just to make your life easier
and run past all of the twirling fire until you reach the end of the room,
which holds both an enemy and arrow block. Defeat the first and hit the
second. Since the door you passed on the way through was locked, you need to
enter 2D and jump on the arrow block you just hit to enter the door in the
air. The obstacles in this room are obscenely easy to avoid rolling spiky
stones that bounce off one another. Either use the third dimension or just
jumping skills to bypass them and get to the ladder, which leads to a chest
holding the key to the door we just passed. Leave the room and go to unlock
that door, entering it after doing so.

Save, and defeat the nearby enemy. Use the middle path of coin blocks and
indestructable blocks to pass through the sand, though you can pass under
the blocks and through the sand if you're constantly jumping, though the
coins you'll get from the coin blocks really aren't worth it. Past that,
either jump or change dimensions past the rolling spiky stones, and then
defeat the stone spitting enemy in 2D past it. Since this door is locked
on the ground level, time to look for new options. Change dimensions to
reveal a coin block that you can jump on to reach the top door. Enter it.

The goal in this room is to hit the blue switch. Do so much the same way you
did when you got Thoreau, grab the enemy and throw it in midjump to hit the
blue switch. I suppose you could also do some serious powerleveling in here,
since the enemy is respawned upon defeat constantly, but that seems just
incredibly boring so I didn't do it. Anyway, leave the room. You
will now see that the mass of indestructible blocks above the sand lake in
the room had hid a key. Use Thoreau's grabbing abilities to get it, and then
unlock and enter the locked room.

In here, it appears that there is no way to reach the hovering door. If you
try and use Tippi's Wiimote search, however, you can reveal a platform below
the door you can activate by clicking upon it. Enter the room. Change into
3D here, and run left until you see a crevice in the wall you can enter.
Jump in and you'll find a key that had previously looked like it was trapped
by indestructible rock. But you're not done yet! Head over all the way to
the right and change dimensions yet again, and you'll reveal a path leading
to a chest that holds the Buzzy Beetle card, not to mention two of the very
same enemies in the 3D dimension. Defeat them and go back through the path,
unlocking and entering the locked door. Use the spring to get to the ledge
on the left, and then change into 3D to find a ladder. Climb it. Run right
and hit the blue switch to trigger an avalanche of spiky balled attackers.
Run back left and onto the large red switch, this'll let the floor out from
under them so you now have a platform to get into the hovering red door.

Once inside that door, change into the third dimension and look at the
numbers on the sides of the blocks, and then hit them in 2D in whatever
order said. This will create a staircase for you to climb, at the top of
which there is a blue Shroom and a save point, grab the first and use the
second. Enter the pipe. Go right from where you start. After what's
obviously not going to end as well as it seems, due to the Count's minions
mischief, a boss fight begins.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Fracktail +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: ??? *18?*
AP: 1

Fracktails may have started off hilarious with his great computer dialect,
but the clever wordplay and the whatnot stops here, as he flies, and can
swoop down with that big mouth of his to eat you or some such. The horn on
his head is his weakpoint, but you can't hit that quite yet. Dodge his
first attack, and when he heads straight at you in the third dimension,
dodge the head and jump aboard the body afterwards. Once on, run to the head
and wait for enemies to appear. When they do, grab them with your Pixl
Thoreau and hit the glowing part of the antennae with it. Do it as much as
possible until you're blown off by wind, then repeat until he's dead.

E-mail Note: At the end of chapter 1-4 when you are trying to defeat
Fracktail, you can jump from the back of his body onto his head as you are
being swept away by the wind. - Frank Weisbly


Go through the door afterwards, and run down the steps, you'll start talking
to a spirit named Merlumina who'll soon delve into her ancient love life,
boring Mario to sleep. More importantly, at the end you receive a Pure
Heart. So ends Chapter One!

-----------------------------=== CHAPTER 2 ===------------------------------

Section 2.2: Chapter 2 (SPM002)


You'll wake up here as Peach, after learning a bit more about the Count's
plans. You're supposed to follow the Private here, so run to the right and
open the door. You can jump normally and use your parasol to hover a bit.
You can also use it to cover yourself by pressing down on the d-pad. Go
through the door. You'll watch another quick little scene here, and then
you should jump off the ledge and go left, as the door to the right is
locked. Enter the door on the left. Here you'll find another two doors
down the steps, but the one farthest left apparently has a good deal of bad
guys behind it, so go through the middle door. Go left and watch another
cutscene, along with some mysterious backstory of someone, and you'll be
back as Mario.


You're told to go and talk to Merlon, who you'll run into two levels down
from where you started, near his house. Save with the save block next to his
house, and then go in. After a bit more talking and an interruption, leave
the house and follow Merlon and the lad up an elevator, and then run left.
How convenient! The girl they were talking about is Peach!

You'll soon be told to run down to the first floor to get some to help heal
Peach, so go down one elevator, and then go down the one that wasn't
functioning the last time you were there. Enter the middle building when
you're on the first floor. Talk to the women inside, and she'll require a
Fire Burst. You should already have one, so give it to her. If you don't,
run up a floor and buy one in the shop there. Anyway, once you've given her
the Fire Burst, she'll make you the Spicy Soup. Run back up to Peach and to
Merlon, and try and talk to Peach. You'll be prompted to choose something,
and pick the Spicy Soup.

Before long, Peach has joined your party and you've got an Old Key. You're
told that it'll work real close to Merlon's house. Well, once you're out of
Merlon's home, switch over to Mario and change dimensions, you'll see a gate
that's locked right in front of you. You'll also likely see a sign that has
some statistics about your gameplay so far next to Merlon's house. Unlock
the gate and go through, you'll find some nonfunctional elevators and a pipe
that's blocked off by bricks that you can't destroy at the moment. To move
on, go 3D again and follow the path leading right, and then go right and
enter the pipe.

From the pipe, run towards the screen, and fall down the gap. Open both
chests and take both cards, then use the spring to go back up. Jump over the
gap and flip dimensions, following the arrow to the right path that isn't
visible normally. Here you'll want to flip dimensions again and head left,
jumping up the block furthest left and then going 2D again so you can read
the sign. The gist of what it's trying to say is use Peach to get to the
Heart Pillar. There is a pair of enemies on the ground you might want to
defeat first, but from the ledge with the sign jump off and use the parasol
to hover from one block to the next, until you're at the Heart Pillar.
Change back to Mario and place the Pure Heart in it's resting place.

This'll trigger the revealing of another door, next to the first at the top
of Flipside, so backtrack back to the town. When here, save, go use the
building's elevator to get to the orange door, and enter it.



Run right, defeat the enemies and hit the coin block, then change
dimensions. You'll see both another enemy and a trail of coins. Defeat one
and grab the other, and then switch over to Peach. Jump on the highest
platform and then use the parasol to reach the other edge, and then back
to Mario. Change dimension to defeat an enemy, then change back to grab
some coins. Next you need to jump over some moving platforms, and the
Cheep-Cheep there can be defeated using Thoreau's throwing abilities. Once
you're back on stable ground, change dimension to reveal two arrow blocks.
Hit both and go back to 2D, you now have a way to get to that high platform.
Run right first to defeat the enemies there, and then jump from platform to
platform until you reach the pipe at the end. Enter it.

Defeat the three enemies in here to reveal a chest with a key. Leave the
pipe area and drop down to the locked door. Unlock it and go in. Hit the
item block for more guardian pals, and then run across the screen, defeating
all of the enemies. Change dimension then to defeat all of the 3D enemies,
and then change to Peach. Jump on the pipe and use your hovering abilities
to reach the high ledge. Now go up the red transport and jump from ledge to
ledge, and if you want defeating the flying red Koopa's along the way, until
you reach the pipe. Switch to Mario and enter it.

You're in the background now, so jump over the gaps to the right and keep
going until you can hit the blue switch. Once you have, come back to the
game's forescreen and run over to the new door. Enter it. Here, just jump
up to the item block visible and hit it to release the star that makes you
gigantic. Grab it and use it to crush everything in your way. Hit the save
block at the end and enter the door.

In this part, hit the item block for a Slow Flower, which will slow down
time and triple points and coins. At the end of the lake is another block
with the item that makes coins fall from the sky. Defeat the enemies in the
lake and then travel back across it, jumping up to the first ledge using
the item block and then switching dimensions, revealing an arrow block you
should hit. Do so and change back, jumping on it to a green ledge holding a
good deal of coins. Jump off at the end and to the right of the pillar of
indestructible blocks before the pipe, jump to reveal an invisible coin
block. Enter the pipe. In here, use Tippi's Wiimote pointing ability to
reveal an invisible blue block. Jump underneath it normally to hit it, and
to reveal another pipe you should enter.

In here is a very annoying enemy that splits itself constantly. Defeat it
however you'd like, though using Thoreau to grab him is a good plan.
Defeating the original defeats all of the clones. Defeating him reveals a
large chest. Open it for a new Pixl pal, Boomer! He'll ask you a series of
interesting questions to which your answers don't matter. He's basically the
exploding bomb, so use him on the crack to reveal a small chest with a card
in it. Leave both pipes after acquiring him. Go right and defeat the two
visible enemies, and then defeat the two 3D enemies. Use Boomer to destroy
the bricks obscuring the path to the doors in the air, and then jump up and
enter the first.

In here, defeat both enemies inside with Boomer, and leave. Go to the second
door and enter it, doing much the same, using Boomer to defeat the enemies
and leave. Enter the third door, defeat the enemy, and then go 3D. You'll
see a hole in the floor, jump down, grab both trails of coins, and then
jump down again. Leave and you'll find yourself outside of the second door.
Go to the fourth door and enter, defeating the enemy and jumping down the
hole, which might have brick blocks over it that you would need to destroy.
Hit the blue switch and then drop down again, leaving once you've done so.
Your efforts have revealed a yellow door on the last platform past the
fourth door, so enter it.

Here you want to defeat both cloud enemies, being wary of the sleeping gas
they spit at you, and then change into the third dimension. Here, you'll
want to jump down the hole there, and you'll fall onto a spring. There's
two chests down here, both holding cards, one of which is the card for the
bat-like Swoopers that are attacking you now. Grab both cards and defeat
both Swoopers and then use the spring to go back up. Hit the star block at
the end to finish the chapter.



Start off by changing dimensions, it'll show you a path through the hedges
that hide a coin block. Change back and then run to the right, past the
mansion to a lone block. Jump on top of it and jump again, and you'll hit an
invisible block ladder that you should climb to reach two brick blocks. On
top of those blocks change to Peach, and jump from there to the left and
hover across, you'll land on the roof of the mansion, which holds an item in
a chest. Change to Mario, and go 3D, you'll likely fall off the roof and
onto the balcony in front, on which rests another chest, this one holding a
card. Open it, drop down, and enter the mansion.

The enemies here won't hurt you, but they will throw you out if they catch
you. Jump past them and past the crystal ball, which you can't do much
about. Go 3D and you can see past the curtains to a door, which you should
enter. Here you'll find Mimi, who works for Merlee. I know I'm fooled. But
beyond that, on the ground floor you'll find a rather nastier version of the
enemies in the first room, along with four door and another locked door.
Mimi will tell you that Merlee is in the last room on the second floor. She
also warns you, rather crazily, not to go into any of the other rooms. Well,
that'd just be stupid! So, obviously, go into the first room on the ground

Now, both you and I know that this is a trap. But hey, why not. Follow the
Shroom until you fall down the hole, and then defeat the enemies. Now, the
way to get back up is to use Boomer's delayed explosion to trigger the red
switch, allowing you to enter the pipe that appears. Leave after doing so.
Now, go up to the second floor via the hovering stairs and you'll find yet
another obvious trap: a Shroom on a chain. This time though, if you hit it
in midjump, you'll actually get the Shroom. Of course, you fall down again,
but all you have to do to trigger the pipe is defeat the enemies inside. For
the last room before Merlee's, you'll see a trail of coins. But wait! Go 3D
and you'll find even more coins lurking behind the original trail. Collect
most of them and you'll eventually fall down another trapdoor. Defeat the
enemies down there and use Boomer again to trigger the red switch so that
you can leave, this time jumping over where the hole in the floor was for
the rest of the coins. If you want, you can jump directly on top of the
coins above the trapdoor to collect them too. When you've got them all,
leave and enter Merlee's room.

Why, she isn't here. Go to the other end of the room and hit the green
button to trigger ANOTHER trap. This time, spikes are falling down from the
ceiling in an antagonizing long fall. Wait until they get close, and then
change to the third dimension, which will let you jump on top of the spike's
holding platform, rendering you safe. Stay near the other end of the room
as you rise and you'll be able to hit an item block holding a Shroom when
you're at the top. Then go all the way left, jumping from one platform to
the next and then using Boomer to clear a path through the bricks. Go 3D
here now directly against the indestructible blocks, and you'll see a
winding path that you should follow to a chest, provided you have to destroy
another set of bricks with Boomer and get around more indestructible blocks
in 3D. At the end, the chest contains a House Key. Once you have it, go 3D
so you can jump to the floor more easily and leave the room.

Talk to Mimi when you get down to the floor, she'll tell you to keep on the
look-out for her. Run right and go 3D to avoid the big pet, but he can still
get you, so watch you. Unlock and enter the door, and watch as the big pet
goes and attacks the maid, Mimi. Delicious. Enter the room and hit the star
block to end the chapter.



Run forward and break the vase atop the block however you wish. Mimi will
come out and whine about it, then tell you to repay her for the one million
rubee's it cost. Hey, at least you got the coin from the block! Well, run
into the room on the ground floor so you can save. Now use the coin block to
reach the next ledge, and if you want, switch to Peach and hover over to the
other ledge. You'll find some prisoners, one of which is a Shroom addict and
the other wanting to sell you info for 100 rubees. Since you don't have any,
turn him down. In here is a block that contains a Shroom in it, but since it
costs ten rubees each you can't get that yet either. Leave and switch back
to Mario, going 3D. You'll see an arrow that directs you to a previously
invisible chest. Open it for your newest Pixl helper, Slim, that lets you
turn sideways in both the normal and third dimension. Cool. Now, go back to
the other ledge and go 3D on this ledge, you'll see a wall of bricks that
you should destroy with Boomer underneath the middle ledge. Behind the wall
of bricks is a small room with a chest containing a card inside. Grab it and
leave, going up to the next floor. Enter the first room.

In this room, you can earn rubees by hitting a block while avoiding a moving
electrical ball underneath you. It takes an incredibly long time to get much
of anywhere with this though, so stop when you've got 110. Leave and go
back down to the room with the Shroom you can buy. If you've got a lack of
health, buy yourself a Shroom, and then buy the hint from the guy on the
left side of the room. It's the code to the VIP room! Go up and unlock it,
it's 5963 in case you forget, and enter the room. Inside you'll find some of
the prisoners running in gerbil wheels, also powering the building. Talk to
the warden there and she'll let you in one of the wheels, and simply run for
about three or four minutes. Stop and she'll let you out, and if you have a
good 10,000 rubees, you're good. If you don't, do a bit more running, it's
much faster than the previous method. When you have the 10,000 rubees, go
into the room farthest to the left and enter. Go 3D inside and you'll find
somebody hiding there, pay him the rubees to learn the passcode to another
VIP door, 41262816. Now leave the room and go 3D, again following the arrow
towards the screen to enter another secret room above where you got Slim.

Hit the block here to create a ladder you can climb to another passageway.
Here you'll find another prisoner that mentions that being thin is the way
around the set of lasers in the way. This is true, use Slim's ability to be
on your side, and wait for the first laser to pass you, and then run to the
right, and wait for the second laser to pass you, taking care to not be at
all moving, and then continue to the door. Remember, the code is 41262816,
and when you've entered it go through the door. Rubees! A million of them!
Why, that's nice! Now, go down to Mimi's room, same one as the save point.
Walk in, save, and talk to her, and tell her you're there to pay off the
loan. She explodes, moving on. Hit the star block after that's over by using
Slim to get through the bars in 3D, and end the chapter.



After a message from Merlee, run down the stairs, go into 3D mode and run
around the stairs to find an item block with a Shroom inside. Run back and
hit the save point, and then go in the door on the left. Defeat the Boo's
here, and note that you're in room one. Enter the next room, room three, and
defeat that enemy, along with switching into 3D so you can hit the four
arrow blocks hidden there. Enter the room on the right to be in room two,
which is also the room that was next to the save point. Grab the coin and
avoid hitting the block on the right, it's a zombie Shroom, which will hurt

Go in the upper right door to enter room four. Jump down and grab the coins
from the blocks while avoiding the invincible enemy reminiscent of the
Legend of Zelda series. Enter the room on the right. You're now in the room
that had been led to from the upper left corner door in the room with the
arrow blocks. Now go 3D and you'll see more arrow blocks in the air, with
more above them. Hit the first four and then stand on top of them, and go 3D
and jump quickly before you fall to trigger the last two. Jump from there to
the ledge and you'll see Merlee. She'll say she'll give you the Pure Heart,
but first you have to give her a large sum of rubees. Hmm. Refuse each
offer, for no reason other than learning about the infamous Breadward Pixl,
and you'll soon see the real Merlee appear, confirming our suspicions that
this Merlee is a fake.

You'll soon be on the run from Mimi's true form, and first thing to do is
leave the room. Go down and run around the rooms for a bit, and then return
to the room where you met the fake Merlee. She should be gone now, so enter
the door that was behind her. In here, room five, defeat the attacking
enemies and go to the right as far as possible. You should see a small gap
in the ground you can go through using Slim. Do so and enter the door you
will fall in front of, into room six. Here, defeat the enemy using Boomer,
and then go 3D to jump from the coin blocks to the blocks the doors rest on.
Go through the door on the right to enter room eight, where you should
defeat the enemy and blow up the sign to reveal a passage with a Shroom
Shake at the end of it. Go through the bottom left door afterwards.

Now in room seven, defeat the Boo, and jump to the northeast corner, where
you can blow up the wall to show another passageway that leads to a door.
You're now in room nine. Defeat the two enemies quickly and turn 3D to
reveal arrow blocks you can use to reach the top levels. Enter the room
in the upper left corner. In here, there's a giant Boo. Now, don't move. If
you're facing it, it won't move, and you can use Tippi's Wiimote pointing
ability to look in the far low right hand corner and you'll find something
that turns out to be invisible stairs that Tippi makes visible. Hustle up
those stairs and go through the door. Even though you may seem an item block
and a save block, you're not safe yet! Go 3D fast for another Shroom hidden
from sight, and then run into the female bathroom, the male bathroom just
has a joke written inside a stall, and make sure you've saved first! Open
the stall door the third from the left and out will pop the real Merlee!

But wait, a mystery, two Merlees'! A game show setting starts and you're to
ask the Merlees' five questions. Ask whatever you like, it doesn't matter
what you choose. You should be able to tell just by looking which is real,
and which is fake, but if you don't want to figure it out for yourself, the
real Merlee is the one with flies flying around her, since she spent so much
time in the bathroom. The questions hint towards her being the real Merlee
anyway, though. Choose her, and the fight begins!

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Mimi +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ??? *36?*
AP: 1

Mimi, in her spider form, likes to run around the walls and throw rubee's
at you that are really easy to dodge. You're more likely to be damaged by
just running into her. Once you've hit her once, you've basically won. Don't
give her a chance to recover, and jump over the rubee whip she uses from
the ground, and you've won, just keep jumping on her head.

E-mail Note: Just so you know, I just fought Mimi, and I counted how much
damage it took me to take her out. Heres what I think it is:
6 damage to take off a leg * 6 legs = 36 hp - Chibi Moogle


Afterwards, you'll get a third Pure Heart and be told that the party will
likely be joined by two others pretty soon here. Interesting stuff.

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 3 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.3: Chapter 3 (SPM003)


More comedic mishaps from the Bleck Troupe. Important news: Dimentio, the
third and most likely best of Count Bleck's minions, is dispatched to defeat
the hero that's causing them all of this trouble, you. You'll also receive
another insight into the state of poor Bleck's heart, or so it appears.


Finding yourself in the same state that Peach was in, you'll have a brief
chat with some more rogue troops of Bowser's, this time it's Goombas. Once
you can move, go left and go through the door. Go left and down the stairs
again, and enter the door. Once again, left, pass through the door. And
yet again, left, hey, wait, no door. Rut ro. Not only that, but Gary has
been converted to Bleck's side. Not Gary! But not only that, but Gary's
Goomba friend has left for you for the winning team too! Crap! Everything
that ever involved Luigi is self-demeaning and possible damaging to your
ability to function in the outside world. Anyhow, more text from the
unknown, but now we know that it's likely Count Bleck's memory.


After finding out that Luigi might actually be important *shudder*, it's
time to find the place to put the third Pure Heart. Run down to Merlon's
house, and then go 3D like you did last time, and cross the gate. Go out to
the outskirts and past the walkway, then right and into the pipe. Run all of
the way to the left, use Boomer to blow up the bricks covering the pipe, and
then enter said pipe. Defeat the two enemies, ignore the pipe for now, and
go 3D at what seems to be a wall. You'll see a thin gap there, use Slim to
wiggle on through that hides the third Heart Pillar, and press up to put the
Pure Heart in it's place. A yellow door leading to the next area appears.

Get back on over to Merlon's place and save, and then head down to the first
level. Go to the right and blow up the crack in the wall, and then pass
through the hole by going 3D. Back here are some citizens and my favorite,
the town card shop. You'll notice a strange sparkle and side effect
inbetween the first building and the card shop, but we can't do anything
about that right now. Go back to the front of the first floor and take the
elevator down one more. Now, jump in the water to the right and swim down,
right, and up to find Flimm, a salesmen. His prices are sometimes good, and
sometimes terrible, so be a cautious buyer.

Swim back and enter the building close to you and you'll be able to learn
some backstory from the bartender for ten coins a pop, so it's up to you if
you think it's worth it. There are two practical tips, however, one about
treasure and the other about the Pit of 100 Trials, which we'll touch on
later. Now, flip to 3D and run towards the screen, you'll find a golden
pipe. Enter it to find the arcade.

It's the average arcade area, change some coins into tokens, build up your
tokens through successful mini-game playing, and then cash them in for some
really good prizes, including two very expensive items that function like a
level up, either increasing your health or your attack points permanently.
Fun stuff. Leave when you're done.

You can also access the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials now, but we'll leave that
for later. If you want to take a shot at it now, scroll down to the Pit of
100 Trials section.

Leave and change to 3D, and you will be able to see a chest hidden in a
corner of the wall. Jump over the water and grab it, it's the 'InterNed'
card, who you might recognize from the game show we just had with Merlee.
Take the elevator down now. You'll find a save point and an unscalable wall
of blocks. Keep this place in mind for now, and go back up to Merlon's home,
and from there go to the yellow door we unlocked after saving.



After a rather interesting series of events, you'll want to run over to the
talking bush and try to speak with it. You'll get some tips, how nice, but
the Pixl won't be joining you for the moment. Go right and hit the blocks
for some coins, using the block next to the first tall pipe to jump over it,
and now you're in the middle of the two pipes. Defeat all of the enemies
there, the Piranha plant you can destroy using Boomer. Continue on over the
next gap and go 3D to get past the tall pipe, taking care to hit the arrow
block so that it's 2D visible now, and jumping from the arrow block to the
top of the pipe, where you can hit another block to create a ladder. Climb
it and enter the door at the top. In here, you can go left to find some
pipes, the taller of which leads to the background of the screen to
a Catch Card SP, and to get to that taller pipe, jump using Peach and hover
over to the taller pipe from the smaller pipe. When done with that, go back
to the door, but don't enter it.

E-mail Note: I found a Piranha Plant Card here!!! You climb back up the vine
block that has a door in the sky with some blocks under it and using
Princess Peach, jump as far as you can to land on the long colored blocks,
then the last purple one will lead to some brown blocks. On the brown blocks
you will find a treasure chest and in it is the Piranha Plant card. -

Go right and hit the item block for the star that makes you huge and deadly,
and then run right with it, you'll likely end at another door on the far
right. Enter it. In here, watch a short bit that has a Koopa doing much the
same that you did with said star, and then chasing you. Run left until you
see an item block, hit it and grab the star so that you can defeat the enemy
Koopa, and then continue right to defeat more enemies. At the end you'll see
a sign and a blue block, read the sign to learn that you're supposed to fall
between the red pipes, and hit the block so that you can go back through the

When here, go left until you get to the previous door, and again go through.
Here, jump down and go right, past the aforementioned red pipes and the hole
and eventually to the green pipe at the end, past a good deal of enemies
and a slimy enemy you'd do well to avoid, if you touch it, you're sent back
to Flipside. Use an item or Boomer to defeat it, and enter the pipe at the
end. Run left and enter the first pipe you see, inside you'll find an item
and another enemy that splits itself constantly. Stand on top of the chest
and wait for the original to get within range, and then jump and defeat it.
This will trigger the way out, another pipe. Leave, and switch to Peach.
Jump and hover left, and you should make another hill in the background. Do
so again and you'll be at a hill with another item on top. Go back to the
first pipe and enter it to return to the foreground, and then switch to

Run left and when you get to the red pipes, jump past them, one last time.
Go back up the ladder you made and at the top, switch to Peach. Jump off and
hover over, and if you're lucky you'll land at the pipe over the hole that
is between the red pipes. Easy way to do it, jump right next to the ladder
and start hovering, and you should land directly on the pipe. Enter it to
find yourself in a room quite similar to the warp pipe room in the early
Super Mario Bros. game. If you don't want to get past it the easy way, you
can leave by either the pipe you entered in, or you can go 3D and take the
stairs visible to go up and over, back to the normal game.

The middle pipe will lead you to the same destination as the pipe in the
normal game progression will take you, that is, the pipe you'd enter if you
had jumped inbetween the red pipes and gone through the cave without going
above the level. The difference here though is, while the normal pipe takes
you to the start of the area, where the middle warp pipe will take you to
the middle of the area, which also has a save point above it. The last pipe
will take you to a room with a number of coins inside, and if you go 3D, a
hiding chest will be revealed too, and it holds a card. Leave through the
pipe you entered.

Now, if you want to go through the cave, here's the way: After falling
inbetween of the red pipes, run right and defeat the Goombas, hitting the
blocks for some guardian pals and coins. You can change to 3D if you want
here, for easy navigation through the brick piles, and past them is a few
Goomba's, and an interesting configuration of bricks. If for some reason you
want to go above the level now, break the two bottom bricks in the most left
hand column of the formation, leaving one to jump on and one in the original
column, and from there jump to the top of the formation. Now, jump above you
to destroy a number of bricks there, and once you've broken five or six, try
and run and jump through the gap, and you'll likely succeed. If you don't
want to do that, don't. Don't bother hitting the topmost brick on the most
right hand column of the formation, it doesn't give you a star like in the
original game, it gives you a hostile zombie Shroom.

Move past the brick formation to find a few pipes. Defeat all three Piranhas
using Boomer, and then go down the first one. Flip to 3D to find a Catch
Card SP, and then switch back to collect the coins. Leave the pipe when you
are done. Jump over the rather long gap here and go up the steps, awaiting
an opportunity to jump from one moving platform to the ground. Here, defeat
the red Koopa and hit the bricks for a Shroom, and if you want to bypass
half of the next area, ride the platform up and jump over to the top of the
stage, if you don't want to, just enter the visible pipe. The goal here is
to sprint over to where the second pipe leads, and hit the save point when
you get there. Run right some more and defeat the two Koopa-like enemies to
go by, making sure to avoid their constantly back-and-forth moving shells.
Eventually, you'll be stopped and yelled at. Just run up and jump onto the
fortifications, defeating the enemies like normal, and continuing on. The
next fort you'll have to time your jump aboard, and you are on it, bypass
the Bullet Bill-emitter to defeat the Hammer Bros. Then use Boomer to
destroy the cannon behind you. Up here, you can't jump onto the fort, but
you may notice that red X the Pixl early in the level mentioned. Use Boomer
to blow it and the fort up.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Bowser +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ??? *20?*
AP: 1 or 2 *depends on attack*

It's not too easy to defeat Bowser here, but if you're patient, it'll work
out just fine. Jumping on Bowser hurts you for one health point, so the
goal here is to lay down Boomer, and lure Bowser over within the explosion
range. Hit him with four explosions and he's done. He attacks by trying to
jump on you, and by breathing fire, the latter of which deals two damage
and will prematurely detonate Boomer if he's caught in the flames.


Afterwards, Bowser's on the team! Just one more hero and we've got them all.
Anyway, run over and hit the star block to finish the chapter.



Ooh, the token underwater level! Everybody hate... uh, loves these! Swim
right and grab the coins, and a bit farther right to hit an item block that
holds a happy flower, which spews those floating coins you might remember.
After that, go 3D to see hidden coins below the item block, and a path that
is littered with coins through the wall. Go through, and if you'd like,
swim back under for more coins, but be careful of the strong current trying
to pull you under. Go right again and 3D to find more coins hiding behind
the original row atop the L-shaped block formation. Now go right and swim
through the passage, using Boomer or your 3D abilities to defeat/avoid the
enemies also swimming there. Once through, swim all the way right and hit
the save point, then go 3D and enter the area around the pipe, switching
back to 2D so you can enter the pipe.

Here, swim past the first tentacle that flails about hidden underground,
and then change dimensions right above the whirlwind, and you'll see another
passageway filled with coins. Go through it and then down and right, past
another tentacle, another whirlwind, and yet another tentacle, this one
coming from the ceiling. At the end, you'll be able to read a drawing that
states: Up, down, down. Swim back to where you exited the coin passage,
and this time go up and out of the water. Go 3D here so you can see and
open the hidden chest containing a Gold Bar. Enter the pipe.

The idea here is to run right, using Boomer or Bowser as you see fit to
defeat the Goombas with spikes on their heads, and then swim down the
passage, avoiding the enemies as best you can until you can get to the door
at the end of the trail, enter it. Defeat all four enemies in here however
you'd like, though I suggest using Boomer. For the two Cheep-Cheeps that are
too high for the explosion to reach them, though, try using him atop of the
yellow pillar and exploding him when they get close. After all of the
enemies are defeated, a large chest appears. It holds your new Pixl friend,
Thudley, who allows you to ground pound. Hit the yellow pillar to open the
door, and leave.

Out here, go back left and up, back to the pipe, and enter that. Backtrack
until you reach the upside down pipe here, and enter that, being cautious of
whirlwinds and tentacled attackers. Go 3D out here to get out of the box,
and then save your game. From there, go left so that you're at the first
trio of yellow pillars, and ground pound the latter two. First the second
trio of yellow pillars, ground pound the middle pillar, which will reveal a
door. Go in. Here, you just want to go 3D and avoid the whole mess of
enemies by swimming past them, simple enough. You'll soon be stopped by
some talking. Uh oh, boss fight!

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Blooper +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: ??? *18?*
AP: 2

Man, he's huge. Er, anyway, the thing you want to do here is avoid the
attacking tentacles when they've got blue circles on their palm, but if the
circles are red, then ground pound them from above. Hit it three times to
defeat him.


Once that's out of the way, swim right and enter the pipe there, and then
run right and hit the star block to move on to the next chapter.



This part of the stage is real simple. Climb up the tree, using platforms.
Important things to note include when you can't seem to go up any higher
early on, go 3D at the highest point to reveal two arrow blocks you should
hit, and then you switch to Peach to first glide right, and then climb up
a platform and then hover left. Switch over to Mario, now, to defeat the red
Koopa here, and the go up to the next platform, where you will need to
ground pound a yellow pillar to reveal the next platform. From there, climb
on the new platform and then the next, going 3D here to reveal a platform
of bricks that lead to another platform with an enemy crawling on it. Keep
climbing up and when you're at the top, you'll see that the door is
covered in tree bark. So go down a few platforms until you can see on the
far right a lone block sitting there, jump from the platform to the lone
block, and from the lone block to the yellow pipe, which you should enter.

Go 3D here, you'll get far more coins that way, and then leave the pipe.
Now, run back up to the top of the tree and switch to Bowser, using him to
breathe fire and burn away the bark. Enter the door. In here, run over to
the yellow platform, jump on, and then jump onto the higher ledge, and you
follow that up by entering the yellow pipe. Save, defeat the enemy in 3D,
and then lay Boomer next to the blue switch and run towards the yellow pipe,
entering it. You should be able to see now the effect of the blue switch
being hit, as there is now a pair of pink platforms for you to climb. Go up
them, taking the time to defeat the enemy, and then hit the switch, so now
there is a blue platform for you to leap onto so you can get on the moving
yellow platform.

Get on the next moving platform when possible, and then jump left, not up.
You'll land next to a yellow pillar, ground pound it to make a ladder to the
currently blue switch appear. Climb down and hit it again to make the pink
platforms reappear, and then climb up it and jump on the moving yellow
platform again. This time though, jump up. Here, jump on the pink platform
and be careful to avoid the spells the Crazee Dayzee throws at you, and then
jump onto the ledge. From the ledge, jump onto another yellow moving
platform, and from there, on the last ledge. Go into the other dimension to
reveal a yellow pipe you should enter.

In here, switch your Pixl to Slim, and go sideways. Take it slow, running a
bit across the spiked floor, and then stopping soon enough so that you're
invisible by the time the spikes come back up. At the end, hit the pink
switch and go back the same way. Now, outside, there's a blue platform for
you to jump on. Do so, and avoid the attack by the Crazee Dayzee. Run up
and above the blue switch, and drop Boomer in the hole on the spikes to
trigger it. Now, drop Boomer again, and go as fast as you can up the pink
platform and onto the ledge. Now go on the blue platform onto the two
moving yellow platforms, and over to the left ledge, where you should enter
the yellow pipe.

Now, this seems like an impossible situation. The yellow pipe leads directly
below a spike wall, which would stop you anyway even if it was a normal
wall. The solution again is Slim. Go invisible by standing still on the
moving platform and you'll go right through the wall. Drop down to the
bottom and hit the blue switch to make a pink platform appear, cutting off
your mode of escape. Hit it again to make that disappear, and then lay
Boomer next to it, and get out of the area before the pink platform appears.
Get past the spike wall the same way as before, using Slim, and leave the

Wait for the yellow platform to appear to the right, and then jump from it
to the ledge on the right. Jump onto the pink platform, and then go 3D and
jump up and to the left. Go 2D, and hit the blue switch to create a door
above you. Now go 3D and edge as far close to the screen as the size of the
ledge permits, and then switch the Pixl to Thoreau. Throw him at the item
block on the left and he'll release the blue Shroom inside. Follow it down
and grab it, then go all the way to the first ledge and enter the pipe to
get to the top, with the door and the save point. Save, and enter the door.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Dimentio +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ??? *40?*
AP: 1

Annoying boss. Dimentio likes to hover about, shooting either singular or
a trio of magic bolts at you. It'll also create a double after being hit.
There's a couple ways of defeating Dimentio, the easiest of which is to
just spam items. Next up is jumping on Dimentio when it's close enough to
the ground. That'll take a while, and most of the time you'll have to choose
between a double and the real one, so it'll take even longer. Just use
items, it'll save you a lot of annoyance.


After that bit of excitement, climb up the platforms, being careful to avoid
the Spinys' being thrown at you. At the top, jump upon a colored gust of
wind that's as low as possible and ride it until you see a green pipe, which
you should jump onto and enter. Go 3D here and run behind the pipe for a
coin block, and then run back and hit the star block to end the chapter.



E-mail Note: The pipe in the first room of the castle leads to the basement.
So you can get Carrie any time. Before or after entering the codes. -

With the gate locked, go 3D to reveal a hidden pipe, and enter it. Down
here, there's a block and a blue switch way up in the air, use Thoreau to
throw the block at the switch to trigger it and reveal a chest holding the
key to Francis's castle. Leave, and then enter the castle, saving when you
are inside. Hey, no enemies. Talk to the cat if you want and enter the door
on the right. In here, same thing, go all the way right to the door, which
you should enter.

Go 3D in here so you can climb the stairs on the wall to the right, but be
careful on the way up, there's a sort of cannon enemy waiting. Jump over it
and enter the door on the left. In here, there is a plethora of enemies, so
be quick about defeating them all, and then use Thudley's ground pound to
shake the doors loose. Enter the one farthest left, and then go 3D. You'll
see a number of platforms, climb them up to the top and leave through the
top door. Here on the castle roof, you'll see a blue switch too high to
reach. Use Thoreau's grabbing ability to throw the enemy that'll come your
way before long at the blue switch, triggering it. Now run across the new
bridge and enter the room. Here you'll be asked a series of questions, just
answer 'true' to all of them. Now you'll be asked for a passcode. We don't
have a passcode. Enter in whatever and you'll be dropped below.

Now, you have to use Thoreau to grab the block behind the Chomp-Chomp, and
then throw it on the red switch, which you yourself jump on also. This will
bring out a green pipe that you can enter. Now in the new room, hit the
arrow block and then go 3D, climbing onto the higher ledge. There's a sign
here with the passcodes we need. Huzzah! Room on right: 2323. Room on the
left: 2828. Continue right past the sign and hit the blue switch using

Another new Pixl ally! This one's Carrie, and she'll ask you some questions
about what you think of Francis. Afterwards, she joins up. She's basically
a speedy little platform for you to ride on that can go right over spike
pits, so go left, past the green pipe, to the wall. Get off and go 3D,
entering the hidden green pipe. Save, you don't want to lose everything
you've done, and go back right. Get back to where you had to ground pound
to shake loose the doors, and enter the door farthest to the left again.
Again, get to where you're asked for the passcode, and give it 2828. Enter
the new door.

In here, you can get a quick Shroom on the left side, and on the right side,
by bouncing off the maid inside and hitting the 2 button when you hit so
that you bounce higher, you can land on the platform holding the chest, and
the chest has a key. Backtrack to the room where you shook loose the doors,
and go through the middle door now. Just ride Carrie across the spikes here
and enter the door, and then give the maid both the answers to her questions
and the passcode for this spot, 2323. Enter the door for the elevator, and
ride up to the secret lair, where you can get a blue Shroom this time, and
another key, same way as last time, using the maid as a bouncing device.

Leave afterwards, and go back to the first room of Fort Francis to save.
After you've got that covered, go right and enter the hall. Switch to Peach,
and enter both keys in the door. Answer 'true' to all of the questions,
like usual, and you're in. You'll soon be in a ridiculous sort of date sim,
so just answer whatever you'd like, though I think the first answer results
in the funniest dialogue. Oh, boy, fight.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Francis +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: ??? *28?*
AP: 1

Francis is an interesting boss, if not very difficult. Since he can disguise
himself, the best way of locating him is to go 3D so that you can follow his
shadow's movements. On the other hand, you can just stay 2D and ride around
on Carrie and wait for him to pop out. That way, you don't have to worry
about the Flip meter. However you choose to play, the way you hurt him is
jumping on his head when he's visible, and he has two main attacks. The
first attack he has is to summon meowbombs, which wander around the room and
explode. The second is to grab you by his tongue and try to swallow you,
which you stop by wiggling the Wiimote.


Ah, well, now we've got Tippi, but where's that Pure Hear-Ooh. Why, didn't
that work out conveniently for all involved? Except for Francis, but nobody
likes him, so he doesn't count. The fourth Pure Heart is yours!

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 4 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.4: Chapter 4 (SPM004)


Well, a mysterious 'him' is to be our next opponent it seems, and apparently
the Count saved his assistant, Nastasia's, life before. Then, Dimentio comes
out of nowhere and comments on the conversation between the two, sounding
vaguely disloyal. Then, more conversation between Blumiere and Timpani, the
mysterious lovers.


A short chat between Merlon and the group, with an explanation for the odd
appearance of the fourth Pure Heart, and ending with being told to go put it
in it's Heart Pillar. Let's get that out of the way real fast, so jump down
until you're on the second floor of Flipside, and then go 3D so that you
can go through the gate and to the outskirts. Now left, and you should see
more pillars, like the yellow ones from Chapter 3. Go 3D, and you'll be able
to tell which pillars are supposed to be risen and which need to be smacked
into the ground. Just so you know, though, it's down, up, down, and up, from
left to right for the pillars. After you've finished that, just run left and
place the Pure Heart in it's spot, making a green door appear in the usual

Before you go and do anything else, go up to Flipside tower and go into
the third door, and enter Chapter 3-1.


Run right and talk to the bush again. Surprise! The Pixl will certainly be
shocked to learn that you saved Tippi, and after hearing about it, will join
the group. Barry's on the squad! He can create a barrier and counterattack
around you, so he's pretty awesome. Use the return pipe after getting him.

E-mail Note: All of the info about getting Barry was given to me by a person
named Andrea, and rewritten here to fit the format of the FAQ.


Now it's the time to stock up. I suggest two Life Shrooms, some more healing
items if possible, and with that out of the way, you should probably try and
experiment with some recipes. If you still have some spare coinage, you can
get yourself healed at the Inn, look at what Flimm is selling underground,
or check the card shop (my personal favorite.) When you're stocked up on
everything, save, and go through the green door.

Chapter 4-1


You can't breathe, that's too bad, let's get back to Flipside.


Run down and talk to Merlon about the problem, and he'll tell you that he
has something that would work, but that a young boy in the town has it. You
can find said boy one floor up, so take the elevator up and go left to talk
to the boy. Oh, great, have to take this stupid fish somewhere now, so go
down to the level with Flimm and the bartender and release the fish in the
water. With that bit of pointlessness out of the way, go back to the green
door and enter it.


Back out in space, you'll probably want to put your helmet on when prompted
to, and then just flail around for a second or two until you see SOS signals
from apparently nowhere. Go to the SE corner, and you'll either see the SOS
signals originating, or a bunch of gold shines. Use Tippi's Wiimote ability
here to reveal a starship, then go up and interact with it. You'll soon be
chatting with Squirps. After a quick minigame where you only need to hold
down the A button for a minute or so, you'll warp, though the game has a
different name for it.

Another game here, now you just space swim to the right and hit the 2 button
to defeat whatever enemies you run across. You have unlimited shots, so it's
not like there's any reason to stop shooting, really. Closer to the end,
you'll want to start going 3D, because there's a card hidden in 3D here. The
point where you can get it is when you can the save point in the third
dimension. At the end of it, save, and enter the warp hole.

Same thing here, except for now we have the excitement of a different enemy,
and one that's also in the third dimension. There isn't anything to find
when you 3D, however, it may be worth it just for the easy points of
defeating the 3D enemies. At the end, enter the top warp hole. Here, defeat
whatever enemies attack you soon and enter the nearest warp hole. You'll
notice that you're back at where you first had to choose. Reenter the warp
hole you just left, and travel all the way right, defeating normal and 3D
enemies along the way. Enter the lone warp hole you see there.

Another new enemy here, not too hard to defeat, but it does teleport, often
frustratingly. Anyway, spaceswim right until you hit a dead end, and go 3D,
you'll see a Catch Card SP hiding behind an asteroid. Now swim back to the
portal, but keep going left past it. Defeat the enemies and enter the

In this area, there's a lot of enemies, every sort except for the ones that
teleport. Most are visible, but there's a lot in 3D too. About midway
through, you'll see something odd: a small asteroid that resembles a jar and
a miniature warp hole that you can't enter. Go 3D and you'll see a normal
warp hole hiding behind an asteroid to the right of the miniature. Enter
that one and you'll come out of the small one, like you would in the
background of a normal level. Go over to the jar-like asteroid and enter it
through the top like you would a pipe. In here, go 3D immediately and grab
both coin arrays. Hit the coin block for another, and then jump out.
Continue the rest of the way right and hit the star block at the end to
end the chapter.

Chapter 4-2


Woo, the annoyance is gone! Time to get us some Pure Heart. The first thing
you'll notice is that you've got some crazy height and distance on your
jumps, which you'll need. Go right, you'll see the space twerp whining about
going to the bathroom, and continue, defeating an enemy that stretches it's
head out to attack you with. You should jump directly up here, it'll show
you a pair of indestructible blocks that you can reach due to your newfound
jumping abilities. Above them are two blocks, containing a coin and a Shroom
respectively. Go right here, letting yourself fall to the bottom, where
there's a locked door.

Jump up a level and then go 3D to reveal a coin trail on the left, follow it
to fall into the next area. Defeat the 3D enemy here, and then stand close
to the right wall and jump. You should hit an invisible coin block. Go 3D
then, and you'll see some steps on the wall which you should climb. Left is
the way to go then, jumping over one gap and then defeating one enemy, and
then you're back where you were before starting on the coin trail, albeit
one level higher. Jump left again and land on the indestructible blocks so
you can hit the coin block, and then go back right, over the gap,

Here, there's a 3D enemy to worry about, so defeat it. Jump up a level and
go past the shimmering tear in space, and fall all the way down on the
right. Change dimensions when you're at the bottom, you'll see a hidden item
that you can grab. Jump up and hit the brick block a couple of times for
coins, and then use it and indestructible blocks as a stepping stone back
to the top. Go right and defeat that enemy, another of the annoying ones
that stretch, and fall down another gap to defeat another stretchy enemy.
Jump back up and go right, using Thudley's ground pounding abilities to
destroy the brick blocks covering the door. Enter it.

Save, and jump up to the right, switching your Pixl to Slim after doing so.
Go 3D, and you'll see a hole too thin for you unless you use Slim's ability,
and you should. Once through, immediately jump up to hit a coin block,
which you should jump on to reveal another, and from there go left to hit
the now visible blue switch. This makes an easier path for you to follow
rather than using Slim to get past the tall hill. Now go right and jump onto
the indestructible blocks, and then onto the hill with the interesting tree
in the background behind it. You should now be able to see a green pipe in
the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, but you can't enter it. Rather,
it serves as a quick and easy way to get back up to these tall hills
without having to go around.

Go past the green door now and go 3D, so that you can see the narrow path
ahead and the item block waiting behind it. Run and hit the item block for
the little Mario pals that you love so much, and then run back left, falling
down into the gap so that you can defeat the enemies and climb back up,
collecting a few coins. This time, after you go over the narrow path and
reach the item block, jump on top of the item block and then onto the hill
above it and in front of it. Here, jump up farther until you're at the top,
and then jump up to the indestructible blocks hovering above you, and from
there into the pipe above that.

The plan here is to go 3D, and jump from the pipe for maximum height and
collect the coins before your Flip meter runs out. With that nice bit out of
the way, leave. Jump right and take out the enemies at the bottom, bypassing
the door for now, and going right, to the very bottom. Defeat another enemy
here and go 3D, and you'll see a passageway through the tall hill. Go
through and defeat the enemy, hitting the bottom two coin blocks and the
coin block up and to the right, but avoiding the other higher block due to
the fact that it contains a zombie Shroom. Jump from the block to the ledge
on the right, and enter the door there.

Here, there's a lot of blocks, and you should go right and as many as
possible, and when you hit the last item block, the star that makes you a
giant will come out, and you can run all the way to the right and wreak
utter havoc. At the end, jump up onto the right ledge and enter the door.
This is a pretty normal room. Defeat the enemies that are visible and in 3D,
go 3D to get the item hidden behind the tall green pipe, and enter the
interesting green door at the end.

Talk to the Elder in here, and refuse him until he reaches ten coins, and
then take him up on it. It's time to leave, and you need to backtrack a good
two stages until you're back in the area with multiple doors. Run back until
you come across the other normal door in this stage, and enter it. It should
just be past the first tall hill you'll encounter. Remember, you're
backtracking. In this room, run right and defeat all of the enemies by
aiming your jumps to land on their leading square, their heads. If you'd
like to use either the flower that speeds you up or slows you down, run
past them for a second. The slow flower is in one of the visible item
blocks, but jump inbetween and next to the visible lower item blocks and
you'll soon find two more, a coin block and a speed flower. If you want, you
can enter the green door, but inside there's nothing but a local that
doesn't have anything of substance to say. Leave the green door if you went
in anyway, and then leave this area too.

Jump up the indestructible blocks, and head left, jumping over the long gap
to get to another green door, the first one we saw. Inside, there's another
local, this one telling you to go see the Elder. Well, that would've been
important had we not already known and bypassed the middleman. Well, maybe
since this local is yellow, it's a middlewoman. Moving on, leave, and then
backtrack to the first area, the one with the annoying helper and the
portable bathroom. When you're there, talk again to the person inside. This
time, however, you can choose the 'Ancient Clue.' Surprise! The occupant had
been a Pixl all along!

Fleep's the new Pixl's name, and his ability is to reverse things. It's not
something you can explain very easily, but it reveals things that were
hidden. Anyway, go right and stop when you get to the stone statue and the
space rift. Try 'reversing' the space rift, and you'll get a key for your
efforts. Well, we've only seen one locked door, so let's go! Head left and
jump over a gap, then fall into the next and get to the lowest level, so
that you can enter the locked door. In here, just defeat the five enemies
and hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 4-3


The first area has a very simple premise: Go right and shoot things that
aren't you. You first accomplish not shooting you by, well, going right and
shooting the enemies, and then the bricks, one column of which hides an
item. Keep going and you'll find a sort of maze of spinning rectangles that
harm you when you touch them, so just spaceswim around them. Farther into
the rectangle maze, you'll be assaulted by enemies, but it really doesn't
make it any more difficult, and the midway point is marked with a blue
Shroom, so that should compensate for whatever damage you receive. Past the
spinning rectangle maze, you'll need to defeat more enemies and break more
bricks, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Keep going until you find
a red X just in the middle of space, and then reverse it using Fleep. Swim
over to the Squirps-sized hole and squish him in. Enter the gate.

No enemies here, spaceswim all the way to the right and save, then enter the
warp hole. Swim from here to the very north-east corner, and enter that
particular warp hole, defeating enemies and avoiding spinning rectangles
along the way. In here, you'll find a sort of space gas station, along with
a bunch of bricks that don't hold anything, except for a single brick next
to the spinning sign that holds quite a few coins. Whatever chocolate you
buy the little twerp in the gas station, he'll eat, but I got him the most
expensive one just in case, and considering how many coins you should have
if you're not a spendthrift, you can probably afford it. Leave the gas
station and leave the area, back through the warp hole.

Now, go directly south and enter that warp hole. Save, and then travel left,
going through another spinning rectangle maze with some enemies. At the end,
enter the warp hole. From here, go up and to the left, and you'll come
across a Catch Card SP encased in bricks.

E-mail Note: To the right of the square formation, there are two horizontal
rows of breakable blocks. Somewhere in the middle, there is a ghost mushroom
hidden. You can use Boomer to shatter the blocks to get it. - Lucie

Now go all the way to the south-west corner and enter the warp hole there,
and you'll find two rings of coins. Leave after you've got them all, and
then go up and right, to the red warp hole, which you should enter. Save,
and then head left, reversing the red X in space using Fleep. This'll reveal
the same outer gate structure as before, but now there's two holes. Try
twisting Squirps into the hole on the right, but it won't work, and he'll
demand food. Talk to him again after he tells you to get him food and give
him whatever candy bar you bought. He'll split, and create the gate, and
then come back together again. Enter the gate, defeat the two teleporting
enemies, destroy the bricks, and hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 4-4


Run right here and save, then enter the door. There's a number of enemies
in this room, so defeat them as you see them, and also note that there are
two item blocks in this room. The first holds a happy flower, which you'd
do well to remember showers coins everywhere from the skies, and the other
is a normal Shroom. Go right in here, and go 3D, and you'll notice another
door on a platform that was previously hidden. Enter that door. In here,
defeat whatever enemies come your way, along with the pig enemy. There's a
slow flower in here, and using Peach jumping from the item block that had
spawned that slow flower, you can hover over to the door on the left, and
enter it.

In here, there's an enemy that will create an annoying expanding barrier
around himself, use Fleep to reverse him to daze him so that he can be
defeated. After that, open the chest for a key. Leave, and go right, going
3D to reveal the door that you came through in. Now, go through the normal
door this time. Here there are two pig enemies, using Fleep to dizzy them
first is a great way to negate their attacks, and once you've gone through
them flip to 3D on the right side of the room to reveal stairs to the second
floor. Now there is another pig on the ceiling that you can't do much about
at the second, and two more on your level, both of whom you should defeat
for both points and large numbers of coins. Unlock and enter the door on the
far left of the second floor.

You're upside-down! On the ceiling! Oh my! Well, don't worry, you can still
jump, still do everything, except for now, you're going to be confused and
awkward while doing it. I can't stress how useful it is to have Fleep daze
the pig enemies first before trying to defeat them, so I'll leave that one
up to you. Head right on the ceiling and enter the other door. Now you're
sideways! You'll soon notice that you're attached to whatever wall like a
magnet, so don't worry about falling off or some such. There's still the
occasional enemy running about, but once you reach the next door, stop, and
go back up the last two ledges. This might feel really odd, but switch to
Peach and try floating over to the next ledge, past the door. It's possible,
but it might take a couple of tries until you're used to it. Keep going
until you reach the wall and the last door.

Woo, right-side-up! The best thing to do here is wait until you've defeated
all of the enemies oozing around, and then switch to 3D. You'll notice that
you can drop down next to the stairs, so do so. Defeat all of the yellow
enemies down here, too, and then hit the black switch with the arrows. This
switch moves you from the floor to the ceiling, and back again. Move to the
ceiling and then run right, to the door, and enter it. You're back in the
room that the hidden door early on had led you to, but now you're on the
ceiling. Defeat whatever nearby enemies there are, and then go right, but
be cautious of the pig enemy that's running around at the very top (bottom?)
of the area. Once it's defeated, come back to the highest ledge and once
again switch to Peach, so you can hover over to the right ledge. Go 3D and
enter the door revealed.

Run right and open the chest for another key, and despite that you can see
the locked door directly beneath you, you have to backtrack for now. Nuts.
Ah, well, move back until you're at the room with the black arrow switch,
and use it to be standing normally. Go 3D and then right, jumping from the
sitting block on the floor up to next to the stairs, and then go 2D, and
leave the room. Run right, off the ledge, and enter the door there. Once
again, you're on the other side of the room. Run all the way left until
you've reached the other door, and enter it.

You're back in the room with the locked door! Go 3D first, to reveal the
presence of a pipe, which you should enter. No need to go 3D here, there's
only what's visible to find. Thing is, you're upside down again! Bah! Just
deal with it and collect the coins, and don't forget to go all the way to
the right so that you can get the coin block too, then leave the pipe. Go
right, unlock the door, and enter it. Start off in here by hitting the black
arrow switch, running to the right, and then hitting it again, righting
you. You probably see the white outline of a door, but that's all it is, an
outline. The key here is to use Tippi's Wiimote pointing abilities and have
her make the door visible for us. Now, enter it.

Defeat the two enemies in here, and then hit the new kind of black switch,
which changes your position by a 90 degree angle. Run left now, defeating
the three enemies here, until you reach the next new black switch, again
hitting it. Now you're on the ceiling, so defeat the one enemy there and
go through the door. In here, save, and then leave again. Now go left and
hit the new black switch again, and you're on the right wall. Defeat the two
enemies here as well, and enter the door. Run right, here, and enter the
door. From here, run right, hitting the left and right item blocks for blue
Shrooms but avoiding the middle due to it holding a zombie Shroom, and then
enter the door on the right, which brings you to the ceiling, where you
should go left to get the key. Now backtrack to the last room, and then hit
the new black switch in sight twice, then run left and hit that new black
switch once, entering the door on the ceiling again. Flip to the floor, and
save again, then unlock and enter the next door.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Mr. L +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: 40
AP: 3

Mr. L isn't incredibly hard, but he's still not a pushover. It shouldn't
take too many hits to defeat him, but he can heal himself. The important
thing to note is, never get off the offensive. Whenever he's not in the air,
you should be, just about to hit him. He's especially vulnerable when he's
got his healing Shroom Shakes out, and not only can he be damaged, but he
won't heal himself, so it's a free hit. All he really does is jump around,
and occasionally do a sort of super jump that reaches the ceiling, but I
wouldn't be too worried, just move in one direction, and when you start
moving back, he'll be back on the ground like normal.

Now in his second form, piloting Brobot, I have absolutely no idea how much
HP he has, but since you're flying around in space and have access to
Squirps' ray gun or whatever, the main goal is to avoid whatever he throws
at you, whether it's laser bolts, eye lasers, or homing rockets, while you
try and collect all of the various kinds of chocolate in space, all of
which gives you different effects. If you fight efficiently and well, the
fight against Brobot shouldn't take more than two minutes.


Obviously, go right and enter the door. After some explanations of just why
Squirps went so far out of his way to help, you'll finally get a
well-deserved Pure Heart, your fifth. Huzzah, the world is more than half

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 5 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.5: Chapter 5 (SPM005)


With the fiery introduction of Mr. L to the ranks, the old-timers express
their displeasure. Mr. L assures them of just how incredible he is and goes
to modify Brobot. Awesome. After that, O'Chunks is apparently going to try
and go hero-chunkin' again. The rest of the minions leave, so only Count
Bleck and Nastasia are there. Nastasia comments on the Count's philosophy
change, and then makes a comment about the Count's old love interest. This
leaves her slightly depressed as Bleck departs. After that, there is yet
more of the ever so depressing and yet interesting dialogue between the
lovers Timpani and Blumiere.


After a bit of oddly flirtatious dialogue, Tippi seems to faint. Merlon
arrives and brings the group to his home, where he explains Tippi's origins.
If you've been paying close attention to the dialogue that I've been putting
in the 'Interdimensional Rift' section of the FAQ after every new Chapter
begins, then you've probably got a good clue about the identity of Tippi.

But beyond that, we're supposed to bring the fifth Pure Heart to it's Heart
Pillar, so let's get on that, shall we? Head left and down the elevator,
and then right, going 3D at the end so that you can pass through the wall,
as if you're going to the card shop. Now, stop inbetween the card shop and
the other building, and use Fleep on the shining place above you. Hit the
blue switch that appears, and go 3D, using the new path, then enter the

In here, there's a bunch of blocks. Just hit them all from right to left in
order, and another new path is created. Go 3D and through the new gap, and
then go through the door. Out here, flip into 3D so that you can cross the
bridge, then back to 3D.


Yep, that's right, a whole new place, Flopside. Head left, past the grandson
and grandmother, and flip to 3D, and you'll see a path to the left through
the wall that you should enter. Now, go back to 2D, and ride the elevator
up to the second floor, and then go left. You'll run straight into Nolrem,
the town's version of Merlon. With that out of the way, follow his advice
and go up a floor using the elevator, then run right and simply place the
Pure Heart inside the Heart Pillar. Nolrem comes and congratulates you, and
then tells you to get to Flipside Tower.

But before we do that, there's something far more important to do: Make the
Flipside/Flopside more convenient. Go one level down, and then immediately
go 3D once you leave the elevator. You'll see a hidden person, um, thing,
and for a mere 300 coins it can create a pipe from Flipside to Flopside! If
you don't have the coins now, keep this in mind, because this'll save you a
lot of time. I recommend getting it created as fast as possible, because
whenever I want you to go from Flipside to Flopside, I'll just tell you to
use the pipe.

Flopside is an interesting place. Everything's flipped around, looks a lot
more depressing because of the black paint job, and is altogether different.
You'll quickly notice that inside Flopside's item shop, the items are all
not only better, but much more expensive. Merlee now gives 'charms' which
benefit your game, and there's another outskirts, the gate that you go
leading to which is still in from of Nolrem's house, but you can't do
anything out there yet.

Go to the first floor using the elevator and enter the door farthest to the
left. In here, once you go 3D, you can find Cooking Disk Y on the table. In
the cooking area, yeah, um, it's interesting, but the highlight is that you
can now cook with two items. Inputting the Cooking Disk Y into the recipe
helper on the side allows you to see some of the things you can make using
two ingredients. Do what you wish here, and then leave. Go left and change
into the third dimension so that you can go through the hole in the wall,
and then go right for this town's card shop. You can still buy Catch Card
SP's here, but instead of the mystery bags you get in Flipside's shop, in
here there are cards with varying prices depending on rarity that you can
buy specifically.

If you've already completed the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, you can access
the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials via 'reversing' a space rift using Fleep that
appears in the same area as Flipside. Again, we'll postpone it until after
the game, but if you want to go through it now, go right on ahead, and if
you need help, scroll down to the Pit of 100 Trials section.

That's pretty much the entire list of things to do in Flopside at the
moment, so use the pipe to get back to Flipside.


Get up to Flipside Tower, and run over to talk with Merlon. You've got Tippi
back! If you haven't saved yet, do that, make sure you're well-stocked, and
then enter the newly created door to begin.

Chapter 5-1


Here, you'll be taken to the local chief, Marbald, before you can even do
anything, and be asked to defeat some Floro Sapiens and rescue a bunch of
Cragnons. Right. Apparently, you're some sort of holy sending to help them.
So, you should accept their request. Soon a local King will come and attack
the local Cragnons, so you need to go and help. Go outside and some of
King Croacus's Floro Sapiens will attack you. Defeat them by first jumping
on their heads, then their stalks, and then you'll see more of the dastardly
Floro Sapiens carrying away more Cragnons. You can't enter any of the local
houses, including the item shop, and though you may see a tiny building and
a hall in the wall at the far right, you can't enter either yet. Save, and
go through the door.

Watch another cutscene and then go right, using Boomer to defeat the enemies
that attack you. Pay careful attention to the enemy on the far right, it's
another one of those enemies that send you back to Flipside. Enter the pipe
on the far right. In here, use Boomer again to defeat the two enemies, but
for these ones you need two bombs each, so keep that in mind. Once they're
defeated, open the new chest for a Bowser (2) card, which shows him in his
white tuxedo. Hahahaha. Leave the pipe, and if you want go 3D, there's a 3D
enemy here that you can defeat, then head left, past the door we came in

Be careful, the rocks on the ground will attack you, so watch out for that.
Go left until you hit the wall, and then hit the item block for the happy
flower, the one that makes coins fall from the sky. Once you're done
collecting coins, jump from the item block to the hill on the left, and keep
going up until you're at the top. Defeat the rock enemy here, and then jump
all the way down, going 3D when you hit the bottom to reveal a chest there
that you should open for a card. Go back up the hill you just jumped off of,
and then switch to Peach so that you can float to the left, hitting the coin
block at the end of the jump. Go to 3D where you land to find another enemy,
which you should be able to defeat easily, now that you have it's card.

Jump down here to find another one of these rock enemies, Moon Clefts, in
3D. Defeat it and then hit the boxes, first the one on the left, then the
right, and lastly the middle to make a pipe appear. Enter it for another
short scene with the Floro Sapiens, and then head right. You'll encounter
five huge enemies along the way, all of which are easy to defeat if you're
patient, though they do have one hundred health points each. Just keep on
jumping on them, don't let up, and they'll never have a chance to attack.
Your reward for defeating them is a nice one thousands points each.

E-Mail Note: While using your FAQ I found that it was easier in 5-1 when you
have to fight the big elephant things it's easier if you use Bowser's fire
and drive them all back and attack them all at once. I thought it was
helpful, maybe you will too. - Devilboy6693

With them out of the way, and probably down a couple of healing items too,
go to the far right and you'll find three more blocks like the last ones.
This time, though, you must hit them quite a few more times, and in another
odd order. Hit the middle, right, left, left, right, middle, right, left,
right, right, middle, right, right, left, middle, middle, left, left, left,
right, left, left, left, middle, and middle for a new pipe to appear. Wasn't
that fun? Enter the pipe, and you're now back in the background. There isn't
anything to find if you go left, so try going right, and you'll soon be
running behind the wall. Keep going until you find another green pipe, and
enter it. Back in the forescreen, run right and up the steps to find the
star block, which you need to hit to end the chapter.

Chapter 5-2


Run right and use Boomer to defeat all of the Pokeys, not to mention the
Poison Piranhas after them. There's another Pokey in 3D around the first
pipe, too, not to mention an item behind the second pipe. Once you've
defeated all of the enemies, jump into the water and let yourself fall,
taking care to avoid the Cheep-Cheeps, who can and will actively change
dimensions in the water. Keep falling through the water and you'll enter a
dry area, which holds a chest that you can open for a Water Tablet. Go 3D
to find two coin blocks that you can jump off of to reenter the water, and
then swim back up and jump out to the right. Enter the door.

Go left when you've regained control, and defeat the visible enemies, and
then go 3D to defeat the 3D enemy, who'll also be sleeping. While in 3D, you
might notice that the blocks that appeared indestructible in the normal
dimension are just bricks in 3D. Use Thudley's ground pound to destroy them,
revealing a blue switch that you can hit to create stone hills so that you
can enter the door above you. Do so.

Run left here and defeat a multitude of enemies, from Pokeys to a Tech
Cursya, which will obviously curse you, stopping you from using skills. Once
you're alone, go to the far right and change into the third dimension. Here,
you'll find many item and coin blocks, holding little Mario guardians, happy
flowers, fast and slow flowers, and even some zombie Shrooms. When you've
run out of blocks to hit, you should be able to see a path in 3D. Walk onto
it, and continue when it seems to run out and you'll fall on another path.
Down here, switch to Bowser (about time!) and breathe fire on the black
block that sort of looks like a ball of flame to reveal the Fire Tablet.
Once you've got it, head back up and go left, stopping when you're directly
below what looks like a gate with pillars on both side, you should see a
space rift that you can open by reversing it with Fleep.

This creates some more stone hills that you can climb to see what the video
at the top shows, which is a person running around something. Keep that in
mind as you jump off to the left and go back through the door. Go right a
good ways, until you find what seems to just be two indestructible blocks
hanging in the air. Jump on one of them, and then jump above that one and
you'll reveal an invisible item block holding a Shroom. Jump above the other
for the same result. After that, go right and before you reach the last
pipe, go 3D, to reveal both a 3D enemy and an item in front of the pipe.

Now, go back left, past the yellow block with eyes and up the stone hill as
far as you can go without using indestructible blocks. Switch to Peach and
jump off to the left, floating so that you can reach a pipe that's resting
in the air. Enter it, and you'll be in the background. Go left and run right
into a volcano, you'll find a pattern in the wall that shows a stone first,
then water, then a fire, and after noting that, switch to 3D so that you can
run around collecting coins. Use the spring to leave after that.

Now go right, and you'll find a great healing item on a peak. Leave using
the pipe to return to the forescreen, and then head all the way right and
enter that door. Use the platform to go right, and you'll soon encounter our
ol' pal, O'Chunks.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: O'Chunks +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 40
AP: 2

Annoyingly, Dimentio will swing by and change the battlefield, but otherwise
this fight isn't too different from before. He has a new attack where he
spins himself like a hurricane, and he still grabs for you to throw you, and
he still tries to crush you from the air, and he still tries to charge at
you. You can use Thoreau for some nice irony and throw him around a bit, but
to hurry things along you really should just jump on him repeatedly and
defeat him, it isn't much trouble.


Woo, now that that's over, you'll be back in the normal dimension, and
Dimentio will come by to bring O'Chunks along, changing his self-pity
attitude back to normal. Defeat the large number of enemies here. I'm not at
all certain, but when I went into 3D on the right side of the pit, I found
an Amazee Dayzee here, which is a rather rare and valuable enemy. Mine threw
itself off into the gap to evade defeat, so I'm not sure what it does at the
moment, but in past Paper Mario games it's given quite a boon of experience
points, so it's likely it'd do much the same here. On the other hand,
finding an Amazee Dayzee may be a totally random event, so it could vary
from game to game where you find one.

E-mail Note: I encountered it in the same spot as well and it was quite
difficult to defeat. I simply used Thoreau to grab it and throw it behind
the Yoshi statue where it'd be trapped and then went from there. I didn't
try to catch it, so I don't know if having it as a card would have done
anything, I just simply defeated it. I didn't notice it give that much
experience or coins, at least not so much more. However, the thing is
sparkling and it IS pretty hard to grab onto so maybe it is rare or
something? - Jo Jo

E-mail Note: I did find one in the same spot, killed it and got 3000 exp and
a golden leaf. - Dan H.

Now, go all the way right and flip into the third dimension, and you'll find
a rock structure that quite resembles Yoshi. Run around him and the Stone
Tablet should appear upon his nose. Jump onto the stone Yoshi's tail, and
from there onto his nose to grab the tablet, then return to the previous
area via the door you entered to come here.

Run left from the door, until you hit the tower of stones that you can
climb, then start climbing. You should find yourself directly below an
indestructible block, and you face a choice. You can either jump directly
up, standing on the edge of block to block to jump on the one above it,
which is faster, or you can go 3D here and travel up like through a maze,
which is easier. Either way, once you're atop of the highest indestructible
block, jump in the air and you'll hit an invisible brick block, which will
sprout a ladder. Climb the ladder and at the top, go 3D so that you can jump
from the bottom indestructible blocks to the top ones. Remember the order
the carvings in the cave said, Stone, Water, Fire, and put the tablets in
that order.

Pixl time! After a short chat, you'll be asked to input your favorite word.
I chose 'Festive!' myself, and then he'll shout that to the heavens. Or the
big stone that apparently sent us on this quest to save the Cragnons. You've
now got Cudge, the hammer Pixl! Yeah, we've got a hammer now! Jump on down
and find that yellow block with eyes that the pipe was hidden under, and
break it with your new hammer. Enter the revealed pipe afterwards. In here,
switch to Peach so that she can jump and hover over to the ledge on the
right side, and then go back to Mario so that you can flip to 3D and open
the hidden chest for a card. With that done, jump down to the bottom and hit
the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 5-3


Start off here by running right, and jumping from indestructible block to
block until you reach the item block that holds a blue Shroom. Drop down
then and head right, and you'll soon be stopped by Flint Cragley. Man, I do
hope he's the fourth hero! But alas, he'll wait near the entrance, though he
would like us to find his crew. We should be glad that we could have even
that much of a talk with him. Glorious. Force yourself to move past his
sheer craggitude and enter the pipe.

Jump down past the moving platforms and head right, jumping over to the
partially obscured save point. Save, and then continue right, using Cudge's
hammering abilities to defeat both normal and 3D enemies, then drop down
another ledge, until you're at the bottom. Flip into 3D here, and you'll
find a brainwashed Cragnon of the caves. Don't attack him, however, though
he will attack you. Defeating him gives you negative points. Enter the pipe
on the right.

Here you'll want to flip to 3D immediately, and then go and hit the nearby
3D block for some more little guardians, and then revert back to 2D. Use the
steps and jump into the gap here, defeating the enemy however way you'd
like. Now, use Tippi's Wiimote abilities to check the screen in the gap, and
you should find two invisible blocks. Hit both, and now you have a way out
of the gap and back to the left, not to mention a Shroom. Now head right,
defeating enemies along the way, until you reach the row of item blocks,
where you can get yourself another Shroom. A bit farther right is a single
brick with another row of bricks above it, jump from the single brick to hit
the brick the farthest left, and you'll get a fast flower. Keep going right,
and you'll find a row of coin blocks with another brick row above it. Hit
the middle brick to create a yellow ladder to climb, at the top of which
you can ride a yellow platform and jump to collect coins while riding, and
jump off at the end. Once off, work your way back to where the ladder is,
and then go right over the gap.

Ignore the door for now, and enter the pipe next to it. Down here, go 3D and
use your hammer Cudge to destroy the yellow block, then enter the hole and
open the chest for a Shroom Shake. Once you've got it, leave. Jump over the
gap and continue until you find the four bricks hovering in the air, the one
to the far left holding a slow flower. Jump over the gap right and defeat
the Floro Sapien there, and then jump over to the next and defeat both the
3D enemies and normal enemies in this area. The brick row you'll first
encounter holds nothing, but the single brick right of it holds a single

Once you reach the spring, jump atop the blocks and then hit the invisible
block above them, using Tippi as a guide if you can't find it on it's own.
Bypass the spring entirely by going 3D and just continuing to the yellow
block, which you should hammer to oblivion. Enter the door. Uh oh, minecart.
I wonder what's about to happen.

If you chose 'absolutely nothing at all', you'd be right. You can go into
the third dimension though, if you want, to provide another view. Enter the
door at the end. After defeating the enemy on the ledge, continue right,
jumping onto the indestructible blocks, as the bottom holds only brainwashed
Cragnons and a zombie Shroom. But wait! After going 3D and hammering away
the now apparent bricks around the indestructible blocks, continue right,
and then drop down, quickly flipping to 3D and running into the exposed
passageway for a hidden card. Now go back left, dodging as carefully you
can all of the Cragnons so that you don't lose points, and go back up to
your safe passage aboveground. Continue right over the gap this time, and
then go up one further using the blocks as a stepping stone. You'll run into
one of Flint Cragley's crewmen. Monzo, the crewmen, will leave to follow in
Flint Cragley's amazing footsteps, and you can go back a bit and then take
the path downward, defeating the lone true enemy there before returning to
your minecart for a ride back.

After your ignomious exit from the cart ride, go through the door, and then
backtrack until you're at the door we ignored earlier. Enter it. Woo hoo,
another cart ride! Enter 3D before you get on, and stay in it to follow the
proper path, otherwise you won't get anywhere. Fly along the tracks to the
end, and then enter the door. Go right and drop down here to find a brick
and an item block. Don't hit the item block, it holds a zombie Shroom, but
make sure to get the brick, it's a ladder back up. Go 3D and you'll find an
enemy, defeat it and then go right and down, trying again to avoid the
Cragnon's until the end, where there's two Floro Sapiens. Come back and
climb the ladder to the top, switching to Peach to cross the gap. Go up the
ledges and defeat the enemy there, being sure to hit the coin block, and
then going right and dropping down a couple of ledges until you find another
of the wonderful Flint Cragley's crewmen, Hornfels. This one will also
scurry off to find favor with the most grand Flint Cragley. I know I can
relate. Now, backtrack all the way to Flint Cragley's resting place, and
watch another crazy awesome scene in which Flint Cragley, using only the
powers of sheer will and determination, brings back the lost key! Zounds!

Zounds again! He wants us to lead the way! I think my heart just stopped.
Well, can't keep the good cragtrotter waiting, so head right and down the
pipe, and then jump down past the moving platforms to the locked door.
Unlock and enter it. Another cart ride! Go on and if you want a crazy view,
flip into 3D. After getting off, go through the door.

Defeat the enemy here, and then hit the item block for another star that
makes you monstrous. Run as far right as possible taking out enemies, and
if you missed anything, keep going after becoming normal again to finish
off the stragglers. But when you are done, head back left until you find
another black square rock, and flip to 3D so that it's revealed that it's
actually a yellow block in disguise, and hammer it with Cudge. It hid a
door, and inside is the star block. Be warned, though, at the very end of
the previous room there is another yellow block that is disguised as a
black square stone, but it hides nothing, so don't be confused. Hit the
star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 5-4


Close-up! I held the screen there, didn't get past the 'Cragley Ho!' bit for
a second so that I could gaze upon his full majesty. But, we have a game to
play, so again we have to force ourselves to continue. Go right, hitting
the block for a coin and defeating the numerous enemies, then drop down to
the bottom and hit the left item block for a Shroom. Avoid the others, one
contains a zombie Shroom. Enter the pipe on the left.

From here, drop down to the left and hit the save point, then go down and
right, then flip to 3D where you're at the lowest point in front of a ledge.
You should now see a ladder and a hole next to it, drop into the hole to
find a big red switch and a brainwashed Cragnon. Pick him up with Thoreau
and stand on the switch, and you'll be heavy enough to trigger it, creating
a new pipe. Enter it.

Now, enter the door and then go past the cursing enemies that makes your
controls backwards, and enter the other door. In here you'll find some
normal enemies to defeat, and a pipe to enter. Enter it, and switch to 3D
here to reveal an item. Also, use Tippi's Wiimote pointing abilities to
look at the wall, revealing a message saying 'Behind the Skull'. Sounds
cryptic. Get it, crypt? Tee hee. Enter the door on the left after that.
Defeat the enemies in here that make you heavier, and go in the door on the
left. Defeat the enemies using Cudge, and then switch to Fleep, and
'reverse' the skull on the wall, which reveals a key. Use the green pipe to
the left, and then go up the green pipe that's upside down. Go up the ladder
here and then right, unlocking and opening the door.

Jump onto the indestructible blocks to the left, and then to the ones to
the right, dropping down only to be stopped by dialogue. You'll meet Gabbro
here, along with another new Pixl, Dottie! Watch a moving scene and read
some platitudes before Gabbro leaves. Dottie's on the team! Use her to go
through the tiny red door Gabbro traveled through, and then go left. When
you get to the pipe that spawns flowers, stop for a second. If you want to
here, you can just switch to Bowser and constantly breathe fire below the
pipe, giving you easy points and coins. That's your choice, though, and I'll
write the rest of the walkthrough on the assumption that you're not a level
fifty monster. Now, go through the white door next to the save block. In
here, you'll notice a small opening to the left, one you can enter using
Dottie. Do so. In the small room to the left, you'll find a card key, so
come back and use the card key to enter the door.

Hit the item block for a blue Shroom, and then go left and into the pipe.
Come down and hit the blue switch using Thudley, triggering the release of
a lot of brainwashed Cragnons. Jump from block to block above them left for
a card, and then right so that you can enter a pipe. You'll run into
Dimentio and O'Chunks here.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: O'Cabbage? +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 60
AP: 3

Ouch, well, that sucks to be O'Chunks, now apparently O'Cabbage. He's pretty
much the same as before, but faster, stronger, and with more health. He's
also a mite bit crazier, you'll notice. You'll definitely want to use
Thoreau here, to grab and throw. He's still really easy to defeat, but he'll
probably manage to get in a few hits, purely because of his speed.


After the fight, the newly restored O'Chunks will blast off, while you now
have yourself a Floro Sprout. Wear it, and go right. After you enter that
pipe, Dimentio will make some more interesting statements, and then you're
back. Drop off the ledge and go through the door. You may notice that the
brainwashed Cragnons won't attack you anymore, nor will the Floro Sapiens.
Cool! Save again, and go back up to the top pipe. Out here, become tiny
using Dottie and go right, so that you can enter the tiny pipe. You'll
get more guardians, a blue Shroom, and a number of coins for your troubles.
Go back, and use Dottie again so that you're not tiny, and go up and to the
right and open the door there.

Go right, and you'll be checked out okay because of the sprout on your head.
Now, enter the ornate door. In this room, there are paintings of the three
kings and one queen that the Floro Sapiens have had, and a description of
their rule beneath it. Defeat all of the enemies in the room, then go and
flip 3D in front of the first, and you'll see cracks. Use Boomer to blow
them up, revealing a room where you need to use Thoreau to either throw
the enemy at the switch, or just throw him yourself at the switch, doing so
until the switch is the same color as the background of the above picture.

Do this for all of the pictures with cracks above them, and then, for some
reason or another, bomb in front of the newest picture, despite the lack of
cracks. There's still a room underneath, odd. Well, save, and then hit the
switch until it's red, creating a new ornate door to be revealed. Enter it.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: King Croacus +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 50
AP: 2

First form, the King will have three tentacles attack you by contact, and
occasionally will try and hit you himself. Grab the ends of the tentacles
and when his face is revealed, throw it at him. Before long, he'll float
around and try and hit you with spinning blades, which you should also grab
and throw at him, or if you find it more satisfying, grab him and throw him
at a blade. Shouldn't have too much trouble with him.

E-mail Note: I know he's already pretty easy but if you flame his first form
with Bowser it's over in seconds. - Juanita


After the fight, you'll find out that the King wasn't so bad after all, but
it still looks like there'll be a confrontation until Flint Cragley gets on
the scene! Using his own wisdom and daring ideas to negotiate with the Floro
Sapiens, the conflict between the Cragnons and Floro Sapiens is resolved.
You even get a Pure Heart, and isn't that what the whole chapter was about?
...No. Well, sort of. Er, CRAGLEY HO!

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 6 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.6: Chapter 6 (SPM006)


With more hijinks from O'Chunks and the Gang out of the way, Mr. L leaves
to do some deflavorizing, which I've heard is a lot like hero-chunking, and
Mimi leaves to do some important business. Right. Sounds a lot like hero-
chunking to me, too. More talking between the Timpani and Blumiere, the
secret lovers of mystery.


Hmm, it seems like we're not the only ones privy to Timpani and Blumiere's
speaking. Interesting. Well, in the realm of more immediate problems, the
Void has grown yet again, so hop on down to the pipe and enter it to get to
Flopside, after hearing that the Heart Pillar is on the outskirts.


Change into the third dimension when you get there, and then go through the
gate, and from there, into the outskirts. Upon arriving, use Cudge to break
the yellow block on the left, revealing a pipe you need to enter. Go all
the way right, ignoring the sign for now, and enter the pipe there. Continue
left here to enter another pipe, and from there, go right and jump into one
of the gaps. Go 3D here, and you'll fall to the bottom of the area, where
you can open the chest for a new card. Use the spring to get back out, and
then jump left, going 3D past the pipe, and using Cudge to destroy the
yellow block, jumping on the blue switch to reveal a large chest. Open it to
reveal a new item, the Power Plus, which permanently increases your attack
by one!

Now go right, past the pipe and over the gaps, and stand on the odd blocks.
Using Tippi's Wiimote pointing abilities, check above and to the left, and
click on the hidden block when you find it. Jumping upon the new moving
block, and at the height of your rise, again point at the screen, this time
near the bottom of the screen and to the left, again creating a new block.
On this one, wait until you're near the bottom of your movements, then point
directly left of it, and this block will move from side to side. Pointing
left of it and a bit down when you're at the farthest left you can get, you
can create another block. Near the bottom of this block's movements, check
one last time left of you and create the last block, jumping from the newest
block to the row of stationary blocks. Then go 3D, and travel through the
transparent wall the blocks are attached to.

At the other end of this passage, jump down and go right, flipping to the
third dimension to reveal another hidden room past the elevator, in which
lurks the guy who made the pipe from Flipside to Flopside. Give him another
100 coins, and he'll make a pipe from here to the second floor of Flopside.
Quick! Convenient! Time-saving! You can do the same thing in Flipside, too.
Well, we're not using it quite yet, so go back to the previous room and take
the elevator up. Enter the bar, and if you want talk to the bartender, but
more importantly flip to 3D and go as if you were planning to enter the
Flipside arcade, and you'll find two chests. One contains the Golden Card,
allowing you access to a new arcade game, and the other has Cooking Disk B,
giving you more recipes. Leave the bar and go left, changing again to the
third dimension to reveal the presence of water. Drop down and swim through
it, and on the other end you'll find the a maker of maps, treasure maps to
be exact. He has twelve maps up for sale, and so you've got 12 possible
treasure hunts to do. Great. Buy what you'd like, and go to the Treasure
Maps section of the FAQ to tell you exactly how to navigate your way to the

Once you finish the conversation with Flamm, use Dottie to become tiny, so
that you can enter the little house next to him. It's Itty Bits, a tiny food
store that sells a couple of food items. If you want anything, buy it, and
leave, swimming your way back and going one level up using the elevator.
Enter the cooking place next to you and insert Cooking Disk B. If you want
any cards, grab 'em, and then go up another level more, once again traveling
to the outskirts and entering the pipe you revealed.

This time, when you reach the sign, follow it's advice and flip to 3D, and
you'll see another path you should follow to get to another new area, though
you will have to become small with Dottie's help so that you can enter it.
After entering, head left and go over both gaps, being on the far right
before flipping, revealing the nearby stone block to be none other than a
yellow block. Destroy it and jump on the red switch, revealing the Heart
Pillar. Enter the sixth Pure Heart, and afterwards Nolrem will tell you
about the near future. Sounds kinda bad, too. Return to Flopside and buy
whatever you need, and if your charm from Merlee ran out, you might want to
get it all fixed up again. While you're at Merlee's jump over to her side of
the crystal ball and talk to her, and she'll ask you a favor. Agree to help,
and she'll ask you to run over to Flipside and the fortune-telling shop

Once you're done, return to Flipside via pipe.


Well, cook what you want, check out the new arcade game you've got if you'd
like, buy some cards and items, rest at the inn, and save. When you've got
everything you wanted to do done, run over to the fortune-teller's shop
there and talk to Merluvlee. She'll give you the ball, but only if you get
something from Bestovius, the guy who taught us to flip to the third
dimension, first. Now, I'll tell you the reward for this one, an optional
Pixl, isn't incredibly useful. And if you're not trying to get everything in
the game, you don't really need him. He also helps with a boss in the
future, but it's also possible to defeat the boss without him. This is a
rather annoying series of fetch quests that you'll do for him, but it is
worth it, in my eyes at least. The rest of the walkthrough is going to read
as if you have the Pixl, including the strategy for the boss I mentioned.
But if you don't want him, go right on ahead and scroll down to where I
start Chapter 6-1's walkthrough.

Go up to the red door and enter it, choosing Chapter 1-1.


Simply run right and you'll get to his house, enter and go through the door
to find him. Finally! Or not! Bah, we have to go to the mayor of Yold Town
now, so use the return pipe.


Simply enter the red door again, this time choosing Chapter 1-2.


Run right and up the hills, using both the red and the blue transportation
systems and enter the door at the end, heading right and going 3D several
times to bypass obstacles and continue your progress, and enter the door at
the end after dodging rolling spiky balls. Go right over the bridge, and if
you need to, hit the item block for a Shroom, then enter the door on the
farthest right of the town to find the elder. Talk to him, and you'll be
given something else to relay to a mysterious figure in his dreams. Sigh.
Use the return pipe yet again.


Use the red door and enter Chapter 1-4.


Travel all the way to the room where you got the Pure Heart after defeating
Fracktail. Everything's unlocked and solved, so it shouldn't take too long.
The only thing you'll have to do again is trigger the release of all those
spiked balls, and then trigger the trap floor below them so that you can
enter a door. If you need more detailed guidance on where to go, use the
walkthrough in that section.

In the last room where you got the Pure Heart, just run around a bit and the
ghost that gave it to you will appear. Merlumina, the ghost of Watchitt's
dreams. She'll talk about her own problems for a bit, and then chide you for
sleeping during her narrative. And again. But then she'll congratulate you
for your wonderful thinking skills. Anyway, use the return pipe once you've
got the autograph.


Enter the red door and enter Chapter 1-2.


Travel back to town, and give the autographed paper to Watchitt, and he'll
give you a You-Know-What. Use the return pipe after getting it.


Almost done, enter the red door and choose Chapter 1-1.


Run right to Bestovius's house, and give him the You-Know-What. He'll give
you the Training Machine. Finally. Use the return pipe to get back to
Flipside afterwards.


Let's seek out the fortune teller's shop on the second shop, and go in to
give the Training Machine to Merluvlee. She'll give you the Crystal Ball,
about time. Use the pipe to get to Flopside.


Run over to Merlee's place and give her the Crystal Ball. She'll be so happy
that she'll in return give you a Random House Key, after you express your
displeasure at the thought of only getting a charm in reward for all of your
hard work. Head down to the first floor of Flopside, going 3D to enter the
area with the card shop, and unlock the door of the locked building, and
enter. Inside there's a large chest, containing a new Pixl, Piccolo! Now,
you may be looking at what he does and be thinking to yourself, "Man, I
really just wasted a lot of time." And sure, that might be the case. But
Pixl has some good functions too.

He removes curses that Curseyas put on you, except for the ones that return
you to Flipside. He gives you the sound effect of jumping from the original
Super Mario Bros., and does the same for Bowser's fire breath. There are a
couple of blocks in the game that you can only remove with his help, ones
with a musical note on them. Piccolo puts Chain-Chomps to sleep, and helps
with a boss we haven't encountered yet. So, he isn't useless, he's just a
bit odd.

Go up a floor now and then go 3D, as if you were going to go to the
outskirts, but actually flip back to 2D before going on the path, and then
head right. When you reach the pipe just hanging in the sky, use Tippi's
Wiimote pointing abilities to reveal a series of blocks below it. Enter the
pipe. Now run left, and at the end you'll come across an oddly colored
block, use Piccolo next to it to remove the block, revealing a chest. Open
the chest for a rare card. Now, backtrack and use the pipe to get back to
Flipside. Or just use the return pipe. It doesn't really matter.


Go down two levels, and then act again as if you were going to the
outskirts, but again stopping short of the path. This time head left, and
enter the pipe there, destroying the bricks if you need to. This time go
right, and use Piccolo on this odd block to reveal another chest with
another rare card. After all of this, there's still a few things you can do,
including finding the resident Whacka and getting his stuff, but at this
point you probably just want to continue with the game, and I can sympathize
with that, so go up to Flipside Tower and enter the newest door.

Chapter 6-1


After observing the size of the Void here, go right over the bridge, and
enter the door. After some talking, you'll be thrown into a fight. Defeat
the Sammer Guy and after you're told you're to fight 100 of them, go right
and through the door. Rinse and repeat, over and over, but when you reach
and pass the 20th gate, the Void will grow even larger than before, with
commentary from Count Bleck. He'll also finally confirm that he is, or was,
indeed Blumiere, and will lament the loss of Timpani.

The fighters will leave you be, so hurry along. Eventually, you'll reach
the level's star block, at what I think to be the 25th round spot. Hit the
star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 6-2


You'll be spoken to by the King, and then told to open the chest up there.
IT'S A TRAP! But open it anyway, it doesn't do anything. The 'King' will
reveal herself as ol' Mimi.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Mimi +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 25
AP: 2

Mimi will attack with an array of rubee-involved maneuvers. If you have
Barry like you should, great, use him to block the rubees and then move in
for the attack. If you don't, Peach's parasol will serve much the same
purpose. You can also use Thoreau to grab and throw rubees at her, and once
she's damaged enough, she'll flip into 3D, so go right after her. She can
be difficult, but by using Thoreau constantly grabbing away her rubees, she
won't stand long with that much health.


Keep going, but eventually you'll be stopped by something as small as the
planet being destroyed. Nuts.


If you need to stock back up, do so, and then reenter the destroyed world.

Chapter 6-2 (2)


Just run right for a while, using Carrie to hurry things along. You'll
eventually come across the Pure Heart, but there's a problem with it. Not
only with the Pure Heart, but there's another problem too, except for this
one is pure awesome, because it's the mysterious Mr. L! He'll grab the Pure
Heart, so it looks like it's a fight!

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Brobot L-Type +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: 65
AP: 5
DEF: 5
DEF (Fire): 8

Bowser's fire breath isn't useful here, nor is the fire-based item, but hey,
you have to expect the new model to have some improvements, don't you? Most
of the attacks are the same as last time, though it can now attack you with
it's hands, or even tackle you. The goal here is to use Boomer on his feet,
and if you never noticed, you can trigger Boomer early by pressing the 1
button, so do so if it's needed. It also shoots missiles. Missiles! After a
couple of explosions, Brobot will be destroyed rather handily.


After the fight, you'll grab the stone Pure Heart, and that's that. You'll
also see a confrontation between Dimentio and Mr. L, where Dimentio uses
it's foul tricks to defeat the grand Mr. L, and yet promises him that it'll
send the heroes along soon enough. A promise of death, or something else?

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 7 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.7: Chapter 7 (SPM007)


Nastasia tells Count Bleck that both Mr. L and Mimi were insubordinate, and
he tells her to go along and discipline them. The Count wonders after her
leaving about a possible connection between Timpani and Tippi. Afterwards,
there is a serious talk between Blumiere and Timpani, where Blumiere learns
that his lover Timpani is gone, and we learn that Blumiere was a member of
the Tribe of Darkness, while Timpani was a simple human, and so the union
between the two would never have been allowed. Sad.


Use the elevator to get to the second floor, and go to talk with Merlon.
After a brief chat, Dimentio will appear mockingly, and then do the same to
the party as he did to Mr. L. Can't say that I'm a big fan of Dimentio, to
be honest. He says that he sent the group to the next world. Great.

Chapter 7-1


You'll start off with a chat with an informative Shaydes who'll tell you
that you're in the Underwhere, where people go when their games are over
(die). After the talk, you'll be told to meet with Queen Jaydes to affirm
that your game is over. Jump in the fountain to heal up, then continue on
your way right, saving your game and going through the door.

Here, go right and be yelled at, and then go 3D, taking the path on the left
to the end, where you should flip to the third dimension to reveal an arrow
block you should hit so that you can reach the item on top of the pipe. Go
through the pipe after getting it. Give the man four coins to ferry across
the river, and at the other end enter the door. Go 3D here to reveal a
Shayde that's hidden, and then go up the steps, and at the far right you
can talk to Queen Jaydes.

After a bit of shock on her end, along with a cell phone call, you'll be
tasked with finding a Nimbi, Luvbi, for King Grambi of the Overthere. You'll
get a door key in return for the stone Pure Heart. Travel back to where you
traveled across the River Twygz, and then jump in. There's a large number
of floating hands that will try and grab you, but they're really slow and
easy to dodge, so there's that. When you hit the bottom, flip to 3D and in
the middle of the river floor, you'll find a hole in the bottom, so drop
down in it to find a locked door. Hey, we have the key for that, cool. Open
the door and enter it.

Swim to the right, and up, ignoring the pipe for now. Push the square block
at the top to the right and off the ledge, then follow it down and hit the
lever to drain the water out of the pool. If you go 3D here, you can also
see a passageway through the tall stone wall to the left. Jump from the
block to the pipe up onto the right ledge, and then destroy the three bricks
there, dropping back down to release water again. Swim back up and past
where the bricks were, and follow the passageway until you reach a dead end.
Change into the third dimension here to reveal a continuation of the path,
and keep going until you're in the next room. Go all the way right, and
when you see another square block like before, flip to 3D so that you can go
around it and push it next to the pipe. Flip back to normal 2D after that,
and drop down and head right to use the lever to drain the area.

Go left now, using the square block and pipe as stepping stones, and drop
down into the area with the pipe on the left and the brick on the right. Hit
the brick to create a ladder up, and then at the bottom flip to 3D to reveal
another passageway. Follow it to find a pipe and a room, entering the pipe
first to find a row of bricks with a row of coins above it. Go 3D first to
find that there are many coins hiding behind the original row, and grab them
all before going back to 2D and hitting the bricks for some more coins. When
you're done, leave via pipe.

Enter the door on your right, jumping off the ledge to the right to find
yourself with three fountains and a high up ledge on the far right. Well,
jump in the middle of one fountain, and it will function as a stable
platform, jump to the next, and the next, and onto the ledge. Be careful
though, you can be carried off the 'platform' by the water flow, so be quick
about your jumping. When you land on the ledge, you'll find Luigi! But
where's Mr. L? Well, I suppose Luigi will have to work. Once he's joined the
team, switch back to Mario and flip to 3D to find an item up here on the
ledge. Now get off, switch back to Luigi, and use his super jump to get
back to the door we came in here through.

You'll need to alternate between Mario and Luigi frequently to both reach
high ledges and travel through 3D areas, but make your way back to the River
Twygz, and swim to the left side, entering the door when you get there.
Here, you'll want to go all the way back left, then super jump onto the
tallest pipe and enter. In here, super jump into the blue switch, bringing
the pipe back down so that you can reenter it. Hop from the tallest pipe to
the nearby ledge, and then continue right, until you're at the pipe with
three bricks on the right of it, that one you can enter. This will bring you
to the background of the screen, where you need to go left to enter another
background green pipe, bringing you to another. Now go right, and enter the

Defeat the crazed enemy in here to reveal a chest, holding a card. Backtrack
to the pipes in the forescreen, and then continue right, entering the door
at the end. Here, just keep jumping past the pipes, as it isn't worth the
trouble to defeat the Ice Piranhas, and you can't enter any of the pipes.
At the far right is your objective, Luvbi. Talk to her to basically be
insulted, then she'll go back home to Mother. With that done, travel back to
Queen Jaydes.

She fixed the Pure Heart! Sweet! But, wait, we're dead. Not so sweet. Wait,
we're not dead! Sweet! Choose to be sent home, unless you've neglected to do
something here.


After some talking is out of the way, it's time to find the seventh Heart
Pillar. Start off by taking the pipe to Flopside.


Once again, travel to the outskirts by way of the gate in front of Nolrem's
place, and following the path. Then go left, and down the green pipe. Go
all the way right, past the other path, and enter the green pipe there, too.
Switch to Luigi, and go all the way left, until you reach the wall, which
you should super jump over. Directly left of the tall wall is the Heart
Pillar, place the seventh Pure Heart in it. Only one left! Use the return
pipe once it's placed, unless you want to do something else in Flopside.
Stock up on supplies, do your cooking, and whatever else, save, and then go
up to the new door and enter it.

Chapter 7-1 (2)


You've been here before, you know what the drill is. Go right and enter
the door three times to reach Queen Jaydes, and talk to her. You'll be asked
to escort the ever-so-annoying Luvbi back to the Overthere, due to the
presence of a fire-breathing monster that's on the loose. Accept, and go
through the door, hitting the star block inside to end the chapter.

Chapter 7-2


After a bit of Tippi/Luvbi banter, go right and through the door. You won't
be able to see much, but go up two platforms, hit the item block for a
Shroom, then jump onto the next ledge. Don't get too close to the left wall,
there's an enemy waiting there, but continue onto the right, using the red
transportation system to go over a gap. Go up two more platforms here, this
time avoiding the right wall, as there is another enemy there. Use another
red transportation system up here, jumping up another two ledges and again
avoiding a wall enemy to reach another red transportation system, though
you should hit the block next to it first. On the other side of the gap,
Go right and drop down to find a chest with a card inside. Go back up to
where you were before jumping off a ledge, and jump up three times find
yourself with another wall enemy on the left, Dark Boos attacking from all
angles, and an item block with a Shroom inside to the near left. Great.

Go left and jump over a small gap to another ledge, jumping up twice this
time before going right to find another door. Try and enter it, and you'll
be told that it's being held closed by a mysterious force. Well, use Tippi's
Wiimote pointing abilities and point at the door, revealing Dorguy the
First. Answer the first two easy questions yourself, and if you weren't
paying attention at this point, answer the last with '6'. Enter the door.

Save, and go over to talk to the D-Men in front of the door on the right.
Agree to subdue the beast, and enter the door. Go right, and you'll find
Bowser, frustrated and more than a little bit confused. After a short chat,
he'll call you a backstabber (fireballer?) and attack you.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Bowser +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: 80
AP: 8
DEF: 2

Can't jump on Bowser because of the spiky head, so you'll want to either
use Boomer like you did before, or Cudge, your hammer Pixl. He has the same
attacks as before, so watch out for those, and take your time. I suppose you
could also use items, but it's a bit of a waste.


Afterwards, Tippi will tell Bowser what's going on, and he'll yell at you
for wasting his time with fighting while the group could be searching for
Peach. Exit the room when you're done, and open the door with the key you
receive for beating Bowser. Save again, switch to Bowser, and go through the
door. Take the advice of the D-Man who suggested using fire to light the
torches along the way. Keep going up, and right after you light the third
torch on the way up, go up a couple of platforms and look right, and you
should see a green pipe on the right wall. Switch to Mario and jump over to
enter it.

Go 3D as soon as you enter and start collecting coins, because they'll fade
away after a short bit of time. If you're good, you can collect more than a
hundred coins in that short time. Leave back via the pipe. Jump back left
and continue up, and you should soon be at the top, where you should light
the remaining torches, and then use Tippi on the door again. It's Dorguy the
Second! You actually need to pay attention this time, but here are the
answers if you're lazy.

1.) 3
2.) 2
3.) Blue
4.) 4
5.) Triangles

Enter the door when you're done. Since you don't have a key for the locked
door, continue by it and enter the left door. Talk to the first hag you see
inside, and she'll send you after a book. Agree, and you'll be teleported
there, so just talk to the D-Man and get the book from him, and now you have
to backtrack all the way up to the place where the hags were. Talk to the
one who sent you and give her the book, and you'll get the door key in

Now, talk to another, and she'll want you to talk to another D-Man about
some shows. Bah. Talk to the D-Man you're sent to and work your way back up,
and when you get back the hag will tell you to use music to put the
Underchomp to sleep. Hey, Piccolo. I told you that he'd be useful against a
boss. If you want to, you can talk to the last one, but all she'll do is
tell you about how she lost out on a battle of love for Grambi, and then
scream, "Thanks!" at you. Not worth it. Leave the door and unlock the middle
door, entering it.

In here, light some torches with Bowser, and then super jump with Luigi up
to the higher platforms, heading right until you have a choice between going
below or above some steps. Choose to go above the steps, and then you'll
need to alternate between Luigi's jumping skills to get above rolling spiky
balls and Bowser's fire breath to light torches. At the end, activate Dorguy
the Third. Rut ro, this isn't a series of easy questions at all!

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Underchomp +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ?? (20 each?)
AP: ??

This isn't a normal battle, it's turn-based. So start off by using the Pixl
command and choosing Piccolo. If you never got him, you can also use Cudge.
Once they're all asleep, use Cudge to attack each one in succession, and if
they wake up, use Piccolo again. They should never get in an attack.


When you're done with the fight, enter the door. Run right here and hit the
star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 7-3


To start off with, just jump up from cloud to cloud, making sure to take
note that you can jump through clouds, unlike solid platforms. Eventually,
you'll have to ride a moving platform, and from there you should find
yourself to a cloud with the number '14' written a bit above it rather
artfully, after using Luigi's super jump. Change into the third dimension on
this cloud to reveal the presence of a pair of arrow blocks, which you
should hit, so that you can get onto the cloud above you. Use the bouncy
cloud with eyes to bounce a good ways up, or just use Luigi and his super
jump. If you do the latter, along the way you'll encounter a slow flower,
which will give you some extra points. Anyway, when you reach cloud 19, use
that bouncy cloud to go higher.

Landing on cloud 20, enter the door. Here, go right and hit the item blocks
for a fast flower and a large number of zombie Shrooms, or just bypass it
altogether. Go up a few clouds and save, and then continue on, stopping at
cloud 25 to go onto the cloud to the right, passing the two enemies for a
chest with a card inside. Keep going after that, and when you reach cloud
29 ride the platform with coins above it left, jumping from it to the cloud
with the door and sign on it, cloud 30.

Go right and defeat the two enemies, hitting the two coin blocks, and using
the bouncy cloud. Ignore the door for now and keep going up. You'll see some
indestructible blocks to be used as stepping stones, run around them to the
left to find a chest with a card inside. When you reach cloud 37, go 3D to
reveal a trail of coin blocks. Use it to reach the next cloud, using Luigi's
super jump on the cloud you reach to get to cloud 39. Go up some more, and
you'll reach the next door.

Go up the closest clouds and then onto the moving platform to the left of
them, riding up to cloud 43 and getting off, saving and entering the door.
Go left, and you'll find Peach, but she's asleep! Go up the clouds and when
you reach cloud 46, enter it to find a tree with Red Apples. Use Boomer to
knock one down and pocket it, then leave.

Continue up to cloud 50, and enter the door there.

Up here, switch to Luigi so he can super jump onto the cloud above you, then
get up to cloud 52, using the moving platform on the right of it to reach a
cloud with a sign saying 'Black fruit hither'. This is a clue telling you to
switch to 3D here, so do so. This will reveal a path to the right that you
should follow that leads to a door you should enter. Knock down a Black
Apple from the tree with Boomer, and then return to Peach's area, giving her
the Black Apple. She's awake! After some more talking, climb back up to
Stair 5.

When you get to cloud 54, switch to Peach. Jump from the highest blocks you
can and float to the right, and you should be able to reach the next cloud.
Use the series of bouncy clouds to get all the way to cloud 60, and enter
the door. Here there are some different enemies from what we're used to in
this chapter, so be ready for that. Continue your progress up the clouds,
being sure to stop at cloud 68 for an item, and then farther up to cloud 69,
where you can also find a chest on it's far right side. Jump from there to
cloud 70, where you can enter the door.

Go left and flip to 3D when you see the coin blocks, you can find a hidden
item block next to them with a blue Shroom inside. Then start your progress
up, it shouldn't take long. You'll notice a chest on a cloud before cloud
75, open it for an item. Go all the way left on cloud 75, and you'll find a
newborn cloud, Cyrrus. He'll ask for something to make him bigger, give him
the Red Apple. Go left of 'Super' Cyrrus to hit the blue switch, making a
pipe to the cloud outside of where Peach was. Great. Jump on 'Super' Cyrrus
to fly up through space, and then back down again to cloud 80. Flip to 3D
for a quick second to collect some hidden coins, then enter the door. Use
Peach to get across the long gap on the right, and then hit the star block
to end the chapter.

Chapter 7-4


You want to go right here, over the gaps, past the enemies, and around the
pillars, though you'll need to use Peach's floating abilities to get over
one gap. Enter the door on the far right. You'll be greeted by a cry for
help. A pair of thugs are attacking a poor Nimbi. After you defeat them,
talk to it to learn that the Overthere is being attacked. After you get the
key, go right, jumping over pillars and enemies alike until you reach the
end, hitting the item block on the far right for some little guardians, who
you will almost immediately ditch by super jumping as Luigi up the clouds,
moving farther up until you reach a floating sort of building, which has a
Nimbi, named Blubi, who is apparently trapped within some sort of block ice.

Use Bowser's fire breath to thaw him out, and he'll show his appreciation by
having Amnesia. Great. Remember him as you drop off the ledge to the left
and go back through the door. Jump onto the pillar on the left of you and
jump from that pillar to the coin block, and from that block to the next
block above you, and from that to the next, and then onto the cloud, going
right to find a locked door you should unlock and enter.

Go right and past a locked door, saving along the way until you see an arrow
block. Hit it and then go 3D, jumping on top of it to hit a coin block.
Switch to Peach and float over to the right, and you'll find Fallbi, a Nimbi
with a frozen husband. Switch to Bowser now and use your fire breath again
to thaw the ice, this time netting you a sort of elevator. Go left, back
over the gaps using Peach, and talk to the husband you saved and he'll ask
you if you want to go up. Say yes, and ride up, jumping right when you get
the chance and unfreezing the two hapless frozen Nimbi along the way as you
go through the door at the end.

Go right and unfreeze everyone along the way, the last being Whibbi, another
Nimbi that'll reward you, this time with information. We have to find three
orbs to rebuild the bridge. ...Another fetch quest. Chapter 7 was really
when Intelligent Systems hit their creative peak on level design. Really.
Go back through the door and take the elevator down, going left to the
locked door, which you should unlock and enter. Go right and hit the red
block to move the structure you're in, going 3D when you arrive so that you
can go left and behind the structure, entering the door behind the other

Here, use Peach to go right across the gap, and then you'll watch a short
scene. Talk to Rebbi after the fight to get the Red Orb. Two more! Go back
left across the gap, going back through the door, too.

Now go right, around the corner and then left again, so that you can now
enter the door on the forescreen. Do so. Now go right, here, beating up the
Boomerang Bros. while hitting the bricks and item blocks, one of which holds
a slow flower. At the end, we'll find a person, Maybi, who's faking sleep.
Can't wake him up yet, but after finishing Chapter 7 we can come back and
have a word with him. Go back through the door.

Go left now, super jumping on top of the moving structure and then jumping
on the roof of the structure that we were just in, which has a Shooting
Star on top. Ride the moving structure back to the left using the red block,
and then go left past the door, jumping onto another cloud here using Luigi.
Super jump twice to reach the top cloud, and then enter the door there. In
here, go right, onto the middle pillar, and super jump into the two blocks
for a Shroom and a coin, then come back left and flip into 3D in front of
the sign, revealing a path. Follow it, and then hit the item block on the
left for one of those stars that make you a giant. Run left and take just
about everything out, and then flip to 3D again at the end, revealing yet
another hidden path, this time going left, then head right at the end of
it to get to a building.

Knock on the door, and tell him you're a monster. It's Yebbi! After
admitting his cowardice, he'll give you the Yellow Orb and run off. Follow
after him and go back through the door you came in. Drop off the ledge on
the right, here, and then drop into the gap on the left, and you'll land on
a cloud, one with a pipe on it! Enter the pipe to find a trail of coins that
triple when you enter the third dimension, and if you super jump twice with
Luigi up, you'll find a pair of chests holding a pair of cards. Go back
through the pipe, and then go right, entering the door.

E-mail Note: On 7-3, you pass through three or so "pavillions" at the very
end of the level. Use Luigi's superjump to get on top of the second to last
one, where there is a chest containing a gold bar. If you do the same thing
on the last one and fall down the other side, there is a chest containing a
zombie-shroom card. - Mike

Go left and over the pillar here, entering the door on the left. Now you
want to drop down and enter the door on the right past the pillars. Now
travel back up to the guy who has amnesia, Blubi. He'll give you the Blue
Orb. Woo, we've got all three! Return to Whibbi, who'll tell you to put the
Orbs on the pedestal to the right. Jump on and place all three, then follow
the bridge over the gap, entering the door on the other side. Now, go right,
and you'll soon encounter an army of enemies. But Rebbi's here, and he's
got them covered. I thought he was awesome. Not quite Flint Cragley or
Mr. L, but none of us are that great. Go under the battle, avoiding the few
enemies left, and run up the stairs to find an item block with a green
Shroom and a save block, both of which you should use. Enter the door.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Bonechill +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

HP: 80
AP: 4

Now, Bonechill's got a couple of attacks, like spewing ice, and can only
be damaged by attacks to his head. You can finish this fight in under half
a minute, super jump with Luigi and land on Bonechill's head, and then
bounce off the ceiling back onto his head, and repeat until he's done. He's
a really easy boss. But hey, he shoots ice bullets. That's kinda cool. A
little. Nah.


After a bit of family arguing, you'll have the Pure Heart, though the means
to acquire it were somewhat distressing. Thy Count shalt suffer for his

------------------------------=== CHAPTER 8 ===-----------------------------

Section 2.8: Chapter 8 (SPM008)


After a bit of intrigue, and a short argument between Nastasia and Count
Bleck, the transformation from Blumiere to Bleck is revealed in the tales of
Timpani and Blumiere.


We're brought back to Flipside, where Tippi cries to the heavens and
frightens the other party members. During a chat with Merlon, Tippi also
seems reluctant to consider the idea of finishing Count Bleck to stop the
prophecy. First thing we need to do though is put the Pure Heart in the
Heart Pillar, so use the pipe to get over to Flopside.

---FLOPSIDE--- (Plus other areas)

Travel to the outskirts, but instead of taking the usual left path, go
right. You'll find the Heart Pillar has revealed itself at last. Place the
final Pure Heart in it's resting place. This creates a door to the Flopside
Black Tower. Now, before we go, there are some things we'll want to get out
of the way, not the least of which is saving.

If you want some quick coins, run on over to Chapter 1-2 and buy up all of
the Life Shrooms you can, cooking them in Flipside and selling them for just
about double what you paid. This'll also help you get a good deal of shop
points. For normal points, you can exploit the pipe in Chapter 5-4 that
spouts out Floro Sapiens constantly, using Bowser's fire breath. Now that
you've got a good supply of coins, buy up some of the premium items at the
Flopside item shop, and in most of the cases, you'll want to cook the item
for even more effect. Get a few Life Shrooms for back up, and have the rest
be mostly high-quality healing items. A couple of offensive items can't hurt
either, so throw them in there.

E-mail Note: In 5-2, go to the area with the Amazee Dayzee. Injure it to the
point where one more jump will defeat it. Then wait until the little beetles
get nearby. Then what you do is get the Amazee Dayzee into 2D, and jump on
it, killing it. MAKE SURE TO HOLD DOWN THE JUMP BUTTON when you jump on it,
so it launches you into the air. Keeping the jump button held, bounce off of
the beetles, killing all of them. You will get 3000 for the dayzee, and
another 3000 for each bounce of the beetle. There are 3 beetles, which take
3 bounces to kill, so if you get them all, that's 30000+ exp in about a
minute (do some stylish moves in between for more). Then just go back to the
door you came in, then go left and jump in the 2nd pipe you find. This will
make the beetles & Dayzee respawn. Then you can go back and do it again.
Each time you kill the Dayzee, you will do more and more damage until it
only takes one bounce to kill it, making this trick a lot easier.

Once you practice a little bit, this trick is as effective (maybe even more
so) than the Floro Pipe Method. Plus, if you bring a lot of Catch Card SP's
along, you can get a ton of Amazee Dayzee cards worth 300 coins apiece. It's
much more complicated than the Floro Pipe Method, but far less boring.

Now's a good time to work at getting enough tokens at the arcade for some of
the permanent power ups, your choice on what to pick. Card collecting might
be a good idea, though there's plenty of time for that in the postgame. You
can also go through the Pit of 100 Trials in both Flipside and Flopside, and
if you go through multiple times on the Flopside Pit you can rack up some
serious benefits, so if you have spare time, consider going through. If you
want to check out some of the benefits of going through the Pits, take a
look at that section of the FAQ.

I mentioned Whacka a while ago, so I'll tell you about him now. Whacka is a
mole that you can find in Chapter 5-1 by going right from the starting spot.
You may also notice a tiny building that you can enter using Dottie right
next to where you start, that's this area's Itty Bits. Keep going right past
it, and at the door near the end, flip to 3D and use Dottie, and you should
see a tiny hole that you can enter. Now on the other side, enter the first
green pipe, and flip to 3D when you're inside, revealing a lot more coins.
Leave through the other green pipe.

Outside of the pipe, jump to the right and you'll be greeted by a pleasant
blue Mole, Whacka. Talk to him, and then jump on his head for a Whacka Bump.
It heals for 30, but better yet, when it's cooked it sells for 200 coins.
Sweet! Reenter and leave the pipe, hitting Whacka again and again for more
and more Bumps. Eventually, he'll be gone for good, so if you want to avoid
that happening, stop once you've got six Whacka Bumps, because the seventh
one does him in, and he leaves to escape the torment. It's also fun to read
how his welcoming messages change as he accumulates brain damage. Once
you've done that, flip to 3D and drop to the left, opening the chest there
for Cooking Disk G. Use the return pipe to get back to Flipside.

Now, once again, go through the checklist.
- Am I at full health?
- Have I done the Pit of 100 Trials (if I want to)?
- Am I fully stocked with high-quality healing items, and a few reviving
- Can any of my items be cooked for greater efficiency?
- Have I used my tokens at the arcade (don't have to, only if you can
get some of the stat boosting items, they carry on to postgame)?
- Have I bought and searched for the stuff hidden with treasure maps? (also
- Is there anything, anything at all that I can think of that I haven't done
but should do?

If you're ready, go up to the Flopside Tower, and have a talk with Nolrem
and Merlon on the fate of all worlds, ending with you entering the final

Chapter 8-1


A bit of prelude with a gaze upon the castle, and go to the right, flip to
3D to reveal the door, and enter. You'd think he would have a lock or
something. No matter, continue right, facing elite Koopas that use should
use either Boomer or Cudge on, and teleporting spell-casters, whose movement
you can follow if you're in 3D, by looking for light circles on the ground.
Enter the door on the far right. In here, defeat the trio of normal Goomba
before climbing the first set of stairs, defeating the Boomerang Brothers
and then entering the first door you come across.

In here, go left and defeat all of the enemies, including a pair of the
elite Koopa, who are really easy to defeat if you just walk up behind them
and clobber them with Cudge. They won't even react. Leave the area when you
are done. Go up the next flight of stairs, defeating another pair of
Boomerang Brothers, to reach a door that you should enter. You'll encounter
both a Mister I and a Red I here, the 'eye' enemies that you can't kill and
shoot laser beams. Terrific. On the other end of the room is a locked door,
but directly above the enemies is a door on a high platform that you can
reach using Luigi's super jump. Enter the door.

No enemies in this room, start off by going left and again using Luigi's
super jump move, reaching the tall ledge to find two chests holding two
items, and then go to the far right side and for a third time super jump to
get up to the high ledge. Now switch to Peach, floating over right to reach
another ledge with a pipe, enter the pipe. Defeat a single teleporting
spellcaster here, and then go through a series of normal and 3D Soopa
Strikers to reach a chest on the far right end, holding a key. Go back
through the pipe and float to the left edge, dropping down to pass through
the door just to drop down off that ledge to go right, unlocking and
entering the locked door.

Another enemy-filled corrider, switch your Pixl to Boomer, and run directly
in front of the enemies.The bones they throw are thrown at a high curve, so
if you're directly in front of the enemies, they'll miss you completely and
you can both set and detonate Boomer, completely destroying the enemy. There
is also a Heavy Curseya there, who makes you, well, heavy. Can't jump. Too
bad. If you do run into it, use Piccolo or a curse-negating item to remove
the effect. Farther on are some flying Magikoopa that shouldn't be too hard
to take down. Beyond them are more Dull Bones, use Boomer, a Tech Curseya
that keeps you from using skills for a bit, and even a trio of Gawbus.
Defeat them all and enter the door at the end of the corrider.

In here is another teleporting spellcaster, and a pair of Fire Bro on the
first flight of steps, and another on the second, not to mention a number
of elite Koopa. It's really easiest to just use a combination of flipping to
3D and Dottie to defeat the Fire Brothers, they're pretty difficult when
you're going up hill. Inbetween stairs, note the odd pattern of lit up
torches. The second, third, and fifth torches are lit. Keep that in mind.
Go up the second stair set, defeat the elite Koopa, hit the item block for a
green Shroom, and enter the door.

Save, and when you go right you'll find yourself with five unlit torches.
Uh huh. Switch to Bowser and light the second, third, and fifth torches,
just like the last room's clue showed us, to reveal both a door and blocks
leading up to it. Jump up the blocks and enter the door, which you have to
flip to 3D to open. O'Chunks!

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: O'Chunks +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ??
AP: ??

Bowser will take the lead on this one, and it's really a simple match. He'll
either try and jump on you, or fly into the air and try and land on you.
Keep moving, and when you get the opportunity after a failed jump, blast 'em
with fire, and when his head is lodged into the ground after a failed sky
jump, jump on him, or get him with fire, your preference.


After the fight, O'Chunks will again ask for his life to be taken with
dignity, which Bowser will start to respond, until the ceiling comes down.
Really. It looks like the group will be crushed by the weight, but O'Chunks
has got it covered! Bowser, not letting his earlier enemy hold the weight
alone, tells the rest of the group to go on ahead, which they reluctantly
do. After going through the door, you hear a muffled thump sound, and you
can't open the door. Nuts. Well, nothing you can do now, go right and hit
the star block to finish the chapter.

Chapter 8-2


More discussion, this time around the suicidal tendencies of the Count. This
is a common enemy corrider, so go right, defeat the Zoing-Oings, the Red Is,
the Cursya, the Blastboxers, to eventually reach the door on the far right,
and enter it. Well, I know I'm not suspicious or anythin-GASP! A TRICK!
That's terrible, simply terrible form, Mimi. Well, nothing to do about that
now. Go to the right and use Boomer on the crack to blow it open, then go 3D
to enter the hole, entering the pipe when you're in. Flip to 3D, and in this
new room you'll find an item. Go back through the pipe you entered, and go
into the room on the left.

Here, flip to 3D, dodging both spinning flame wheels and teleporting,
spellcasting enemies to reach a red block. Hit it repeatedly, at least six
times, and then go back through the door. The way this works if, the pipe
that you can see down here is connected to a number of different pipes.
Every pipe it's connected to, except for the one on the far left, brings you
to the room we found the item in. Nice, but it's a dead end. Now, the red
blocks in both the room on the left and the right moves the pipe, the room
on the left moving it left once for each hit on the red block, and the room
on the room doing the same, but moving it right. Since we already have the
item, there's no point in going into the left room, except for a few enemies
you'll want to use Carrie against to defeat, along with using Carrie to go
across the spikes. When the pipe is on the farthest left it can be, enter

You'll find three chests here, one of which holding a key, another with a
Life Shroom, and another with a common item. Change into the third dimension
now, and you should see a hole in the floor you should drop through. You're
back in the room with the trick block! Well, unlock the door on the right
and enter it. More stairs, you'll note that nearly every enemy here except
for the stronger Goombas can flip dimensions. You're confronted with some
slightly stronger Goombas, defeat them and then head up the first staircase,
defeating the Hammer Brothers as you go. Enter the door between staircases.

A trio of different Curseyas are here, defeat each carefully and patiently,
then go to the far right and flip to 3D, revealing a hidden path. Follow it
to get an Ultra Shroom Shake, which is a rather nice healing item. Go back
to the door and enter it. The next set of stairs has Fire Brothers, so
you'll probably want to repeat your usage of Dottie for that. A pair of red
Koopa at the top finish things up, enter the door at the end. Go to the
very end right of this area to save, and then head back to the door, but
don't enter it.

Now, once again we both know it's a trap. But since that door is locked, and
we don't have a key to open it, we also don't have a choice. The first
Shroom trap leads you to a pit with three enemies that you have to use
Boomer on with no reward besides points from beating them. Much the same for
the second Shroom trap, except when you fall you'll probably be hit with a
status effect by the assembled enemies. In the third Shroom trap, flip to
3D as fast as possible to reveal one of the enemies that clones itself. Take
it out quick, and you'll get the key for the locked door. Use the pipe to
get back up, save, then unlock and enter the door.

Merlee? Oh, come on. Well, we can work this to our benefit. She'll ask you
three things that are hardest for you to defeat, if you really want a fight,
choose one of the enemies, if you want a free Ultra Shroom, pick that. For
the second and third questions, it's much the same, if you want fights, pick
the enemies, if you want items, pick the items. For the last though, if you
have any Catch Cards, you might want to avail yourself of this chance to
catch an Amazy Dayzee, but if you want something a bit funnier, you can pick
Francis, since by now he's incredibly easy to defeat. It's really not worth
choosing the Cooking Mistake, but if you want to, you can. Go through the
right door when the questioning is done.

In the next three rooms you go through, you'll find whatever you chose, so
do what you must, and if you chose Francis for the last, enjoy the new
quotes. By the time you've finished whatever you chose, go through the door
on the right.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Mimi +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ??
AP: 4

She's got the same stuff as last time, except for a move that rains down
rubees like nobody's business and being faster. You're forced to use Peach,
so if you're not a big fan of her, that'll be annoying. Here's your strategy
for Mimi: Use Thoreau's throwing ability to hit her off the ceiling using a
rubee, then jump on her while she's on the ground. This'll disorient her, so
hit her again to make her lose a leg. If you can catch her while she's
trying to get onto the ceiling, so much the better. When she does a move
outside of what I told you here, just ride it out by pressing down on the
d-pad. Do this six times to defeat her.


You'll lose Peach now, due to her trying, and possibly failing, to save
Mimi's life. Sheesh, I'm not seeing a pattern at all. Run over right and hit
the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 8-3


Go right, defeating an entire array of enemies, though most of them are from
Chapter 7. There's a fast and slow flower here, but it'd probably be best to
ignore both of them for now, because you really can't take the extra damage
you'd get while dashing about, or being too slow to dodge. Enter the door
on the far right when you're through. There's a trio of the pig enemies from
Chapter 4, the ones that you have to jump on three times as they become
faster and small each time. You'll also have yellow circles thrown at you,
don't jump on them, you'll still be damaged by them, just dodge as well as
you can. Enter the door on the right when you're done.

But, wait, you're back in the same room as before! Ah ha, you are, so there
is a secret behind this room! Switch to Luigi, and super jump near the first
door. A ledge! You'll find a pair of enemies up here, and they were the ones
shooting the yellow circles at you! Not cool, guys. Switch to 3D to get
around the barriers they create, and then flip back to 2D right next to
them, jumping on them to defeat them. There's only two up there though, so
once you've got 'em both, hop on down and enter the door on the right.

Rut ro, it's Dimentio! Doesn't seem to want to talk though, just wants to
shoot energy bolts at you from the mirrors! You'll notice though that a few
of the mirrors in the room don't shine every couple of seconds. Flip to 3D
and jump through the mirror over the first gap, it's one of the ones that
don't shine. It's a secret entrance! Go right to collect an item from a
chest, then take a long walk left to get a key from another chest, jumping
through the nearest mirror to get back to the front area. But when you jump,
make sure to press either left or right, that way you don't land in the gap
and get damaged! Run right and unlock the door to enter.

In here, hit the first item block for a Shroom, then go up the stairs and
defeat a pair of Boomerang Brothers, hitting the item block between stairs
for a happy flower, which'll rain coins from the sky. Avoid jumping too
close to the right set of stairs though, you might get clipped by a stray
boomerang. Go up the next flight of stairs and do the same, but don't hit
the item block at the top, it's a zombie Shroom. Now, drop all the way back
to the bottom and flip to 3D to reveal a path between stairs. Defeat all of
the normal and 3D Soopa Stikers here, and then go through the door at the

Defeat the normal and 3D teleporting spellcasters here, and then use Tippi's
Wiimote pointing abilities on the blocks with an x on them. If it doesn't
light up, don't hit it. Use this process of elimination, along with Luigi's
super jump, to decide what blocks to hit and what ones not to hit as you go
from room to room. You'll also have to defeat spellcasters along the way,
too. In one room, it appears that the door is already there, but hit the
right block anyway, it'll turn out to have been a trick. In the last room,
instead of a glowing block, you have to flip to 3D to reveal numbers on the
side of the blocks, denoting what order you hit them in. Hit them in the
right order to reveal a chest holding a key. Backtrack to the room with the
locked door, and unlock and enter it.

Go right here, defeating all of the ground enemies, then go back to the
door you came in through. Flip to 3D here, and you'll find arrows on the
walls telling you the route to take. Follow it, while also taking out the
enemies over the top platforms, to eventually be led to the door, so enter
it. Another mirror room! Again, we have to find the mirror that isn't
shining in this room constantly. Continue forward until you're on the
platform with the second red stretchy enemy, whom you should dispath, then
flip to 3D and enter the mirror that's directly over this platform. Whoa,
there's Dimentios everywhere! Pull out trusty ol' Cudge and whack 'em all
away, until you eventually find a chest with a key in it. It's on the right
side of you while you're in 2D, along with an item block that holds a blue
Shroom. Don't worry, the Dimentio aren't infinite. On the left side are
another blue Shroom and an item. Go back through the mirror and go all the
way to the right side of the room to find the locked door and a save point.
Save, and then unlock and enter the door.

Dimentio, of course. It'll talk to you for a bit, and then tell you to come
and get it. Use Fleep on the space rift, revealing a blue switch you should
hit to transport the group after Dimentio. Follow after him, and when you
reach the door at the end, you should see a space rift to the left of it.
If you can't find it, flip to 3D, it'll make it more easy to see. For the
next area, the space rift is at the same closet where we found the stash of
one million rubees. Then, just swim left, and you'll eventually run into it,
a bit above the ocean floor. In space, go up and right, eventually flipping
to 3D to reveal a narrow path past the green door, then jumping down, and
finding the space rift right above the gap from the ledge you're on. For the
Cragnon world, go right, until you run into the dinosaur-like enemy, then
change to 3D to reveal a path to the left. Follow it, then go left at the
end in the next area to find the space rift. In the whiteness that's left of
Sammer's Kingdom, just go right until you find it. For the last area, just
get to the top and use Fleep on the middle of the door, the space rift is
hiding there. Refuse his offer, of course. Game over if you agree, so, for
the sake of not redoing all of those space rifts again, don't agree.

+-+-+-+-+ BOSS: Dimentio +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

HP: ?? (90?)
AP: ??

You don't have Pixls for this, but you don't really need them. Dimentio will
either attack himself, using the three magic ball attack, use a single magic
ball attack at long distance, or clone himself while doing any number of
these things. Just keep jumping on him, and if he's too close to the
ceiling, super jump, and you might just get some bouncing started. Shouldn't
take too long.


Dimentio will apparently kamikaze himself, taking Luigi with him. I sure
didn't see Luigi joining the ranks of missing party members. Nope. Not at
all. This chapter doesn't have any patterns at all, nope. Go right after the
talking and hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 8-4