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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"FIFA 10"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3, PSP, PS2, PC, DS, Mobile + Flash and Wii.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for FIFA 10 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Sonic Chris
Manager Mode Walkthrough

So youíve chosen to commence your 15 season managerial career. Manager mode is in my opinion the best mode of the game, being the most immersive and most fun. First of all, decide which team youíre going to control. Choose a high star team (4-5 stars) if you want to get straight into the action and try and win League and European titles. On the other hand, if you want a bit more of a challenge, then choose a low star team (1/2-3 stars) and build your team over the seasons; get promoted and challenge for the big titles later on.

Next, fill out your manager profile. This is where youíll decide your name, the difficulty and settings of your career. Choose a difficulty that suits your experience, donít chuck yourself in the deep end, and get frustrated later. If youíre a new player, stay with amateur for both Match and Board Difficulty Levels. If youíve played FIFA games before, try out semi-pro; if youíve played FIFA 10 for awhile, try Professional and if you play FIFA all the time, try the challenge of World Class. For currency, I find it best to use the currency youíre most familiar with, as the value of players is far easier to see and weigh up to a realistic real life value. Click advance at the top of the screen once youíve completed this screen.

Now youíll want to get a good sponsor for your team. In the modern game, this is partially how the sport makes its money. Youíll see 3 sponsor offers that each offer different advantages. The first will pay you a low initial fee, but offer high win bonuses, the second will offer a middle fee, with middle win bonuses, and the third will give you a high initial fee, but low win bonuses. Personally, I always choose the first sponsor that offers a low fee, but high win bonuses. The reason I do this is because itís a constant income if you can produce the wins, and after 10 or so wins, youíll have reached the initial fee of the third offer anyway. Just a word of warning; if youíve chosen a low star team, and are thinking about taking the high initial fee to buy a big star from the start of the season, remember that your new superstar will need high wages. You could find yourself mid-season almost bankrupt, even if you have won a few games (thanks to low match win bonus), meaning you wonít be able to purchase any new players, upgrade staff or offer contract renewals.

Now youíve chosen everything you need to start your career. The first thing I do in manager mode (this is only for teams with a budget above £10,000,000) is to raise the Fitness Coach to level 10. You might be thinking this is a waste of money at the start of the season, but if you donít do this, youíll find that your players are all exhausted after the first few matches. If youíre going to participate in them extra European Cup games, youíll need the stamina. For those low star teams who havenít got the budget to do this, well youíre going to have to be more skilful and look towards the Transfer Market. I recommend buying cheap players, not necessarily young. There are absolutely loads of cheap players, but there are a fair few who play at a decent standard, which you need to hunt out. Spend some time searching the market, try altering the search function to your needs (change the wage & change the value of the player). First of all, you need to know what positions you need to fill.

Next job on the list is to check out your current team. See where your strengths and weaknesses, if youíve got a lot of attackers, but few defenders, try selling a few of the attackers and purchase a few back men. Check out your teamís rating to see if you are particularly strong in one area and need to improve the other areas. Choose a line-up that is going to be the base of your squad. You should choose your strongest players for your line-up and as substitutes. This is the default squad that will start every game (unless you have your assistant coach on, who will choose your squad accordingly for you). If you find yourself playing a lower team, or just playing a friendly, you might want to give some of the younger players a chance and some experience at the same time.

The most of important aspect of Manager Mode at the start of the season is keeping the board happy (in other words, keeping your job). Make sure you check back with the board every game to ensure your position isnít under threat. This could be in terms of finances or in the performance of the team. The other set of people youíll want to keep happy are the fans, the life and blood of your team. Without fan support, you donít generate ticket sales, you lose money, and can find yourself in a precarious situation.

So keep up the results, keep your players, the board and the fans happy, maybe get promoted into the league above and win some silverware.


If I set my ticket price to high, will I make money faster?

You will make money faster, but if your team frequently lose at home, your fans are going to be annoyed at paying a high price to watch their team lose.

Canít I just edit the squads before I start Manager Mode?

Yes, but this really takes the fun out of the experience. Itís not realistic to be able to have any player you want, and not financially viable either.

Can I change the kit of my team?

Sadly you canít, and I donít think you ever will be able to. A football kit usually incorporates something historic about the club, or something traditional. For example, how can Man United be referred to as ďThe Red DevilsĒ if their kit is pink?

Why are there arrows next to my players names?

These arrows represent the playerís morale. A down arrow signifies that a player is unhappy. The way to address this is to give the player a few games, and ensure he plays well during these games.

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