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This game is also available on PS3.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Battlefield 1943 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Emmie87
Battlefield 1943 (Xbox 360)
Achievement Guide

Battlefield 1943 is a recently released FPS on Xbox Live, costing 1200MS points. Released by EA and utilizing the popular engine that Bad Company had with destructible environments. For my full review about the game, please check the reviews section on the Chat Section.

This mini guide has been written to try help those of you wanting to know the best ways to grab all of them Achievements to add to your Gamerscore. Battlefield 1943 has 12 achievements with a total of 200 points. I found some of the achievements on this game to be among the easiest to obtain. So I thought I would share the knowledge with you;

- Capture five flags (10G)
- Capturing Flags is the main purpose of the game and will score you big points. To get this achievement you have to be the first player at the flag, and remain there for it to be captured. You need to do this 5 times in one game to gain this achievement. The best way to do this is as soon as a game starts, enter a jeep and drive to the nearest flags, you should be able to gain two in the first couple of minutes. Then focus on sneaking behind enemy lines to their furthest away flag and capture it (enemies spawn at the closest flag to your bases 90% of the time, increasing your chances of not being attacked and being the only person to capture the flag)

Best Squad
- Be in the best squad on all three maps (20G)
- NOTE: I have heard This achievement is buggy and may unlock at random times. I have met the requirements but not got the achievement.
- I have been told you need to be part of the squad from the start of the battle. So I suggest every time you play, straight away join a squad. Then focus on capturing bases as you get 30 points per base. Making it the best way to gain points and be the top squad. Do this on each map and unlock the achievement.

- Defend five flags (10G)
- Killing an enemy at one of your Flags (bases) will get you +3 points on the kill for defending, basically camp at a base where the enemy is attacking, or get a good sniper point on one of these bases. Take out 5 enemies and you will get this achievement. I found it useful to hide in the base, then pop out to get the kill. Or on the Guada map, the central base has a concrete hut, get on the rocks above here and most people will neglect to look here, leaving you with some easy defend kills.

Master of your domain
- Get one kill playing as each class (20G)
- One of the easiest achievements to get, get a kill with each one of the 3 classes to get this one. Can be done over the space of as many games as you want. But 3 kills you should hope to get in one game.

- Fly a plane for 10 minutes (20G)
- First impressions make this seem like a harder achievement, as flying planes takes practice, and while you end up dying very quickly in planes until you are good, this achievement is accumulative and means you can fly a plane for 1 minute, in 10 separate games to get this. I suggest playing Air Superiority to gain practice in flying and to get the achievement, as you will always have a plane to fly unlike in the main game.

- Get one kill with car, tank and plane (20G)
- Another accumulative one, and can be frustrating to get a kill in a plane until you get good enough. The car and tank are simple enough and I suggest you just keep trying until you get the kills in these two. As for the plane, I found it best to fly low near enemy bases and drop bombs (RB) hoping to hit a newly spawned enemy. Using the guns takes more accuracy and practice, so go with the bombs!

- Use the parachute once (2 seconds) (10G)
- This needs to be done in one fall, easiest thing to do, be first to a plane, fly up for a few seconds (stay near your base to avoid enemy fire) then hit B to jump out, as soon as you are out press A to activate the parachute. Then make it to the ground safely. It is best to do this on Wake Island when starting on the boat, as when you parachute you will be safe from enemy fire.

The Pacific Campaign
- Win once on every map as any team (10G)
- Winning on Battlefield means holding more flags than your enemy, simple. As time goes on their bar will go down quicker. So for this one you need to win on each map. Teamwork is key to winning on Battlefield, if you all move on your own your bases are subject to being taken and when you try take a base on your own, the enemy team will make short work of you. This is a hit and miss one because you might be teamed up with really bad players. So once you are part of a good team, stay put for as long as possible. Working with them defending and attacking!

Tour of Duty I
- Play 30 matches (10G)
- This is a straight forward achievement that will probably be 2nd from last you get, just COMPLETE as many matches as you can. If you leave early it will not count (or get disconnected) you can win or lose, just stay put until the next game has loaded for it to count as a complete game.

Tour of Duty II
- Play one hundred matches (30G)
- Like the above but it will take over 3 times as long. If your enjoying the game then this is an easy one, not everyone will stick at the game this long to get the achievement, but just remember the fact you have to complete games.

- Cap 25 enemy flags (20G)
- Like the Attacker achievement, you need to be the first person to a base and you must stay there while the enemies flag comes down and your teamís flag goes up. It has to be a base taken by the enemy for it to count on this achievement. Like I said before, you will find it easiest to sneak behind to the furthest away flag and take them. Enemies will spawn at the nearest flag to your base to try attack quicker. So while they are all away you can take the base without getting shot! Do this 25 times in as many games as it takes. This is does not need to be done in one game!

Melee Man
- Melee kill one enemy player (20G)
- Sounds easier than it is, but to melee, press Y. I find it best to sneak behind an enemy base and wait for someone to appear, then attack from behind. Wait until you are very close to hit y, or you stand a very good chance of being seen and unable to attack in time before being killed. You may get lucky and stumble across a sniper who is looking down their scope, so they cant see you, but I found it best to hide behind a base and sneak up close then hit Y (personal preference is to be a Sniper, due to having a sword!)

Thanks for reading and I really hope this has helped anyone who was unsure about the achievements in this game. I found it very enjoyable getting the achievements and none have proved too difficult. If you need anymore help then ask of the forums and I will do my best!



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