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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Ninjatown (Nintendo DS)
Submitted By: pb
Ninjatown Walkthrough by pb

What is Ninjatown?

Ninjatown is a DS Tower Defence game. This means that the basic idea of the game is to stop the enemy getting from the start to the exit by placing 'towers' which defend the route and defeat the enemies.

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[B]Ninja Guide[/B]
There are 8 types of Ninja which each have their own buildings. 4 are ground attack Ninjas and the other 4 are long range.

[U]Wee Ninjas[/U]
The most versatile of the ninjas, these are the ones to have on any map.
Strengths: Impervious to poison and zombification. Easy to upgrade. Fairly fast and strong. Cheap.
Weaknesses: Not as fast as Business Ninjas and do not have ranged weapons.

[U]Anti Ninjas[/U]
Similar to Wee Ninjas but stronger and slower
Strengths: Strong when first placed, better defence
Weaknesses: Slow, not immune to zombies or poison, cost more.

[U]Sniper Ninjas[/U]
Snipers are the first long range Ninjas in the game. They are perfect for defeating air based Monsters and are the only choice of ranged weapon for the first part of the game.
Strengths: Ranged Attack, Cheap, Easy to upgrade
Weaknesses: Not so good against armoured enemies or ground based enemies.

[U]White Ninjas[/U]
The second ranged Ninja. The White Ninja basically freezes the enemies with snowballs after several hits, doing a small amount of damage in the process.
Strengths: Slows down enemies for other Ninjas to catch up
Weaknessess: Low damage, not entirely useful.

[U]Business Ninjas[/U]
These Ninjas are fast, which is certainly useful against Speedy Devils, but they don't pack much of a punch until upgraded a few times.
Strengths: Very fast.
Weaknesses: Low power so not good against more powerful enemies.

[U]Forest Ninjas[/U]
Like the Sniper Ninjas, these are good against air attackers but their armour piercing arrows also make them great for ground attackers.
Strengths: Good for both air and ground, fast, can damage even bigger devils.
Weaknesses: Costly, not as strong as Snipers.

[U]Mountain Ninjas[/U]
These are very strong and damage more than one enemy at a time, but their lack of speed lets them down a bit. Hardly used in the game.
Strengths: Powerful ground attack, can damage several enemies in one go.
Weaknesses: Painfully slow, very expensive.

[U]Lava Ninjas[/U]
Fireball throwing ranged ninjas. Very powerful and carries on doing damage while the enemies are aflame.
Strengths: Powerful attackers, can be really powerful when upgraded, good range.
Weaknesses: Very Expensive.

[B]Temple Buildings[/B]
As well as the Ninjas and their huts, there are temples to enhance nearby Ninja's abilities.

[U]Training Dojo[/U]
Increases attacks. Usefulness depends on how many Ninja huts are adjacent or if you want to increase the maximum strength of Ninjas.

[U]Guard Tower[/U]
Increases range. Useful for levels with a lot of air attackers or where the exit is far away from the nearest space to place a Ninja.

[U]Green Tea Bistro[/U]
Increases Speed. Useful for levels with lots of enemies coming at once.

Reduces Damage. Very useful for balloon attackers and larger devil attacks.

[U]Ninja Temple[/U]
Increases Cookies. When an enemy is defeated by an adjacent ninja, you'll get more cookies.

Increases re-spawning speed. Useful when there are lots of tough enemies.


[U]Wee Devils[/U]
The first devil you encounter. Wee Ninjas will see these off.

[U]Chubby Devil[/U]
Tougher than Wee Devils. Upgrade Wee Ninjas and use Forest Ninjas for ranged attacks.

[U]Winged Devils[/U]
Requires Forest of Sniper Ninjas. The former is preferable.

[U]Speedy Devils[/U]
Weak but fast. When a map appears with a group of these it's best to have a Business Ninja at the exit of the level and one at the start if possible. Think about using a slow down token or ninja power.

[U]Business Devil[/U]
Like Speedy Devils, but can't be slowed. Place Business Ninjas either side of the map. However, they can be blown back up the map with the 'Get off my Lawn!' Ol Master Ninja Power which is a useful strategy for these annoying Devils.

[U]Zombie Ninja[/U]
Move slow but turn some Ninjas in to more Zombies. Wee Ninjas are the only decent form of defence, plus a good ranged attack from a Forest Ninja and a Guard Tower Temple.

[U]Dark Forest Ninja[/U]
Poisons Ninjas close by, so use Wee Ninjas who are immune to the poison and then use ranged attackers from a distance by placing Guard Towers to improve their range and then upgrading the huts.

[U]Forked Toungeys[/U]
These split when first worn down, doubling their numbers. Use plenty of ranged attackers at first to split them before unleashing Wee Ninjas further down the map.

[U]Syrup Devil[/U]
Glues Ninjas to the spot so best to use ranged Ninjas to counter this. Again, Forest Ninjas with a Guard Tower next to their hut will be useful here.

[U]Tribal Devil[/U]
As with Syrup Devils, use powerful range attacks with Guard Towers to improve range.

[U]Lava Devils[/U]
Use Lava Ninjas to wear them down near the start of the map, ranged Ninjas with Guard Towers to provide long range support in the middle of the map and then Wee Ninjas and Forest Ninjas at the exit of the maps. If you have cookies left over then use more Lava Ninjas just before the exit to further wear them down as the Wee Ninjas do their work.

[B]Basic Strategy [/B]
Instead of going through each level individually, you only really need to learn the general strategy below to keep ploughing through the levels.

Always use Wee Ninjas. These are the most versatile of the Ninjas and unless there are a lot of Speedy Ninjas in the level then use these above all other ground based Ninjas.

When you start a level, place a Wee Ninja as near as you can to the exit. If the level contains Winged Devils or Balloon Devils then place a Forest Ninja there too (Sniper Ninja if Forest Ninjas aren't available). Next place another Wee Ninja and Forest Ninja at the start of the map where the enemies emerge. Once you get enough cookies to level up, always level these ones up first, in the same order.

[B]Using Ol' Master Ninja Power[/B]
The most powerful Ol' Master Ninja Power is actually one of the weakest (go figure!). 'Get off my Lawn!' involves blowing in to the microphone after moving a compass. This blows the enemies in a certain direction. As this power is quicker to recharge, it's very useful for stopping enemies getting to the exits and if you use it carefully you can allow your Ninjas to recharge their strength while you blow the enemies back across the screen. Always be ready to use this power if there are a lot of enemies on the screen but be careful not to blow some nearer the exit on levels which have multiple paths.

For levels where you can gain a lot of Ol Master Ninja power quickly, you can use the Magnifryer to fry the more powerful enemies. It does take a lot of power, however, and doesn't last very long.

The Hickory Lunge is useful as a last resort for enemies nearing the exit, but be careful as it takes time to perform so some Devils may have already got out before it starts. Although you need to choose the enemies fast, you need to ensure that you tap the most powerful enemies first to make the most of the power.

Wake Up Call is the final power which can be useful when your Ninjas have been hit by a large wave of enemies and are feeling the strain. It replenishes health and makes them move faster for a limited time. Blowing into the microphone is more effective than shouting though (and will give you less funny looks in public!)

The rest of the powers aren't really worth using unless you have to. Double Time speeds Ninjas up for a very short time, similar to Wake Up call but without the energy replacement, Stop! Ninja Time! Should be worth doing but the limited time you get doesn't allow for a lot of time upgrading huts etc. Still, it can be useful on very crowded maps. Wheel of Efficiency is a gamble and you don't always get anything useful out of it, best left alone.

[B]Using Tokens[/B]

[U]Baby Ninja[/B]
Slows Devils down for a short time. Useful on crowded maps if placed near your Wee Ninjas.

[U]Ninja Droppings[/U]
Like poison, this drains the enemies health. It's very useful if placed at the start of the map when there is a large wave of enemies just starting to come down the map as it will drain them before your ninjas get to them.

[U]Ninja Consultant[/U]
Speeds up any Ninjas in the immediate area. It works to an extent but is the least useful of the tokens, use it when you have a large wave of enemies and a heavily populated group of huts around.

[U]Super Ninja[/U]
Stuns nearby enemies. Useful for larger groups of enemies that you still need to wear down or when your Ninjas are recovering from being hit.

[B]Strategy for specific map types[/B]

[U]Multiple Paths[/U]
When a level has multiple paths, find the spaces for the huts which will cross both paths (ie where the Ninjas can fight Devils on both paths from the one hut) as this will give you more resources for less money. Also place a Wee Ninja (and Sniper if air-based Devils are coming first) at the exit of each path

Where several entrances/exits exist and cross a central location always have at least one Wee Ninja and one Forest or Sniper Ninja as near to the centre as possible, also ensuring every exit is covered as above. This is the one time that Mountain Ninjas can be useful, slowing down the traffic in the middle of the map, but bear in mind these need to be upgraded at least once to be effective.

[U]Speedy Devil maps[/U]
Some maps hit you with several Speedy Devil attacks at the same time as other Devils, it's very important to use your Business Ninjas to cover the exits in this level. Ideally you would use one Wee Ninja hut and one Business Ninja hut as the Business Ninjas would catch up with the speedy devils and slow them down enough for the Wee Ninjas to then catch up and do their work.

[U]Zombie and Poison Devil Maps[/U]
These two enemies require Wee Ninjas who are immune to the poison and zombification.

[U]Tribal and Syrup Devil Maps[/U]
Wee Ninjas are useful for attacking here but get stuck, so pair up a Wee Ninja with a Forest Ninja to attack these enemies.

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