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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Sam & Max: Culture Shock"
(Xbox 360)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sam & Max: Culture Shock (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
The first episode of Sam and Max can prove quite tricky at times. so here's a helpful walkthrough that will take you from start to finish. This is a great adventure and it all begins...

In The Office

Starting out in your office you receive a call on your phone, however said phone has been stolen and the only way to get it back is by handing over some Swiss cheese. Now head over to the window and pick up the boxing glove. Next head over the right hand side of the room and pick up the blue bowling ball. Then open the closet door and you’ll find a pile of cheese. We now need to make it Swiss so take out you gun and give it a blast. Then grab a piece and place it in front of the rat hole. We aren’t finished yet as the rat still refuses to hand over your phone. As you start interrogating him have Max say anything to him. The rat will complain of a headache so go back to Sam and say “Got a headache, eh?” After more talking, change the speech to Max and say “I’ll hang you out to dry” After a humorous scene you’ll get your phone back and it’s now time to leave. Head down to the street below.

Picking a Few Things Up

When you leave the building head left and pick up the spray can you find just beyond your car and by the abandoned house. Next jump into your car as we’re off to go grab some money. Here you’ll be able to chase down cars in the hope of getting some cash. First get close to a car then shoot out the tail light with your handgun. Now grab the megaphone and tell them to pull over. After a quick conversation select “Hideously broken tail light” as the reason for pulling them over and you’ll get a bag of money handed over and now you can head back. Now go to Bosco’s Inconvenience Store and start talking to him. Request the tear gas launcher and then exchange it for the bag of money.

Curing Hypnosis

Now we need to head over to Sybil’s place. When you arrive start talking to Peepers who says he is Sybil!?! Then open the closet door to reveal the real Sybil. Have a conversation with her to reveal a way to cure the hypnosis the Soda Poppers are under. Take out the tear gas launcher and shoot Peepers with it. Then nail him with the boxing glove. Sybil will then cure him and onwards we go.

Head outside and start spray painting over the graffiti just outside your building. Specs will turn up trying to get rid of the artwork you did. Leave him to it and head upstairs to your office. Look out your window and you’ll notice he is directly below. Simply drop the bowling ball on his head and then run back downstairs. Now go over to him and repeat the words Sybil used to get him out of his state of hypnosis. Now we can sort out the final Soda Popper.

Whizzer is delivering videos to Bosco when he ordered none and he’s too quick to simply hit with the boxing glove. So grab the cheese from the stand just by the door then select the toilet door. Max will go in followed by Whizzer leaving you with a chance to place the cheese in his basket. As he tries to leave Bosco’s his security device will knock him out so you can snap him out of the hypnosis.

After asking him where the man behind all this is, Whizzer will make a dash for it and drive away. Run to your car and follow him. As you chase him avoid all the boxes that fall out of his van getting close enough to pull your gun out. Then simply shoot out his tyres.

Getting Into The Hideout

Visit the hideout and grab an admission form from just beside the ticket booth. Now head back to Sybil’s where you now need her to tick off each of the three check boxes on the form. Hand over the form to Sybil. Soon after the conversation has ended, check the form again and note the symptom on the top of it. It will either be Fame or Money. Now ask to take the inkblot test. Pick the answer that matches the symptom.


Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime (Money)
A pair of oxen boxing in a rowboat
Susan Lucci holding an Emmy (Fame)
The results of the last time I let Max drive


A bunch of bacteria playing basketball
Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theatre (Fame)
An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion (Money)
The St. Valentine's Day massacre


A squirrel that got run over twice
My Uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet (Money)
Coded love notes from space aliens
An autograph written in Braille (Fame)


Elephants at the New York stock exchange (Money)
A cheering crowd of lanky albinos (Fame)
The exhaust manifold of a bread truck
Twenty nuns with machine guns.


That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes (Fame)
An orang-utan escaping from the trunk of a DeSoto
A war between two teams of abstract shapes
A debit card fed through a document shredder (Money)

Pick the right five and you’ll get one check. Now ask to do the word association test. Basically whenever a word related to dentistry is said pull out your handgun. You need to display anger with dentistry words in order for Sybil to check the second box on the list.

As for the final one, this involves your dreams. There are two types of obsession:

If it’s “to marry your mother” then select the shadowy figure and choose “Sybil (You)” and also select the donut box and choose “Wedding Cake”
If it’s “a need to know your peer’s age” then select “Max” and “birthday cake” instead.

Once this is done Sybil will check the final box. Now head back to the hideout and feed the form into the form reader.

Cure Yourself

Now it turns out you’re hypnotised! To snap out of it first grab the cheese and then try to leave the store. This will knock you out. Now you’re inside your own head and must snap out of it soon. Stand underneath Max’s head and shoot the “One Way” sign to grab it. Now place his head on his body. Next go over to the light switch by the door and turn it off. Now grab the coat hanger off the television set. Then open the closet door and quickly use the bike pump to inflate the rat.

After you wake up head back to Sybil and grab a diagram off her. Then take the coat hanger from your office. Now go back to Bosco and hand over both the diagram and coat hanger in order to receive the special head device. Now we can head back to the hideout for the final showdown.

The Final Showdown

You can’t get anywhere near Brady Culture so you’ll need to outwit him. Select the Poppers then tell them to “Become... Brady Culture” Then tell them to “Worship... Me” Then select “Attack... Me” You will then have completed the game and solved the mystery of all the hypnosis.

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