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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Eye of the Kraken"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Eye of the Kraken (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Game Monkey
Walkthrough by Crash


Q: What should I do in Abdoulah's room?
A: Open his trunk and check his belongings. Someone has mistakenly put this trunk in his room. What happen with his trunk? Get the saber and the teapot on the table.

Q: Where could I find the passenger list?
A: Go to the Captain Quarter on the second floor. Knock on the door. The captain mad because his trunk has mistakenly switched with someone's else. Abdoullah have found his trunk. The captain order the shipmate to switch the trunk back. Go back to Captain Quarter and ask for the passenger list. Notice the dirty bathtub, wheel and try to look at the periscope.

Q: Where could I find information about the Kraken statue?
A: Talk with everybody in the ship and show them the squid statue. The inventor in cabin 2 will tell Abdoullah about his ice machine. That machine needs water, salt, and sausage to make ice. Notice the binocular on the study desk. Abdoullah will find Olaf, the viking, in cabin 4. Notice the helmet on the table. Aboubakar in cabin 6 will tell Abdoullah to show the statue around to gather more information. Rasputin and Zorg in the restaurant above Captain's Quarter will give Abdoullah more information on it. The person on the upper deck (the one who is taking sunbathing) does not know anything about the Kraken. You will find Villon ,the poet, on the lower deck getting a seasick.

Q: How could I help the poet to overcome his seasick?
A: Ask Rasputin about seasickness. He told Abdoullah that a little bit of wine could solve the problem. Get the red wine on the dining table. Give this wine to Villon. He'll go inside the restaurant instead.


Q: Where is Aboubakar? I could not find him at his room.
A: You could find him on the upper deck talking with Ophelia. Talk with both.

Q: How to get Aboubakar's attention?
A: When Abdoullah enter the restaurant again after seeing him on the upper deck, you'll hear a brief conversation on Ophelia between Rasputin and Villon. Ask Villon ,the poet, about Ophelia and then tell him about Aboubakar. Ooo... wrong move. Villon immediately go to the upper deck and beat Aboubakar.

Q: How could I help Aboubakar?
A: The captain take him to his room. Knock on the door and the captain will ask Abdoullah to find ice. Go to Captain's Quarter and fill his teapot with the water from the bathtub. Get the salt on the dining table. Ask Ophelia on the upper deck for a sausage. Use these 3 items on the ice machine in Cabin 2. Bring the ice to Aboubakar's cabin.

Q: What should I do now while the captain try to heal Aboubakar?
A: Go back to his room and notice a mysterious note on the floor. Someone ask Abdoullah to put the statue in the canon on the lower deck tonight. Tell Aboubakar about it. He'll tell Abdoullah to find a way to monitor the canon from the distance.


Q: How can I monitor the canon from a distance?
A: The inventor has a binocular on his study desk. Ask him to borrow his binocular. He'll ask Abdoullah to find a performer for him. Pick up the banana on the study desk while Abdoullah're here. Go to the restaurant and talk with Ingrid the opera singer. She'll ask Abdoullah to find her a viking hat before she would perform for Fitzgeraldo. Pick up the shrimp from the dining table also while you're here.

Q: Where could I find a viking's hat?
A: Olaf in the cabin 4 has it. Ask him to lend Abdoullah his hat. Give the hat to Ingrid. She'll agree to perform for everybody. Tell the news to the inventor. He'll lend Abdoullah his binocular and invite Abdoullah to have diner with him.

Q: Where should I put the statue?
A: Put it inside the cannon on the lower deck. Abdoullah will walk up to the nearby outpost and fall asleep. Someone has put a drug on his food.


Q: Who saw the statue being stolen from the cannon?
A: Too bad Abdoullah fell asleep. Ask one of the Zorg brother on the upper deck. He told Abdoullah to ask his twin brother inside their cabin. Go to the Zorg's cabin 5. Look at his neck. He's been vampirized.

Q: Where could I find more information on this vampire?
A: Ask the captain about the vampire. He'll lend Abdoullah a master key so that Abdoullah could have access to all cabin on the ship. Use the key to open cabin 1. You'll see a coffin there. Hmmmm..... no ordinary man will sleep in the coffin. Read the plate on the coffin. His name is Vlad. Tell captain about Vlad. The captain will barred Vlad's cabin. Now the vampire will no longer a threat.

Q: What should I do now?
A: Abdoullah need to find more information on the thief. Use the key to unlock cabin 9. It's Villon's cabin. Read the poem on his table and pick up the dice and cheese. Hmmm.... this is interesting. He knows something about the Kraken. Maybe I should find more information on Villon.

Q: Who should I ask about Villon?
A: So far, we always see Villon with Rasputin. Rasputin must be his best buddy then. Go to the restaurant and ask Rasputin about Villon. Rasputin also could be a good source of money if Abdoullah could beat him on a dice game. Too bad he's so good on dice game.


Q: How can I defeat Rasputin on a dice game?
A: If anything fail, maybe black magic will help. Ask Aboubakar about the dice game. Try to play a game of dice with him. Rats ... he will always beat Abdoullah no matter what. Finally, he reveal his secret to Abdoullah. He has a bad luck fetish. He give Abdoullah the fetish after Abdoullah promise him that Abdoullah will take care Villon tonight so that he could date Ophelia. Try to put the fetish on Rasputin's clothes at the restaurant. No luck, he won't allow Abdoullah to do that. Maybe next time you'll find a better chance.

Q: How could I help Aboubakar to temporarily distract Villon away from Ophelia?
A: Search Rasputin's cabin (cabin 8). You'll find a strange mushroom under his bed. This mushroom could drug people to sleep. This is what you need. On the way up, Abdoullah could check out Ophelia's cabin (cabin 7). Open her wardrobe. Hmm.... she has an interesting communication device hidden inside. Go to the restaurant and put the mushroom on Villon's plate. As soon as Abdoullah head down to Aboubakar's cabin, the time will switch to evening. Too bad his door is locked now. Oh well, you have done his job completely.


Q: What should I do now?
A: Stop by at Ingrid's cabin and listen the recital with Fitzgerald and Olaf. Check out the room when the recital is done and notice the interesting painting of Knight of The Templar. Then head to his cabin and discover the second anonymous letter. Again, someone wants Abdoullah to put the kraken inside the canon tomorrow night. This time I won't fall for it, I need to find someone to help me to monitor the canon.

Q: Where could I find help for monitoring the canon?
A: Go to upper deck. Ask one of the Zorg brother to help Abdoullah. He will help Abdoullah if Abdoullah could pay him a lot of money.

Q: Where could I find money?
A: Rasputin is the only source of money. Go to the store room. Ooopps, Abdoullah have drugged the wrong person. Rasputin is unconscious. Hmmmm.... This is actually the best time to put the bad luck fetish on him. Put the bad luck fetish in Rasputin's clothes. Don't forget to get his key.

Q: If Rasputin is unconscious, then where is Villon?
A: He's inside the big bell. Talk with him. Oh noooooo, he beats up Aboubakar again. Go to Aboubakar's room and meet the captain.

Q: How could I help Aboubakar?
A: Go to Captain's Quarter and fill his teapot with the water from the bathtub. Get the salt on the dining table. Abdoullah could find the sausage in Villon's room. It's hanged on the wall. Use these 3 items on the ice machine in Cabin 2. Bring the ice to Aboubakar's cabin. Let the captain heals Aboubakar.


Q: Who is this guy on the front bridge?
A: The Captain will introduce Abdoullah to him. He's Odysseus. Tell him about his case. He'll tell Abdoullah more if Abdoullah could beat his cockroach in a race.

Q: Where could I find a cockroach?
A: Try the shrimp bucket inside the restaurant.

Q: My cockroach could not beat his in the race. What should I do?
A: If the natural way does not work then try to trick him. Find the ultimate cockroach power recipe in Rasputin's cabin's chest. Use the key found on Rasputin's body to unlock it.

Q: Where could I find the ingredients for the recipe?
A: Abdoullah need these four important ingredients: Wine, Cheese, Grass, and Guano. Abdoullah could get a glass of wine in the restaurant. The cheese could be found in Villon's cabin. Use his saber to cut some grass in Olaf's cabin. Abdoullah could find the guano from the captain's pigeon cage.

Q: Where could I brew this recipe?
A: Put all the ingredients in his teapot. Pour the teapot's content in the pot still in Rasputin's cabin. Use the teapot to get water from the Captain's bathtub. Pour the water in the still. Too bad, the still does not work. It needs wood.

Q: Where could I find the wood?
A: Villon has a strong wooden stool in his cabin. Get a cannonball from the store room. Use it to destroy the stool. Take the wooden boards. Put the wooden boards in the pot still. Use the still.

Q: Will this recipe help my cockroach to win the race?
A: Give the potion to the cockroach. Use the powerful cockroach to win Odysseus' contest. He told Abdoullah that Olaf is a fake viking.

Q: Where should I find the proof that Olaf is a fake Viking?
A: Talk to the captain about Olaf. Use his notebook to copy the runes on Olaf's stone inside his room. Show the copied tunes to the captain. The Captain will send the runes to his best friend that could translate the runes for him and proof that it's a fake runes.

Q: What should I do now?
A: It's time to play the dice game and beat Rasputin. Since Abdoullah have put the bad luck fetish on him, Abdoullah could beat him quite easy now. Abdoullah will receive a big pile of money now. Go back to Odysseus and beat his cockroach. He'll tell Abdoullah that Olaf is not a viking.


Q: Where is Olaf?
A: It's time to ask Olaf some questions. Find him at his cabin (Cabin #4). Ask him about the rune and Odysseus.

Q: What's next?
A: Talk to everybody inside the restaurant (Ophelia, Odysseus, Ingrid, and Rasputin) then head to the poop bridge and give the money to the Zorg's brother. It's time to put the second statuette inside the canon. Go back to his cabin to sleep and just hope that the Zorg's brother does not mess up this time.


Q: It's time to check out the canon. The statuette is gone. Where is it?
A: Ask Odysseus about it. Odysseus will offer Abdoullah a ring that could tell the truth. As soon as he wears it, he's changed into a pig. Odysseus laugh and tell him that is the reward for a cheater. Odysseus says that the only cure is by eating sausage.

Q: Where could I find sausage in this ship?
A: Find Ophelia in Villon's cabin (cabin #9). She'll give you sausage. Ask her about everything.

Q: Where is the Zorg's brother?
A: Check out their cabin. Oh no, not again. Another vampirized Zorg. It's impossible. Vlad is locked out in his cabin. There is no way he could do this thing. There must be another suspect. Who that might be.

Q: Who is this loose vampire in the ship?
A: It's time to try the ring on everybody and ask about the the truth about this vampire disease. Try to listen to every cabin's door. Hmm... interesting thing going on inside Fitzgeraldo's cabin. What's going on between Ingrid and Fitzgeraldo. Finally, check out Aboubakar's cabin and discover his suckomatic, an advanced vampire denture tool, on the table. I could not believe it. It's Aboubakar. Pick it up and show this device to him on the poop. He will admit it this time that he's the culprit. He needs some blood to make love potions, one for him and the other is for Fitzgeraldo to use on Ingrid. That's explain the noise in Fitzgeraldo's cabin.


Q: I want to get even with Odysseus. What can I do?
A: Report the vampirisation case to the Captain. By blaming everything on Odysseus, he'll be thrown overboard. Use the binocular on the front bridge to see him floating on the raft. Abdoullah gets even with Odysseus while protecting Aboubakar.

Q: What should I do with the rune translation from the captain?
A: Talk to everybody in the restaurant about the rune translation. Finally, show it to Villon (inside the bell) and Olaf (in his cabin). It turn out to be that Olaf is a Marxist.

Note (Optional): If you search the salad bowl, you'll find a dehydrated Minotaur. Ask about it to Fitzgeraldo and Rasputin. They'll tell you to give some water to it. Put the Minotaur on the bathtub inside the Captain's cabin.


Q: Where is the Eye of The Kraken?
A: You'll see a dark figure on the front. bridge. It's Vlad, the vampire. Ask him everything. Now it's time to check out his cabin. Nothing here. Get out to the corridor. Hmmm ... what's this, a secret trap door. Open it and talk to the Neo botchists. Ask them about everything. Hmmm... this ship is full of secrets. But still they don't know where it's hidden. Enter Aboubakar's cabin and ask his advice. He told you to ask his howling fetish-chicken the annual question. Before the ritual could take place, he needs a sea anemone.

Q: Where could I find this sea anemone?
A: Ask everyone about this creature. Finally, someone will tell you to stop the ship and dive with a submarine to get it.

Q: Where could I find the submarine?
A: It's the bell used to contain Villon. Use the doped cockroach on the bell to carry it to the bridge. Stop the ship by detaching both anchors. Get into the bell. Abdoullah need someone to help him doing this. Ask Aboubakar to help you. Vlad will arrive while Aboubakar and Abdoullah do this diving.

Q: How could I get the sea anemone?
A: Talk to the eels. The right eel has an anemone in her mouth that prevent her to sing. You need to flatter her so that she'll open her mouth and drop the anemone. Pick it up. Give it to Aboubakar. He'll need sometime to prepare the ritual. Abdoullah will go back to his cabin and sleep.


Q: What should I do to begin the day?
A: Talk to everybody before entering Aboubakar's cabin (including the Neo botchist -- very important to avoid a bug near the end). Then enter Aboubakar's cabin and watch the ritual. The chicken will Abdoullah that Merouh Barok, a Hungarian guy - who is a Marxist and fake viking, is the one who responsible for the missing of The Eye of The Kraken. He hide it in the middle of the earth.

Q: Who is this Merouh Barok?
A: He's no other than Olaf. Listen the conversation between Rasputin and Olaf behind Rasputin's door. Olaf says that he has moved the Eye of the Kraken to a safe place already.

Q: Where does Olaf hide the Eye of the Kraken?
A: Go straight to Olaf's cabin. Unlock it using the passkey. Take the squid on the floor and use it on the globe to open it. It's empty!!!! Olaf will come in and tell Abdoullah that he'll never find the Kraken.

Q: Where does Olaf move the Eye of the Kraken?
A: Go to the front bridge and see the Captain light the canon to announce the arrival to Hyade Island. As soon as the canon shoot, you'll hear Olaf shout 'My Treasure!!!'. So there where Olaf hides it. Too bad, the Eye has flown to Hyade Island. He'll jump to the water followed by Rasputin and Fitzgeralso.

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