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Retro Game Walkthroughs for PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: pb
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP) Walkthrough by pb

What is it?
PixelJunk Monsters is a traditional Tower Defence game, ie: Waves of enemies come from one point and try to reach their goal while you build towers with weapons to destroy them before they get there.

It's probably one of the best value for money games on the PSP (9.99 for over 50 levels) and very addictive. See my review in the reviews forum and if you have a PSP, please buy the game!

General skills.
Knowing your enemy's weakness is key to this game, as is the management of your money and gems.

If you're prepared for the next wave of enemies by planting the right tower or towers then that's half the game.

As well as planting towers, you must try to max these out where possible. Standing under a tower and dancing will increase the tower's bar until it reaches the top. After this the flag on the tower will change colour to indicate the strength of the tower. Aim to have all towers at full strength (dark purple flag) but go for the ones nearest to your hut first.

When placing towers at the start of the game it's best to look at the areas where enemies are herded together such as small pathways. Building an arrow tower or a cannon here will have more impact.

When you start, place an arrow tower right near your hut so that its range covers the ground in front of the hut. The arrow tower is by far the most flexible in the game, being cheap and firing at both ground and air enemies.

When placing any tower (particularly short range towers) always check the red radius around the tree you want to place them on. This will show how far the tower will reach and when the enemy will trigger it to start firing.

Small walkers
These look like eggs with legs! They are usually killed easily by cannons and arrows. Larger numbers can be killed with the Tesla tower.

Spiders are fast and therefore cannons do less damage, being slow to aim. Arrow towers are best for Spiders in the first few levels of the game and Tesla Towers and Flame Towers are perfect in later levels when massive numbers of Spiders are present.

Stone Trolls
These are almost impervious to arrows but cannons kill them easily. Having several cannons in a row and ensuring that a cannon is placed near to your base before they arrive should sort them out. In later levels when they come in greater numbers, Flame and Tesla towers work in addition to the cannons.

Small Flying creatures
The first Flying enemies are quite weak and arrows will put a stop to them, but later waves come in greater numbers and need anti-air towers. Upgraded arrows and air-towers are usually perfect for them.

Bats are just harder versions of the smaller flying enemies and can be brought down with arrows and air towers. Upgraded arrow towers work best though.

Fat Bees
These are a pain. They will suffer some damage from Anti-air towers, as long as the towers are upgraded to at least a red flag. But their main weakness is the laser tower and you'll need at least a couple of these to see them off in later levels. Placing them in the right spot to catch a whole line of bees at once is best.

These appear on the next Island and they're pretty much the same as the small walkers but with hard shells, the cannons work well on them.

Enemies on Balloons
Once you get ground enemies appearing on balloons you will need to set up a couple of Arrow towers at the spots they first come to. The soonest as you can get their balloons popped the better as then they can be treated as normal walking enemies.

Most of the bosses are ground based and will be worn down by the more powerful weapons. When you've cleared the last wave before a ground based boss quickly sell all your air based towers and use the money for traps, flame towers and mortar Towers.

The air based beetle is a right pain. It starts in the air so before he arrives, sell your ground based towers furthest from your hut and use the money to build laser towers. Any extra gems can be used to upgrade them to black as quickly as possible. Then build mortar and tesla towers near to your hut as he will drop to the ground when his damage gets low.

Shielded Monsters
In later levels some monsters will also have shields around them:

Blue Shields increase armour and speed and can be stopped mainly by Flame Towers, but can also be easily stopped by Tesla Tower, Ice Towers do not work on them.

Red Shields are fire and can be stopped by ice, but do not make a lot of difference.

Green Shields are best stopped by Tesla Towers. Cannons and Arrows will not stop them (or at least do much damage).

Yellow Shields can be removed by using Ice Towers. Mkes enemies very fast so needs to be removed from Spiders as soon as possible!

Getting the right tower is essential to winning the game and getting that all-important Rainbow.

Arrow Tower
This is the most basic tower but is useful for several reasons. It can fire at both ground and air based enemies, though has little effect on the more powerful monsters. The arrow towers should be upgraded where possible.
Best for: Spiders, small flying monsters and bats as well as for balloons.

Cannon Tower
This is another basic tower that can destroy several enemies at once. Upgraded it can take on most of the ground based enemies.
Best for: Small Walkers, Stone Trolls, Crabs

Anti-Air Tower
This is much more powerful than an Arrow Tower for air based enemies but has little effect on Bees though will do some damage if fully upgraded.
Best for: Small flying creatures, bats.

Tesla Tower
Fires large waves of electricity over a large area. Good for getting rid of small Walkers, Spiders and Stone Trolls in big groups but slow to recharge.

Laser Tower
The ultimate anti air defence but slow and expensive. In levels where there are lots of air enemies and the new flying beetle boss these are essential. Once near your base and a load further out to stop the flying monsters before they get too close will be perfect.
Best for: All flying monsters (not balloons)

Flame Tower
Unlocking this is a breath of fresh air against ground monsters. It forms a line of fire across the area where the monsters tread and quickly wears down their energy. It's important to watch the radius of the area where you place it though.
Best for: All ground based enemies.

Mortar Tower
This is really powerful and has a huge range. The downside is that it's very slow to fire. Very useful for large groups of Stone Trolls or other ground based enemy, plus essential for powerful ground based Boss Monsters.
Best for: Large groups of ground based enemies.

Trap Tower
The Trap Tower is useful against both ground and air based enemies and is pretty powerful but also pretty expensive.
Best for: All enemies, but used sparingly.

Hive Tower
The Hive is a group of creatures who can attack enemies far away from the Tower. They tend to follow you around and attack the enemies near you. It's useful for aiming at enemies but the power isn't great so the tower will need to be fully maxed out before it's fully effective.
Best for: focusing attacks.

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