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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Fieldrunners (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: pb
Fieldrunners Walkthrough by pb

[B]What is it?[/B]
Fieldruners is a Tower Defence game where the idea is to prevent an army getting from one point in the map to the other by erecting towers to destroy the army. The game was first released on the iPhone and ported to the PSP as part of the Mini's range.

- Gatling Tower - The short range and weak power only make it useful for weak enemies, but it's cheap.
- Goo Tower : This is useful to slow enemies down
- Ice towers : Like the Goo Tower but stronger. Useful on later levels.
- Missile Tower : long range and very good against air units like copters
- Lightning (Tesla) Tower : powerful but expensive, very good to use near the end of a maze
- Flame Tower : works a bit like a Gatling gun but with more surface damage. Useful on weaker enemies.
- Mortar Towers : Best weapon for heavy armoured vehicles but expensive and slow.

[U]General Strategy[/U]
1) Place cheap Gatling guns on the corners of your map. The first one at the entrance.
These are the cheapest to buy and although weak will wear down the enemies coming through.
2) Use the natural surroundings (plants, flowers etc) to guide the enemies through the longest maze you can. This wears them down before they get a chance to get to the exit.
3) Build a maze of towers with vertical lines. These will wear down enemies. The further you can get enemies to walk the better. Building in vertical lines will allow you to re-use your towers as enemies will walk up one side and down the other side of the tower.
4) Build a Tesla tower at the end of a maze or near to. This finishes off more powerful enemies.
5) If you want to score more points then only destroy towers sparingly as you lose points for destroying any tower.
6) Upgrade your towers. Particularly the lightning tower as it's far cheaper than buying a second one and has the most effect over all towers when upgraded.
7) With multiple entries, for each entrance on the map, there will be a corresponding exit for the troops on the opposite side. It's not always obvious where these are the first time so make a note for subsequent play throughs.
8) the turning points on a vertical line can be the best place to destroy enemies. Ie: the place where they need to turn to go back down your route.

[U]Strategy for vehicle types[/U]
These usually just need Gatling guns. In larger numbers they can be more of a problem, but building a long maze will see most of them off.

These move faster but are just as weak as troops. Use a goo tower to slow them down next to a gatling gun.

Again, slightly better defence, but Gatling guns will still do damage and goo towers will stop them long enough for the Gatling guns to do their work.

Their armour makes Gatling guns weak against them but using them in force over a long maze alongside Missile towers and the Lightning tower at the end of a maze will work well.

As air vehicles appear or are about to, upgrade the middle of your map where they will pass. You can use the Gatling towers on the edges of the map. If you can afford it, a couple of missile towers and a goop tower are best placed in the centre of the map.

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