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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"New Super Mario Bros Wii"
(Nintendo Wii)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for New Super Mario Bros Wii (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a great game and one full of many many boss battles. The following guide should help in working out those attack patterns and defeating all the Koopa Kids.

Larry Koopa Fortress Battle
World 1

The first boss battle in the game and the easiest. You will find yourself on a small platform with drops either side. Larry will jump in the air or occasionally wave his wand shooting out a slow moving projectile. What you need to do is jump on his head three times. Every time you do so he will curl into his shell and move around the platform trying to hit you. Simply jump over him each time until he uncurls from his shell. If you have a fire flower you can overwhelm him with fireballs. It will take around twelve to finish him off.

Larry Koopa Castle Battle
World 1

The fight pattern here is identical to that of the fortress one except the environment has changed a little here. Youíll see five platforms on the floor and as the battle commences they will begin to move up and down. Not too tough to navigate but be sure not to get caught in a gap when Larry is spinning in his shell. As before you can use fireballs if you have a fire flower but with the constantly moving platforms it isnít advised.

Roy Koopa Fortress Battle
World 2

This boss battle is pretty much the same as Larryís first one except you have a few small differences. On the outsides of the platform you have sinking sand. Donít worry if you accidently jump into it as you can fight your way out by repeatedly jumping. Roy will also jump in two ways. One will be a huge leap that sends out a shockwave when he lands. Jump in the air to avoid being stunned. Itís best to attack him when he starts performing his smaller jumps. Three hits will do it or a bunch of fireballs.

Roy Koopa Castle Battle
World 2

This boss battle is a little tricky if you arenít quick enough. Five pipes will appear from the ceiling and Roy will jump into them. Heíll pop his head out of one of them up to three times before finally falling to the ground below. Make sure to jump when he lands or the shockwave will stun you briefly. Now you need to rush toward him and jump on his head. Having done this he will spin in his shell in which he is invulnerable. Avoid him! Now here is where you can make the fight a lot shorter. As soon as he comes out of his shell you can try and jump on him again before he leaps back into the pipe. If you miss this opportunity donít worry as heíll just repeat his pipe switching move. You need to hit him three times in total to defeat him for good.

Lemmy Koopa Fortress Battle
World 3

Unlike the previous two fortress battles this one takes place on a big ice block. This means you will find yourself slipping unless you have a penguin suit (which will make this boss a bit easier) Lemmy stands atop a ball making it a little tougher to leap on his head but even with the extra height you shouldnít have too much trouble landing three hits. The biggest threat is his ability to shoot bouncy balls at you with his magic wand. Jump over or duck under them to avoid getting pushed into the abyss. While Lemmy doesnít directly attack you, itís important to keep an eye on any bouncy balls headed your way. After each jump on his head he will do the usual spinning in his shell so keep jumping over him to avoid.

Lemmy Koopa Castle Battle
World 3

The environment you fight in here is pretty much identical to that of the fortress battle. The only difference here is that Lemmy will fight you atop an even bigger ball. A simple jump will not reach him so you need to rely on using the smaller bouncy balls he shoots at you to land on his head. Be sure not to get caught on the balls and knocked into the abyss below. As before if you can jump on him just as he finishes spinning in his shell you can make this fight shorter and easier. Three hits on his noggin should do the trick.

Wendy O. Koopa Fortress Battle
World 4

The entire battle is enclosed in a room here so luckily there are no edges or drops to fall off. Unfortunately though, Wendy shoots a ring like projectile at you that will continue to bounce off the walls and ceiling causing trouble as you try to avoid it while at the same time avoiding her. Same process as before where you jump on her head causing her to spin. Avoid and repeat twice more when she appears out of her shell. Once again fireballs will also do the job if you have the fire flower.

Wendy O. Koopa Castle Battle
World 4

Now hereís something new. Swimming. Kamek will appear and make the whole room fill with water meaning itís impossible to jump on Wendy (unless you have a fire flower that is in which case just continually shoot her) Wait for the water to lower whilst avoiding Wendy and her ring projectile (it moves slower in water than earlier) When the water has lowered quickly jump on her head and avoid as she forms into her shell. Now as quick as you can try and jump on her for the second time before the water rises again. If you do this successfully it means youíll only need to hit her once more after the water falls again. Swim around to avoid any projectiles and once more land on her head. Simple.

Bowser Jr. Airship Battle 1
World 4

Remember the final boss from Super Mario World? Well this is very similar. Bowser Jr. will jump into his clown car and hover in the air while dropping fireballs from above. Avoid them as they float down to the ground. Notice the propeller block on the floor? Grab it as this will be vital in beating this little beast. As he is hovering in the air use the block to perform a flying spin move and drill down onto his head. He will then take a moment to recover so avoid him for a moment and all the fire he tries to lob your way. After this is simply a matter of repeating the process twice more until he gives up.

Iggy Koopa Fortress Battle
World 5

This one is a bit confusing as you have platforms moving up and down constantly. Iggy himself has the same basic set of moves as the other Koopa Kids (jumps in the air, shoots a fireball out of his wand and hides in his shell once youíve jumped on his head) Repeat the same process as before and watch as he rolls along the platforms. The best strategy is to stay on the higher platforms to avoid his spiky shell. Again fireballs do the trick here, but with all the moving platforms it will be tough to aim them at him.

Iggy Koopa Castle Battle
World 5

This boss is a lot different to what weíve encountered previously in the game. Jump to the top of the room by using the bouncy blocks. As soon as the battle starts jump on Iggyís head and run back. The giant chain chomp will go from black to bright pink. This is an indication that you canít hit Iggy again. The pink chain chomp will make made dashes at you so keep one step ahead of him to avoid getting hit. When heís black again jump on Iggy to make the chain chomp mad again. This time however the chomp will remain pink so you need to therefore be quick to land the last hit to Iggy. The best method of doing this is to wait until the chain chomp moves downwards and jump on Iggy from above.

Morton Koopa Jr. Fortress Battle
World 6

The arena for this battle consists of two raised platforms on either side with a central lower part in the middle. Morton Jr. himself shoots a fireball from his wand then jumps twice with the last huge jump causing a tremor that can stun you (to avoid it just jump when he lands.) Jump on his head and try to avoid him as he moves in his shell. You may find it too tough to simply jump over him repeatedly since he moves so quickly over a small area thus you can try to use the raised platforms as a safe haven. However be aware as spiky pillars will slowly drop from above trying to crush you. If you are quick you can land on his head just after he gets out of his shell before he goes off jumping in the air again. Jump on his head three times in all or use a bunch of fireballs to defeat him.

Morton Jr. Castle Battle
World 6

Even though we are in world six now, the boss is incredibly simple. As you enter youíll notice six pillars make up the floor below. Morton Jr. will make two small hops then jump hard on one of the pillars. When he does this the two pillars next to him will rise in the air and slam on the ceiling. Avoid getting crushed by these and jump on his head when the pillars recede. As before avoid him when he curls into his shell and skates around. Morton Jr. will then repeat the process making bigger hops before slamming down on the pillars. Since he moves so slow though, you can easily jump on his head again as soon as he comes out of his shell. Land on him three times in total and itís off to world seven... or is it?

Bowser Jr. Airship Battle 2
World 6

This battle with Bowser Jr. is a little more even as this time you get your own clown car. Youíll notice the walls are electrified so obviously the idea is to hit Bowser Jr. into them. The way you do this is by shaking the Wii remote and aiming toward him. Every time you land a hit on him heíll be knocked back a bit. He can also hit you so be careful. The best time to smash into him is just after heís tried and missed hitting you. Slam him into the electric force field three times for victory. Now itís off to world seven.

Ludwig Von Koopa Fortress Battle
World 7

Standing atop a raised platform you will battle Ludwig Von Koopa who for some reason has developed the hovering skill we all know Yoshi to have. Heíll fire off a homing projectile which you need to keep dodging before jumping in the air and hovering a couple of times. When he lands move out of the way and jump on his head. Avoid his shell attack and if you can jump on him again before he jumps high the sky again. If you canít, just wait for him to stop hovering and then land on him again. The final time you will have to dodge two fireballs so be weary as they can be quite troublesome. Hit him one final time and you will win this battle.

Ludwig Von Koopa Castle Battle
World 7

In my view this is the trickiest boss fight out of all the Koopa Kids. The arena itself consists of three platforms that move up and down slowly with a fall to your death awaiting below. Ludwig will start off by firing a fireball that splits into four. Dodge this and then watch as Ludwig leaps high into the air. He will then float in on one of the platforms so when you see him move away to avoid being landed on. Jump back on his head and jump away again as he curls into his shell. Ludwig will then leap into the air again and land on another platform at random. When he lands he will start to charge up his wand to shoot off four more fireballs so if you jump on him quickly youíll prevent him firing them. If not simply dodge them and then jump on his head. Hit him three times and itís off to the final world.

Kamek Fortress Battle
World 8

This battle is quite fun and features that annoying Kamek this time. Finally some retribution! The stage itself consists of a bunch of random sized blocks and once Kamek works his magic the entire stage starts to move slowly to the left like a treadmill. So how do you beat him? Kamek will randomly appear anywhere on the level (sometimes heíll fake appear and disappear quickly) and when he stays in one spot run toward him to jump on his head. If you canít make it in time heíll fire off a magic spell that will turn any block it hits into an enemy. These could be Koopa Troopas, Goombas etc... The bigger the block the more enemies they form. Land on him three times to defeat him. With this boss battle it seems luck plays a role in this as you canít ever tell where Kamek will appear but if youíre patient youíll find the right moment to attack.

Bowser Jr. Airship Battle 3
World 8

One last fight with Bowser Jr. and this time heís got an even bigger clown car to battle you in. As soon as the battle starts heíll drop a giant spiky bomb ball onto the floor that will start rolling around. The idea here, is to butt stomp the wooden floor just as the ball is underneath Bowser Jr. so as to send the bomb into the air, exploding on him. Now you need to do this twice more to defeat him once and for all. While doing this heíll also send some fireballs raining down which will set fire to the floor when they land. If you have an ice flower this will make things a lot easier as you can extinguish them with your ice. If not then you can try leading the fireballs toward the wall instead of the floor so they get put out.

Final Bowser Battle
World 8

This battle consists of two parts. The first is your classic Super Mario Bros. style boss with a giant Bowser in which you need to jump on a button at the other side of the stage. He will step back and forth while shooting fireballs at you that can often split into more. The point at which you need to run underneath him is when he lowers his head down to the ground. This means he is going to leap. As soon as he does this sprint underneath him and hit the button to end the first part of the boss.

Now this is the tough bit! An even bigger Bowser will appear now shooting massive fireballs at you. Avoid them and wait for them to demolish the blocking walls ahead. Grab as many of the coins as you can to store some extra lives. Itís also worth noting the second question mark block contains a 1up mushroom too. When you get to the moving platform the question mark block will contain a flying mushroom (a great deal of help) if you already have a mushroom. Now itís simply a matter of making your way along a series of moving platforms whilst avoiding the lava waves and hitting the button at the end. This time it really is the end.

Congratulations youíve conquered all the bosses in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Now start grabbing those star coins!

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