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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Vector TD"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Vector TD (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: pb
VECTOR TD Walkthrough by pb

What is it?
Vector TD is a Tower Defence game; enemies come from the top of the screen and try to make their way to the exit at the bottom through a set path. Your task is to build towers in order to stop them.


Blue Spinners
Blue Spinners are the first attackers youíll see, theyíre not that tough and Green lasers will easily defeat them. Purple lasers donít work unless upgraded though.

Red Shredders
Red lasers or rockets are best against these red enemies, green lasers donít work very well.

Green Flyers
Again, Green Lasers will do well with these, but try to place a bonus damage next to them to increase their attack faster than just upgrading.

Yellow Sprinters
The main thing about these enemies is that they are fast, very fast. Put blue rays in the way to stop them and ensure that the rays are placed before other towers so that the other towers can do maximum damage. A purple tower next to the Blue Ray is a good idea.

Big Purple Box
Blue Rays donít seem to slow this one, but an upgraded Purple Laser will work well, have one each side of the road for maximum effect.

Hard Grey
These are a pain, but they contain a bonus in the ring they carry with them. A couple of Purple towers type 3 will see them off though.


Green lasers
Good for lots of enemies as the 2 stronger towers will bounce their laser off the enemy to another one, destroying 2 for the price of one! Theyíre relatively weak, though, and you should place a bonus damage next to them.

Red Refractor
Simple laser that bounces off the enemies to another enemy. More powerful than Green Laser.

Little Red Spammer
Mad bunches of rockets fly at targets at high speed, I like this tower as it tends to do a lot of damage quickly.

Red Rockets
These are supposed to acquire new targets in flight, but in practice it doesnít always work. Powerful but not as good a spread as the Spammer.

Purple Laser
Though the 3rd strength of tower is expensive, itís great. The Purple towers in general are powerful but they donít work against all enemies so be careful and use them last.

Blue Rays
The first Blue Ray slows down enemies so the other towers can do more damage, the second can stop some enemies completely and is good against the yellow speedy enemies.


Very useful for Green Lasers, which arenít that powerful and even upgrading them alone is no good. With a Damage Bonus linked to them they can be upgraded with 25% extra power.

Useful to make towers go further and save money, but this needs to be balanced against the other bonuses which are more useful.

Gives you 4 extra lives when the going gets tough. Itís tempting to use them but hold off till at least level 30 unless you really need it as things will only get harder.


On any map, the first thing you need to do is put down one of each laser. Work out the pattern of the first 4 to 8 waves to work out which, but most of the time it will be:

Green Laser at start.
Green Laser at end
Red Refractor at start
Red Refractor at end
Green Laser at start
Green Laser at end
Blue Ray at start
Blue Ray at end

Placing all the towers except the Blue Ray away from the road but between two roads will ensure that they achieve greater damage, donít worry if their range isnít enough to cover both roads yet, you can upgrade this. Just ensure that itís enough to cover one of the pieces for now.

As well as this, your first bonus point should go on an interest increase, then make sure you only place the towers you need, saving some money for the interest to go up.

All but the Green Lasers work well with upgrades to the towers, the Green Lasers will upgrade their strength, but itís only work doing if you use the Damage Booster bonus.

When you place a Damage or Range Boost, ensure you place it so that as many towers as possible get the benefit and also ensure itís not right next to a path where towers are more important.

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