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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Samorost 2"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Samorost 2 (PC Games)
Submitted By: Saccade
Samorost 2 Walkthrough

General playing tips if you get stuck:
~Try everything.
~When you are able to perform an action, the cursor will change into a hand.
~It is worth re-checking the whole screen with the cursor, in case you missed a "hot-spot" the first time round.
~Some actions can only be performed after other actions have been taken.

Really, you shouldn't be cheating at this game, as it is very short and reading this will make *you* feel cheated that you've spent yr money on a 2minute video...
Because of this, please only refer to this if you're really, really stuck... Try going back over things again and again.
I'll write a UHS clue-book for this game soon :)


The First Screen [Home]:

The game starts with two rather odd looking aliens bent upon stealing the fruit from Samorost's trees. Better set a Space Dweller's Best Friend on them! But the lazy dog is sleeping in his house - better wake him up.

#click the dog house

Uh oh. Maybe sending Rover out to deal with them wasn't such a good idea. We'd better get after them and rescue him before anything worse happens.


The Second Screens [Hatchway and Snail's home]:

Well, the first thing to do is to get out of the rocket...
#Click the rocket's window where Samorost is.

...but not to walk straight into the clutches of a tentacle tree!
How do I get down from the tree?

#Click the critter and place him on the branch from which you are dangling.

So now we're down, with a bump, how do you open the hatch to get inside?

~How did the Aliens get the Robot to open the hatch?
~Since the Robot is asleep, and there is nothing on this screen, we'd better do some exploring.

#Walk off the left side of the screen to enter a new area


Here we find the Snail tending to his first home, while allowing some pesky anteaters to tap into his pipes, stealing all his water!

#Go inside the house. Turn the right hand funnel. Click the climbing critter (on the poppies) twice to shake seeds into the pot. Get the largest cork from the jars on the shelf. Click the baby anteater and plug the hole with the cork. Pump the waterpump twice. Turn up the heat on the furnace under the pot. Open the tap to let the brew drain into the Snail's barrel. Grab the Hammer. Wallop the Robot on the head with the hammer.


The Third Screen [Inside the Hatchway] - Code: Sopouch

Once down the hatchway, we need to figure out how to get deeper inside the Alien's Lair.

#Walk along the pipe. Click the ball that is blocking the left woodlouse's path. Click the critter when the woodlouse is in front of him. Click the fly so it lands on the remains of the woodlouse. Click Samorost to disturb the fly. Click the now wrapped up fly to swing into the hole.


The Fourth Screens [The Store Room and Factory] - Code: Kompotarna

Ever onwards... Maybe Rover is in here somewhere..?

#Walk through the opening into the Factory. Steal the torch from its hook in front of you. Return to the first room. Open the refrigerator. Click the hole into which the mouse scampered twice. Use the electrical socket on the plug in the wall. Click the spare cable next to the fridge. Plug in the refrigerator. Use the rope and hook on the wall with the grate on the floor.

[The Tunnels]

Realising the only way forward is to employ a bit of stealth, Samorost decides to play James Bond: 007.

#Flush the water away and quickly turn the higest of the two wheels by the spout. Repeat this and then go through the hole, along the tunnel. Here, line up the three wheels so the red spots are in a straight line. Turn the big wheel. Click the hole at the top of the other ladder.

[Back in the Factory]

Now, in true Bond style, Samorost needs to sabotage the machinery and distract the workers to progress.

#Insert the hanging coin (how cheeky, yet handy, that it's on a string!) and press either button. Use the spanner to unscrew the bolts on the machine to the right. Give the spanner back to the robot. Take the coin out, re-insert and press the other button. Repeat for the remaining bolt(s), then give the spanner back. Pull the belt off the machine. Now leggit! Quickly return to the Store Room and back into the top Factory floor. Climb up the ladder and into the Stock Room.

[Stock Room]

Perhaps the way forward is to leap down the tube and find out where all this fruit is going?

#Pull the lever to lower the gate and stop any more fruit piling in. Take each piece of fruit from the right-hand basket and place it in the left (x7). Now jump into the basket.


The Fifth Screen [The Slob's Room] - Code: Budoar

There he is! Poor Rover is being worked like a dog! It won't be long now before Samorost and Rover are reunited.
Let's fiddle with his TV aerial to mess up his viewing of his favourite team's match.

#Pick up the sausage that Rover is running for and place it on the skull's horns. When the Slob goes to reach for his hat, press the button he had his hand on. When you have fallen, quickly push the Slob forward by clicking on his chair. Grab the key he drops and use it to unlock Rovers cage. Call the lift and escape together.


The Sixth Screen [The Crash Site] - Code: Planina

Doh! In his haste to rescue his friend, Samorost forgot to fill up the rocket with fuel. Now we must find our way back home without it...

#Click the dog to free him from the parachute. Click the pole Samorost is hanging from and click Samorost when he is swinging to get down. Click the butterfly when it is sitting on top of the other wreckage, then grab the baby beetle and put him on the leafy-tongue that appears. Now ride the beetles to the next screen.
Don't forget to play a tune on the funnels in the foreground :)


The Seventh Screen [The Spooky Wood] - Code: Lesik

The strange man wants you to get him his Pipe and Tobacco before he shows you the way out of this wood. He motions that the Magpie has taken it.
Nb - this is the only level you can really get stuck on in this game, so make a note of the code.

#Take one of the man's baubles off his hat and place it on the branch in front of the magpie. When it hops up to get it, knock over its nest to get the Pipe back. Pick it up and give it to the man.
Now he wants his tobacco, pointing the it's under the stump.
Click the stump and Rover will nip down there. Drink some water and wee on the glowing mushroom three times. Get the bone from the new hole and give it to the badger. Click the small bundle in the right corner of the badger's sett and again to take the tobacco. Good boy, Rover! Give the tobacco to the man and click the firefly to proceed to the next screen.


The Eighth Screens [Taxi Rank] - Code: Majak

Aha! What's this? A Taxi Rank. How convenient! Now if only we could wake the driver up...

#Go into the lighthouse and look inside the cupboard. Put some coffee and water into the kettle and place the kettle on the lighthouse's flame. Pull the cord, ringing the bell, and, when the Taxi Driver opens his mouth, pour the coffee into his mouth.

[Space Manatee Farm]

What?! You mean you have forgotten to fuel up your ship, too? I suppose that means you want us to do it for you, eh?

#Walk down to the contraption and take the balloon off the top nozzle. Walk back up and up again along the windy path up the mountain.
Pick up one of the long grasses and use it to tickle the sleeping manatee's nose. He will knock down the fork. Take the balloon you grabbed in the last screen and put it over the nozzle atop the left peak. Now use the fork to shovel some food into the trough. When the manatee comes to eat, position the funnel (controlled with the two wheels) over it. When it produces some, erm... "bottom bubbles" and they are caught in the funnel, quickly use the handle (next to where the balloon now it) to suck the bubbles into the balloon. Do this three times, grab the balloon and give it to Samorost to bounce down the mountainside and back to the taxi rank again.

[Taxi Rank]

Now everyone's almost ready - we just have to fuel up the taxi ship and we can think about going home!

#Take the balloon and replace it on the nozzle. Wander back up and then onto the ship. Use the handle to "load" the fuel into the contraption and then click Samorost to jump on the ship and lower it slightly. As the ship is at its lowest, click the bellows to unfurl the fuel line and refuel the taxi. Tell the taxi-driver it's ready and...


Well done - you've just cheated your way through Samorost 2!!! (at least, the bit you were totally stuck on ;P)
I hope you enjoyed it!

Keep an eye out for Machinarium, also by Amanita Design. Another great Flash Adventure game from an independent company.

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