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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Dracula – Undead Awakening "
(Sony PSP)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Dracula – Undead Awakening (Sony PSP)
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Dracula – Undead Awakening PSP pb

What is it?
Dracula – Undead Awakening is a PSP Mini game in which you have to fight hordes of undead and other monsters. There are several modes to play through but the basic idea is to survive the constant waves of enemies using a varied array of weapons.

Survival Mode
Collect new weapons and ammo as they appear, fighting off increasing waves of enemies.

The first few waves are easy, with only a few monsters to start with.
- Collect all the ammo you can, irrespective of whether it’s for any weapon you hold. You can use it later.
- Don’t bother using the shotgun just yet. Although your handgun takes 3 shots for the enemies it’s quicker than reloading.
- At this point you will start to see perks appear on the floor. As soon as the crossbow perk appears (wave 5 onwards) pick it up.
- When you get the crossbow itself and have the Crossbow perk change to this weapon. It’s very effective with the perk. Even if you don’t have the perk it’s worth considering but much weaker.
- The Machine Gun will appear after a few more waves. If you keep the auto switch weapon option on (in the menu) it will disappear when you get the BFG, but since this has really limited ammo you don’t want to do this, so you can change the setting once the Machine Gun is in your hands.
- Keep collecting perks but look out for Telekinesis and pick this up straight away. It brings the other perks and ammo towards you rather than having to go and collect it.
- Once Dracula appears, switch to the BFG and use this. Switch back as soon as possible to the machine gun to reserve more ammo for the next fight with Dracula.

Rush Mode
Basically, similar to the survival mode of the game but without the need to collect weapons and ammo. With unlimited ammo you don’t need to worry about resources, but you will come up against wave upon wave of enemies. It can get really tough when there are large amounts of enemies on screen, but since they follow you the basic idea is to get behind them all the time by guiding them all around to one side.

As soon as they start ganging up from all sides things get difficult, so move often and get them to bunch up together where the machine gun can do more damage.

Wave Attack Mode
Enemies appear in smaller waves than with the above modes, giving you space in between to pick up weapons and potions.

Again, if you get the right mix of perks and weapons then you’ll find it a lot easier:
- Stick with Pistols until you can afford the Machine Gun
- Get the Machine Gun perk
- Sticking with Machine Gun, save for the BFG and keep topping up Machine Gun and BFG ammo.
- When the more powerful monsters appear (Dracula and later strong enemies) use the BFG –sparingly-

Super Survival Mode
Use Survival mode tactics, it’s a lot harder and you’ll need to play through a fair amount of times but in this mode practice is the only advice!

A weak weapon that takes 3 hits to kill even the basic monsters. It’s got massive amounts of ammo (a Silver Box) though so stick with it until you can get a better weapon.

Although much more powerful it has only 20 bullets and ammo (Red/Grey box) will run out quickly. Use only for short periods while waiting for another weapon.

The crossbow is pretty good, second only to the Machine Gun. But it becomes indispensible if you can get the crossbow perk to go with it, which will give you 3x the power.

Grenade Launcher
Ok if you’re far away from enemies and pretty powerful, but the range and speed are useless when facing a fast wave of enemies ganging up on you. Save for the larger slow enemies only. Ammo comes in Black boxes.

Machine Gun
The weapon of choice. Get this and a perk for it and you’ll be laughing. Ammo (Golden boxes) pickups for the Machine Gun are pretty easy to find and it can cut through whole waves of enemies.

If it wasn’t for the lack of ammo (in the form of more guns), the BFG would be amazing. As it is, use it for the Dracula and levelled up monsters only and go back to machine gun for everything else.

This decreases the damage you take by 30%

Crossbow Master
Increases Crossbow strength and adds 3 arrows at a time. Great perk.

New Weapon
Will give you a new weapon, but pretty useless when you can just pick one up sooner or later anyway.

Power Striker
Pushes enemies back (for a short amount of time). Ok, but not great.

As your health drops you do more damage. Too much of a sacrifice!

Use for about 20 seconds. Not great when you can’t get other perks while using it.

Will increase the range of your gun. Ok, but not as good as getting a better weapon anyway.

Will block the strength of enemy attacks, but as they still do damage you’re better off getting a weapon and stopping the enemy getting near.

Sends guns, ammo and perks toward you without having to go pick them up. Useful if you’re facing a strong wave and need to move to a corner.

Reloads guns and shotguns faster. Not that great.

Much better than the Panic Perk, worth getting for larger waves.

Redeems health. Very useful when you’re near death or are coming up against a larger enemy like Dracula.

Very good to pick up as it really does increase your chances of getting the best guns, perks and ammo.

Field Runner
Increase your speed. Useful if you move a lot, but wouldn’t use it above weapon perks.

Blood sacrifice
Will kill all enemies on screen but will drop your health by 50%. Good if you’re in a tricky situation but not worth the risk otherwise.

Score Master
Will double your score for every hit while its active. If you can survive then it’s worth doing for the high score table.


The first enemies you see and the weakest.

A pain, but not that difficult to deal with, keep at a distance.

Kill on sight! As soon as his lightning attack hits you you’ll lose loafs of damage.

They may be fast but they can be easily killed, keep them in a group.

All the enemies will come in stronger forms in later waves, denoted by a different colour. Their main attributes will be the same but they will be faster and harder to kill.

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