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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Battlefield: Bad Company 2"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on PS3 and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: happy man
Battlefield Bad Company 2 follows the same group of soldiers from the first game, as they race to recover a devastating super-weapon. Their frantic search takes them around the world, through jungles, deserts and tundras. Along the way, they fight armies of enemies, using a wide array of weapons and vehicles. Open-ended tactical mayhem is the order of the day through 13 whirlwind missions. Knock down houses, blow up helicopters, and fight your way to the finish.

Mission 1 Operation Aurora

Move down the path; crouch to get under the fallen tree.
Take out the two Japanese soldiers on the walkway with your knife. Follow McKee into the trenches. Battle enemies as they appear; there are just enough soldiers down here to let you get your shooting skills in order, and not nearly enough to be a real threat. Climb up the rope ladder at the end of the trenches, then follow McKee down the path and through the field.
After the cut-scene, finish off the enemy unit, then run down the path and across the rope bridge to rendezvous with the Japanese defector. After the cut-scene, head up the stairs with your squad.
Assault the base and battle your way to the car on the right.
Man the car's machine gun, and defend the vehicle against the enemies who try to stop you. Take out as many enemies as you can, but prioritize the cars and missile launchers, as these are the most dangerous threats.
When the car stops, hop out and follow your squad. Battle through whatever enemies appear.
Plant the TNT on the door, then stand well away from it and ignite the charge, giving you access to the submarine base. Follow your squad down the stairs.
Fight your way along the walkways to the submarine.
Get on the sub and escape.

Mission 2 Cold War

Follow your squad down the path.Take down the enemy patrol, then continue on your way.
Cross the frozen river and go up the stairs on the other side. Wait with your squad behind the house, and carefully look around the corner to survey the situation.
Take out the armored truck, and the enemies on foot, coming down the street. Your assault rifle's grenade launcher mode is useful here. Prioritize the machine gun, as it will chew you up if you don't take it out quick. If you can't get a good shot from you position, try crossing the street and flanking the machine gun.
After the truck and its accompanying patrol are out of action, cross the street if you haven't already. Move up the street, battle the enemy soldiers who appear in the streets and houses. This is a good introduction to the fairly open-ended tactics of the game. You can smash doors and move through houses in order to flank groups of enemies, or find shelter and snipe them from afar. Try using your squad-mates as bait, and taking down the enemies once their attention is focused elsewhere.
Watch out for the soldier with the RPG launcher on the second floor of the house at the end of the street. RPGs do major damage, whether you're on foot of in a vehicle. They can even take down whole buildings from around or underneath you, wrecking your cover, or just wrecking you. Whenever an RPG appears, you should take it out as quickly as possible.
Turn left at the end of the street, and take out the enemies in the burned-out bus. You can pick them off one at a time, but a well-placed grenade of two will do the job more quickly.
When the bus is cleared, follow your squad. Clear out the enemies in the courtyard. Use cover and tactics to eliminate every last threat. Hold out against the newly arrived soldiers, and the tank, until air support comes online. When you get the signal, use your binoculars to target and tag the tank, then wait for the boom. Follow your squad onward. Watch out for the machine gunner in the house. When the path splits, go either left or right. If you go left, you'll have to battle enemies on one snowmobile; if you go right, there'll be two. Fight your way forward. Watch out for the RPG in the long yellow house. Take out the machine gun position right next to the target vehicle. Jump in the truck, and defend it against the enemies. Use the grenade launcher to take out the hostile cars, and the helicopter.

Mission 3 Heart of Darkness

Follow your squad across the river, up the path, and into the village. After the cut-scene, hunker down and prepare for a counterattack. Eliminate the RPG in the house to your left as soon as he appears.
Destroy the gunboat that attacks from the river.
Look outside the hut on the left, just past the walkway leading to the boathouse, to find the collectible weapon SPAS-12.
Follow your squad to the motorboat.
Jump in the boat, and steer it down the river. When you can go no farther by water, get out and proceed on foot.
Fend off the ambush waiting for you ahead.
Go up either of the paths on the sides of the hut past the dock at the bend in the river. Inside the hut, find the first M-COM Station.
Follow your squad into the village, and up the stone stairs. Find the second M-COM Station shortly past the top of the stairs.
Take advantage of the Supply Drop to customize your loadout. Fit your weapons to your play style.
Take out the enemies in the houses below, then go through the village to the dock, and get on the boat.
When you reach the rocks, ground the boat and hop out. There's another Supply Drop to the right, in case you need to re-up on ammo or change your gear. Head down the path to the logging camp. Creep to the edge of the water, and take aim at the enemies in the house in the middle of the river. When you're ready, start the battle.
Watch out for a possible counter-attack down the path to your right. Eliminate this threat, then move on. You can go several ways here, either across the river and through the house, or down the path to the right. Either way, you'll have to do some hard fighting to get through the camp.
Battle your way through the logging camp. The place is crawling with enemies, so you'll need to be smart. Use cover and check out the situation before making a move; advance slowly, making sure you've cleared the area behind you before proceeding.
Watch out for machine gun emplacements and RPGs. Take them out as efficiently as you can. When flanking, make sure the area you're moving through is clear, or you may get a surprise.
Once you're past the logging camp, move up the street. Fight the enemies that appear in the houses; go ahead and take the Keep moving; there's another group of enemies ahead. Once you're past them, you'll move on to the next chapter.

Mission 4 Upriver

Follow your squad up the path to the sniper's den.
Take out the sniper with your knife. Gunfire will alert the base to your presence, and cause you to fail the mission.
Wait for the sound of thunder, then use it to mask your shot. Take out the guard on the pier.
Do the same with the two guards farther to the right. If you're quick, you can drop both on the same peal of thunder. If you're patient, you can shoot one, then wait for the next thunder roll to get the other.
Watch for the guard descending the steps in front of your hiding squad-mates. He'll stop at the bottom of the stairs. Line up your shot. Wait until the thunder comes, then drop him.
Target the guards in front of the shack at the top of the stairs. Wait until they're close to one another. You can get both of them with one shot if you line it up right. If not, you'll have to be quick; whichever one you missed will run away, and if he escapes, the mission's over.
.Leave the sniper's den and follow the path to reconnect with your squad.
After the cut-scene, crouch and move forward slowly. Watch for the tripwire across your path, and disarm it, then keep moving.
There's another tripwire, just after the next checkpoint. Disarm it, and keep going.
When the path splits around the big tree, you can go either way. There's a tripwire in your path in both directions.
Move through the village, and battle the enemies near the end of the street.
Follow the squad forward, along the ledge.
Snipe the enemies on the ground and in the guard towers, then drop down to the road to rejoin your squad. Take out the rest of the enemies.
Drop down into the riverbed. Enemies will appear immediately; find what cover you can, and take them out.
Climb up the bank at the end of the river.
Battle your way through the village. When it's all clear, move up the path to the left.
On the other side of the hill, set up to assault the enemy stronghold. Take out the two guards on the bridge to initiate the battle.
Eliminate the enemies in the house just past the bridge. Watch out for the RPG.
Deal with the enemies in the next house. Move through the ruins.
Take out the machine gun emplacement around the corner. Run down the walkway on the other side of the street, and move through the houses until you're in a good position to take out the machine gun from its flank. Watch out for enemies along the way.
Fight your way to the end of the stronghold. Watch out for the RPG in the last house. Pick up the weapon, and use it to take out the armoured car that appears.
Fight through the area with the fountains.
Pick up the RPG from the short flight of stone steps, and use it to take out the tank.
Go through the gate, and use your pistol to kill the guy holding your NSA contact hostage.

Mission 5 Crack the Sky

Mow down the enemies on the ground with the helicopter's minigun. The RPGs are the main threat, so concentrate on them. Use the red exploding barrels to your advantage.
After you're dropped off, go through the hole in the roof, into the building below.
Follow your squad through the base and up the stairs. Take out the enemies that appear as you near the top of the mountain.
When you come into range of the machine gun emplacement in the tower, run up the next flight of stairs and take cover against the wall, or you'll be torn to shreds. Move up carefully, taking out enemies and staying in cover from the machine gun.
While the machine gunner's attention is focused on your squad-mates below, run into the tower and take him out, then move on.
Battle the enemies who repel down from the helicopters. Take out the RPG in the doorway on the left side of the building, then the enemies on the stairway on the right side.
Go into the building; there are a few enemies waiting for you, so be careful.
Find the computer console, and access the satellite controls.
Follow your squad to the ledge. After the cut-scene, head down into the village.
Fight your way down the path through the village. Get on the machine gun, and take out the enemies below. There's an RPG on the roof on the left, and several soldiers below it.
Get off the machine gun and go up the ramp to your right. Kill the RPG-toting soldier who climbs through the hatch, and use his weapon to take out the enemies below.
Follow your squad to the ledge, and eliminate the enemies below. Watch out for the RPG on the rooftop on the left, and the machine gun in the centre.
Get into the car and head toward the satellite impact zone. Defend the car; watch for enemy cars, and RPGs. Keep going until you reach the impact zone.

Mission 6

Follow your squad through the devastated village, to the crashed satellite.
Protect the satellite from the enemies who appear on the left. Take out the RPGs on the rooftops as quickly as possible. For once, they're not aiming at you, but at the satellite; too many enemy hits will destroy the satellite, and force you to restart the mission.
When the left side is clear, head immediately to the right, and defend the satellite from the enemies on that side. Again, put the RPGs out of action as fast as you can. The rooftops are more spread out on this side, so be prepared to move back and forth, always remembering to watch out for the soldiers on the ground.
When the helicopter arrives, run to the raised area to the right and find the RPG on the green crates there. Use it to eliminate the copter before it can destroy the satellite.
After the cut-scene, follow the flairs down the mountainside. Needless to say, kill any enemies you encounter.
Smash your way into houses frequently, to warm yourself by their fires. If you spend too much time in the blizzard, you'll freeze to death.
You can also destroy any red barrels you see to start fires, and use them to fend off the frost.
As you make your way down the mountain, use the ladders in the back rooms of the houses to get a quick look at the terrain ahead. Take out any enemies you see, so you won't have to deal with them when you're trying to get into the next house to keep from freezing. Then you can go back down the ladders and warm up again before moving on.
Once the blizzard is past, fight your way through through the village at the bottom of the mountain. Jumping onto rooftops can provide a good vantage point, but don't linger too long; enemies would love to shoot the buildings out from under you.
Enter the house at the end of the street. Fight the enemies inside, and go up the stairs and out onto the roof to rejoin your squad in the waiting helicopter.

Mission 7 Heavy Metal

Drive your tank down the road with the rest of the unit.
Eliminate the two radar dishes, one to either side of the road.
Follow the guide marker to the control station. Use the UAV to take out the targets on the ground below. Keep the orange target box on the enemy position after you fire, to guide the missiles in.
Back in the tank, follow the road ahead.
Destroy the enemy tanks that appear along the way. The first two tanks will be separate, each by itself. After that, you'll have to deal with three at once. Pump shells into them until they crumple.
At your destination, get out of the tank.
7.Use your binoculars to mark targets across the way for air strikes.
Avoid enemy fire while waiting for air strikes to recharge. Stay on the move, and use the tanks gathered here as cover. There are delays between calling for an air strike and seeing it happen, and then between the actual air strike and your opportunity to call in the next one. Stay alive during these delays.
When all the targets are down, head across into the village.
Advance house-to-house up the street. Smash in doors and fire through windows; flank enemy positions and eliminate resistance. Watch out for the machine gun emplacement in the building at the end of the street. You can get past directly below, in the gunner's blind spot, but if you try to go straight up the street the machine gun will tear you apart.
Clear out the village to finish the chapter.

Mission 8 High Value Target

Ride along on the back of the Humvee. Fight off the ambush at the bridge. The enemies are waiting on the ridge to the right, and they have RPGs. Kill off the enemies so the convoy can move on.
Take out the tank, then watch for enemies on the ground to the right, just past the bridge.
More enemies will appear straight ahead; take them out.
After your Humvee turns right, get ready for another tank to appear on the road behind you. Hold it off long enough for the convoy to press on.
.In the village, get out of the Humvee and take cover from the enemies in the houses on the left side of the road.
Use your binoculars to target the ZU23 for air strike.
Follow your unit into the village.
When the artillery barrage begins, get moving. Run to destinations as they appear. If you stay still, you'll be pummeled by the artillery, or roasted by the fire.
For the first few destinations, you've only got those two threats to worry about; after that, enemies will appear. Take them down.
Run into the tunnels to escape the fiery chaos outside.
Battle your way through the tunnels. At the end, climb the ladder to finish the chapter

Mission 9 Sangre Del Torro

Jump in your commandeered car and drive to the tent with the computers. Take out the car's former owner on the way.
Locate the base stations. These can be done in any order; they're listed here alphabetically, but you're free to do it your own way. Be aware that you'll lose a squad member with each base you hit, as someone will stay behind at the end to fiddle with the computers.
Alpha Station: Drive to the guide marker on the far right of the map. At the roadblock, hop out.
Take out all the enemies in the buildings to either side, then move past the roadblock and continue up the street on foot.
Fight your way up the street. Watch out for snipers and RPGs in the buildings above you. Use cover whenever possible, and move through the buildings to flank enemy positions.
Get in the car at the end of the street, and drive toward the lighthouse in the distance. Enemies will fire on you as you move up the narrow road, but you can blow past them if you keep your speed up. Drive right into the computer tent.
After the cut-scene, jump in the fresh car at the base of the lighthouse and drive back the way you came. Ignore the enemies along the lighthouse road. Enemy RPGs have moved back into the town; blow past them and jump the ramp at the roadblock, and continue on to the next destination.
Bravo Station: Take the road toward the walled city in the center of the map. Leave the car at the gate and move in on foot.
Watch out for the enemies on the walkway above the first arch; take them out, and keep moving.
At the end of the ground-floor passageways, go up the staircase on the left to find a Supply Drop. Climb the staircase on the right to continue the mission.
Battle the enemies in the courtyard, then follow your squad up the next set of stairs.
Clear out the enemies on the roof. Flank them by moving behind the small building on the right, and whatever other cover you can find.
When the enemies are gone, go into the computer tent.
Grab the RPG from the green crates and use it to take out the helicopter. There's a flight of stairs leading to a small room where you can take cover if you need to.
Head to the next destination.
Charlie Station: Drive to the marker on the left of the map. get out and proceed on foot when you can drive no more.
Climb the path between the cliffs, eliminating enemies as they appear.
After dropping down into the canyon, take out the sniper and the RPG on the cliff to the left.
Keep moving up the path; take out the next small group of enemies, including another RPG.
At the top of the path, battle the enemies and move up toward the tent. Make sure you clear the sniper out of the high window of the building on the left, and the guy on the ground at the building's base.
Use the RPG and/or the mounted missile launcher to destroy the two helicopters that appear. This may take some patience; the missile launcher isn't the most user-friendly weapon. You may have to jump off it once or twice, as your squad is pretty crappy at keeping the enemies off your back while you're dealing with the copters.
Get in the car and drive to the next destination.
When all three stations have been dealt with, drive to the triangulation point, on the far side of the walled city. Go to the computer in the tent and synchronize the data.
Drive through the narrow, newly opened passageway at the top of the map.
At the wrecked freighter, look for the red barrels on the deck. Shoot them to trigger a convenient chain reaction, and proceed.
.Drive around the wreckage strewn along your path. Take out the enemies who show up at the destination.
Enter the Sangre Del Torro, and find your way through the derelict ship, to your destination.

Mission 10 No One Gets Left Behind

Guide your parachute down to a safe landing.
Move through the jungle to find your squad. In the village, hit the Supply Drop to pick up some good guns, then go into the hut on the left.
After the cut-scene, defend against the incoming enemies. Take out all the enemies in the field. Sniping works well here; you'll at least want a gun with good range.
When Sweetwater decides to switch shacks, follow him.
Eliminate the tank, and the four soldiers accompanying it. There's an RPG right next to the Supply Drop.
Move past the wrecked tank and up the path beyond. Watch for enemies in the house on the right of the path. When they're out of action, keep moving.
Use the next Supply Drop to arm yourself to your liking.
Launch your assault on the enemy base. With patient sniping, you can take out pretty much everyone in the area from the top of the cliff.
Proceed down the path to the right, picking off any enemies you missed from above.
Move through the enemy base. The slow, methodical way is to move on foot; the quick, messy way is to jump in the armored truck and drive down the middle of the street.
When the street turns left, follow it, and look to the houses on your right. Take out any enemies there, then find a set of stairs leading up to the raised walkways around the houses.
Follow the wooden walkways across the gorge, and continue on.
After the cut-scene, hop on a bike and race the rest of your squad to the helicopter base.
Hit the Supply Drop, then take out the three enemies nearby: the one on the bridge, the one in the guard tower, and the one in the machine gun seat of the truck.
Move down the street on foot or in the truck. To the left near the end of the street is a grounded helicopter; you can jump in it and use its powerful weapons to take out the enemies that come from the hanger across the street.Find the serviceable helicopter, and get in.
Use the minigun to take out enemies on the ground. Kill the bikes, cars, trucks, tanks and RPGs on the roads and bridges as they appear. Take out the enemies in teh guard towers too.
Knock down the enemy helicopters that challenge you; a steady stream from the minigun will do the job.

Mission 11 Zero Dark Thirty

Follow the squad down the path, and use the Supply Drop.
Assault the village. Watch out for the machine gun emplacement on the left. It'll open up as soon as you start the attack, so be in a place from which you can quickly reach cover.
Make your way to the house whose roof is occupied by the machine gun. Climb the ladder inside the house, and kill the gunner.
Keep moving down the street, eliminating enemies as you go. Use cover wherever possible.
At the end of the street, there's another machine gun emplacement. Climb up through the building on the right, and find an RPG inside. Use it to take out the machine gun, then keep moving.
After you turn the corner, watch out for the RPG on the roof at the far left. Go down the stairs, eliminating enemies as you go.
After the cut-scene, run from the mortars. Each burst will cover a relatively small area; get away from the first one, and you should be OK. Run as fast as you can between salvos.
Jump down into the dry canal. Turn left and move on.
When you near the large building above the canal, take cover. Pick off the enemies in the building, including snipers and RPGs. Take your time, and stay in cover to regenerate health when you get hit. After clearing out the building, move through the passage beneath it. Keep moving. Kill the enemies who drop down from the streets above.
When the trucks with machine guns appear on the overpass above, grab the RPG from the left side of the canal and use it to destroy them. Then keep moving.
Kill the enemies who repel down from the copter, then climb out of the canal. Go around the burned-out bus, and through the hole in the side of the tunnel on the left. Turn left, and proceed cautiously. There will be an explosion, followed by an influx of enemies. Take them out however you can; retreat out of the tunnel if you have to.
When you've cleared the tunnel, move down it, and out through the hole the enemies blew in the far wall. There are enemies waiting outside; take them out.
Cross the pipe over the stream of water, and head into the next section of the canal. Use the Supply Drop if you want.
Climb the pile of rubble and drop down. When the flaming car appears, hit it with everything you have. You can't climb up the rubble from this side, so back up as far as you can and pump bullets into the car until it explodes.
Go inside the building and up the stairs to the roof.

Mission 12 Force Multiplier

Follow your squad down the hill and into the blat zone.
At the bottom of the hill, engage the enemies on the ground in front of you, and in the building to the right. Watch out for RPGs in the building.
Move forward, staying in cover and clearing enemies as you go. There are multiple RPGs in the building on the right, and enemies all along its length.
Continue down the railway tracks, and up the ramp on the right.
Go through the hole in the wall, and continue on alone.
Clear out the enemies in the building on the other side of the boxcar. Watch out for the sniper up above and straight ahead.
Go up the stairs and through the rooms above to the destination.
After the cut-scene, run through the tunnels with your squad.
At the end of the tunnels, climb the ladder to board the plane.

Mission 13 Airborne

Take out the enemy with your knife and steal his gun, then kill the guy that comes running down the corridor at you.
Follow the corridor to its end, then go up the stairs.
Turn left at the top of the stairs to find some much-needed ammo.
Follow the squad through the door. Take out the enemies in the cargo room. By sneaking up and aiming carefully, you can get a kill or two before they even know you're there.
Continue on down the hall and through the rooms. Take out the group of enemies behind the crates in the large room.
After the cut-scene, take your new gun and follow your squad up the stairs.
When Sarge busts the door open, pump bullets into the enemies on the other side. Make sure everyone's dead before moving in.
The next door will open on its own; otherwise, the procedure is the same: kill everyone on the other side.
Keep moving up the plane. Kill the group of enemies in the next section, then approach the cockpit door.
After the cut-scene, use your pistol to destroy the weapon.
Kill Kirilenko as you all plummet toward earth. You're on a pretty tight time limit, so you'll have to be quick and accurate. Wait until you get close to Kirilenko, so that you have a reasonable chance of hitting him, then pour the shots in as fast as you can.
Watch the final cut-scene, and the set-up for Bad Company 3.

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