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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing"
(Xbox 360)

This game is also available on Wii, DS, PC and PS3.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Xbox 360)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
One thing I love about Sumo Digital is their ability to make exciting unique achievements for their games and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars racing is no different. I’ve taken the fifty achievements and provided the best possible methods of grabbing them. So without further delay, let’s jump right in...

True Blue (10 G)
To earn your blue licence you simply need to earn 50, 000 SEGA miles.

Amber De Amigo (10 G)
To earn your amber license you simply need to earn 100, 000 SEGA miles.

Red Out (15 G)
To earn your red license you need to get 150, 000 SEGA miles.

Virtual Bronze (20 G)
To earn your bronze license you need to get 300, 000 SEGA miles.

Captain Silver (30 G)
To earn your silver license you need to earn 500, 000 SEGA miles.

Golden Acts (80 G)
To unlock this achievement you must earn a total of 750, 000 SEGA miles. This will probably take you the longest to unlock. Standard three lap races earn you around 3000 – 4000 miles and a Grand Prix will get you a little over 10, 000. You’ll likely unlock this eventually if you’re trying to get every achievement. With all the time trials, missions and online achievements to beat the miles will soon start gathering up.

Now There Are No Limits! (10 G)
This is an easy achievement to unlock, just win your first Grand Prix. If you have trouble on the harder settings try beginner.

Welcome To The Next Level (15 G)
Like the last achievement, except you need to come first in each of the four races of a single grand prix cup. This is best done on the beginner setting on one of the first two grand prix cups.

To Be This Good Takes AGES! (30 G)
To unlock this achievement you need to beat all six of the cups in grand prix. You can do this on any difficulty so it’s probably best to try it on beginner.

Fighters Megamix (30 G)
This is easy but can be time consuming. With this achievement you need to use every racer’s All-Star move and hit at least one opponent with it. For example if you use Super Sonic, you need to fly into someone and hit them. Best way to do this is either to just try every racer out in multiplayer and you’ll naturally unlock it, or go through each character one by one on any track and just stay at the back of the pack getting items till you grab yourself an All-Star move.

Time Stalker (10 G)
All you need to do is race one lap on any track on the time trial and set your personal best. As long as you finish before the two minute time limit you’ll get the achievement when you return to the menu.

Clock Work (30 G)
Like the last achievement, except you need to set a personal best on all twenty four tracks.

Shadow Dancing (10 G)
You’ll notice when you play the time trial that a ghost appears racing around the track with you. That’s the staff ghost and to unlock this achievement you need to beat one of them on any track.

Ghost Master (30 G)
Like before except you need to beat the staff ghost on all twenty four tracks. They aren’t too tough as long as you don’t make any major mistakes.

Mega Driver (10 G)
You’ll unlock this once you’ve gotten your first AAA rating on any mission. The first mission with Amy is the easiest to get the best ranking on. Just get as far ahead from Sonic as possible.

Crazy Box (15 G)
For this achievement you simply need to pass all sixty four missions. That means that you need to get a “B” grade or higher in order to actually pass the missions.

Magical Sound Shower (30 G)
This is easy but time consuming. All you need to do is listen to all forty music tracks while racing. You’ll start off with the eight default songs for each theme of track while the other thirty two you’ll need to purchase from the shop. So as not to lose track, try buying the songs from a single type of level first (all the Sonic Seaside Hill tracks) and racing to them before moving onto the next.

Top Of The Class (30 G)
This can prove quite tough but over time you should master all the missions. To unlock this achievement you need to get AAA on all sixty four missions. The sixty fourth mission is one I and a lot of my friends had trouble on. The way to get AAA is to defeat the giant robot before the timer expires AND have all three fruits still left. You get hit once and you lose your chance to get AAA. Careful driving and good aiming are key. Triple mines work well if you time it right, and the outer most item boxes contain triple boxing gloves so go for those. The more you try the more you’ll remember where the good items are.

Dreamarena (10 G)
Simple. Select the “play with friends” option in the online multiplayer menu and play one race with a friend online. If none of your friends own the game, try adding a randomer from an online race and invite them to a game just so you can unlock the achievement.

Racing Hero (15 G)
To grab this achievement you need to win a race online. This can either be with a friend or a random group of people. It doesn’t even matter how many people are in the race. Sometimes it can be easier to win with fewer people since less weapons are likely to be flying around. Keep playing and eventually you’re bound to win.

Outrunner (30 G)
To unlock this achievement you need to overlap a trailing player in an online race. There are two ways of doing this achievement. The easy way and the harder way. To get it the easy way, simply start a match between you and a friend. Have your friend just stay at the finish line while you race around and eventually overtake him on the second lap. The harder way is to start a race with a group of people and set it to around six to nine laps on a long track. If you’re lucky, you may get the odd racer who is so bad you’ll likely overtake them before the race is over.

Death Adder (30 G)
Just hit racers with items 100 times in online races. If you enjoy playing online matches you’ll unlock this achievement over time no problem. However if you tend to avoid the option, try starting a match with a friend and just shooting one another with items repeatedly till the achievement unlocks.

Lucky Dime (10 G)
Easy to get this. All you need to do is purchase one item from the shop. Either a music track, character or race track.

High Roller (15 G)
You need to buy everything from the shop to get this achievement. That includes, 32 music tracks, 12 racers and 16 race tracks. Over time you’ll get enough SEGA miles especially if you’re going for the Gold license.

Classic Collection (15 G)
You need to win a race with every single character to get this achievement. Unless you play a lot of multiplayer (where you can just try out all the racers and win with them there) then another good way is to go to single race and set the difficulty low and number of laps to one to save time.

SEGA World (30 G)
To unlock this achievement, you need to play every single track at least once in either single race, grand prix or time trial. You’re guaranteed to get this given that you need to finish all the grand prix cups to unlock another achievement.

Power Drift (15 G)
Drifting for fifteen seconds is no easy feat, but there are a few locations where it is a lot easier. The battle stages offer a nice round arena where drifting is a piece of cake. The Seaside Hill battle stage is a good place to go for the achievement. It is also possible to drift for fifteen seconds on the Rocky-Coaster track. When entering the long tunnels you can drift the entire thing if you time it right.

Turbo (15 G)
To get this you need to get twenty turbo boosts in a single lap. These can be obtained via drifting, tricks and wheelies (if you’re on a bike.) The longer tracks offer more opportunities to drift and get boosts. Lava Lair is your best bet since the spiral ramp inside the volcano offers plenty of chances to drift and gain boost. Basically drift at every opportunity you get and the achievement should be yours.

Triple Trouble (15 G)
Performing three tricks in a single jump is a lot easier than it sounds. The best track to do this is on Shibuya Downtown. When you are given the option to either go through a tunnel or go up one of two ramps, take the ramps. You’ll then reach a large jump where you’ll crash through a billboard. IT is here that you need to do your three tricks. Make sure to do them in time and land safely and the achievement is yours.

Gaining Ground (10 G)
All you need to do to get this achievement is get a speed boost when you start the race. To get a boost, you need to hit the gas at the right time before the countdown reaches zero. Each racer has a different “sweet spot” to hit the acceleration so it is key to learn the ins and outs of each. Characters with good handling like Knuckles and Shadow for example need to have the gas hit just after two on the countdown. Heavyweights like Eggman and Big however need it pressed literally just after three has appeared. Practice and eventually you’ll get used to it.

Wheels Of Fire (15 G)
You need to hit a speed boost at the start of the race three times in a row without messing up. If you get a boost twice and on the third race mess up, you’ll need to start from scratch again for example. The more you play, the more speed boosting will become second nature to you. Soon enough you’ll get this achievement.

Rolling Start (15 G)
All you need to do is complete Sonic’s driving test which you can either do when you first load up the game, or later on by selecting it in the license menu. The test is simple enough with you being required to simply drive around the Whale Lagoon stage with the odd drift and weapon use.

Road Rampage (15 G)
Take out three opponents with an All-Star move. This can be done with any character. To get an All-Star move just hang back in eighth place grabbing items until you get one. When you do, use it when you’re just behind the person in seventh position. This will give you a load of opportunities to hit racers on the track. Racers like Sonic, Banjo and Kazooie and Shadow have the most effective specials.

After Burner (15 G)
You need to hit three different racers with a single triple weapon (three green gloves, three bombs, three mines or three red rockets) to get this achievement. That does not mean firing them one by one. You need to hold the A button to fire all three at once for this achievement to unlock. The best way to get this is by simply dispatching three mines at once when in first place. If you’re lucky the racers behind will hit them giving you the achievement.

Up ‘N’ Down (10 G)
Taking out a racer by manually directing an item basically means you need to hit someone with an item that you can aim yourself (basically not an All-Star, mine or rocket.) The green boxing glove is best since you can fire it forward or backward. Just make sure they are directly in front or behind you and let rip.

Streets Of Rage (15 G)
Taking an opponent off the track without a weapon is partly down to luck and partly down to timing. I found out the best stage is on the Lost Palace track. Just after the corkscrew you’ll come to a jump over a wooden bridge. Picking someone heavy (Big, Eggman, Chu Chus etc...) try to bash into the other racers so one drives off the edge. It may take practice but eventually you’ll get it.

Wonder Boy (15 G)
Unlike most racing games where you need to win a race by reversing over the finish line, here it doesn’t need to be online. Change the difficulty to beginner and turn rubber banding off and pick a track you’re used to. Gain a huge lead and just when you’re at the finishing line, do a 180 turn and reverse (holding the L trigger) over the line. The achievement will then unlock.

Altered Beast (10 G)
Winning a race while using an All-Star move is very easy. Firstly change the difficulty in single race to beginner. Then hang back in eighth place until you grab an All-Star move. Now instead of using it, save it and use your driving skill to get back in first place. Now just before finishing the final lap, use the All-Star move so you cross while in it. If it ends just before you finish you won’t get the achievement, so make sure to time it just right.

Last Survivor (15 G)
Finish the first lap in last position then go on to win the race. Change the settings to beginner difficulty and make sure you’re in eighth place when you finish the first lap. With the two remaining laps you should get enough weapons and have enough time to make a comeback and take first.

Super Hang-On (15 G)
Win a race while holding onto first place at the end of each lap. Another simple achievement. Just set the difficulty to beginner and make sure you are in pole position every time you finish a lap. If you drop a place or two during race it is fine as long as you’re in first at the end of the lap.

Project Rub (15 G)
Finish a race without a single collision. This doesn’t mean you have to win the race. You can come in last place and still get the achievement. The best plan is when you start the race to wait for ten seconds before making your move. The rest of the racers will be far enough ahead, that you don’t need to worry about hitting them. Now it’s simply a matter of taking your time and not hitting the sides of the road. This can be done on any track.

Enduro Racer (15 G)
To unlock this, you need to complete one hundred events. This includes grand prix, single race, missions and time trials. Every time you complete one it will be added to your running total. The more you play the closer you get to number one hundred. Simple.

Sonic Unleashed (15 G)
You need to become Super Sonic and hit Eggman to grab this achievement. First make sure to pick Sonic as your racer, set the difficulty to beginner, then when starting the race check to see that Eggman is in it. If he isn’t quit the race and try again. Then stay at the back of the pack until you get your All-Star move. Once you do make your way near Eggman using it when you’re fairly close behind. Make sure to hit him as Super Sonic or the achievement won’t unlock.

Feel The Magic (15 G)
Similar to the above achievement, accept you need to hit Sonic with Amy’s All-Star move. Use the same technique as for “Sonic Unleashed” and make sure to hit the A button just when passing Sonic so as to nail him with Amy’s hammer.

Working Man (15 G)
Again similar to the “Sonic Unleashed” achievement, accept this time you need to hit Jacky and Akira with Ryo’s All-Star move. Use the same method as before and make sure to hit the A button when behind the pair in the red car to flip them with the forklift.

Giant Egg (15 G)
Run over the crows with Billy Hatcher’s giant egg. This achievement is easy as you will unlock it while finishing mission number twelve in the mission mode. Since the mission sees you running over crows you’re bound to hit at least one, hence grabbing the achievement.

Top Skater (15 G)
You need to perform three tricks in one jump as Beat on Shibuya Downtown. First select Beat then select the stage Shibuya Downtown. When you reach the point in the race where you can either go through a tunnel or up one of two ramps, take the ramps up. You’ll then come to a huge jump where you’ll smash through a billboard. It is here where you can perform your three tricks and get yourself the achievement.

The Chariot (15 G)
Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion creatures back to the grave. This means you need to either drive into or shoot with a weapon the zombies that wonder the three Curien Mansion tracks. This can be a bit of a grind, but if you keep playing the tracks as the pair and hitting the zombies the achievement will soon unlock.

Cat Mania (15 G)
Much like the “Sonic Unleashed” achievement accept this time you need to be the Chu Chus and use their All-Star move to hit Big the Cat. Use the exact same technique as before and make sure to hit Big when riding on the back of a giant cat. The achievement should then unlock.

Ultimate Champion (100 G)
This unlocks when you have gotten all the other achievements. Couldn’t be simpler.

Thanks for reading :)
Ghost Killer

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