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Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 3)

This game is also available on PC, Xbox 360.
Submitted By: x1rocket
Killstreak Bonuses

Reach the listed number of kills to unlock the specified bonus:

Spy Plane = 3 Kills
Shows enemies on the mini-map (free)

RC-XD = 3 Kills
Remote control car with explosives piloted by killstreak user (1,200 points)

Counter-Spy Plane = 4 Kills
Temporarily disables enemy's mini-map (1,600 points)

SAM Turret = 4 Kills
Airdrop a turret that destroys aircraft (1,600 points)

Care Package = 5 Kills
Airdrop a crate that contains a random killstreak, ammo crate, or special weapon (free)

Napalm Strike = 5 Kills
Airstrike drops fire over an area of the your choice which burns and damages enemies temporarily (2,400 points)

Sentry Gun = 6 Kills
Airdrops anti-personnel sentry gun (3,200 points)

Mortar Team = 6 Kills
User targets three locations to be shelled by mortars (3,200 points)

Attack Helicopter = 7 Kills
Call in automated attack helicopter to a selected location (free)

Valkyrie Rockets = 7 Kills
Two remote controlled rockets (4,000 points)

Blackbird = 8 Kills
Advanced version of the spy plane that indicates enemies on the map and direction they are facing (4,500 points)

Rolling Thunder = 8 Kills
B-52 bomber bombs selected location (4,500 points)

Chopper Gunner = 9 Kills
Control door-mounted mini-gun from a helicopter that circles the map-enemies without the Ghost perk are displayed as red dots (5,000 points)

Attack Dogs = 11 Kills
Call in a group of attack dogs (6,000 points)

Gunship = 13 Kills
Pilot a helicopter with rockets and machine guns-helicopter can be destroyed (6,000 points)
The Brackets '(Number)' are the cost to buy kill streak bonuses.

To achieve these kill streak bonuses is to maybe camp if you are experiencing death.
Make sure you get the Kills for your Kill Streak Bonuses before dying or it would restart back to zero.

And Good Luck Soldier!

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