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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Smash Bros. Brawl"
(Nintendo Wii)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Emmie87
**Warning Ė This guide will contain spoilers in the form of what characters are able to be unlock, if you do not want to know, then do not read on!**
Obviously you want to know more! Well welcome to Emmie87ís character guide, I hope this helps anyone who is looking for information!

First off, here is a full list of all the characters available from the start. (The first list is the newcomers to Smash Brothers, under them are the veteran fighters!)
Lower down you will find a breakdown of the individual characters attacks and abilities!
Zero Suit Samus
Pokťmon Trainer
Meta Knight
Diddy Kong
King Dedede
Olimar + Pikmin

Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers

Character: Pitt
Standard Move: Palutenaís Arrow
Side Special Move: Angel Wing
Up Special Move: Wings of Icarus
Down Special Move: Mirror Shield
FINAL SMASH: Palutenaís Army

Character: Wario
Standard Move: Chomp
Side Special Move: Wario Bike
Up Special Move: Corkscrew
Down Special Move: Wario Waft

Character: Zero Suit Samus
Standard Move: Paralyzer
Side Special Move: Plasma Whip
Up Special Move: Plasma Wire
Down Special Move: Flip Jump
FINAL SMASH: Power Suit Samus

Character: Ike
Standard Move: Eruption
Side Special Move: Quick Draw
Up Special Move: Aether
Down Special Move: Counter
FINAL SMASH: Great Aether

Character: Pokťmon Trainer
Down Special Move: Change Pokemon
FINAL SMASH: Triple Finish

Pokemon: Charizard
Standard Move: Flamethrower
Side Move: Rock Smash
Up Move: Fly

Pokemon: Squirtle
Standard Move: Water Gun
Side Move: Withdraw
Up Move: Waterfall
Pokemon: Ivysaur
Standard Move: Bullet Seed
Side Move: Razor Leaf
Up Move: Vine Whip

Character: Meta Knight
Standard Move: Mach Tornado
Side Special Move: Drill Rush
Up Special Move: Shuttle Loop
Down Special: Dimensional Cape
FINAL SMASH: Galaxia Darkness

Character: Lucas
Standard Move: PK Freeze
Side Special Move: PK Fire
Up Special Move: PK Thunder
Down Special Move: PK Magnet

Character: Diddy Kong
Standard Move: Peanut Popgun
Side Special Move: Monkey Flip
Up Special Move: Rocket Barrel Boost
Down Special Move: Banana Peel
FINAL SMASH: Rocket Barrel Barrage

Character: Snake
Standard Move: Hand Grenade
Side Special Move: Remote Missile
Up Special Move: Cypher
Down Special Move: C4
FINAL SMASH: Grenade Launcher
**to unlock Snake: Play 130 Brawls, Play 15 Brawls on Shadow Moses Island, get him to join in the subspace emissary**

Character: Sonic
Standard Move: Homing Attack
Side Special Move: Spin Dash
Up Special Move: Spring Jump
Down Special Move: Spin Charge
FINAL SMASH: Super Sonic
**to unlock Sonic: Play 300 Brawls, Beat classic mode with 10 characters, play in brawls for 10 hours**

Character: King Dedede
Standard Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Throw
Up Special Move: Super Dedede Jump
Down Special Move: Jet Hammer
FINAL SMASH: Waddle Dee Army

Character: Olimar + Pikmin
Standard Move: Pikmin Pluck
Side Special Move: Pikmin Throw
Up Special Move: Pikmin Chain
Down Special Move: Pikmin Order

Character: Mario
Standard Move: Fireball
Side Special Move: Cape
Up Special Move: Super Jump Punch
Down Special Move: F.L.U.D.D.
FINAL SMASH: Mario Finale

Character: Link
Standard Move: Hero Bow
Side Special Move: Gale Boomerang
Up Special Move: Spin Attack
Down Special Move: Bomb
FINAL SMASH: Triforce Slash

Character: Kirby
Standard Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Hammer
Up Special Move: Final Cutter
Down Special Move: Stone

Character: Pikachu
Standard Move: Thunderjolt
Side Special Move: Skull Bash
Up Special Move: Quick Attack
Down Special Move: Thunder
FINAL SMASH: Volt Tackle

Character: Fox
Standard Move: Blaster
Side Special Move: Fox Illusion
Up Special Move: Firefox
Down Special Move: Reflector
FINAL SMASH: Landmaster

Character: Samus
Standard Move: Charge Shot
Side Special Move: Missile
Up Special Move: Screw Attack
Down Special Move: Bomb

Character: Zelda
Standard Move: Naryuís Love
Side Special Move: Dinís Fire
Up Special Move: Faroreís Wind
Down Special Move: Transform
FINAL SMASH: Light Arrow

Character: Bowser
Standard Move: Fire Breath
Side Special Move: Flying Slam
Up Special Move: Whirling Fortress
Down Special Move: Bowser Bomb
FINAL SMASH: Giga Bowser

Character: Donkey Kong
Standard Move: Giant Punch
Side Special Move: Headbutt
Up Special Move: Spinning Kong
Down Special Move: Hand Slap

Character: Yoshi
Standard Move: Egg Lay
Side Special Move: Egg Roll
Up Special Move: Egg Throw
Down Special Move: Egg Bomb
FINAL SMASH: Super Dragon

Character: Peach
Standard Move: Toad
Side Special Move: Peach Bomber
Up Special Move: Peach Parasol
Down Special Move: Vegetable
FINAL SMASH: Peach Blossom

Character: Ice Climbers
Standard Move: Ice Shot
Side Special Move: Squall Hammer
Up Special Move: Bekay
Down Special Move: Blizzard

Character: Sheik
Standard Move: Needle Storm
Side Special Move: Chain
Up Special Move: Vanish
Down Special Move: Transform
FINAL SMASH: Light Arrow

So there are the big list of Characters, with a couple of the unlockable ones mixed in!
There are plenty more Characters to find in the game, and below is a list of them, and how to unlock them.
**SPOILERS Ė for anyone not wanting to know the secret characters, do not look below**
Character: Ness
How to Unlock: Play 5 matches in Brawl, deflect 10 projectiles

Character: Marth
How to Unlock: Play 10 brawls, finish classic mode on any difficulty

Character: Luigi
How to Unlock: Play 22 brawls, beat classic mode with no continues

Character: Falco
How to Unlock: play 50 brawls, clear the 100-man brawl

Character: Captain Falcon
How to Unlock: Play 70 brawls, beat classic mode on normal difficulty in under 12 minutes.

Character: Lucario
How to Unlock: Play 100 brawls, beat target smash on all difficulty levels

Character: R.O.B
How to Unlock: Play 160 brawls, get 250 trophies

Character: Mr Game & Watch
How to Unlock: Play 250 brawls, beat target smash on any difficulty with 30 characters

Character: Ganondorf
How to Unlock: Play 200 matches in brawl, with either Zelda or Link Ė clear classic mode on hard

Character: Jigglypuff
How to Unlock: Play 350 brawls, beat 20 or more events after clearing the subspace emissary

Character: Toon Link
How to Unlock: Play 400 brawls, after clearing the subspace emissary beat classic mode

Character: Wolf
How to Unlock: Play 450 brawls, beat the boss battles mode with Fox or Falco after completing the subspace emissary

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you in your quest to unlock all the characters. I know we are all looking forward to playing this on Friday 27th June!

This mini-guide has taken a lot of research and effort to make, please do not copy or steal without permission. It is used as a guide for composed by Emmie87 Ė Thank You
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
Super Smash Bros Brawl has the biggest roster to date so itís important to know each character inside out. While some boast powerful moves and great speed, others just donít handle well and give you a big disadvantage when fighting. Below I've given the fighter name with an overall score out of ten next to it, their stats below, a short paragraph on their Final Smash and finally a summary paragraph of them in general. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of just who to pick when it comes to battling.

Bowser (5)
Speed: 2/10
Power: 8/10
Move List: 6/10
Recovery Move: 4/10

His Final Smash sees him grow to enormous size where he can cause massive damage and more importantly hit you out the arena with ease. If thereís one problem itís that you can still take damage in this form and itís often quite a lot.

Funny I would have thought Bowser would have been the most powerful in the game, but as a matter of fact King Dedede and Ganondorf have him beat. Obviously he is slow and a big target, but he is powerful and has a decent move set including fire breathing that can rack up the damage as well as a butt stomp move that if you land on someone will send them high. However heís extremely heavy so donít expect his recovery move to do too well.

Captain Falcon (5)
Speed: 9/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 4/10
Recovery Move: 4/10

Very quick but also fairly heavy. His power is surprisingly high and his Falcon Punch when landed can be extremely deadly. However due to his weight, his recovery move is pretty bad and while his speed is great, his moves are pretty lame and donít reach too far at all.

Falcon calls upon his Blue Falcon racer and knocks them out of the screen with it. You need to use this move when your opponents are in front of you.

Diddy Kong (8)
Speed: 8/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 9/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Diddy grabs a jet pack and takes to the sky where you can fire explosive peanuts at players below. This is very powerful and will get you a couple of easy KOs. One of the best Final Smashes in the game.

At first glance you may think Diddy is a poorer version of his uncle, but try him out and youíll realise he can hold his own. He is nippy and has one of the best move sets in the game in my opinion. Laying bananas, a cartwheel and Smash moves that are surprisingly full of strength. Also try for a midair kick on your opponent as these can sometimes knock them off the screen. His recovery move requires charging so can sometimes be ineffective.

Donkey Kong (8)
Speed: 4/10
Power: 8/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 4/10

Donkey Kong breaks out the bongo drums and starts playing to the theme of Donkey Kong Country. Time the presses of the A button to keep the beat and send out pulse waves that will do major damage and hit players off the screen. Effective on small arenas. Not so on larger ones.

Like his nephew, Donkey Kong has an impressive move list backed up by an incredible reach and high amount of power. If he has any negative points, itís his lack of speed and a recovery move that is handy when moving horizontally but poor if youíre trying to get back up. His Smash moves are some of the best, balancing speed and powerful extremely well.

Falco (6)
Speed: 8/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 7/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Falco, Fox and Wolf call upon their Landmasters which often takes up most of the arena. Here you can perform barrel rolls, shoot your laser and fly into the sky. Foxís last longer but is the weakest whereas Wolfís is powerful but short. Falco is somewhere in the middle. A great Final Smash whichever of the three you pick.

You may notice, but Iíve pretty much copied and pasted Fox, Falco and Wolfís description as they are nearly identical. Fox is probably the fastest by a slight bit with Falco coming second and then wolf. Falco is slightly more powerful and his blaster is less frequent at firing and more powerful but easier to dodge. Itís basically down to personal preference really as Fox and Falco are pretty much the same.

Fox (7)
Speed: 9/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Falco, Fox and Wolf call upon their Landmasters which often takes up most of the arena. Here you can perform barrel rolls, shoot your laser and fly into the sky. Foxís last longer but is the weakest whereas Wolfís is powerful but short. Falco is somewhere in the middle. A great Final Smash whichever of the three you pick.

You may notice, but Iíve pretty much copied and pasted Fox, Falco and Wolfís description as they are nearly identical. Fox is probably the fastest by a slight bit with Falco coming second and then wolf. Fox has a handy blaster that can accumulate damage quick from a distance and his quickness can mean Smashing opponents is fairly simple. However his speed and weight can be deadly if you are not alert as holes and gaps in stages can mean unwanted deaths. His reflector is very useful and great for catching players off guard who try to shoot you with a charged shot of a weapon.

Ganondorf (4)
Speed: 1/10
Power: 10/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 2/10

Ganondorf takes form into that of the beast Ganon and then launches forward taking out anyone in his path. Itís quick and brutal so make sure you arenít in front of him otherwise itís an instant KO.

Slow as a tank but built like one with moves that will cause major damage and send you flying too. His B button move is the same as Captain Falconís but even stronger but takes an age to perform. Smash moves are strong but again slow and his recovery move is one of the worst in the game. Best advice I can give is either stay away from him or stand back and try to land a charged move on someone who walks by.

Ice Climbers (7)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 5/10 (1/10 when alone)

A useful and funny Final Smash. While it may not result in any instant KOís it will definitely rack up the damage on your opponents. A giant iceberg appears in the centre of the stage and attacks and freezes anyone who touches it. Great fun.

I used to hate Ice Climbers in Melee. I didnít like the way they handled or felt, but in Brawl Iíve completely changed my mind. Their moves are quick and effective and since there are two of you, you can potentially do double the damage. Also if the female Ice Climber gets hit, it does no damage so aim for the blue one. Their recovery move is okay as a team, but if one is eliminated itís almost nonexistent.

Ike (8)
Speed: 2/10
Power: 10/10
Move List: 7/10
Recovery Move: 2/10

His Final Smash must be used in front of an opponent or more than one. He hits them in the air where he continues to smack them about before sending them to the floor and knocking them in the air and often out of the screen. Tough to get right but usually an easy KO or two.

In my opinion overpowered and overused by players, but his move set and power are a force to be reckoned with. While he is still very slow his reach with his giant sword makes up for it. A simple Smash move will get most opponents out at only 60% damage. However since he is such a heavy character his recovery move is extremely poor and you may often find yourself not making it back into the arena if hit too far.

Jigglypuff (3)
Speed: 5/10
Power: 5/10
Move List: 4/10
Recovery Move: 8/10

Jigglypuff inflates to a huge size where upon reaching peak volume he then bounces any opponents out of the arena and off the screen. Great when on a small arena, but not too good if using a bigger one.

Jigglypuff is someone you should avoid. If it werenít for her down and B move her strength would be at around 2. Her speed isnít particularly special and Iím not a fan of her moves. But perhaps her biggest problem, is how easy it is to knock her out of the screen. Since she is a balloon, big hits are likely to send her high and far. An excellent recovery move, but not wise to pick Jigglypuff.

King Dedede (4)
Speed: 1/10
Power: 10/10
Move List: 3/10
Recovery Move: 7/10

Doing a funny looking dance, King Dedede calls upon his minions who will electrify and cause damage to anyone in the way. Unless the other players are at high health donít expect any KOs. Not a great move to be honest.

King Dedede is perhaps the largest of the characters in the game which makes him a large and easy target to aim for. His power is one of the best in the game however he is perhaps the slowest too so the best tactic is to avoid getting into the centre of battles and instead wait outside trying to hit a stray opponent after a charged up Smash move. His recovery move is very good and allows him to float for a while and then shoot into the air. Itís rare you wonít make it back into the arena with King Dedede.

Kirby (9)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 9/10
Recovery Move: 9/10

Kirby becomes a cook and drags anyone nearby into his giant pot. About 30% of damage will be done and then the players will be sent flying out. Unless their health is high it wonít send them out for a KO. Bonus items fall out after use : )

Kirby is a great character. Heís fairly fast, has a decent amount of power, (especially his giant hammer) has a great range of moves and a recovery that will mean you wonít be getting him out easy. His ability to capture and steal others moves is also useful especially against those that have powerful ones. If he has one bad point, itís that since he is a ball itís a little easier to hit him high.

Link (6)
Speed: 4/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 7/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Link attacks anyone in front of him and traps them in the Triforce symbol where he continues to slash them before hitting them with a final blow and sending them out the side of the screen. Powerful and effective move.

I also though Link was better than this. In Brawl he is slow and heavy. While he isnít a bad character, his speed and weight stop him from being a truly great fighter. His mixture of sword based combat and projectile weapons are great and when falling, use the down and B button move to send a sword straight into an unsuspecting opponent below. Since he is heavy though, his recovery move isnít anything too good.

Lucario (7)
Speed: 5/10
Power: 4/10 up to 9/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Lucario shoots into the top of the screen where he unleashes a giant beam that can be directed right or left. If you get caught in it expect to be sent out of the screen. However characters like Kirby and Pit with good recovery moves can stay high and avoid this move.

I like Lucario. Heís an average speed and has a move list similar to Mewtwoís from Melee. Using magic-like moves he can reach quite far in his attacks. Heís also interesting, because the more damage he has done to him, the more powerful he becomes. When his damage is around the 90% mark watch out as his Smash moves will become deadly. Itís a shame heís so weak when heís at a low damage amount though.

Lucas (9)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 8/10
Move List: 10/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Lucas calls to the skies and stream of comets and meteors come crashing to the ground. Get hit by one and youíll likely see yourself being bounced around others. Hard to avoid but not impossible this move is powerful and will likely grab you a KO or two.

Perhaps one of the best fighters in the game. Similar to Ness is pretty much every single way, but with more effective moves and a higher strength he is definitely the one to choose of the two. His up and B button move is long lasting, has a great reach and so powerful that it can send players sky rocketing. His recovery move is troublesome as it requires you to hit yourself at the correct angle, but master that and youíll be a force to be reckoned with.

Luigi (7)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 6/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Luigi has one of the strangest moves in the game but itís one of the best. Dancing weirdly, a big ball of what can only be described as some sort of strange drug forms causing any player in it to do random things like taunts and fall asleep. Itís simply a matter of using your up and B move on them to hit them out of the arena. If you get caught in this Final Smash button bash as fast as you can to wake up and recover.

Slippery as a wet fish, but fairly quick as well. He handles like his brother, but has a few tricks up his sleeve. Use his up and B move while standing next to someone and it can send them out the top of the screen. Sadly his recovery move requires charging to move along and moving upward is tough too. Mario is easier to get a hold of but Luigi has the edge when it comes to strength.

Mario (8)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 7/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

His brother has him trumped when it comes to Final Smashes as Marioís is fairly easy to avoid. Mario shoots a giant flame from his hands that engulfs the entire stage and sends the players flying out the arena. Best to use this on the edge of a stage and hope for the best as players can jump over the fireball or duck underneath it if lucky enough.

As always the red plumber is a good place to start and a good all rounder. He is fairly quick and has a decent amount of power. His move set is also extremely useful with fire and fists doing the talking. If anything lacks, it is his recovery move which canít get you too far.

Marth (4)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 5/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 4/10

Marth dashes forwards and takes out anyone in the way. Use it in midair and miss and you will go out of the screen. Simple as.

Speedy, light and similar to Ike with his fascination with using a sword. His moves are average but fairly quick and since he has a sword, he can reach further than most fighters. Marth isnít anything special and his recovery move is pretty poor too.

Meta Knight (8)
Speed: 9/10
Power: 3/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 8/10

Meta Knight will flick his cloak and take out anyone nearby. This move is odd to predict as often it can miss people completely. However when it lands, it is a powerful move.

Very weak, but very annoying. Imagine Kirby teamed up with a sword and you have Meta Knight. What separates him from the crowd is his amazing ability to battle opponents in mid-air. Simply mashing the A button will inflict a lot of damage to players trying to get back into the arena. His great recovery move also means itís easy to try and stop players returning to the arena after hitting them out. Overall a great character and the best mid-flight battler in the game.

Mr. Game and Watch (8)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 9/10

Turning into a giant octopus, you can move around freely attacking enemies with your tentacles. A powerful move and one that lasts a while so watch out. Be careful too when using it, as you can still fall off the stage and through gaps.

Another top player in Brawl whose excels in speed and power and boasts one of the most interesting move lists to date. Using frying pans, hammers, fish and so on, Mr. Game and Watch is as unpredictable as he is useful. His recovery move is also extremely good as he springs up and uses a parachute to land back in safely.

Ness (7)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Ness calls to the skies and stream of comets and meteors come crashing to the ground. Get hit by one and youíll likely see yourself being bounced around others. Hard to avoid but not impossible this move is powerful and will likely grab you a KO or two.

His speed matches that of Lucas as does his recovery move, but his lower strength and less effective attacks make him the worse of the two. Not much to say other than if you want to pick either Ness or Lucas, Iíd go with the latter.

Olimar (7)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 6 or 7/10
Move List: 6/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Olimar jumps into his spaceship and flies into the skies while giant Bulborbs attack the players below. When finished Olimar comes crashing down and explodes on anyone caught below the spacecraft. A great move and one you canít really avoid. If you are on the receiving end of this move try and get into the air to avoid the Bulborbs.

An odd choice for a newcomer, but one Iím happy Nintendo made, Olimar has the most unusual fighting styles so far and while some may be put off by him, those who persevere will learn of the powers he truly has. Bottom line is unless you have Pikmin plucked you are defenceless. Throwing Pikmin at enemies can stack up the damage and you may sometimes see their amount rise from 0% to 50% in seconds. Purple Pikmin give you the most power in Smashes, but each have unique abilities so try each. Overall a good character but one that needs a lot of practice.

Peach (4)
Speed: 5/10
Power: 3/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 7/10

Peach poses and everyone falls asleep. Peaches also rain from the sky and can be eaten for health. You now have a choice. Either eat all the peaches before anyone wakes up, or ignore them and attack the sleeping players.

Overall a little lacking in each area. She is too weak to really pose a massive threat and not exactly lightning fast when it comes to speed. Her moves are also either weak or ineffective at times. Nothing stands out accept using the sideways and B attack for a little kick in your moves. However her recovery move is great as you can float back into the area via your umbrella.

Speed: 6/10
Power: 7/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Pikachu forms into a giant thunderball which is very tricky to control. Press A to emit large strikes of lightning. If mastered this move can do a lot of damage and even hit players off the screen, however if not itís often just the other players laughing at you as you fly by and miss time after time.

Pikachu can be used cheaply and also skilfully. The cheap method is to simply rely on his down and B button thunder cloud move all the time to send enemies flying. However his move list is actually surprisingly useful. His Smash moves are powerful and fairly quick and making use of his entire catalogue of moves will give your opponents a tough time. His recovery move is average and chances are if youíre hit off the arena youíll end up out of the screen anyways.

Pit (3)
Speed: 6/10
Power: 2/10
Move List: 3/10
Recovery Move: 10/10

Pit calls upon his angel like friends and they come down to attack the other players. These can be avoided but if they hit you can cause a nasty amount of damage. One problem with this move is Pit can still be attacked during it.

Pit has a good recovery move but very little worrying presence in the game at all. His moves are weak and in my opinion he has one of the least impressive move sets in the game. He is a nippy character but other than that itís hard to recommend him during battle.

Pokemon Trainer (7)
Speed: (Squirtle 8/10), (Ivysaur 6/10), (Charizard 4/10)
Power: (Squirtle 5/10), (Ivysaur 7/10), (Charizard 8/10)
Move List: (Squirtle 7/10), (Ivysaur 7/10), (Charizard 6/10)
Recovery Move: (Squirtle 6/10), (Ivysaur 5/10), (Charizard 7/10)

All three Pokemon form up and emit one giant beam attack that travels across the stage. Either try to keep high off the ground, or stand behind the Pokemon when they use it.

Wow three Pokemon in one! This can only be good. Well it is. Squirtle provides speed, Charizard the power and Ivysaur a nice balance between the two. My advice is to use Squirtle when starting out and then moving onto the more powerful Charizard when damage is high on other players. Each are very good fighters and offer something unique and useful to the table.

ROB (6)
Speed: 6/10
Power: 8/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 10/10

ROB goes crazy and constantly shoots lasers out of his eyes. Go near him at your peril as he can send you flying if you do. Heís quicker and more powerful so just hope the player hasnít got it in for you.

He has the best recovery move in the game, Iíll tell you that. ROB is quite quick for a robot and has a decent amount of power too. His moves are average at best with a laser beam from his eyes being the highlight, his biggest problem is he feels too much... like a robot being jumpy and overall unsatisfying to use.

Samus/ Zero Suit Samus (6)

Speed: (Samus 6/10), (Zero Suit 8/10)
Power: (Samus 7/10), (Zero Suit 4/10)
Move List: (Samus 6/10), (Zero Suit 3/10)
Recovery Move: (Samus 6/10), (Zero Suit 4/10)

Samus shoots a giant charged beam out of her cannon and then loses her suit. The beam is likely to score you some KOís but the problem is you then have to become Zero Suit Samus. Her Final Smash as Zero Suit simply has her piece her suit back together. Also if someone is nearby when this happens they get attacked pretty heavily.

Samus is a good fighter with a good list of moves to use ranging from charged up beams to rockets and smashes with her cannon. However as soon as she steps foot out of the suit it turns bad. Her speed may have increased, but her moves and power becomes useless. Trust me if you end up using Samus youíll likely want to stay away from the Smash balls.

Snake (6)

Speed: 3/10
Power: 9/10
Move List: 6/10
Recovery Move: 7/10

Snake jumps into a helicopter and starts firing rockets at players on the arena. Taking a first person view you aim at opponents via a crosshair. The best bet here is to aim where the player is going, rather than where they are. When avoiding this move donít stand still or else youíll become an easy target.

Snake is an odd character. Most of his moves arenít automatic and revolve around landmines, guided missiles and timed grenades. Youíll need to plan your moves and the best possible tactic is to stand back and use your arsenal to your advantage. Combat isnít his forte but should you land a move try and make it his sideways Smash move. The bazooka is extremely powerful. Sort of slow, powerful if you can land moves and a recovery move that does the job.

Sonic (7)
Speed: 10/10
Power: 4/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 8/10

His Final Smash is hands down the best in the game. As you become Super Sonic you can fly around the stage attacking anyone you like. This move lasts a long time and after a few hits youíll send them packing. There arenít really any tips to avoid this other than hope for the best.

As you could have probably guessed the blue hedgehog is all about speed and is the fastest character in the game. Since he lacks any read power itís best to remain on your toes and repeat the pattern of attacking and retreating. Try using his spin dash move to wipe the floor of opponents. His variety of moves are fairly limited and have a reach of not very far. However his recovery move sees him retrieve a spring and bounce on it to a high height.

Toon Link (6)
Speed: 7/10
Power: 4/10
Move List: 7/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Toon Link attacks anyone in front of him and traps them in the Triforce symbol where he continues to slash them before hitting them with a final blow and sending them out the side of the screen. Powerful and effective move.

Pretty much identical to the older version to be completely honest except some minor tweaks. First of all heís smaller and faster. Secondly heís weaker. Thirdly heís lighter thus making it easier to get back into the arena. And finally... actually thatís it.

Speed: 5/10
Power: 6/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 5/10

Wario turns into Super Wario and starts jumping, flying and attacking anyone you like. Heís quicker and much more powerful, the best bet is to stick to one person and hit them out before moving onto someone else. When avoiding spread out and hope the player who has this move doesnít want to go for you.

Perhaps a comical character more than anything, Wario is fairly average with a move set that isnít particularly amazing. His moves are funny, but surprisingly weak considering in many other titles heís seen as the power type. Heís average when it comes to speed and his recovery move is okay at best.

Wolf (7)
Speed: 8/10
Power: 8/10
Move List: 8/10
Recovery Move: 6/10

Falco, Fox and Wolf call upon their Landmasters which often takes up most of the arena. Here you can perform barrel rolls, shoot your laser and fly into the sky. Foxís last longer but is the weakest whereas Wolfís is powerful but short. Falco is somewhere in the middle. A great Final Smash whichever of the three you pick.

You may notice, but Iíve pretty much copied and pasted Fox, Falco and Wolfís description as they are nearly identical. Fox is probably the fastest by a slight bit with Falco coming second and then wolf. However Wolf has the better move list and also poses a little more threat when it comes to power. His gun is slow and pointless to use but his power stands him out from the other two.

Yoshi (5)
Speed: 5/10
Power: 5/10
Move List: 5/10
Recovery Move: 1/10

Yoshi grows wings and flies around the arena spitting fireballs and breathing flames on the opponents. Fireballs are powerful and fire builds up damage. Heís fairly easy to control but heís also easy-ish to avoid. Simply use your aerial dodge and keep moving to avoid Yoshi.

Looking at his stats you can see Yoshi is your average sort of character. He isnít exactly anything special and the one big let-down is his recovery move which doesnít really exist after using your jumps. But his jump IS huge, but thatís it. If you get hit out of the arena having used your jumps already, youíre basically done for. Rolling around in an egg is handy, but can be hard to control. Better to stay away from Yoshi than use him in battle.

Zelda/Sheik (6)

Speed: (Zelda 5/10), (Sheik 7/10)
Power: (Zelda 7/10), (Sheik 5/10)
Move List: (Zelda 7/10), (Sheik 6/10)
Recovery Move: (Zelda 6/10), (Sheik 5/10)

Both have the same moves. Both pull out a bow and arrow and fire straight away. Anyone in line with the arrow is an automatic KO. Itís possible to get everyone out in one shot with this move, but focus on just getting at least one to begin with. To avoid it just stay in the air and keep moving.

Zelda is my pick of the two when it comes to fighting, mainly due to her higher power and useful magic ball of fire. Holding the B button when using and letting go just as you hit someone feels so rewarding and more important does great damage. Also a little tip. When someone has a hammer, keep using this move to keep them away from you. Sheik may be quicker, but sheís heavier and her moves lack that extra punch Zeldaís do so maybe itís best to stick with her.

And there you have it. Everyone in the game. Hope this fighter guide has helped and thanks for reading : )

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