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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
There are forty nine comet coins in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and some can be quite tricky to find. Have no fear though as I present to you a handy guide explaining each and every coins whereabouts.


Sky Station Galaxy
Once you reach the cylinder shaped section with the tall platforms moving platforms on wheels make sure to jump on the one nearest the launch star. (furthest right) Let it take you round and you’ll come across the comet coin.

Yoshi Star Galaxy
A very easy coin to find. In the area where you first find a Yoshi egg you’ll see a tall hill shaped feature with the coin atop. To reach it you need to use the spring pad behind.

Spin Dig Galaxy
On the second planet grab the drill and use it to get to the other side. On the bottom you should see a slightly raised square piece of land. Drill through it to appear on top of a high piece of land on the other side. The coin is just to the right in mid air. Jump to get it.

Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Once you get to the round planet covered in water and Shadow Marios, you’ll find the coin is located just above a small spike. To reach it you can either triple jump or use the cloud suit to get high enough.

Flip-Switch Galaxy
You can’t miss this coin. Once you reach the section with the giant Chomps, it can be found hovering over a single blue panel.

Rightside Down Galaxy
You’ll come across two Thwomps around halfway through the stage (you’ll be upside-down for this part) with the comet coin between them. The easiest way to get it is by doing a backflip onto the side of one of the Thwomps and wall jumping up to the coin.

Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla
Near the beginning of the galaxy you’ll see a Thwomp. Directly above it is the comet coin which can be grabbed easily by performing a wall jump and spin combo off the Thwomp. Simple.


Puzzle Plank Galaxy
In plain view when you reach the section that’s full of circular saws cutting planks of wood off. It’s on a rectangular piece of wood on the left hand side. You must be quick when getting it since a saw will cut off the platform in seconds. Long jumping is likely the quickest way of getting to it.

Hightail Falls Galaxy
When you reach the section with the hungry Luma you’ll know you’re at the right place. Once you’ve eaten the dash pepper, simply weave in and out of the obstacles and keep aiming upward. The coin is in a groove at the top. It’s important to note that when you hit the dead end wall you’ll fall back down so use Yoshi’s flutter kick to fall back onto the bottom platform.

Boulder Bowl Galaxy
A real simple coin to grab and one that will take literally seconds. On the planet at the very start, grab the rock mushroom and roll twice into the giant purple crystal to reveal the comet coin.

Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Again another fairly simple one that can be reached with little effort. Once you get to the open area (having swam down the long narrow part) just keep heading in a straight line until you see a shell underwater. Inside it is the comet coin.

Wild Glide Galaxy
This one often causes confusion since the coin seems inaccessible on first inspection. The comet coin is located right at the end of the course within a glass sphere that stops you from grabbing it. In order to make this sphere disappear you need to pass through five gates spread throughout the course. It’s worth noting that these gates are on the ground, so keep scanning the lower areas for them. Pass through all five and you can fly to the coin at the end.

Honeybloom Galaxy
Once you reach the first checkpoint flag, keep heading forwards going up the small wooden steps and clouds. If you keep going right you should eventually see a small nook guarded by a Choppah. Get past him and you can then grab the comet coin.

Bowser’s Lava Lair
Once you reach two Whomps (big slabs of concrete) the comet coin is located high above where the second Whomp marches. Stand beneath the Whomp and quickly move away when he tries to squash you. Jump on him and do a simple backflip to reach the coin in the air.


Tall Trunk Galaxy
After you reach the first checkpoint flag (you can tell you’re in the right place, as the camera takes a 2D view) use the blimp fruit to inflate Yoshi. When you reach the moving platforms, grab another blimp fruit on the right and this time move toward the centre up a small enclosed area where the comet coin rests.

Cloudy Court Galaxy
This coin is a piece of cake to collect and is located right at the very end of the galaxy. When you reach the part where you’ll need to use a cloud suit to move upward quickly between two side walls moving toward each other keep your eye on the right hand side and you’ll see the coin fits snug in a small gap when the two walls close in. Time it right and grab it.

Haunty Halls Galaxy
When you reach the section that sees you moving forwards along moving platforms that appear and disappear on each side keep making your way up till you reach the pipe. Don’t enter it. Instead wait for another platform to appear and follow it round so you can reach the comet coin up ahead.

Freezy Flake Galaxy
Once you’ve found yourself sliding down a short slide, you’ll come across a section that has loads of giant ice cubes and stone cubes stacked together. Grab the fire flower and start to use it to melt the ice cubes away near the bottom. Continue to do this and you will soon uncover the comet coin.

Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
When you reach the slightly curved wooden section you should see the comet coin straight ahead. Be quick though since there will be several saws chopping pieces of wood off. Simply roll into it to grab it.

Beat Block Galaxy
Another comet coin that is in clear view. Since the entire galaxy only allows you to follow one path you can’t miss it. It’s amongst some enemies over a yellow block after the first checkpoint flag. Take the route further away from the camera and you’ll see the coin high in the air.

Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet
Toward the end of the galaxy you will find yourself on a moving platform that travels to two floating battle ships. Having past the first one make sure that you jump onto the second one quick and grab the comet coin on the left before the platform leaves without you.


Supermassive Galaxy
This comet coin is located at the beginning of the galaxy. Next to the mega giant goomba the coin can be seen hovering between a massive gap. To get it just use the long jump.

Flipsville Galaxy
Once you start head to the gate on the right and ground pound it. Then move around and ground pound the final gate. (after having moved round some crates) Finally ground pound the next gate you come across and move toward the camera. The coin at this point should be in plain view.

Starshine Beach Galaxy
If you look over in the distance you will see a large structure that has a big roundish top that gets thinner as it goes down. (It’s also a location of one of the silver stars.) Head over toward it and dive underwater. You should see a small dark tunnel opening. Swim through it, avoiding the two eels and grab the comet coin.

Chompworks Galaxy
You can grab this as soon as you start this galaxy. You should see ahead of you two platforms getting higher with a question mark block on one of them. This leads to a higher platform that has a continuous line of Chomps running along it. High above is the comet coin that can be reached with a backflip. Time it right so as to avoid getting hit by one of the Chomps.

Sweet Mystery Galaxy
After the first checkpoint flag grab the Bulb Berry and run along the hidden path picking up the other one along the way to keep Yoshi’s light glowing. Follow a curved path that should move toward you and then make your way over the few jumps until you reach the comet coin. You need to be very quick getting the coin and getting back since the Bulb Berry only lasts a little while.

Honeyhop Galaxy
The comet coin is located in the planet you float to on flower petals. The coin itself is on the right hand side of this planet. Make your way there and use the small gap in the side of the mountain to wall jump up and not only reach one of the silver stars, but also the comet coin itself.

Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet
When the camera shifts to a 2D view and you pass the checkpoint flag the comet coin can be seen floating above a breakable block. Just jump on it to grab the coin.


Space Storm Galaxy
This one is located on the cylinder shaped planet where you continually fall round and round and cannot fall off of. Keep following the route along the cylinder until you eventually see the comet coin. If you search the area you will eventually find it. Watch out for the green laser beams.

Slipsand Galaxy
The comet coin is right in the middle of your path (when completing ‘Suizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole’ star) It can be found in the section that sees the sandy path making a winding pattern with the coin hovering over a square piece of solid land.

Shiverburn Galaxy
After you use the first launch star, you’ll find yourself on a planet made up of lava with platforms moving around it. Make your way across them carefully and you should see the comet coin floating over the lava. Time your jump right with the moving platforms to grab it successfully.

Boo Moon Galaxy
This comet coin can be found in clear view when you ride along the purple/pink moving blocks. It is literally right before the launch star. (when you are upsidedown)

Upside Dizzy Galaxy
The comet coin is in plain sight on this level at the point where the gravity fields change with the beat of the music. Wait for the main gravity to be blue and backflip and spin up to the coin. Or you could simply wait for the gravity to carry you up and take a hit on the electric beam before grabbing the coin.

Fleet Glide Galaxy
Once again much like the Wild Glide Galaxy, you need to pass through five gates in order to open the sphere that traps the comet coin. The coin can be found just before the end of the level. Fly into it to grab it.

Bowser Jr.’s Boom Bunker
After you have shot Mario using the cannon at the bottom of a round planet consisting of red and blue platforms, make your way around carefully avoiding any mines. The comet coin is found on the row of blue platforms.


Melty Molten Galaxy
At the very end of this galaxy you will find yourself navigating a series of rocks with lava and Magmaarghs all over it. When you get to the longer black rock (be careful since a Magmaargh will try to gobble you whole), look around for another rock to jump to. This should have the comet coin on it.

Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
The comet coin is found high above the round rolling blocks later in the level. You’ll notice the round blocks have small slithers in them to avoid getting squashed. The best thing to do is to try and get a ride in one of the slithers to the top and jump at the peak for the comet coin.

Throwback Galaxy
The key here is to find the best point to fall into the area with the comet coin. That area is the massive flag pole near the top of the island. If you climb to the top of it you can even get a 1up mushroom. Standing near the flagpole, you’ll see a small platform underneath with coins and of course the comet coin. Jump down to it and the coin itself is yours.

Battle Belt Galaxy
An easy one to get but missable. This coin is located on the small round planet with lava spots and small flame enemies on. The coin itself can be found hovering over one of the lava pits.

Flash Black Galaxy
When the view takes a 2D look make your way up the mansion like building until you reach the very top. In the top left hand corner is the comet coin. It is up to you whether you use Blimp Yoshi or just jump there to grab the comet coin.

Slimy Spring Galaxy
This stage is tough since the amount of air you have is limited throughout. Luckily the comet coin is located near the start and is fairly easy to get. Once you’ve dived underwater, keep to the left hand side of the wall and eventually you’ll find a small passage. Through here is the comet coin.

Bowser’s Galaxy Generator
You must have Yoshi to get this comet coin and it can be found at the point with the purple/pink moving blocks. After dodging the giant Magmaarghs you should see some daisy pegs in front of you. Use Yoshi to grab onto them and at the top should be the comet coin. Make sure to give yourself enough time to flutter kick back onto the moving platform.


Mario Squared Galaxy
The comet coin is located in the far left hand corner. Use long jumps to preserve the disappearing platforms so you can make it back after.

Rolling Coaster Galaxy
At the point where the path splits, take the right route and eventually you will come across the comet coin.

Twisty Trials Galaxy
If you just keep following the path over the wooden obstacles, you will eventually find the comet coin above one of the rotating shapes.

Stone Cyclone Galaxy
The best advice I can give here is to use the buttons that slow down time. This will make navigating this stage a lot easier. From the starting point if you run backwards you will find one of these buttons. After this head back until you reach the edge. (where the first silver star is) You should be able to see the comet coin straight ahead over some moving platforms.

Boss Blitz Galaxy
When you have gotten to the battle with King Kaliente, (the enemy in the lava pool) run underneath and backflip at the very bottom to reach the comet coin.

Flip-Out Galaxy
This comet coin is found near the end of the galaxy. When you reach the section with a series of rising spikes, you need to first make it across to the end. Once you’ve done this you need to use the blue and red walls to make it upward onto a standard platform. From here make sure that the red walls are extended. Then long jump to the left and spin at the last second to extend the blue wall. (If you’ve noticed you are now walking along the top of the spike section) Long jump again but don’t spin and you will find yourself the comet coin.

Grandmaster Galaxy
In the final section of this galaxy (it’s full of Boomerang Bros and purple blocks) keep heading forward till you meet the spinning platforms with faces on. On the right you’ll see the comet coin over the edge. Jump and spin to safely make your way back onto the platform.
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
Perhaps the greatest game of this generation, Super Mario Galaxy 2 features the most bosses in any game yet. Below is a guide detailing each and every encounter you’ll have. Good luck.

PeeWee Piranha’s Temper Tantrum
Sky Station Galaxy

If you played the original Mario Galaxy then you’ll know how to tackle this boss fairly well. Fighting on a spherical planet the idea here is to avoid his head and try to run around him to spin attack his backside. The easiest time to do this is after he charges and tires himself out, but it’s also possible to do it earlier. After a hit or two he will become enraged and run even faster after you. The attack process is the same but you need to be much quicker in catching up to him. Hit him once more and you’ll grab your first power star.

Spiny Control
Yoshi Star Galaxy

This boss battle takes the form of an oversized Lakitu enemy. Here you be riding Yoshi on a small round platform where he will constantly try to throw Spinys at you. In order to damage him start by licking the Spinys to roll them into a ball. Then swallow one and shoot it back at the giant Lakitu. While doing this the Lakitu will also send a lightning cloud slowly around the stage to try and electrocute you two. It’s easily avoidable so fear not. After a couple of hits the Lakitu will move a lot quicker making it tougher to hit him so aiming should be a matter of focusing on where he’s moving to next since he won’t stay in one place for long. Make contact a few more times and you’ll defeat him.

Digga-Leg’s Planet
Spin-Dig Galaxy

This boss is a lot of fun and requires use of the digging power-up. The giant legged beast has two sides to his mechanical body. One side is made of metal and makes him invulnerable, while the other is made of glass and is what you should be aiming for. When his glass side is facing the ground that is when you should make your move. From the opposite side of the round planet drill through the planet aiming between his legs to land a hit of his glass underbelly. Once you’ve done this he will begin hopping around and shooting smaller drilling enemies at you. Avoid or jump on them to get rid of them and wait until he makes himself vulnerable again. Drill twice more into his glass area to release the power star.

Gobblegut’s Aching Belly
Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla

Gobblegut is a large dragon-like enemy that has six pink areas on his body that you should focus your attacks on. His attack is simply him diving his head along the planet’s surface or occasionally going right through it altogether. When he starts to go underground, spin his pink bulging areas as soon as they become stuck briefly. After you hit three he’ll start to get mad and move a lot quicker. You need to repeat the same actions as before but this time be a little more quick about it. Also when he drills underground he’ll then reappear again once he emerges the other side so be aware of this as you await to hit the final three pink areas on his body.

Bugaboom’s Back
Puzzle Plank Galaxy

This giant bug will fly around in a circle begging to be squished. How you do this is by getting onto his back and butt stomping. The cloud suit will make an appearance here and it’s extremely handy in getting the height you need to land on his back (you can use the springs if you wish but I wouldn’t advise it as it’s simply easier to use the cloud suit) In preparation use two clouds to get some height, waiting for the bug to make his way around to you. When he does jump on his back causing him to stop and then butt stomp him. Do this a second time to make him angry. At this stage he will start to lob bombs at you and occasionally tilt his body sideways making it impossible to land on him. Do the same as before with some clouds to gain a little height only this time jump a little earlier to land on him as he flies by since he moves quicker. Butt stomp him one final time to grab another star.

Rock and Rollodillo
Boulder Bowl Galaxy

This boss is incredibly easy and requires the use of the rock mushroom. Much like you Rollodillo can roll in a ball so when he does this avoid him at all costs. What you want to try and aim for is his bright blue backside. The first time will be easy since he simply stands there waiting. However after this you need to wait for him to finishing rolling and become dizzy (you’ll know when as you’ll see stars above his head) before you can attack in a ball yourself. As the fight progresses he’ll have a few attempts at trying to hit you before getting dizzy so just keep dodging him till the time is right. Five hits should do the trick here.

Bowser’s Big Lava Lair Power Party
Bowser’s Lava Lair

The first of many boss fights with Bowser. Here you’ll find yourself on a spherical planet facing the biggest Bowser you’ll ever see. The first thing you need to do is avoid the meteors that come plummeting to the planet. There are usually three and you’ll know where to avoid as a bright orange colour will appear where they are going to land. After this Bowser will try to punch you but get stuck (again where he is going to punch will turn orange so avoid this area) When this happens you’ll notice the meteors have now turned gold and are now floating. Jump onto one of them (the gravity will pull you onto it when you are near enough) and butt stomp it directly in the centre of the star to hit Bowser square in the face. Repeat this once more before Bowser starts to throw in a fire breathing attack for good measure. Just stay out of the path of his fire breath and twice more butt stomp the golden meteors into his face. Congratulations you have beaten Bowser... and not for the last time.

Sorbetti’s Chilly Reception
Freezy Flake Galaxy

A very simple and very quick boss battle this is. Sorbetti is a weird looking giant ball of snow that has a bright red nose. Can you guess what it is you’re supposed to hit? Correct his bright red nose. He’ll constantly roll around the planet trying to run you down demolishing anything in his path. When you get a chance spin attack his red nose. If you are low on health keep a look out for any coins that appear thanks to Sorbetti running down objects on the planet. Repeat hitting his nose twice more and the boss battle is over.

Bowser Jr.’s Mighty Megahammer
Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet

Bowser Jr. Will hop into a giant robot making for a tough boss battle. Lucky for you Yoshi has come along to help you out. The idea here is swallow the bullet bills that Bower Jr. fires at you and shoot them back out at the blue circles on the robots chest and back. Do this twice on each blue panel (use the sling shot star to reach the one on his back) avoiding his hammer slamming move and the red laser that sometimes moves outward from the robot. Once you have hit each panel twice (six hits in all) Bowser Jr. will then open his hatch and make himself vulnerable. Swallow another bullet bill and hold onto it while making sure to avoid any other bombs or projectiles (one hit from them will send you flying and Yoshi running) Wait until the robot smashes both his hammers down and leans his head forward before firing the bomb Bowser Jr.’s way. Do this twice in total to put the giant robot away once and for all.

Flip-Flopping in Flipsville
Flipsville Galaxy

The first thing to take note on is the arena itself. Consisting of two flat sides (bottom and top) with a bunch of flappable gates spread all over it you’ll need to use said gates to claim victory. Glamdozer (the boss) will be asleep on top of one of the flappable gates so head onto the bottom of the platform and butt stomp the gate to give him a wakeup call he won’t soon forget.

During the battle itself Glamdozer will start stampeding around trying to run you down. The best strategy is to make your way to the other side and wait for him/her to walk above you. When you can see the star shape on his underbelly then that is the perfect time to flip the gate. After the first hit he’ll start firing balls of lava at you that get caught in the gates making them unusable. Find a usable one and repeat the same technique twice more to defeat this flamboyant boss.

Breaking Into Bowser’s Castle
Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet

Remember the last battle you had with giant Bowser? Well this is pretty much the same but with one small difference. Shockwaves. Every meteor that hits the planet will send out a purple shock wave that can stun and damage you. When Bowser punches the ground another purple shock wave will be sent out. To avoid them just jump over them. Two hits and he’ll then start to breath fire again. Two more hits and he’s finished... for now.

Squizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole
Slipsand Galaxy

At the centre of the arena is Squizzard and surrounding him is sinking sand. Keep moving to avoid getting stuck and hit by incoming projectiles. You’ll notice two fire flowers on each side of Squzzard so grab one, getting more when needed. The first wave of attacks will see him throw rocks at you. Simply move around to avoid them and when he opens his mouth continually throw fireballs his way. Keep doing so until star bits fly in the air meaning you’ve hit him properly the once. The next wave will see him throw spiky balls too. These can be destroyed with a fireball. Yet again when he opens his mouth start throwing fireballs at him. The final wave will see Squizzard also throwing two bombs that explode on impact. Avoiding all other obstacles start to throw more fireballs at him when his mouth opens briefly. This third and final hit will see him retreat and another power star will be yours.

Prince Pikante’s Peppery Mood
Shiverburn Galaxy

This boss battle is very similar to that of King Kaliente in the original Mario Galaxy. Riding around in his weird looking cart, he’ll start firing fireballs at you with some melting in the ground (avoid these small puddles of lava) Every now and again he’ll fire a coconut that can be span back at him. You need to do this three times to defeat him with every hit resulting in Prince Pikante firing more and more fireballs more frequently at you. Sometimes the prince will even aim in the air firing his weapons with them then raining down slowly all over the arena. If you can skate over to a falling coconut then spin it his way. I’m sure you knew this too, but it’s also wise to avoid getting run down by his cart.

Bowser Jr.’s Boomsday Machine
Bowser Jr.’s Boom Bunker

Bowser Jr has really tried his best this time to try and defeat you with fans, fireballs, lasers and more. Sadly though it’s still no much for us. Grab yourself a cloud suit and then make your way over to one of the many fans scattered around the edge. Spin to create a cloud and ride it up the fan to the top. When you reach the top grab another cloud flower to stock up on clouds and start to make your way toward Bowser Jr. in his cockpit. When you have made it over butt bash the glass top. You’ll now be flung off and Bowser Jr. will start his fans. These will suck in all the clouds around so avoid being on one when he does this. Make your way back up the fan once more and again make your way to the cockpit to butt bash him once more. Be careful though, as when he starts his fans his glass casing will be electrified causing you damage should you touch it.

The last hit will be a lot more tricky since the huge tower will become a moving tank! You will need to go up the fan again, only this time you need to get even higher to reach the glass casing. Use more clouds to climb higher in the sky and when you see the tank coming around jump onto it and butt bash it one final time to see of Bowser Jr. for good.

Return of the Whomp King
Throwback Galaxy

Whomp King. I remember this battle. Seems like so long ago. Anyways. To defeat this guy the process remains the same as it was on the Nintendo 64. Wait for him to slam down on the ground (avoid the red patch as this is where he will land. Being flattened is an automatic death) and jump onto his back, butt stomping the star in the middle. Be careful as when he lands his tremor will stun you briefly if you are touching the floor. Hitting him once will result in him spawning three smaller Whomps which are easily avoidable while a second hit will make five appear. Most of the time the King Whomp will crush them all as he walks so ignore them. Three hits on his back and he’ll crumble once again.

Snacktime for Gobblegut
Battle Belt Galaxy

This battle is exactly the same as the last Gobblegut boss except this time he’s on fire making things tougher. When he exits and enters the planet he’ll leave behind a crater of lava so avoid that at all costs. After you’ve spun away three of his six pink bulges meteors will start to rain from the sky and he’ll also try to attack you even after he’s entered the planet’s surface. Take out his final three pink areas to defeat him.

Bowser’s Fortified Fortress
Bowser’s Galaxy Generator

This battle consists of two sections. The first is the battle that you should be used to by now. As before Bowser will punch the ground, this time sending out lines of fireballs to avoid before then following up with three meteors that again will send out shockwaves to avoid. After this he will punch the ground again and get stuck for a very brief moment. You know what to do here. After two hits he will adopt his usual fire breathing power leaving a trail behind him for a little while. Slam two more meteors into him and the second part of the battle will then commence.

Flying though the air you’ll need to butt bash meteors into Bowser as he inches closer to you. With him below you need to position yourself to aim the meteor directly at him. If he gets too close he’ll punch you causing damage. Should you miss with a meteor another will appear right next to you so simply move over to it. Four hits and he goes down for good.

Throwback Throwdown
Boss Blitz Galaxy

This is technically five boss battles in a row consisting of battles from the last Mario Galaxy. They are:

Dino Piranha
This battle is similar to the PeeWee Piranha one except you’re aiming for his tail this time.

King Kaliente
This is similar to the Prince Pikante fight where you will be avoiding fireballs and spinning coconuts back at him.

Major Burrows
Major Burrows is a giant mole and he will begin by burrowing underground. When you see his spiky helmet keep running away until his whole body appears above ground. Butt stomp the ground to stun him and spin him as he runs away. After two hits you’ll need to butt stomp him twice to stun him and spin him quicker as he reacts much faster.

This giant rock formation will start throwing grey and black rocks at you. The grey ones will deal some damage if you get hit by them, while the black ones form into ghosts. Spin near them to start swinging them around you. Move toward the rock formation and hit him. Three times and his red exposed area will be vulnerable. Grab another ghost and swing it into this to complete the first part of this battle. In the second part the rock formation will forms hands. These can punch and get in the way as you try to attack so be aware. Hit the main rock formation three times to expose his red area then once more hit him with one final black ghost.

Fiery Dino Piranha
This is the same as the original Dino Piranha except his tail will occasionally set on fire meaning you need to wait before you can spin it at him.

That was a lot of bosses but you’ve finally beaten all of them. Now go get collecting all 242 stars!

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