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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: icyfire05
Here is a walkthrough of all 8 bosses encountered in Donkey Kong Country Returns. This guide also shows the strategy of beating these bosses. The other 7 bosses are possessed by a different type of tiki and will emerge when the boss it controlled is defeated. This will allow either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong, depending on the mode type (In co-op mode, Diddy will punch the boss controlling tiki if Donkey Kong dies and runs out of lives during the boss fight) to punch the dazed tiki.

Mugly (World 1)
Description: A bulky yellow rhinoceros with a red horn and red spikes that cover his back.
Difficulty: */******
- Tackle: Mugly simply charges at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong; easy to avoid
- Body Slam: Mugly jumps in the air, hovers a bit, and then slams onto the ground with his belly; also easy to avoid

Strategy: In order to defeat Mugly, you must jump on top of the circular marking on his back once he charges towards you and that the spike covering his back disappears. After the first couple of hits, Mugly will turn orange in anger and will now execute a body slam. Avoid this and repeat the process again. After that, Mugly will now turn bright red and will attack even faster than before. Still, the same rule applies. After being damaged six times, Mugly will succumb to defeat.

Pinching Crew (World 2)
Description: A trio of crab pirates that simultaneously fight the Kongs
Difficulty: **/******
- Claw swipe: the Pinching Crew will attempt to slash their claws at the Kongs in close range

Strategy: You will need to jump on each of the three individual crabs' head and then slap on the ground to flip them over and jump on top of the crabs' unprotected belly. After the first round, the Pinching Crew will emerge in a tower formation. Roll into the crabs to knock them over and on their backs. Quickly jump on top of the three crabs' bellies. After that, the cycle repeats until the boss(s) gets damaged many times and is defeated.

Stu (World 3)
Description: A giant red bird/golden pot creature that has a penchant for an unlimited supply of bombs used for throwing at the Kongs
Difficulty: ***/******
- Standard Bomb: creates a small explosion radius
- Mega Bomb: a nuclear-like bomb that creates a shockwave explosion, which will sweep across the arena and remove each layer of stones/crates littered throughout the arena
- Fire Bomb: similar to the mega bomb except that the shockwave explosion is smaller and weaker
- Bomb Strafe: Stu will fly across the stage and will drop a row of bombs
- Tiki Bomb: a tiki-esque bomb that will follow the Kongs throughout the arena
- Swoop: Stu will simply fly across the stage in a downwards curved direction

Strategy: Simply throw bombs back at the boss while avoiding the boss's nuclear bombs, tiki bombs, and swoop attacks. After damaging the boss with many bombs, Stu's golden pot shied will shatter and Stu will be defeated

Mole Train (World 4)
Description: A train with a drill that is piloted by the mole leader of the mole miners
Difficulty: ****/******
- Pick axe: the mole miners in the cargo car will throw pick axes at the Kongs
- Bomb: the mole miners in the cargo car will throw bombs at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong; the bombs can be picked up and thrown at the mole miners in the cargo car but will not go very far.

Strategy: To defeat the boss, you must hop from the mine car that you are riding on to the mine cars that the mole miner passengers are on after dodging the moles' pick ax. There, you will need to jump on top of the mole's head, whack-a-mole style. You will need to repeat this process until you reach the mole boss (the one that is possessed by a tiki and is driving the drill train). After hitting the mole boss four times on the head, the mole leader will be defeated.

Mangoruby (World 5)
Description: An electrified plant monster with a pair of flower-shaped eyes
Difficulty: ***/******
- Electric Orb: a ball of electricity that, when striking the ground, creates two slow-moving electrical shockwaves

Strategy: You will need to defeat the boss by jumping on top of his body and removing his body segments. However, you first have to slap the blue arrow on each circular platforms suspended above the arena, thus removing the electricity that cover's the boss's body segments. After repeating the process, Mangoruby will be defeated.

Thugly (World 6)
Description: The dark and more sinister version of Mugly, now adorning a row of heated armored plates and having sharper horns
Difficulty: *****/******
- Tackle: similar to Mugly's
- Headbutt: Thugly will charge, head first, straight towards the Kongs; will smash into the wall, causing boulders to plummet towards the ground
- Body Slam: similar to Mugly's, except that the body slam creates a shockwave
- Heatwave: used during the second and third phases; Thugly releases a stream of fire from his mouth; avoided by ducking under it
- Meteorite: Thugly spits out a single fireball which will split into five smaller fireballs, the three lowermost fireballs will home in slightly at the Kongs

Strategy: This battle mimics the boss fight against Mugly with a few twists. First, you will need to wait till Thugly charges at you and stop shortly which will cause the plates on his back to fold and reveal his back, allowing you to jump on top of it. Thugly will also run into the wall, causing him to fall on his back as well as causing boulders to fall down. You can jump on top of Thugly's belly as well.
Damaging Thugly three times for the first phase causes him to turn orange with anger, jumping on the ground with great force which will make him and the Kongs fall to the second portion of the fight (a wooden suspended bridge), and starting phase 2. Now, Thugly will lets out a wave of fire at DK and Diddy. However, you will need to repeat damaging Thugly by jumping on his unprotected back or his belly again three times.
After that, Thugly will now turn boiling red mad, destroying the bridge and taking both him and the Kongs to the third and final section of the battle (the lowest level of the arena) and triggering the final phase. Now, Thugly will shoot out a large fireball that will break into five smaller fireballs. Still, the cycle is the same before. After being damaged three times, Thugly will be defeated.

Colonel Pluck (World 7)
Description: A chicken that pilots a large robot
Difficulty: *****/******
- Stomp: Colonel Pluck's robot will stomp across the arena in an attempt to flatten the Kongs
- Hover Stomp: Colonel Pluck's robot will hover in the air and will forcefully land on the arena
- Flame burst: Colonel Pluck's robot will shoot out a flame if either of the Kongs doesn't damage him for a long time
- Chicken Bombs: Colonel Pluck will fly across the arena in his robot pod and drop a shower of bombs that will transform into exploding chickens.

Strategy: In order to defeat Colonel Pluck, you must grab onto the green chains that hangs out of the robot's underside and pound on them to damage the chicken pilot's machine. If the Kongs doesn't damage the robot for a prolonged period of time, Colonel Pluck will emit a burst of flames. After dealing some damage to the boss, Colonel Pluck's robotic armour will be destroyed, leaving only Colonel Pluck piloting his pod. You must wait till the boss slams on the ground and then hit him on the head. After the cycle repeats, Colonel Pluck will be defeated.

Tiki Tong (World 8)
Description: The leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe, the main antagonist of the game, and the mastermind of stealing Donkey Kong's bananas
Difficulty: ******/******
- Hand Attack: Tiki Tong will attack the Kongs with his hands, either with a karate chop, hand slap, or hand smash
- Head Slam: Tiki Tong will slam his head on the ground, creating a massive shockwave that will sweep across the stage.
- Meteor Shower: Tiki Tong will create a slew of flaming meteorites while spinning across the stage

Strategy: To defeat this final boss, you must hit the crystal-like structures on one of Tiki Tong's hands as well as a single one on top of Tiki Tong's head. Avoid Tiki Tong's meteors and head smash. Once Tiki Tong has sustained enough damage, he will explode in defeat and you have defeated the final boss as well as the game.
Submitted By: icyfire05
Donkey Kong Country Returns Boss Guide

Boss #1- Mugly
Proceed forward when you land in the first area. A cutscene will trigger. DK and Diddy Kong sees an obese rhino Mugly eating their bananas. However, a tiki see them and hypnotizes Mugly, who then proceeds to attack the simian duo.

In this fight, jump on top of Mugly's back when the spikes retract from the boss. Occasionally, Mugly will jump across the arena, as well as swallowing and spitting out the Kongs if they get close to his mouth. After three hits, Mugly will turn orange with rage and will now body slam on the ground, creating a shockwave that travels in both directions. Still, you will need to hit Mugly three times on his back when the spikes on his back retracts. After three hits, Mugly will now turn red with anger and attack more quickly and faster. Still, the same strategy applies. After the last three hits, Mugly will be defeated and the Kongs can now pummel the tiki that possessed the boss.

Boss #2- Scurvy Crew
As before, proceed forward to the right. A cutscene will start. The Kongs sees a trio of crabs eating their bananas. However, three maraca tikis hypnotizes the crabs and the Kongs fight them.

You will need to jump on top of each crab and ground pound the ground to flip them over. Then, jump on their belly. After the first three hits, the Scurvy Crew will emerge from the ground in a tower formation. This time, you will need to roll into the crabs when their claws are raised up. Then, jump on their belly again. The cycle repeats again. After the last couple of hits, the Scurvy Crew will emerge from the sand in defeat and the Kongs can send the maraca tikis packing.

Boss #3- Stu
When you land in the first area, move forward and pick up the DK barrel. The Kongs will now end up in a large chamber, which contains a large gong and an egg. Suddenly, a tiki resembling a gong appears and activates the giant gong, sending Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and the egg plummeting to the arena below them. The egg lands inside a golden pot. The gong tiki then uses its hypnosis music and lands inside the pot that contains the egg. The egg then hatches and a bird emerges with its wings, head, and legs sticking out. The Kongs then proceed to fight the avian beast.

In this boss fight, you will need to throw back the bombs that Stu throws at you. Occasionally, Stu will add nuclear bombs, tiki bomb-like enemies, and a barrage of bombs in the mix as well as performing a swoop attack. After being heavily damaged by his own bombs, Stu falls down to his doom and the pot shatters, leaving Stu's plump belly and the tiki gong exposed. Now, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can give the tiki pest a good beating.

Boss #4- Mole Train
Proceed to the right, as well as picking up a DK barrel to free Diddy Kong. Now the Kongs enter a mine chamber full of moles transporting bananas in mine cars. However, a guitar tiki sees the Kongs and blows a whistle, causing the moles to retreat in the carts. Then, the tiki hypnotizes the moles' leader, who starts the train. The Kongs then give chase in their own mine carts, starting a battle on wheels.

In this fight, you will need to dodge the lesser mole's pick axe toss. After that, you will reach the first set of mine carts. From there, you will now need to jump on top of the moles that emerge from the mine carts (the shaking of the bananas indicates where the moles will pop out). After that, the battle repeats (the moles sometimes throw bombs at you) until you reach the mole leader. Still, do the same thing to him as you did to the lesser moles. After jumping on the mole leader four times, the mole leader will be defeated. Then the guitar tiki emerges and the Kong can give it a nice barrage of punches.

Boss #5- Mangoruby
Proceed foward and grab a DK barrel to free Diddy Kong. Then, a cutscene will occur. The Kongs enter an arena with five circular platforms suspended in mid-air. However, each center of the four of the five platforms reveals three tiki enemies. The camera then pans to the lower part of the largest platform, revealing a sleeping plant that wakes up and screeches. A tiki that resembles a flute appears and hypnotizes the plant. The plant then becomes angry and electrified, and dives into the lake. The Kongs then fight the electrical beast.

In this fight, you will need to ground pound each triangular switches on the five platforms, which removes the electricity on Mangoruby's body. You can now jump on the boss's vulnerable body segments. The battle then repeats. Occasionally, Mangoruby will release electric bolts that split into two shockwaves when striking the ground. After all of his body segments are removed, Mangoruby will fall to the ground in defeat. The flute tiki will emerge and the Kongs can teach it a lesson (punching it).

Boss #6- Thugly
Proceed the right, pick up the DK barrel, and jump inside a nearby barrel cannon. The Kongs then catapult out of the barrel and smashes through a large dome. After landing the Kongs then sees bananas dropping from above. The camera then pans up to reveal Thugly, a darker version of Mugly, eating the bananas. Humorously, Thugly flings two banana peels at the Kongs; one banana peel hits DK right in the face. Suddenly, a xylophone tiki appear with a group of tikis on a boat and hypnotizes Thugly. Thugly then jumps down from his cliff perch and attacks the Kongs.

This boss fight is similar to Mugly's except that you will need to damage Thugly when his armored plates fold back. Also, when Thugly charges at you, he will slam into the wall, teeter back, and fall over revealing his belly which can be jumped on to damage the boss. After the first three hits, Thugly will turn orange and send both him and the Kongs to the second portion of the fight. In this phase, Thugly will breathe fire at you and you will need to duck down to avoid this attack. Still, you will need to damage Thugly three times on the back when his armor plates fold back. After that, Thugly will turn red and will send both him and the Kongs to the last portion of the fight. Now, Thugly will add a meteor attack in his arsenal of moves. Still,

Boss #7- Colonel Pluck
Grab the DK barrel and climb on the chain path to the top and enter a large chamber. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong observe wooden masks transforming into tikis from the mashed bananas. The camera slowly pans up to reveal that Colonel Pluck, a chicken inside a robot, is mashing the bananas. The chicken temporarily snaps out of being hypnotized, only to be quickle hypnotized again by an accordion tiki. The hypnotized chicken then proceeds to attack the simian partners.

Colonel Pluck will be controlling his robot during the majority of the fight. He will stomp across the arena, trying to flatten the Kongs. You must damage Colonel Pluck by pounding the chains that hang out of the robot's exterior underside. After three direct hits, the robot's armor will break apart, leaving Colonel Pluck piloting his robot's dome pod. During this phase, Colonel Pluck will fly around the stage and will drop metallic spheres that hatch into small mechanical chickens. You can eliminate the chickens with a stomp attack or rolling into them. Colonel pluck will then forcefully land on the ground, allowing you to jump on the chicken's head. After the first hit, Colonel Pluck will fly back in the air quickly after landing on the ground. You will need to hit Colonel Pluck two more times. After getting hit three times, Colonel Pluck will be finished once and for all. The accordion tiki emerges and the Kongs can give it a nice whopping.

Boss #8- Tiki Tong
Proceed to the right and hop onto the barrel rocket. You will need to avoid and dodge many obstacles while flying upwards. After dodging many hazards, the Kongs will fly into the mouth of a large tiki statue, which will trigger a cutscene. DK and Diddy Kong wake up and sees their banana stash. Very excited, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong try to retrieve the bananas only to by stopped by the tikis that possessed the previous seven bosses. The tikis are then followed by their leader Tiki Tong. The tikis then toss the bananas into Tiki Tong's head. Tiki Tong, with the bananas inside his head, spins around quickly. Tiki Tong stops spinning and spews out banana vomit on his minions. Then, Tiki Tong forms hands from the banana vomit-covered tikis and attack the Kongs.

You will now fight Tiki Tong, the true villain of the game and the mastermind behind the theft of Donkey Kong's bananas. Tiki Tong will begin the fight by slamming his hands on the ground, as well as slicing his hands and smashing against each other. You must damage Tiki Tong by jumping on the crystal-like structure on the boss's hands. After his hands are damaged and destroyed, Tiki Tong will now attack with his head. In this phase, Tiki Tong will slam his head on the ground, which creates a shockwave. Also, Tiki Tong will shoot out a barrage of fireballs. You must now jump on the large crystal-like structure on Tiki Tong's head. After being hit on the head three times, Tiki Tong will explode in a burst of light and, after a brief cutscene, the tikis' curse is removed from the animals. Congrats!! You have beaten the final boss and the game.

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