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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sonic Colours (Nintendo Wii)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
Sonic has made his triumphant return to 3D and along with an intergalactic theme park and a race of aliens youíll also have to deal with a handful of tough boss battles. Below is a guide that will hopefully help you in what await in Sonic Colours.

Tropical Resort Boss

Difficulty: 2/10
This boss is a piece of cake. The idea here is to use the moving platforms to get close enough and use the homing attack on his giant eye. Watch out for the occasional spinning discs. Gain momentum by running around the sloped outer ring and then jump to the platforms. Look out for speed Wisps and even laser Wisps. If you can grab the latter then simply shake the Wii remote and aim at the giant eye. If you miss donít worry as Sonic will likely rebound off the walls and hit him anyways. Three hits should do it to defeat your first boss!

Sweet Sweet Mountain Boss

Difficulty: 3/10

This boss consists of two forms. The first is a dash along a battle ship complete with bombs to avoid. It looks tough but in reality is really easy. Just use the homing attack on the bombs to make it to the lever at the far right hand side. Once done youíll then be thrown off the ship and will have to battle a pirate robot. Avoid his balloons and when you get the chance use the homing attack on him. Three hits like this and youíll be thrown back onto the ship again where youíll need to repeat the entire process again. Run the ship then hit the pirate three times again. Itís also worth noting youíll be given a drill Wisp that can be used to burrow underground and attack the pirate from underneath. Tricky to do but gets rid of the pirate robot quicker.

Starlight Carnival Boss

Difficulty: 4/10

This boss again uses a giant battle ship but the process to defeat it requires a lot more running. At first you will be in the behind Sonic camera view. Simply avoid the cannon fire and spiky bombs by shifting left and right until you get close enough to use the homing attack on the cannons. When you land a shot donít stop pressing the A button and continue to hammer it until an explosion occurs. You should be able to destroy another cannon before the camera shifts to a side view. Again avoid the bombs and again home in on the guns on the back of the ship until the explode. Every so often you may be thrown a laser Wisp which can be used at any point to shoot into the ship and cause major damage. Continue attacking until the battle ship finally gives out.

Planet Wisp Boss

Difficulty: 4/10

This is the same boss as the Tropical Resort one but with a few minor additions. The first are lasers that will continually rotate around the stage (either four lasers or even eight!) To avoid it just stay underneath the moving round platforms. The second is that the platforms are now tougher to stand on since they are fully round. To help aid you, youíll now have the spike Wisp. Use it to stick to each platform and finally home in on the giant eye. Wait for the eye to appear then nail it with a homing attack. Repeat this two or three times until the giant robot explodes.

Aquarium Park Boss

Difficulty: 6/10

This boss is similar to the Sweet Sweet Mountain one accept the entire thing takes place underwater. Firstly youíll have to swim across the ships deck avoiding missiles as you go. Grab the occasional air bubble while doing so and make sure to have at least one missile following you so as to shatter the glass barrier blocking the lever. Pull it and youíll be thrown from the ship. Here you will battle another robot. To hit him either jump above and stomp on him or grab a drill and tunnel up beneath him. One youíve attacked him enough you will find yourself back on the ship. Repeat the process to reach the lever and then battle the robot again to finally defeat the ship.

Asteroid Coaster Boss

Difficulty: 8/10

A repeat of the boss from Starlight Carnival Zone but a lot tougher. Like before the boss starts with a behind Sonic view and sees you avoiding gunfire from the battle ship. When you get close enough use a homing attack to take out the guns. You should manage to do this twice before the view switches to a side-on one. This is the tough part. Firstly you need to avoid bouncing meteors by manoeuvring back and forth between them. Next you will then have to dodge gunfire from above jumping and racing around small yellow laser shots. Once you have done this you can then use a homing attack to smash the ship. Once again you will then be put in the behind Sonic perspective and will be required to repeat both sections again. Once you have done this you will have finished the last of the zone bosses.

Terminal Velocity Boss

Difficulty: 9/10

So the final boss in the game and easily the hardest. Dr. Eggman is using the power of the Wisps to attack you and your main focus is to avoid every obstacle that gets thrown your way. If he uses the cube Wisp, move left and right to avoid the giant cubes, if he uses the laser Wisp then use double jump to leap over the lasers, if he uses spikes then again use double jump to avoid them. As with the battle ship bosses you need to use homing attacks on his claws and hit him in his cockpit. Once youíve hit him enough times Dr. Eggman will start to use two Wisps at once. Cube with lasers for example. These are tough bit after a while you will get the patterns to avoid. Itís also important to grab rings whenever you can. When you have collected all the Wisps the battle will end and you will have completed the game. Congratulations!

Thanks for reading :D

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