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This game is also available on PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Dynasty Warriors 4 (Xbox)
Submitted By: Adenoidz
Some of the Level 10 weapons and how to get them
NOTE: These should be done on the Hard difficuulty setting and the characters should already have their level 9 weapons:

Qiao Beauty
Owner: Da Qiao
Power: 42
Obtain: Play the Battle of Xu Chang level on the Wu side. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei.

Owner: Lu Xun
Power: 43
Stage: Battle of Yi Ling
Requirements: Keep Zhu Ran alive till the fire attack is successful, then enter and pass through the stone maze under 3 minutes.

Dark Shadow
Owner: Huang Gai
Power: 47
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi
Requirements: Eliminate all the gate captains before the fire attack, then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong, and Cao Pi.

Savage Tiger
Owner: Sun Jian
Power: 45
Stage: The Imperial Seal
Requirements: Do not destroy more than 50 crates until Lu Bu appears. Defeat Lu Bu once he arrives.

Ancients Sword
Owner: Zhou Yu
Power: 44
Stage: Siege of Fan Castle
Requirements: After 10 minutes have passed in the battle, a supply team for Cao Ren will appear in the northeast and move towards the east gate. Defeat the supply team before they get inside the castle; defeat the guard just in case.

Tiger Slayer
Owner: Taishi Ci
Power: 48
Stage: Campaign for Wu Territory
Requirements: When Yu Mi retreat into the fortress, chase him down and defeat him. (Suggestion: Red Hare) After Yu Mi is defeated, eliminate Zhang Ying before he retreats.

Sun Shang Xiang
Ultimate Weapon: Sol Chakram
Power: 51
How to get it: Race for the Nan Territory, After Zhou Yu's cut scene, defeat Cao Ren when he comes charging out.

Xiao Qiao
Level 10 Weapon: Qiao Grace
Base Attack: 42
Stage: Battle of Cheng Du
Requirements: Before Ma Chao appears as reinforcements in Luo Castle, defeat Guan Ping and Guan Yu.

Gan Ning
Ultimate Weapon: Sea Master
Base Attack: 56
Stage: Battle of Xia Kou
Requirements: Before the ships moves, defeat Su Fei or Chen Shen if he appears. Ling Cao and Ling Tong must survive.

Sun Ce
Level 10 Weapon: Overlord
Base Attack: 45
Stage: Unification of Jiang Dong
Requirements: Wait for the north food supply depot to fall and Zhou Yu to be routed. Defeat Liang Gang to gain access into the castle. Once that is done, give chase to Liu Xun and wait till he meets with Ji Ling. Once Liu Xun heads for the supply depot, ride ahead of him and defeat the last general at the supply depot along with the gate captains.

Lu Meng
Level 10 Weapon: White Tiger
Base Attack: 46
Stage: Battle of Mai Castle
Requirements: Without letting Guan Yu retreat or escape, defeat all the generals and officers, including the ambushes and reinforcements.

Sun Quan
Level 10 Weapon: Master Wolf
Base Attack: 44
Stage: Battle of He Fei
Requirements: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan, then defeat Zhang Liao when he reappears near the Wu camp.

Zhou Tai
Level 10 Weapon: Dusk
Base Attack: 47
Stage: Battle of Yi Ling (Wu)
Location: Inside the Stone Sentinal Maze, a little south from the entrance.
Requirements: Zhou Tai must defeat Zhao Yun before the fire attack goes off. The fire attack must succeed.
Tips: equip Red Hare Hareness if available. check the unit info on Zhao Yun Whereabout then go straight there and defeat him. after defeating him head to protect Zhu Ran. once all the requirement are met. a message "a valuable item has appear" will pop ut. it'll be in a box somewhere in the maze. check in the batte log for conformation.


Cao Cao
Level 10 Weapon: Wrath of Heaven
Base Attack: 56
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi
Requirements: All you need to do in this battle is uncover the three plots that allied forces are using while playing as Cao Cao. So Pang Tong, Zhuge Liang, and Huang Gai are your targets. Eliminate them.

Cao Ren
Level 10 Weapon: Roc
Base Attack: 56
Stage: Siege of Fan Castle (Wei)
Requirements: Defeat all four siege vehicles around the castle before Lu Meng arrives. Defeat Lu Meng when he comes charging out from the Wu castle in the west. Do not defeat more than two generals near the castle or Lu Meng will appear and the "all siege weapons destroyed" message will not appear.

Xu Huang
Level 10 Weapon: Marauder
Base Attack: 57
Stage: Battle of Guan Du
Requirements: Allow Yuan Shao's rams to knock down the walls of Guan Du castle then see to it that Wu Chao is in flames.

Xu Zhu
Level 10 Weapon: Stone Crusher
Base Attack: 59
Stage: Battle of Tong Gate
Requirements: Get Han Sui to defect to your side by defeating the four generals in the southeast land and beating his officers. Next, defeat Pang De then eliminate Ma Dai after that. Finally, eliminate Chen Yi.

Dark Feather
Owner: Sima Yi
Power: 50
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Requirements: Defeat Ma Chao and Wei Yan.

Kirin Fang
Owner: Xiahou Dun
Power: 56
Stage: Battle of Xia Pi
Requirements: Playing as Xiahou Dun, wait till the cut scene of the arrow event happens then go defeat Diao Chan.

Enforcer Rod
Owner: Xiahou Yuan
Power: 55
Stage: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
Requirements: All you must do here is defeat Chen Shi before he can get back to the Shu army and defeat Huang Zhong before Cao Cao comes with reinforcements. As always, make sure you are playing as Xiahou Yuan.

Pheonix Talon
Owner: Zhang He
Power: 43
Stage: Battle of Jie Ting
Requirements: Surround Ma Su's camp by defeating all his officers and Ma Su. Once that is done, wait for Shu reinforcements then defeat all the officers and generals on the field.

Zhen Ji
Level 10 Weapon: Dark Moon Flute
Base Attack: 42
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban
Requirements: Defeat Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang. Defeat Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei in a duel.

Mad Bull
Owner: Dian Wei
Power: 58
Obtain: Play the Battle of Wan Castle on the Wei side. Clear away the path to Zhang Xiu then save Cao Cao.

Gold Wyvern
Owner: Zhang Liao
Base Attack: 48
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate; Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Requirements: In Musou mode, at the battle of Si Shui Gate of Lu Bu's forces, defeat Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian. Then, at the battle of Hu Lao Gate, do not kill any generals till after the fire attack on the city. Once that occurs, eliminate Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian.


Liu Bei
Stage: Battle of Ru Nan
Requirements: At the start of the battle, defeat Li Dian before you (Liu Bei) meet with Zhao Yun. Once that is done, meet with Zhang Fei next and wait till Xiahou Yuan appears then eliminate him before Guan Yu arrives. Afterwards, defeat all of Cao Cao's generals in any order before Liu Pi arrives which is exactly in 10 minutes.

Zhuge Liang
Peacock Feather
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Requirements: Head for Zhang He's position and defeat him. Approach the castle to witness the cut scene. When the supply unit arrives in the west fortress, head there and defeat Xiahou Dun. After he is defeated, the supply team should reach the camp without any distraction.

Huang Zhong
Oracle sword
Stage: Battle of Jian Ye
Requirements: Defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang before they become Commanders of the Wu Forces.

Wei Yan
Comet Strike
Stage: Battle of Jing Province
Requirements: Defeat Han Xuan before the enemy reinforcements appear. Zhao Fan is in the north while Jin Xuan is in the west. Whoever you go to, head for Han Xuan once the door is opens.

Yue Ying
Stage: Battle of Nan Zhong
Requirements: First, you must take out Zhu Rong in a duel. Second, make Ahui Nan and Dong Tu defect by defeating Yong Kai and his officers. Third, trigger the fire attack against Wu Tugu. Finally, defeat Meng Huo seven times throughout the battle.

Zhang Fei
Viper Blade
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban
Requirements: Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou En, and Xiahou De. Once they are gone, head for Zhang He and eliminate him to do the bridge yell playing as Zhang Fei. (however, it may occur with Zhang He alive so keep trying to get it right.) After the bridge event, head inside the fortress to find Liu Chan and rescue him while on the horse.
Other Alternative: You can defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En, and Xiahou De first to increase the chances for Zhao Yun's survival. (It is easier to do this before Cao Cao's reinforcments arrive so assisting Liu Bei can be performed more smoothly). Make sure that Liu Bei is first to cross the most eastern bridge. After Liu Bei safetly crosses the bridge, lure Zhang He to the bridge to perform the "yell" event cut scene. After that, simply go around to the most western side of the map and defeat Xiahou Yuan and save Liu Chan (near the top left of the inner castle). This should then trigger the on-screen text notification that Zhang Fei has acquired the Viper Blade.
Notes: Use Shadow Rider, or if skilled, Red Hare.

Blue Moon Dragon
Owner: Guan Yu
Power: 48
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle
Requirements: Do not defeat Lu Meng, Lu Xun, or Zhou Tai until Guan Yu says, "Curses! We've been surrounded!". All Shu officers that can be defeated must be defeated.

Stallion Fury
Owner: Ma Chao
Power: 48
Stage: Battle for Cheng Du
Requirements: Defeat Pang De and Ma Dai when they arrive as reinforcements; however, only defeat Ma Dai when he attacks the main camp.

Tornado Staff
Owner: Pang Tong
Power: 42
Stage: Battle of Luo Castle
Requirements: At the start of the battle as Pang Tong, head for the Valley where Pang Tong is supposed to die. After that happens, defeat all the generals on the east area of the land. After you arrive at the castle, make sure you come face to face with Zhang Ren. Refuse his challenge for a duel and head for the bridge in the south. After you and he crosses over, destroy the bridge and defeat him to claim your prize.

Owner: Jiang Wei
Power: 46
Stage: Battle of Tian Shui
Requirements: The main requirement to get Jiang Wei's weapon is to enter each door at Ji Castle from the outside by defeating the two guard captains.Spring both ambushes. Do exactly the same with Tian Shui Castle. You should gain Jiang Wei's ultimate weapon at the end of the battle after you defeat the main boss's sub-generals, Yin Shang, and Liang Xu.

Fierce Dragon
Owner: Zhao Yun
Power: 46
Stage: Battle of Bo Wan Po
Requirements: Follow Zhuge Liang's instructions for this battle as Zhao Yun and make sure the Shu strategist enters the castle where Cao Cao is.
Strategy: It is important that Zhao Yun defeats all the generals of each trap Zhuge Liang has. Also, if you wish to make sure he gets the weapon, defeat the generals on the inside of the castle.


Diao Chan
Level 10 Weapon: Diva
Base Attack: 42
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate
Requirements: Do not defeat any general until the messenger delivers the message of Hua Xiong being defeated. Then defeat two of the three officers - Cao Cao, Sun Jian, and Liu Bei.

Zhu Rong
Level 10 Weapon: Inferno
Base Attack: 44
Stage: Battle of Xu Chang
Requirements: The siege ramp must survive. Defeat Cao Zhong, Cao Hong, Man Chong, and Xiahou Dun.

Zhang Jiao
Level 10 Weapon: Volcano Staff
Base Attack: 42
Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Requirements: Defeat all the officers and generals, saving He Jin for last. When Dong Zhuo appears, defeat Hua Xiong and make sure Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao are alive till the end.

Owner: Dong Zhuo
Power: 47
Obtain: Play Lu Bu's Revolt level on Dong Zhuo side, kill everyone on the screen except Lu Bu, If done correctly, Dong Zhuo will make a comment

Sky Scorcher
Owner: Lu Bu
Power: 51
Stage: Lu Bu's Revolt, Lu Bu`s Forces
How to Get it: Make sure you are playing in Hard mode.Kill all generals,sub generals and peons including the ones guarding the stronghold.If you have not receive the message, take a walk around and you wll get ambushed.Kill everyone and when Dong Zhuo is the only enemy left, you will receive a message that Lu Bu has gained his ultimate weapon, Sky Scorcher.

King of Beasts
Owner: Meng Huo
Stage: Battle of Cheng Du
Requirements: Defeat Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Yue Ying, Jiang Wei, Ma Chao, and Guan Yu.

Sword Of Kings
Owner: Yuan Shao
Power: 44
Stage: Battle of Guan Du
Requirements: Head for the southern castle, and protect he battering ram until the castle wall falls.

Zhang Jiao
Level 10 Weapon: Volcano Staff
Base Attack: 42
Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Requirements: Defeat all the officers and generals, saving He Jin for last. When Dong Zhuo appears, defeat Hua Xiong and make sure Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao are alive till the end.

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