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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Roblox (PC Games)
Submitted By: lama321
I apologise to both the develepors of the site and the readers for any confusion I have caused by labelling this as a 'walkthrough' despite the many 'review' like aspects, however I am of the opinion that the majority of my information is of a guide-like nature.
What you can Do
Making Your Own World
How to Start Building
Things to Watch out for
Uploading Finished Game
Sprooking Your Game
Roblox is an online PC game for all ages. It is user based (players create the individual games on the site) which enables you to create your very own playable world.
As mentioned previously, Roblox is a user based game, and so you simply browse through user-created worlds until you find something you wish to play. Once you select a game, you spawn as your player, and you play through the world. The gameplay varies a great deal from world to world, although the most common games come in the form of Obby's (obstacle courses), fps (first person shooters), survival/build to survive games, and zombie apocalypse games.
[What you can do]
In Roblox you can:-
Play user levels/worlds
Join Groups & make allies and enemies
Customise your character
Buy/Rent gear
Make Friends
Make your own World
[Making Your Own World]
This is (in my opinion) the most enjoyable aspect of the 'roblox experience'. What you create is only limited by your imagination, and resolve.
To make this experience even better, and to customise your world more easily, I would recommend you download Roblox & Roblox Studio (2.0)

To Start Creating Your world, open roblox studio, and press 'new'. Now that you have a blank canvas to work with, I recommend you check that 'Properties'; 'Output'; 'Toolbox'; 'Explorer', and 'Objects' are open. To Do this press 'view' (located on the top of your screen), and make sure a check is next to each of the prior names.

Once you have these open you are ready to start building your world. Experimentation is the key to creating the most brilliant worlds.

Remember -
To find what any icon in the toolbar means, simply hover your mouse over it for a few seconds.
[How to Start building]
I would reccomend beginning with a large flat brick that will act as the base of your world (you can find various bricks in the toolbox). Once this is done you should add a spawn point (located in the toolbox under 'game objects'

This 'spawn point' will be the beggining of your world, where players who decide to play your world will 'pop up'

Once you have spawn point you need to decide what kind of game you wish to make. Once you have decided what type of game you wish to make you can start building- Almost Anything is possible. To help you get started I will outline some editing techniques.

Transparancy- To make a brick/block transparancy, simply select it, and scroll through the 'properties' box until you find 'transparency' (which should be set at zero) and then set it between 0 & 1, depending on how transparant you wish the brick to be (e.g. 0.5 means the block is 50% transparant, & 1 means it is completely invisible

CanCollide- This refers to if the object is solid (and can be collided with), or can be walked through. Simply click the brick, scroll through properties, and check/uncheck CanCollide (if CanCollide is checked then you cannot walk through said brick, however if it is not, you can

Roblox uses a scriping language called 'Lua'. As roblox (although it is enjoyable for all ages) is somewhat aimed towards younger gamers and there are already a great many out there, I do not wish to add a scripting tutorial.

I do NOT believe an in depth knowledge of scripting is needed to produce a brilliant game in roblox. All the free models (simply click the search tab within the toolbox, and type what your looking for) mean you are never far from the script and the forums mean you can simply ask for a script, and chances are, someone will post the script you need

I do question the logic of using Lua as a scripting language as it is not used as often with C or C++ in game coding, however learning it does teach you the basic principles upheld in C or C++ (i.e. variables, functions, strings, etc).

Things to Watch Out For
I beg all that read this to not place any lag removing devices. 99% of all lag removing devices simply create lag.
Also, I would reccomend that when you finish creating a complicated/important component of your world, you group it (highlight all pieces and press Ctrl + G) then lock it (press the padlock button on the toolbar, then click the model/object/brick).

Uploading your finished Game
Simply click 'File' then click upload/save to roblox.

Sprooking Your Game
Roblox allows you to add advertisements, however this costs Robux (Roblox's form of currency), although there is a free way of getting people to your place.

I found that simply playing a popular world for a while, and then inviting people to play your world is very effective. Also, try getting people you know to play your game.

The best thing about this is that as you get more people to your world, you earn 'ticketz', another version of Roblox currency that you do not have to pay for (you also gain ticketz by doing things like logging on regularly) and are easily converted to Robux (the exchange rate varies over time). This means by getting people to your world, you can pay for advertisements, which means more people coming to your world, which means even MORE MONEY :D

And so we have come to the end of my Walthrough, if you have any questions please add comments below.

Thanks for Reading-
Lama321 :D

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