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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Banjo Kazooie"
(Nintendo 64)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Banjo Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Unknown
Mumbo's Mountain

(Accessible After Collecting One Jiggy

Find in the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair on the mountain steps

to the left.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - Found on the island in the middle of the pond.
Can Jump or
Swim to him.

2) Green Jinjo - After learning the Beak Buster, smash the huts
and find
the jinjo.

3) Orange Jinjo - This one is on top of the ruins. Use Kazooie
to reach it�

4) Pink Jinjo - Turn right from the start point and this jinjo
is on a
small hill. Use the flip-flap technique.

5) Yellow Jinjo - Using talon trot, run along the green hill to
reach the
yellow jinjo.

Jiggy Locations

1) First Jiggy is located in the right eye of Mumbo's Hut. Use
Flip-Flap to
reach it.

2) Jiggy 2 is close to Jiggy 1. Use the beak buster to find a
Jiggy in the

3) Jiggy 3 is won by tricking the Conga into throwing the
oranges onto the
switches on the floor.

4) Again go to the Conga's tree, but this time steal an orange,
and then
give it to Chimpy. This raises a platform to reach the Witch
Switch. The
Jiggy 4 appears on top of the platform.

5) Also use the raised platform to be able to shoot Conga. Hit
him 3-4
times and get a Jiggy.

6) The next Jiggy is located on the top of Termite Hill, have
Mumbo turn
you into one and go get it.

7) Collect all five Jinjo's. See previous Section.

8) Near Pink Jinjo on the mountain lays the Jiggy 8

9) Go to Mumbo's Village and shoot eggs into the statues mouth.

10) The last Jiggy is located in the runes on the platform in
the middle.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - Climb the platform provided by Chimpy,
and jump to
the left to get the switch, and Beak Bust it to activate it. The
appears above the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain. Get it by being
the termite.

New Moves (Mole Hills)

1) After giving Chimpy, his orange, climb the platform, to find
egg-shooting move.

2) Located close to ruins, where the Talon Trot is learned.

3) Last Molehill Move is found near Mumbo's Hut, and the Beak
Buster is

Treasure Trove Cove

(Accessible after inserting 2 Jiggies and having 50 notes.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - Right under the start pad of the level lies the
Blue Jinjo,
under the pier.

2) Green Jinjo - Found on top of the mast of Cap'n Blubbers
ship, right
before the wing pad.

3) Orange Jinjo - Long finger of wall extends from the highest

4) Pink Jinjo - After learning the Shock Spring Jump, jump
across the long
series of shock pads. Stay on the left side, and you will come
to the Pink

5) Yellow Jinjo - Near the lighthouse, in one of the trees
surrounding its
base, is the Yellow Jinjo.

Jiggy Locations

1) Collect all 5 Jinjo's.

2) Find Nipper (Giant Hermit Crab). Hit him 3 times in his eyes,
and walk
through the shell to find the first Jiggy.

3) Find Cap'n Blubber's Treasure. One piece is hidden on the
side of his
ship, and the other is found by pounding on the top of the ship
on a door.
Then bring it back to him for a Jiggy.

4) After learning to fly with Kazooie, fly into the cove and fly
into the
box that is chomping, inside is a Jiggy.

5) Where you find the molehill to get the Shock Spring Jump go
to a small
ledge that has a spring jump disc and a talking bucket. Shoot
two eggs into
the bucket so that the leak will be fixed and he will drain the
surrounding the sandcastle. Then go into the sandcastle. Inside
the castle
pound each of the letters in order that spell out BANJO-KAZOOIE,
then a
gate will open to reveal Jiggy 5.

6) When you get the Shock Spring Jump go onto the pads and make
your way
towards the side of the mountain while staying on the jump pads.
If you
keep going you will see ledges leading up the mountain. At the
very top of
these ledges will be Jiggy 6.

7) You find Jiggy 7 in the pond with nothing on it except one
moving mine.
Swim to the bottom of the pool and you will find a jiggy.

8) Where you find the flight pad and mole hill on top of Cap'n
ship fly to the right opening in the wall and you will be taken
up to an
area by a lighthouse. You have to go up the series of ledges to
get to the
lighthouse. Once you go that then do the Kazooie charge into the
door. Walk in the door and use the Shock Spring pad to jump up
to the jiggy.

9) Jiggy 9 - On the backside of the of the mountain by the
stairway up to
the pools there will be a little trail leading off to the back
of the
mountain. Go on the road and when you get done jumping all the
gaps there
will be a jiggy in the side of the mountain.

10) Jiggy 10 - Starting at the first red X near the Kazooie
flight pad,
pound the X. then proceed to fly around to the next X and so on.
hitting the last X a chest will appear. Use the Beak Buster to
open it ad
retrieve the jiggy.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - Behind the lighthouse on the top of the
island is
this switch. After smashing it, a cannon outside the Treasure
Trove Cove
entrance, shoots a Jiggy onto the opposite platform. Simply jump
up to get
this third castle Jiggy.

New Moves (Mole Holes)

1) The first mole hole is located near the Green Jinjo, where
learns to fly.

2) The second mole hole is located on top of the stack of boxes
near the
Salty Hippo (Cap'n Ship), there the shock spring jump is

Clanker's Cavern

(Accessible after you get 5 Jiggies and 50 notes.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - He is in a tunnel off of Clanker's right side.

2) Green Jinjo - The green guy is down in the well were
Clanker's chain

3) Orange Jinjo - This little one is tricky. You have to go to
the golden
banjo on a Shock Spring pad. Then if you look to the left and
right will be
a pole. You need to go on to the left one and then jump up to
the platform
to left. When you are on that platform do a beak buster to open
it up and
find the jinjo.

4) Pink Jinjo - This one is in the left gill tunnel.

5) Yellow Jinjo - Climb the latter and go on the right tube and
go to the
beehive and behind that is the yellow jinjo.

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Located in a long, windy tunnel. This Jiggy is not
hard to
find but be sure that you have a full meter of air.

2) Jiggy 2 - Found in a tunnel in line with Clanker's tail, this
piece is
located in a mutated crab room. Destroy all 4 crabs to receive
the Jiggy.

3) Jiggy 3 - Directly under Clanker is a lock with a giant key,
touch the
key three times to unlock the lock and give Clanker some fresh

4) Jiggy 4 - After completing Jiggy 4, use Clanker's tail to
jump up to the
raised platform. From there shoot the grating blocking the egg
three times,
then jump to get the Jiggy.

5) Jiggy 5 - When Clanker is above water use the screw in his
blowhole to
shoot you up to a high ledge, from there walk carefully to get
the Jiggy.

6) Jiggy 6 - When Clanker complains about his teeth hurting,
shoot the two
gold ones on each side of his mouth. The dental work costs him a

7) Jiggy 7 - Drop into the hole where the blowhole is and hit
the witch
switch. Then run carefully through the spinning fans to obtain a
Jiggy on
the other side.

8) Jiggy 8 - Using the new found WonderWing trick, run through
the set of
fans near the mole, and get the Jiggy on the other side.

9) Jiggy 9 - In Clanker's belly go through the series of rings.
First start
with the green one, and continue by going to the next ring that
green. Pass through all of the rings to get the Jiggy.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect the Jinjo's. See previous section.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - This switch is located right inside the
entrance. After pounding it the witch's eyes on the floor pop
up. Pound
both eyes to receive the fourth Witch Switch Jiggy.

New Moves (Mole Holes)

1) Located in the same room as Jiggy 8. The mole teaches you the

BubbleGloop Swamp

(Accessible after inserting 7 Jiggies, and having 180 notes.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - On top of a pole opposite of the maze leading to

2) Green Jinjo - In a small cave above the swamp and along the
45 second

3) Orange Jinjo - Located on the back of a wall behind the

4) Pink Jinjo - Hidden under the tree of one of the huts. Get
him as the

5) Yellow Jinjo - Near the first bridge you will cross, double
jump to get

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Hit the Jiggy Switch in the middle of the swamp.
Carefully run
the race along the upper track and get to the Jiggy before 45
seconds is up.

2) Jiggy 2 - To the left of the Jiggy Switch lies an egg across
the swamp.
Pound each of the X's for a total of four hits, to get the Jiggy

3) Jiggy 3 - To the right of the Jiggy Switch an group of six
yellow frogs
guards the Jiggy. Destroy them and take it.

4) Jiggy 4 - Using the Shock Spring, jump up the trees where the
huts are
located. Smash each hut to get the next spring. Reach the last
hut and
pound it for a Jiggy.

5) Jiggy 5 - After successfully running the maze leading to
Mumbo, hit the
second Jiggy Switch. Then get across the tiny trail in under 10
seconds to
get the Jiggy.

6) Jiggy 6 - As the gator, go into the crocodile's nose. There
play the
Mean Mr. Vile. Win the easy, harder, and the hardest games to
get his Jiggy.

7) Jiggy 7 - At the start/exit pad there is a gold gator. Feed
him and egg.
And he will move to another location. Do it again and again,
until you get
the Jiggy.

8) Jiggy 8 - Find Tanktup the Turtle, and pound his cold, numb
feet. Then
your getting Jiggy wit it.

9) Jiggy 9 - After pounding the turtle's feet, go inside his
mouth. And
there you find the Tip-Tub choir (As in Diddy Kong Racing). Copy
music by pounding them, if successful you get a Jiggy.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect all five Jinjo's.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - Located in one of the high rise huts.
This one
blows up the witch hat on the Statue Island. You can't access
until you
have opened the 260 note door.

New Moves ( Mole Holes)

1) Near the start/exit is the mole hole where you learn to use
the green
rubber boots.

Freezeezy Peak

(Accessible after inserting 8 Jiggies and having 260 notes)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - On top of the snowman's snow-covered broom.

2) Green Jinjo - Located behind the cottage near the shore of
Mumbo's Hut.

3) Orange Jinjo - Located inside Wozza's Cave (walrus) on a

4) Pink Jinjo - Located on the tallest present in the gift pile
near the
Christmas Tree.

5) Yellow Jinjo - Inside Mumbo's Hut on one of the beams.

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Climb up the snowman's scarf and then climb out on
to his pipe
inside you'll find a jiggy.

2) Jiggy 2 - Opposite of the pipe there is a sled, hop on and
watch the cut
scene, and after landing on Boggy, you get the jiggy.

3) Jiggy 3 - After learning the Beak Bomb attack, hit each of
the three
buttons on the snowman to receive a jiggy.

4) Jiggy 4 - Another reward for using the Beak Bomb attack. Hit
all five of
the snow mongers.

5) Jiggy 5 - Change into the walrus and then go to the sled race
Boggy. Race between the red slalom flags, and beat Boggy to the
finish line
to get he jiggy.

6) Jiggy 6 - Change into the walrus and go to the Wozza's Cave.
He'll give
you a jiggy just as long as you promise not to give it to the

7) Jiggy 7 - Go to the Christmas tree and stomp on the box with
Christmas Lights. Then protect them from the Twinkly Munchers.
After the ON
switch appears hit it three times to switch the lights on. Then
Fly in the
air and pass through the star on top three times. Get the jiggy
for this

8) Jiggy 8 - To get this jiggy you must get the three presents
and take
them to the kids. Present 1 is located on a island near the
snowman's feet.
Present 2 is located inside the Christmas tree. The last present
is located
on the snowman's nose. After getting them take them back to the
kids to get
Jiggy 8.

9) Jiggy 9 - After learning how to use the White Tennis Shoes.
Boggy to a second race. Beat him again and get Jiggy 9.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect all five Jinjo's

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - Located under the snow-monger, is the
switch. It opens up another door at the entrance to Freezeezy
Peak. Using
the tennis shoes, run to the wing pad before it disappears. Then
fly up to
the Jiggy.

New Moves (Mole Hills)

1) Behind the mountain of presents is the mole hill where you
learn to use
the Beak Bomb attack.

Gobi's Valley

(Accessible after inserting 9 Jiggies and having 350.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - Change the quicksand into a pool, and then dive
down to
find the Jinjo.

2) Green Jinjo - Hidden behind a pyramid, across a small pile of

3) Orange Jinjo - After going inside the giant Jinxy pyramid,
fly up on the
second carpet and jump back.

4) Pink Jinjo - Successfully run the pyramid maze, and find him
in the pot
near the Jiggy.

5) Yellow Jinjo - Found behind the Start/Exit Pad on a rock.

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Find a Flight Pad then Beak Bomb the target on top
of the
pyramid. Hurry into the door, and talk to Rubee. Then shoot eggs
into the
spinning basket, until the snake creates a rope up to the Jiggy.

2) Jiggy 2 - Jump from Jinx's head onto the flat cactus in front
of him.
Then shoot an egg into each side of his nose. When inside the
pyramid, fly
from carpet to carpet to reach the Jiggy at the top of the room.

3) Jiggy 3 - Hit the switch on top of the pyramid and run into
the door.
Then inside play the game of Memory, avoiding the mummy. If you
match all
of the tiles in time you get the Jiggy.

4) Jiggy 4 - Fly through the rings on the head of each of the
"ancients" (Jinx statues). When you pass through the final
ancient you win
a Jiggy.

5) Jiggy 5 - After learning how to use the running shoes, go to
building where you must race to the top. Using the shoes run up
before the
time runs out. Then inside swim to the bottom and get the Jiggy,
which will
open a door and drain the water from the building.

6) Jiggy 6 - When the water has drained, step on one of the
three islands
in them. When Jinx appears shot an egg into his mouth. Finish by
doing the
same to the other two. Then run inside and win the maze to find
a Jiggy in
the King's tomb.

7) Jiggy 7 - Find Gobi the Camel and Beak Bust the rock he is
tied to.

8) Jiggy 8 - Find Gobi again, this time under the wilted tree.
The Beak
Bust on Gobi to spit water into the tree, and get another Jiggy.

9) Jiggy 9 - Use the running shoes to run up to the Slappa
holding the
Jiggy, and steal it before he pulls it underground.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect all five Jinjo's.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - Located in the same pyramid as Jiggy 6,
find it in
the maze. This switch opens the coffin at the entrance to Gobi's
which reveals the Jiggy.

New Moves (Mole Holes)

1) Located behind a tree on a narrow strip of walkable sand.
Near Gobi when
he runs from Trunker. Learn how to use the running shoes here.

Mad Monster Mansion

(Accessible after inserting 10 Jiggies and having 450 notes.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - Located to the left of the start in the water
area. On top of a pillar.

2) Green Jinjo - Located on the top of the mansion roof, near
the chimney.

3) Orange Jinjo - Found in the upper left corner of the hedge

4) Pink Jinjo - Found in a barrel in the cellar.

5) Yellow Jinjo - Break the window on the third floor and find
him above
the bed.

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - You must climb the mansion, and fall into the
chimney. When
you get down it, you can touch everything except the floor (wood
Then simply get on the table and take the piece.

2) Jiggy 2 - Go into the house with beams of light coming from
it. Then hop
on the glass and spell out Banjo-Kazooie with the tiles, to get
the Jiggy.

3) Jiggy 3 - Bust open the cellar on the rear of the mansion,
and bust open
the wine barrels with an egg shot. One will house a Jinjo and
another will
have the Jiggy.

4) Jiggy 4 - In the churchyard there are five flower pots on the
Shoot eggs into them until the sprout flowers. After doing all
five you
will get a Jiggy.

5) Jiggy 5 - Have Mumbo turn you into a pumpkin, then run to the
well. Hop in and swim into the bucket to find the Jiggy, and
leave using
the drainpipe.

6) Jiggy 6 - When a pumpkin go into the churchyard and go to
wards the left
side. Find a small opening in the bushes the leads to a ramp and
to the
second floor. Go to the drain pipe on the far side of the house
and fall
in. You'll fall right on a Jiggy.

7) Jiggy 7 - As Banjo scale the church and go all the way to the
top of the
weather vane to find a Jiggy in mid air.

8) Jiggy 8 - As Banjo grab the running shoes and hit the church
switch. Then run into the church before the time runs out. Next
hop up to
the organ where a ghost hand is playing tunes. Simply repeat his
to get a Jiggy.

9) Jiggy 9 - As the pumpkin go upstairs again but this time go
to the
bathroom on the right side of the house. Then jump in the
toilet, and
follow the tunnel to find a Jiggy.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect all five of the Jinjo's.

11) WITCH SWITCH JIGGY - After getting Jiggy 8, find the nearby
flight pad.
Then fly to the rafters in the ceiling, on stomp the witch
switch. The
Jiggy appears in the witch's eye near Freezeezy Peak. Use the
running shoes
to get to the flight pad, and Beak Bust the eye shell open to
get the Jiggy.

Rusty Bucket Bay

(Accessible after inserting 12 Jiggies and having 450 notes.)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - Jump in the only blue box with the middle popped
out, then
the Jinjo is hidden behind a stack of boxes.

2) Green Jinjo - Jump across the barrels in the green slime to
reach him.

3) Orange Jinjo - Pay the eight egg toll, and walk across the
bridge to
find Jinjo.

4) Pink Jinjo - Under the dock, behind the grating near the
ships stern

5) Yellow Jinjo - Swim past the shark in the cage to get to the
Jinjo on
the buoy.

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Climb the ship until you reach the top of the
smokestack to find the Jiggy there.

2) Jiggy 2 - Find the whistles marked 1, 2, and 3. Stomp the
numbers in the
order that appears on the sign 312-111.

3) Jiggy 3 - Near Jiggy 2 are porthole windows that can be broke
open find
the Captains room and open the closet to find a Eel and a Jiggy.

4) Jiggy 4 - Find a clear window on the tin roofed building just
past the 2
egg toll area. Then stomp the window and go inside to find the
Jiggy on top
of the box.

5) Jiggy 5 - To get this jiggy you must slow the ventilation
blades by
pounding on the rotor switch.

6) Jiggy 6 - You must stop the props from moving so that you can
through them to get this jiggy. The two switches are on the
inside the ship.

7) Jiggy 7 - Pound on the ^ arrow on the side of a crane. Then
run across
the moat to get the jiggy underneath the crate.

8) Jiggy 8 - This jiggy is in a room with a big boom box. To get
there just
push the down switch on the crane and walk over to where the
last jiggy was.

9) Jiggy 9 - The 9th jiggy is given to you by a dolphin named
Snorkel. You
have to follow the anchor chain and pound the switch to lift the
This frees Snorkel and gets you the jiggy.

10) Jiggy 10 - Find all five Jinjos.

11) Witch Switch Jiggy - Walk out to the end of the crane and
make a long
jump to some nearby boxes. The jiggy will appear in the
waterlogged chamber
passed the 450 note door.

Click Clock Wood

(Accessible after 15 Jiggies and 640 notes)

Jinjo Locations

1) Blue Jinjo - He's on the top of Mumbo's Hut in the winter.


2) Green Jinjo - As the bee in springtime fly up to the top of a
Venus fly
trap to get him.

3) Orange Jinjo - Talon trot up a pile of leaves in Autumn to
get this one.

4) Purple Jinjo - Go to the beehive as a bee in the spring to
find this

5) Yellow Jinjo - He is hiding in the corner of a field at

Jiggy Locations

1) Jiggy 1 - Climb up the tree's platforms till you get to a
door, beak
barge it. Then avoid the falling branches to get the jiggy.

2) Jiggy 2 - Get turned into a bee by Mumbo and soar to the
highest branch
of all to this jiggy.

3) Jiggy 3 - Go into the beehive and sink ten (10) bee's into
the honey to
the jiggy.

4) Jiggy 4 - When you reach the top of the ramp to the second
tier go off
to the right to get to a set of leaves keep going on these
leaves to get
the jiggy.

5) Jiggy 5 - Go to the tree house and make your way around to
the jiggy.

6) Jiggy 6 - In the summer break the large boulder that blocks
the beaver's
home. Then when you go into the beaver's home during autumn by
swimming up
the steep slopes.

7) Jiggy 7 - During the springtime drop some eggs in the hole by
a fenced
off garden. A flower will begin to grow. Come back in the Summer
and fall
to water your flower and then the second time you water it, it
will bloom
to reveal a jiggy.

8) Jiggy 8 - Find six acorns and give them to the bushy tailed
He'll give you a jiggy .

9) Jiggy 9 - In the spring hatch Eyrie the eagle and in the
summer feed him
five caterpillars. Come back during autumn and give him ten
Then return in winter to get the jiggy.

10) Jiggy 10 - Collect all 5 Jinjos.

11) Witch Switch Jiggy - In wintertime fly to the snowman on a
small branch
then use your beak bomb to get him. Smash the switch to make the
appear across the picture for Click Clock Wood.
Submitted By: Daleo

One of the greatest platformers created in the history of video games, this guide will show you how to get all 100 jiggies and complete the game.


Your basic training area, this is where Banjo lives and this is where you’ll learn all the basic moves Banjo can perform.


Follow the path to the left of the trees and flip flap jump to reach a piece.

Next to the waterfall, one is on a platform.

At the top of the tree near the bridge.

At the base of the spiral mountain. You need to swim underwater and into a little cove to get it.

Smash open all the rocks using the beak barge to get another.

Past the rocks is a farmer’s field. Defeat Colliwobble for one more piece.


The main area of the game. This is where you’ll access all the levels by completing the jigsaws on the walls when you have enough Jiggies from previous levels. When you press a Grunty switch in the stages, the Jiggy will appear in this lair.

As you enter the lair, get the first Jiggy on the left, then go up the right hand tunnel and fill in the picture at the top to gain access to the first world.



Run over to the bridge, and step toward Conga the Gorilla. Now, step on the orange platforms surrounding him and when he throws an orange at you quickly move and the fruit will hit the switch. Repeat this for all switches for a Jiggy.

Climb the pole that Conga was on and give the orange you find to Chimpy.

After Chimpy raises the platform, use it to jump onto the higher platform. Speak to Bottles and use your new move to fire eggs at Conga until he gives in.

Go up the hills to Tick Mountain, and then speak to Bottles. The Jiggy is at the centre of the monument.

Speak to Bottles at the huts and use the Beak Buster to break all the huts.

Another Jiggy can be found in the eye socket of Mumbo’s home.

Fire eggs into each of the mouths at the totem pole for a Jiggy.

Head down the hill from the village and you will see a Jiggy on a platform to the left.

Find five skulls scattered around the level and then go to Mumbo who will turn you into a termite. Now as a termite, enter Tick Mountain and climb to the top for a Jiggy.

Find five Jinjos:

To the right on a hill at the start

On an island to the right of the bridge

At the stone circle

Head down the large hill and a Jinjo will be concealed in a little hole

Under one of the huts at the village

Grunty Switch

From where the platform ends where Conga is, jump along the smaller platforms and reach the end for the switch. Each time you hit the switch a cut-scene will show you where the Jiggy is, or a clue to what you have to do to get it.

Leave the world as a termite and climb the hill that you enter to get to the level to find a Jiggy. Go back to the area where the first Jiggy was in Grunty’s Lair and head up the left-hand tunnel. Break the door and fill in the Puzzle which requires two Jiggies and then head up the narrow path. Fall into the water and get onto dry land. Go through the dark passage and jump into the Treasure Chest.



From the start go left and defeat Nipper using the Rat-a-tat rap. Head into his empty shell for a Jiggy.

Jump on the crates near the Pirate ship and follow the narrow path. Fire some eggs into Leaky who will uncover the Sandcastle and inside spell out Banjo Kazooie for a Jiggy.

Continue past Leaky and talk to bottles. Now use the spring pads to reach a Jiggy.

Talk to the captain on the Pirate ship. To get his treasure, break the trap door at the back of the ship and swim down to get the first half of his treasure. Give him that half and then swim into the other side at the top and reach the other piece, then give that to him for a Jiggy.

Run to the crow’s nest on the ship and talk to bottles. Now use the new fly technique to fly over to the chest on the left for a Jiggy.

Go back to Bottles and this time go right. Reach the passageway and climb the Lighthouse for a Jiggy.

Underneath the ladders is a narrow path that leads to a Jiggy.

Climb to the top of the tower and beak bust the red X. Now fly around, beak busting the red X on every platform you come across. When you eventually see the red ? beak bust it and then break the chest.

At the bottom of the pool with the mine in the centre.

Find five Jinjos:

Under the starting pier

On a pillar at the third Jiggy piece

On the crow’s nest at the Pirate ship

On top a tree near the lighthouse

To the left of the ninth piece of Jigsaw

Grunty Switch

Found behind the lighthouse

Exit the level and use the cannon on the ship to the right to reach the Jiggy. Now go back to the room with Grunty’s face on the floor and to the left, concealed, is the Clanker’s Cavern picture, which needs five Jiggies. That done, go up the ramp and through the drainpipe to activate the Cauldron shortcut. Head through the larger pipe and hit the switch to raise the pipes gaining you access to Clanker’s Cavern



At the start, go into the water and through the pipe to reach the main area. Clanker will then talk to you. From there, head to the bottom and swim through the keyhole three times to release Clanker. Get air from Gloop and then swim to the top and get the Jiggy from Clanker’s back.

Stand on Clanker’s blow hole and the bolt will propel you to a narrow platform with a Jiggy at the end.

Shoot out both of Clanker’s golden teeth using eggs.

Head through the first tunnel you come to after swimming past the tunnel blocked off with the Jiggy at the end to the left of Clanker’s fin. Follow this tunnel around for the Jiggy.

Using Clanker’s tail, jump onto the platform and fire eggs at the grate to reveal a Jiggy.

From where you are jump into the water and through the tunnel, and defeat the Snippet Mutants at the end for Jiggy.

Jump down Clanker’s blowhole and run past the slicers for a Jiggy.

Continue on until you reach Clanker’s stomach. Jump through all the green rings within the time limit for the Jiggy.

From here, use the flight pad to fly across to the hole, and learn about the Wonderwing from Bottles. Use it to reach the Jiggy past the slicers.

Find five Jinjos:

From the start climb the ladder and follow the path

Near the key that sets Clanker free

Swim through the tunnel next to the one with a Mumbo skull at the end that is blocked

Get on the platform opposite Clanker’s left fin and use the Shock spring jump to reach the shaft. Beak bust the grate and drop down for a Jinjo

At the bottom of the pool near the beehive

Grunty Switch

At the seventh Jiggy piece, run past the slicers and hit the switch

Exit the level and hit the button to the left to raise the platform near Brentilda. Follow the path and press the button that opens the passage to the next picture. Complete the picture and go back to the room with Grunty’s face on the floor. Hit the eyes for a Jiggy and then go up the hill to open a note door, opening a new area. From here run up the steep slope to the swamp area and follow to Bubblegloop Swamp.



Speak to Bottles behind you, and then go across the bridge. Go left to find a giant egg and break it to reveal the jigsaw piece.

Go back to the island after the bridge and hit the jigsaw button to reveal a piece of jigsaw. Run as fast as you can to get it.

Jump down from where you are to the island with tree trunks. Beat all the Flibbets to get a jigsaw piece.

Go to Tanktup and Beak Buster his flippers to put them into his shell and he’ll give you a jigsaw.

Enter Tanktup’s mouth and talk to the conductor and he’ll tell you what to play on the turtles shells. Remember the sequence 3 times to get the jigsaw piece.

Exit Tanktub and go to the Tree Hut village. Use the Beak Buster on each hut to uncover a Shock Pad. Continue up and you’ll find the jigsaw under the highest hut.

To get the next jigsaw piece first go to the start, to the left and fire an egg. Keep firing eggs into the crocodile’s mouths for a Jiggy.

At the end of the maze, hit the switch and walk along the narrow path within the time limit to reach the Jiggy.

Another Jiggy can be reached with the running shoes by running across the same path in the eighth Jiggy. You’ll need to wait until later in the game to get those shoes.

Find five Jinjos:

On the island left to the bridge at the start

In a hole near the second Jiggy

Behind Tanktup

Behind the crocodile skull

Inside one of the tree huts

Grunty Switch

Inside one of the huts in the hut village

Once you’re done, exit the level and go back to where Brentilda was in the swamp area. Get the wadding boots to her right, and use them to go through the tunnel behind Bubblegloop Swamp. Fill in the picture of Freezeezy Peak and use the boots to make your way back to the Grunty statue. Go right through the spell door to open a new area.

Smash the brick walls and press the switch to activate a moving shock jump pad. Get the Jiggy from the statue which is revealed. Go up the stairs into the Freezeezy Peak area, and enter the level to learn the Beak Bomb. Now leave the area and Beak Bomb Grunty’s mouth to enter the area with the Gobi Valley picture. Fill in the missing pieces, and then head back to the area with the vase and jump in, then head toward the level.



From the start head to Jinxy and use the flight pad to get airborne. Fly through all the hoops of the statues for a Jiggy.

Get airborne again, and Beak Bomb the Kazooie target. Enter the newly opened Pyramid and puts eggs into the revolving baskets.

Get to the pillars infront of Jinxy and fire an egg into each nostril. Now enter Jinxy and raise the carpets by firing eggs into the walls in the holes to reach the Jiggy.

Go to the island left to Jinxy and free Gobi from the boulder for a Jiggy.

Open the Sun pyramid using the button at the top and enter inside. Play mix ‘n’ match inside and complete for a Jiggy.

Learn about the running shoes from Bottles from behind the Kazooie Pyramid, and use the speed to get the Jiggy from Grabba’s hand.

Get a new pair of shoes and press the button at the next pyramid. Quickly reach the top and drop down before the timer runs out for a Jiggy.

Once you complete the previous Jiggy, the water in the moat around the main pyramid will rise. Get onto each platform and firs eggs into the statues. Enter the main pyramid and complete the maze before time runs out for a Jiggy.

Go back to the start where Gobi is now sheltering under the thirsty tree. Beak bust his hump to feed the dying plant for a Jiggy.

Find five Jinjos:

One behind you at the start

Inside Jinxy to the right of the first carpet

Behind the sun pyramid

Inside the pyramid that drains the water

Inside a pot near the seventh Jiggy

Grunty Switch

Once you have completed the maze go back in and go right for the switch.

Exit to the lair and use the Shock spring pad to get the Jiggy. Exit using the staircase and break the web in the next area using eggs. Now head over to Freezeezy Peak and enter.



From the start head down the slope and toward the Christmas tree. Open the box and guide the Twinklies to the tree by protecting them from the Twinkly Munchers via the Beak Buster. When enough Twinklies are into the tree, head round the back and fire eggs at the button to turn the tree on. Now get airborne and fly through the star at the top of the tree three times to collect the Jiggy from inside the tree.

Speak to Bottles at the flight pad and Beak Bomb the Snowman’s three buttons.

Destroy all the Sir Slushes using the Beak Bomb for another Jiggy.

Inside the Snowman’s pipe

Jump onto the sled at the top of the Snowman’s scarf to see Banjo fly onto Boggy’s stomach rewarding you with a Jiggy.

Change into a Walrus via Mumbo and race Boggy along the course on the sled.

As a Walrus visit Wazza for a Jiggy

As Banjo, take up Boggy’s challenge using the Running shoes. This time it’s a lot tougher.

Give Boggy’s children in the Igloo three presents:

Inside the Christmas tree

Behind the Snowman on an island

On the Snowman’s nose

Find five Jinjos:

Near Bottles on a present

Behind a house in the village

Inside Mumbo’s house

On the Snowman’s broom

Inside Wazza’s cave, use the Flip flap jump to reach it

Grunty Switch

The switch is inside the Sir Slush near Bottles

Return to the lair and head up the platform on the right. Press the button to make the flight pad appear and quickly grab the Running shoes and get airborne before it disappears. Get the Jiggy above the Freezeezy Peak entrance and head up the slope opposite Grunty’s head. Open the note door and dive into the water, and then swim to the passage with a ship. Take a left and fill in the Mad Monster Mansion picture. Now head back to the Gobi’s Valley area and take the passage further along to reach a graveyard. Smash the gate (you’ll find out why later) and enter the stage.



Climb to the top of the house, and smash the windows on your way. Fall down the window and get the Jiggy from the ghost by using the chairs to avoid the creaking floor.

Enter the cellar near the Church gate and smash open the barrels.

Smash open the Church gate and puts eggs into each flower pot.

Use the gravestone near the Church door to get onto the roof, and the Jiggy can be found in the clock face.

Go over to the house with cracks in the roof and enter inside. Get onto the Tumbler and spell out BANJO KAZOOIE on the floor before time runs out.

Press the switch to open the Church door and use the Running shoes to reach it before it closes. Now head over to the organ and copy Motzhand on the keys.

Get Mumbo to change you into a Pumpkin for 20 skulls and then head into the well for a Jiggy.

Staying as a Pumpkin get onto the house roof via a small hole near the church and go though the smashed toilet window. Go down Loggo for the Jiggy.

Again as a Pumpkin head to the front of the house and go through the large drainpipe, leading to the Jiggy.

Find five Jinjos:

In a corner in the maze

On the bed of the bedroom in the house

On the house roof

Inside a barrel in the cellar

On the pillar at the pond

Grunty Switch

Inside the Church get airborne via the flight pad and go to the rafters above the organ for the switch.

Exit as a Pumpkin and go through the gate I told you to smash before entering the stage. Get Mumbo to change to back to Banjo and smash open the coffin. Press it to raise the water levels at the ship and change back to a Pumpkin. Leave the area and go back to the Freezeezy Peak area. Get airborne like you did before using the shoes and Beak Bomb Grunty’s eye for the Jiggy. Now go to the ship, and due to the water raising you can get to the Rare crate. Smash it open and raise the water again via the switch, and then swim to the passage at the opposite corner. Fill in the Rusty Bucket Bay picture and enter the stage.



Go left from the start and pay the toll. Go across the platform and smash open the window in the roof. Drop down for a Jiggy.

Jump into the water, and watch as the poisonous water will wear down your air meter twice as quick, and go to the front of the boat. Swim down to Snorkel and follow the chain into the ship and press the button to set him free.

Go over to the crane controls and Beak barge it to raise the crate. Climb the ladder and reach the crate for a Jiggy before it closes.

Go to the bridge area and press the Whistle buttons in order 3 1 2 1 1 1 for a Jiggy.

Smash open the potholes and enter the Captain’s room for a Jiggy.

Get back onto the deck and climb to the top of the nearest funnel.

At the back of the ship go down the funnel and hit the button in the small room, slowing down the propellers. Run to the second large funnel on the deck with a door at the base. Smash this door open and enter the engine room. Jump past the cogs taking your time to reach the Jiggy.

This is arguably the hardest Jiggy in the game, so be prepared! From were you are at the previous Jiggy you’ll see two switches on narrow platforms. Manoeuvre through the cogs and hit the one on your right. This will slow down the propellers. Now do the same for the one on the left. This will now stop the propellers. Now as fast as you can get out of the engine room and onto deck, then get to the end of the ship, into the water, and past the motionless propeller where the Jiggy is before time runs out and they start moving again. Good luck!

Go to the crate controls and push the button to make the TNT crate explode and open the large door on the deck. Now enter and take on Boss Box. Every time you destroy a box it will spawn out more boxes, which are smaller. Defeat Boss Box for the Jiggy.

Find five Jinjos:

On a buoy in the shark-infested water

On an oil drum in the toxic pool

Inside the blue container

At the beehive, swim underneath under the crate

Before you drop the TNT crate, pay the toll to reach the Jinjo

Grunty Switch

Near the controls that drop the TNT crate. It is actually very difficult to reach, so when you jump don’t use Kazooie until you start to fall or you won’t reach.

Back in the lair, swim to the pool with the mine in the centre and collect the Jiggy. Follow the pipe around the back and press the switch, and then head on through the open door. Head past the Whipcracks into a new area and use the leaf further on to get onto the higher area. Press the Jiggy switch to allow you to fill in the Click Clock Wood picture and then head back to the passage. Near Brentilda, activate the cauldron and use this shortcut, then head into the pool and through the tunnel. Fill in the picture and head back using the shortcut to Click Clock Wood.



From where you start, press the Spring button by the bridge and enter into Spring. Head toward the huge tree and make your way up it. Press the Summer switch when you pass it and keep going until your reach a door. Smash it open for the Jiggy.

Get Mumbo to turn you into a bee and collect the Jiggy at the top of the large tree on a single branch.

Enter Summer and break the boulder for Gnawty. Hit the leaf switch and use the now larger leaves near Mumbo’s home to reach the Jiggy.

Continue to the large tree and make your way up. When you see the beehive enter and fight off the swarm of Zubbas using Wonderwing or the Rat-a-tat-tap. Once they are all killed you will be rewarded with a Jiggy.

Now go and enter Autumn, and swim up the passage that you unblocked for Gnawty in Summer for a Jiggy.

Climb up the tree and in the semi-complete tree house is a Jiggy.

Go to the top of the large tree to find Nabnut. Find his six acorns:

Inside his house

On the ramp opposite his house

Again on the ramp, near his house

On a platform underneath the ramp

Below the circular platform on a ramp

To the left of Nabnut is a window. Smash it for the last acorn

In Spring, put a few eggs into the hole in the fenced off patch of land. In Summer, bash Gobi’s hump to feed the plant water. In Autumn water it once more for the Jiggy. Jump off the beehive and onto the plant to reach it.

In Spring, smash open the egg. In Summer, find it a set amount of caterpillars whom can be found in many places. Repeat in Autumn and then visit the bird in Winter who is now fully grown and rewards you with a Jiggy.

Find five Jinjos:

As a bee you can get one from the flytrap (Spring)

As a bee enter the beehive (Spring)

In the grassy area to your left (Summer)

Past the plant on top of a pile of leaves (Autumn)

On top of Mumbo’s house (Winter)

Grunty Switch

In Winter, destroy the Sir Slush outside Mumbo’s house using Beak bomb for the switch.

Here we go. Exit the world and enter the note door using the leaf to reach the platform. Go on through and stand on the Tooty square to get warped to Grunty’s board game ‘Furnace Fun’.


Furnace Fun is a large board made up of different squares. There are different types of square for different types of questions:

Grunty Square

These are questions about Grunty. Now, you can get the answers for these questions from Brentilda, who you have seen in several places in the lair. Make sure you write them down to make these questions a piece of cake.

BK Square

A Banjo-Kazooie square will ask you a question about anything general in the game, such as characters and levels.


The eye squares will show you a close-up of a certain place in the game, and you have to choose the right answer.


Very tricky squares, Stopwatch squares will require you to complete a certain challenge you completed in the main game all over again, but this time much harder. For example, one challenge warps you to the Sandcastle and asks you to spell out BANJO KAZOOIE – backwards! I would avoid these squares if you can.


Note squares will play a certain tune of voice from the game and you have to recognise who or where the music is from.


Skull squares are deadly squares. They are random, and could ask you anything from the above squares. However, if you answer wrong you are out and get thrown into the lava and must start over. At the end, these are very common, but there is one way to avoid them:


Joker squares are your lifesavers. They will ask you a random question, and if you answer correct you will receive a Joker card, allowing you to skip a square. Very handy for the Skull squares.

There are also honeycombs on the board as if you answer a question wrong (apart from Skull squares) you will loose one honeycomb. Don’t collect them unless your life is low. Good luck!

Once you complete the board game, watch the cut-scene. Now run up the stairs and activate the cauldron. Fill in the picture in the room requiring 25 pieces and jump into the cauldron. Also remember to open the doors around it that will replenish your eggs and feathers if you fail.


Grunty’s first attack is to swoop down at you several times. Stay in the centre and run before she hits you. After a few swoops she will stop and beat her broom, allowing you shoot eggs at her.

After enough eggs, she will then move to the outside of the castle wall and shoot fireballs at you. To avoid them, stay behind the stone pillars and when she stops firing for a short time jump up at start firing eggs at her, then hide again behind the pillar. Once she’s been hit enough she’ll move to another pillar.

After hitting her at the fourth pillar she’ll take to the sky. Use the flight pad to get airborne and hit her with the Beak bomb, but only when she pauses briefly or you’ll fly right past her.

After enough hits she’ll land, so get back onto the castle. Now four Jinjo statues will appear, and you need to put eggs into the holes to activate the Jinjo which will rise and smash into Grunty. Use the Wonderwing to deflect Grunty’s spells and when she pauses for a bit quickly fill one statue with eggs and then go again.

After four hits from the Jinjos, the mighty Jinjonator will rise and Grunty will flip. She will fire a flurry of fireballs at you, then a super spell, and then rest for a bit. When she rests, you must fill in one of the four holes around the Jinjonator with eggs. Then use Wonderwing again until she stops, and then fill another hole. Once all holes are filled the Jinjonator will rise and batter Grunty until she eventually falls to her doom. Congratulations!

If you managed to collect all 100 Jiggies in the end sequence Mumbo will reveal some of the secrets about Banjo-Kazooie, like Sharkfood Island, the mystery key in Wazza’s cave and the door that couldn’t be opened in Gobi’s Valley. But for know, give yourself a pat on the back for beating such a huge game.

Thanks for reading

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