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Tomb Raider Chronicles Walkthroughs

This game is also available on PS2, PC.
Submitted By: ]v[atrix
Level 01 - Streets of Rome - Rome

This is the first story. Winston or Jean-Pierre is telling it.
From the movie
we can learn that Lara tried to buy an artifact, the Mercury
stone, but the
sellers, Larson and Pierre (Natla's goons) wanted to keep it
for themselves
together with Lara's money. Lara took the stone and ran away
from them. And we
get the control on the streets of Rome. Lara has the usual green
top and brown
short in this whole story. I was hoping after the FMV that we
can control her
in that cool blue dress a bit too. :)

First run to the corner and turn right. You get to a small
fountain, you can
shoot your first enemy there, a dog. From the fountain you
can do a running
jump to the top of the cafe and get the flares there. As
this is a quick
walkthrough, I will not write about everything like this
and like the
secrets, feel free to explore the areas in details yourself (I
leave a little
bit of fun for you). Go to the path behind the cafe and put your
head into the
mouth of the lion. Just kidding, press action (on the PSX
the X button by
default) and you pull a handle in its mouth (anyway Lara
will put her head
into the lion's mouth, hehe). From the fountain go to the path
you originally
came from and turn right at the first corner. Go down and pull
another handle
in another lion's mouth. Bats will attack you. Now climb up
to the platform
and into the house from there. Follow the path. You'll find a
window, if you
shoot it out, you can find some ammo behind it. Follow the
path and you'll
find another window with a small medipack. Go down on the
stairs, kill the dog
and pull the switch, now you can get back to the fountain
easier. But now go
back to the last window, shoot out the opposite one and jump
over the gap. Go
to the left and get the Golden key 1. Now go back to the
fountain, kill the
dog and open the door. Inside you have to gunfight with
Larson, after a few
shots he will run away and you can get a small medipack there.
Go after him,
turn left and get the Garden key from the top of the wooden
box. Follow the
other path and gunfight with Larson again, he'll run away
again. Now you can
try out one of Lara's new moves. Go to the rope, press the
action and then
press and hold Up. Lara will randomly lose her balance, stop
and lean left or
right, when she does it, press the opposite direction,
she'll get back her
balance and you can continue walking on the rope with Up.
Go down to the
street with action and pull the handle, you have another open
way back to the

You can skip this part if you don't need goodies and a secret,
the following
is a large area filled with these but isn't needed to finish
the level. Go
back to the fountain and go where you originally came from,
go to the Opera
Backstage. (You can do this in different order too of course.)
Climb up on the
boxes, jump and go to the other room. Jump over the gap and
climb up to the
metal platform. From there you can get some goodies and after a
jump, from the
middle platform even more. Now you have to reach the top
of the yellow
machine, you can do it on two ways, either with a simple
jump from this
platform, or you get back to the previous gap and follow the
path to the next
room where you jump from platform to platform and finally
get back to this
room. (And I must add you can go to that third room on ground
level and climb
up there too.) When you get back to this second room,
jump and grab the
platform above you, climb to the other end of the room and
climb up to the
yellow machine there. Many ways to choose. Crawl into the
hole, pull the
switch and go through the door. Climb up to the yellow machine
and jump to and
into the pool. Follow the path by swimming under the water. And
from the next
pool you can follow a small path too what you can find at the
bottom of the
pool, to get some goodies. Get out of the pool and you'll find
another rope.
Don't cross it, but explore the area below it. Press action
at the cabinets
(sorry, I wrote cabinets everywhere to the shelves too in this
walkthough and
I can't correct them without finishing it again, some cabinets
are shelves) to
get goodies and push the cabinets at the corners to get even
more behind them,
and a secret. Now go back to the rope, you can simply climb
up at the other
end if you don't want to practice on the rope. :) More
cabinets, more stuff.
Finally you'll reach another handle, pull that one too and you
can go back to
the fountain.

Now go back to the last opened path and turn left. In the
opening on the left
you can pick up some ammo, then follow the path and pick up
the Revolver at
the top of the stairs. Go down to the closed door and press
action to open it.
You can find the LaserSight there, combine it with the
Revolver and shoot
the lock this way. Take the second Garden key and get out of
here quickly. Go
back to the previous junction, run to the end, turn left
and use the two
Garden keys to open the garden gate. Now you can go into the
garden from the
street through the gate.

When you go to the snake heads, you get the cutscene with
Larson and Pierre.
Continue your way behind the building. Another cutscene with a
bell. Of course
you have to ring the bell with the Revolver and
LaserSight. You can get
another LaserSight and a box of ammo at the upper door. Go into
the opening on
the left from the upper door. Do a running jump, pull the
handle in the mouth
of the lion and the upper door is open now. In the upper
building, go to the
left and pull the handle, then operate with the crystal bird.
Go to the right
and on the upper platform hop backwards with action, then
shimmy right below
the swinging thing. Pull that handle you find there, go down
and operate with
the other crystal bird too. Go out of the building and through
the lower door.
Take the Saturn symbol and watch the cutscene.

Level 02 - Trajan's markets - Rome

In the cutscene Larson and Pierre are taking the Saturn symbol
from Lara and
placing it into the gate. Now two symbols are there, two more
are needed.

We find ourselves on the streets again. Go into the left room
and shoot the
box to get the Crowbar. You can do the same on the right too,
to get another
LaserSight. Open the metal door with the Crowbar and climb
up. (There's a
small medikit in the box.) Take the other small medikit from
the window and
walk through the rope. Jump to the other platform, go out and
jump across the
two gaps. You can get the ammo from the window too.
Continue your way by
climbing and jumping and finally down into the building where
the gears are.
Climb up on the climbable wall on the right, at the top climb
left across its
corner. Now you can jump into two directions. Jump to the
right and into the
building from there. Pull the rope, the cutscene shows that the
gear goes up.
Don't leave yet, pull it again and again to raise the gear
to the top. Now
jump from platform to platform until you reach the other
rope, pull it to
start the big machine what will move away the biggest gear
from the way. You
can take the ammo from the window above the gear, then go down
and enter the
door. Get the goodies inside, then continue your way to the left
where the big
gear was. Get the Golden coin with the Crowbar and place it
into the knight's
platform. You can leave the building now and enter a new area
what was closed
before. Get the ammo and continue your way in the water.

Get the medikit and get out of the water at the other end.
Get the ammo and
prepare for the metal octopus boss. It is not easy, it
will fry you very
quickly with electric beam. You have to use the Revolver with
LaserSight and
aim and shot its green eyes really quickly. You can jump in
and out for the
two eyes. Save here, probably you have to retry it a few
times (I killed it
without problem with one quick aim to the two eyes). Go down
and get the Mars
symbol. Back at the red machine you can jump up to the metal
platform and jump
to the top of the red machine to get a secret. Go back to the
octopus room,
get the ammo and open the manhole. Climb down into the sewers,
get the medikit
in the water and swim through the upper hole in the big hole
on the middle.
Follow the path, get the ammo and get the Valve wheel with
the Crowbar. Go
back to the red machine, use the Valve wheel on it and turn the
wheel, then go
back to the sewers and dive at the big hole again. Now you
can swim through
the deeper hole, you can get a large medipack in a room, then
swim up where a
ventillator is pumping the water. Another red machine, turn the
valve and you
can swim right at the ventillator. Follow the path to the
surface. Get the
ammo and the Shotgun, then kill the knight boss. Don't let him
catch you with
his sword, jump to the left or right when he is preparing his
electric shock.
Get the goodies, jump out where the window was and dive down
for the fourth
piece, the Venus symbol. Swim through the other new
underwater door too and
you'll find yourself at the snake gate again.

Time to save. After a small cutscene you have to fight
again with Larson,
after he's down, you have to shoot him some more times. The time
gone out, the
snakes are coming alive. These are the next bosses to fight
against. Get the
goodies in the garden and shoot the snakes with shotgun. Don't
go too close to
them and always jump left and right to avoid their fire. Now
all you have to
do is to place the two symbols into the gate and jump
from platform to
platform in the open gate. You can't take the artifact at the
end, it was a
trap and you fall down ... to the next level.

Level 03 - The Colosseum - Rome

No FMV or cutscene this time. Just follow the path and run and
jump when the
stones are collapsing below your feet. From the stone you
landed hop back
while you hold the action, climb a bit down (these walls are
climbable), then
a lot to the left until you reach a small place with a stone
button on the
wall. Push it, then go back the same way. Now the door is
open, follow the
path, it is really linear. Slide down, kill the lion, push
the button, kill
the lion, climb up and pick up the Gemstone piece. The
simple linear part
continues. Kill the gladiator, pick up the medikit in the
opening, go up, kill
the gladiator, pick up the ammo, push the stone button, go up,
go up, kill the
gladiator, kill the lion, go through the door, go to the
left, pick up the
large medikit and pick up the Uzi. Now go down to the
previous level and go
into the big hall and save there. This is a quite heavy timed
part. Probably
you have to waste a lot of time until you can make this
part in time.
Explore the hall if you want to (you have to learn the
places of the
platforms), then do a running jump to the right, where you can
see a pulling
rope switch. Pull the rope three times, then quickly run to
the right corner
of the platform (right when you are facing to the middle of the
hall), jump to
the platform what is in front of the middle area, jump from
that platform to
the next one, from that to the next again (you'll see the
order), climb up,
run around on that large platform, finally you'll face to the
middle and with
a running jump you can reach the middle again. Everywhere
you have to make
running jumps at the exact points. You can't hop back for
runup and you have
to push jump at the very last position. Also you can't
save in a timed
sequence like this. Technically you can, but it will f*ck up
the game. (As I
remember in all TR games and I had to restart many levels due
to that I save
sometimes in timed sequences.) If you did it right, you'll
reach the metal
cylinder before it goes down again and you can get the second
Gemstone piece
from it. Combine the two pieces into the Gemstone and go into
the direction of
the closed door, what will open when you reach it. You'll
fall into another
trapdoor trap and a cool and funny cutscene is coming up with

After the "busy girl gotta go", go into the next room and use
the Gemstone on
that thing. The room is collapsing under your feet, turn around
quickly and do
a running jump to the opposite direction (to the direction of
the door). Turn
around again a do another running jump to the opposite
direction again. Hop
back with action and shimmy left around the corner until you
can, there you
can release action and continue your way. After you climb
up to the next
level, finally you can see the outdoors again and you see the
Colosseum. You
have to kill a gladiator and a lion and the gladiator will leave
the Colosseum
key 1 for you. Use the key at the door and go inside, prepare
for a fight with
another big knight boss. After you killed him, go into the
opening, take the
Colosseum key 2 and open the next large door with it. Slide
down and finally
get the red artifact with the Crowbar. This is the end of the
level and the
end of the first story. You get the FMV where Lara is holding
this stuff, then
her friends are watching it.

Level 04 - The base - Russian Base

The FMV is continuing and Jean-Pierre is telling the next
story, the story of
the Russian Base and the russian and german submarines. The
story is starting
in the WW2 probably, a german submarine is sinking (german
submarines are
always sinking in every movie like Das Boot) and we will learn
that the Spear
Of Destiny, a mysterious and powerful mythological artifact was
on the board.
Something is moving in the boxes and then the soldiers are
fighting against
something what is lighting. A little bit of Abyss, a little
bit of Das Boot
and a really lot of X-Files rippoff. And then they died and
the submarine
crushed. We can see Lara in a white snow camouflage suit and a
small cap and
Jean-Pierre standing on a hill above a russian military base,
watching russian
gangsters going into the base. I have no sound in this beta
version, probably
they are talking about that the base is organizing a u-boat
mission into the
german submarine, to get the Spear

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