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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Turok 3"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Turok 3 (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Venomous Albino
Everyone loves the Turok series and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
is as gore-filled and satisfying as the previous three instalments. However, the boss encounters can be quite tricky.
So I'm going to take you through the tactics needed to defeat
each and every one. Am I great or what?

Boss Walkthrough
- Oblivion Gunship
- The Xiphias
- The Opisthor
- Alpha Fireborn
- Oblivion
- Joshua Fireseed: Essence of Oblivion



- Oblivion Gunship -
Strafing, a good aim and a shotgun are all that's needed to wipe
out the Gunship. Make sure you're fully loaded as it can be
quite easy to miss, then just give it all you've got. He's an
ugly boss, but he's also a walkover.

- The Xiphias -
Firstly, don't let the Xiphias grab you and pull you into the
pool of water. If this happens, you're dead meat. Simply climb
up to one of the high platforms in the far corner of the room
and he won't be able to harm you; leaving you free to let rip
with your most powerful weapons, making sure you shoot his eye
until it bursts. Now climb up the ladder and flip the switch to
cause the submarine to drop onto Xiphias' head; finishing him
off for good.

- The Opisthor -
Chip away at Opisthor's health (preferably using the Firestorm
Cannon) until he sinks below the surface; at which point you
should activate the four switches, locking him down. Watch out
for the smaller enemies that scuttle around the area, as they
have a tendency to creep up behind you and attack you at their

- Alpha Fireborn -
Quite possibly the easiest boss in any game, EVER. Simply shoot
at the blob on the ceiling to form a crust on the Alpha
Fireborn's pool of lava. Once out of the lava, Alpha Fireborn
will prove no threat to you whatsoever. Shoot him to pieces as
he tries to get back to the lava pool, and shoot the Fireborn
Dinosoids as they'll try to break the crust of the lava pool for
their leader.

- Oblivion -
Keep circling Oblivion to avoid his fire, and shoot his purple
glowing hand when he lunges for you. Eventually, he will stop to
catch his breath; at which point you should keep shooting at the
open mouth on his chest until you're unable to do so any longer.
At this point he'll recover his health, so repeat the above
process twice more to beat him.

- Joshua Fireseed: Essence of Oblivion -
No matter what, don't let Joshua out of your sight as he'll have
the chance to sneak up behind you and use his Firestorm Cannon
to give you a lot of holes and a lot of red leakage. The best
strategy to employ would be to treat Joshua in the same way that
you'd treat a deathmatch CPU bot; strafing to avoid his fire
while at the same time letting rip with your most powerful

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