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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Worms Armageddon"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on N64, DC and PS1.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Worms Armageddon (PC Games)
Submitted By: Daleo


Shift - Change Player
F1 - Select Bazooka weapon set
F2 - Select Grenade weapon set
F3 - Select Shotgun weapon set
F4 - Select Fire Punch weapon set
F5 - Select Dynamite weapon set
F6 - Select Air Strike weapon set
F7 - Select Blow Torch weapon set
F8 - Select Ninja Rope weapon set
F9 - Select Holy Hand Grenade weapon set
F10 - Select Petrol Bomb weapon set
F11 - Select Mad Cow weapon set
F12 - Select Skip Go weapon set
Left Click - Bring up weapons menu
Enter - Jump
Backspace - Vertical jump
Backspace x2 - Back jump
Space Bar - fire weapon


Bazooka - Most commonly used weapon in the game. Simple yet quite powerful heavy weapon - power of the shot depends on how long the space bar is held down for. Needs to be aimed and effected by the wind.

Homing Missile - Click where you want the missile to hit anywhere on map and then fire. Aim and power need to be considered. Poor weapon, as not very powerful and rarely avoids terrain in the way of the target.

Mortar - Click onto target and then fire into the air, with the mortar landing on the target. Not very accurate weapon and very weak.

Homing Pigeon - Similar to Missile, except once target is set you donít need to aim or set power - just click. Does a better job than the missile as it does avoid terrain, but still donít use against far away targets.

Sheep Launcher - Allows you to shoot the sheep weapon into areas that you couldnít just drop it. Very useful as the normal sheep needs to be set close by, so you wonít feel the recoil with the launcher. Aim the sheep then shoot, and you will need to set off the sheep by pressing space bar.

Grenade - Another common weapon in Worms. Has a default 3 second fuse, although pressing 1 - 4 on the keyboard resets the fuse. You will need to aim and power up the grenade, so practice is needed, but powerful when used accurately.

Cluster Bomb - Same as the Grenade, expect on impact the bomb explodes into a number of smaller bombs. However, useless weapon as itís much weaker than the grenade.

Banana - Devastating weapon but the recoil is unforgiving. Aim and power the banana, and fire. The banana has a 3 second fuse before powerfully exploding into a set of more bananas which then drop and powerfully explode on impact. Can wipe out worms in one blow, but use carefully.

Hand Axe - Powerful, close-range weapon. Simply hitís the target into the floor, causing around 40 damage. However, coming in close range leaves you open for attack in the opponents turn so use to kill worms not weaken.

Shotgun - Aim and fire 2 shot weapon. Each shot can cause a maximum of 25 damage, therefore a fairly powerful weapon. However, difficult to aim, so use with laser sight.

Handgun - Weak aim and fire weapon. Good for pushing a target backward, but very weak compared to the other guns.

Uzi - Rapid fire, aim and fire weapon that causes a fair amount of damage and perfect for rolling an opponent way back off the terrain.

Mini-gun - Very powerful but difficult to aim, aim and fire weapon. You can change the aim during fire, but controlling is difficult.

Longbow - 2 shot weapon thatís weak but good to use to shoot into terrain and use as steps to reach higher areas.

Fire Punch - Close range punch that hitís the opponent backward. Perfect for knocking off the terrain, but not for weakening as you need to get in close.

Dragon Ball - Exactly the same effect as the Fire Punch, except this time the worm shoots a horizontal fireball rather than punch. Need to be in close.

Kamikaze - Worm shoots down vertically before exploding. Pointless weapon as target needs to be directly underneath you and your worm dies once executed.

Prod - Does no damage. Perfect for prodding an opponent off the terrain without using more valuable weapons.

Dynamite - Very powerful weapon that has a 5 second fuse and needs to be planted right next to an opponent for maximum effect. However, make sure you use those 5 seconds to get away or the recoil will punish your worm also.

Mine - Planted or dropped next to or near an opponent. If within a certain range, mine will detonate. Not as powerful as Dynamite but more time to get away.

Sheep - Powerful explosive sheep that when fired gallops along the terrain. Space bar to detonate it. However, timing needs to be good as the sheep bounces, not walk, so sometimes misses target.

Flying Sheep - Fire sheep then space bar again to launch flying sheep. Use arrow keys to guide it. Very difficult to control and explodes on impact, but can be used to reach a target the other side of the terrain.

Mole - Fire then fire again to launch the mole into the ground and then explode. Not very effective weapon but good for making escape routes underground for your worms.

Air Strike - Click anywhere on map and then fire to send 5 rockets down from the sky and hit the target. Excellent weapon as very easy to hit anyone on map and requires very little skill, whilst also quite powerful

Napalm Strike - Same controls as Air Strike, expect before hitting the terrain strikes explode to release a large mass of fire. Fire effected by the wind, and worms on fire will constantly bounce around being burned. If the target stays on the fire until it goes out at least 60 damage can be dished out.

Blow Torch - Allows worms to dig through terrain along a certain line. Good for making escape routes underground.

Drill - Drills straight down the terrain and stops after a few seconds. Again a good escape route, although prone to enemies dropping weapons down the hole.

Girder - A ladder than can be placed anywhere in the map. Good for using to jump onto to reach higher points and also can be used as a barrier to protect worms.

Baseball Bat - Powerful close range weapon with limited aim and fire. Hits the target a long distance, and great for hitting opponents off the terrain.

Ninja Rope - Aim and fire rope that can be used to reach higher areas. Very effective weapon, however make sure terrain isnít too steep as when the worm lets go of rope it could slide straight back down. Also can be used to swing on to launch worm into unreachable areas of get unreachable items. Doesnít take up the turn.

Bungee - Allows worm to drop vertically and bounce back up. Perfect for reaching down to get an item and then come back up from enemy territory. Doesnít take up the turn.

Parachute - Used to stop the worm falling to far down, damaging itself and losing the turn. If fall is too far parachute will release and worm falls gently down. However, effected by wind so be careful that worms doesnít float off terrain. Doesnít take up the turn

Teleport - Allows worm to teleport from current position to anywhere on map selected by you.

Holy Hand Grenade - Very powerful bomb with 3 second fuse that needs to be powered and aimed, and doesnít detonate until itís stopped moving. Can take out worms in one explosion, but recoil is damaging, so make sure worm is at a safe place.

Flamethrower - Exactly the same as the Mini-gun, expect with flames not bullets

Petrol Bomb - Aim and powered weapon that on impact causes a small explosion then releases a small area of flames which stays there for a few turns. Not very powerful, but good for picking off individual worms and providing barriers in terms of the flames to stop enemies coming in close.

Skunk - When fired, gallops across the terrain, releasing a poisonous odour. Any worm that comes in contact with the odour gets infected, and every turn losing 5 HP until it reaches 1. Excellent for wearing down an enemy.

Mad Cow - 3 cows released that simply trot along the terrain and explode on contact with any worms. Powerful, but inaccurate.

Old Woman - Drop the Old Woman, that walks slowly along and has a 5 second fuse. Explodes on 5 seconds regardless where she is. Powerful but very inaccurate.

Skip Go - Allows you to skip your go.

Surrender - Allows you to forfeit the game.


Gold in Super Sheep Training - Aqua Sheep
Gold in Basic Training - Blood Mode
Gold in Crazy Crates - Sheep Heaven
Gold in Artillery Range - Super Grenade
Gold in Euthanasia - Super Longbow
Gold in Rifle Range - Super Shotgun

Elite in Deathmatch and Gold on all missions - Full wormage
Elite rank in Deathmatch - Invincible worms

Silver and above on Mission 4 - Laser Sight
Silver and above on Mission 8 - Jet Pack
Silver and above on Mission 13 - Fast Walk
Silver and above on Mission 16 - Invisibility
Silver and above on Mission 20 - Low Gravity
Silver and above on Mission 25 - Indestructible Terrain
Silver and above on Mission 33 - Super Banana Bomb

Any Weapon In Training or Mission

Open your Worms folder, then go into the Mission folder. Right click on any one of the missions and open with notepad. Press ctrl + f to find "human team". Near there you will see the weapons setup, it will appear like this: "Weapon=Quantity". Enter a weapon and a quantity (-1 is infinite), and when you go to that mission you will have the specified quantity of the weapon you chose.

Weapons in Cheat Menu

To earn the weapons in the cheat menu you can edit the amount of time you have in a training mission, allowing you to earn a gold medal in that mission and unlocking a new weapon. Open your worms directory and enter the Mission directory located in the Data directory. Open the Training##.wam files using a text editor and under [options] locate the TurnTime=## field. Instead of the number specified there enter a larger number for example:120 and when you play the right training mission your timer will be increased.

Thanks for reading! Hope it helped!


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