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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Mouldy Cheese
Right then people. Welcome to Mouldy Cheeses WWF No Mercy walkthrough.

In this walkthrough I will NOT be telling you how to get 100% on every championship mode - that would be an insult to your intelligence. However, what I am going to do is fully detail how to unlock two characters.
Without further ado…

1 – Creating a half-decent character.

The pre-made characters are, in short, vastly inferior to homemade ones. So I’m going to tell you how to make yourself a nice CAW to move through the game with.

Appearance makes no difference at all. Make a badass, or make an obese man wearing a thong. It really doesn’t matter. Keep your guy at any weight under 400lb, and any height you want. Obviously, you’ll want stuff like ‘Submissions’ and ‘Speed’ at their top values.

The key to making a good CAW is focusing their moveset on just one part of the body. I personally like to attack the head, and so my CAW uses the Screwdriver (The most powerful special on the game, BTW) and Burning Hammer as special moves, along with the Crossface and Go-Raku stretch. Sleeper holds are also amazingly effective. If you want to attack the arms, go for the 6 seconds magic, and have all of your strong grapples as various arm bars.

2 – Unlocking Mae Young, Jerry Lawler, and Shamrock.

For this, you’ll need to play the incredibly boring survival mode. Make sure your CAW has the ‘Bradshaw Hammer’ as his ‘Irish Whip Attack). Then simply whip all of your opponents into the ropes, press B, and watch the bodies fly.

If you get bored – tough. Your problem.

Getting the characters is easy – simply knock them out of the ring. Shamrock is the hardest, as he only comes out at about no 50.

So there – 3 characters unlocked already.

3 – Unlocking Mick Foley + Linda McMahon

Match One – You start with an easy match against Taka. If you can’t win this, go home now. Just build up to a special, and pin him for a quick win.

Match Two – The hardest bit of the whole damn game, and you have to do it now. You will have to win the rumble – hard, as you are the first man in. My advice is to either play it safe and taunt in the corner to build up special, then eliminate them – or, if that’s too dull, just go for broke and punch a lot. Rope whipping is also very useful, as is the L button. Win this, now.

Match Three – Now you’re on the pre-WM 2000 storyline, and there’s no turning back. You have a match against Kurt Angle, but Richards will interfere. When he does, remember he is automatically on special, so stay away for a bit. Work on angles neck (he is weak there), and pin for the win.

Match Four – Now a no 1 contender’s match against Stevie, with Shane O Mac interfering against you. Take Shane out with a couple of weapon shots, and then deal with Stevie with your hands. Leg attacks work well here. This is quite a fun match.

Match Five – You Vs Current Champ + Stevie. There's a lot of talking before this one, and it is a very hard match. If you really are struggling, use the tree of woe on one guy before doing a bit of work on the other. The champion by default is HHH, and he is very tough, so try to just throw him out the ring while on special, then special Stevie and pin. Weapons are legal, but they can backfire.

Match Six – You Vs Stevie again. Easy enough, especially as Vince McMahon interferes to help you. When he does, leave him and Stevie alone, and taunt. Vince may get his special off, but even if he doesn’t, you have a big spirit boost. Nail that custard.

Match Seven – Vince is now on your side. Yay. An old man helping you. The match is you + Vince Vs Stevie + Shane – try to isolate Shane in your corner, and don’t tag Vince in much. Win, obviously.

Match Eight – WM 2000 match, 4 way. Here you make your decision – do you want to unlock Foley or Linda? If Foley, win – if Linda, lose.

To lose, just get pinned at any time, and hold the analogue stick. To win, hold off the others and taunt, then special them all. Try to get rid of HHH first, as he is one tough nut. Foley is easy enough to get rid of.

Match Nine (Getting Foley) – “You know, that's something else again I've been meaning to talk to you about. What is this, "wipe the monkey's @ss"?

Great lines them. Anyway, you’re in a cage against Shane. Again, easy – hit a special, and then climb straight away. No problems.

Match Ten (Foley) – Iron Man match against the ex champ (HHH by default). Iron Man matches are easy – just keep hitting Submissions, again and again. It may be hard at the start, but wear him down, and you can get points that are in double figures, There you go – you now have Mick Foley.

Match Nine (Linda) – Cage match against the Bossman. Very easy, coz Bossman sucks big time.

Match Ten (Linda) – No DQ match against Trips. Vince will interfere, and it will be handicap for a while, but Austin will come in after about 5 minutes. Focus your efforts on HHH, and again go for the submission. 1…2….3 – You now have Linda McMahon.

Thanks for reading.

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