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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Zone Of The Enders"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Zone Of The Enders (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Unknown

When you first start you are inside a hangar and you immediately
face a level 1 raptor. After you've destroyed it, go through the
tutorial. Pick up the Metatron, then follow the marker out of the
building to FACTORY 1.
Tackle the pairs of Raptors and Mummy-Heads outside and you'll
come up against uber anti-heroine Neith. She's not a proper boss
and will scarpre after a few well judged attacks. Follow the
pointer to the local server and pick up your first driver
"moniter.fcmd". This gives you access to your maps and menus.
There'll be another short tutorial and then on to fighting. You
can destroy all the squads if you want to, but it's not
essential. You do however need to wipe out the squad with the
passcode. Then access the server to receive "global.fcmd". You'll
now be able to change areas which opens up the game


In town 1 you meet tempest, which is the first real boss. He's
powerful, but not exactly imaginative in the attack department.
Keep wearing him down and dodging his attacks from a distance,
until his health meter drops to half. Of course if you want to
protect the buildings around you (and go for a high grade) you're
going to have to attack him at close range. At this point Tempest
will jump up and pepper the air with a volley of shots and then
stamp down on the city beneath him. As soon as you can, come in
and attack him at close quarters if you already havent started to
do this. He'll poke his head up from its protected position upon
which you should alternate dash evasive maneuvers and burst shots
until he's a goner. You can either leave straight away after
this- which will trigger the first rescue mission-or stay on long
enough to mop up the remaining squads of mechs.


First, destroy the squad that has the passcode, then hit the
local server to pick up "" which contains the
information for your next mission.


Visit CITY1. Then head to TOWN2. Shoot the porters (those little
purple floating things), and then grab the "sniper.drvr", now
head back to CITY1. See those dots on the central rotating
tower??? Shoot all eight of them with the sniper. The second
rescue mission (TOWN.1) opens up at the beginning of this


Go to EPS.1. Check your map. Find the white arrows at the edge of
the map. They mark a tunnel, then follow the yellow arrows. Each
room contains an opponent. Don't take the fork just yet. At the
end of this tunnel, you'll find the EPS generator. You need to
blow this up so find the spinning turbine and shoot that. Next go
up to EPS.2. and repeat the above process to find and enter the
tunnel marked on the map. When you emerge you'll face a squad of
S-class Cyclops. Keep on your toes and dash everywhere and take
them out. Do that and you'll receive a passcode. Now go to TOWN1
and take out the s-class mummyheads with the second control
passcode. This is no mean feat, but if you get in close and try
to destroy one at a time (preferably by dodging and attacking
from behind) you'll be okay. Take a breath, and fly back to
EPS.1. Re-enter the tunnel. Take the fork (at last) and at the
end of the tunnel, you'll access the server to receive the raptor
control program. But now you need to find a downed Raptor. Go to
TOWN2. and in the middle of the area you'll find two downed
frames one of which is a Raptor which will kick into life as you
approach it. Now you're playing a Level 4 Raptor. You'll
automatically sent to EPS.2. Go down the tunnel and once again
destroy the enemies in the rooms. Take the first fork, and pick
up a detector at the server which allows you to see the invisible
porters in the area. Go back to the junction, and go straight.
Shoot the black rectangle at the dead end until it's destroyed
and then do the same to the EPS generator.


Head towards MOUNTAIN1 you'll get shot down. Before hitting
MOUNTAIN1, the rescue mission in TOWN.3. opens up. Arriving in
PARK.1. you come against a boss known as Tyrant. ADA, your
Jehuty's battle computer has been infected with a virus, so this
is not a fight you can win. Get out of there as quick as you can
or you'll die. After you've left, the rescue mission at CITY2
opens up. Now go to FACTORY2 avoiding all enemy units. Enter the
tunnel and fight the level 1 raptor. You can now access the
server on the left for the vaccine. With ADA back on top form
you're ready to fight. You can not access the server on the right
just yet. Leave the tunnel and the area.


The last rescue mission at CITY1 will open up now. Go to city 2.
And take out the squad with "pass.decoy1". You can also destroy
the porters to get the Comet passcode. Move on to TOWN3. You'll
find that all the enemy mechs are cloaked so you can't target
them. Go back to EPS2 and go down the tunnel. Tackle the Raptor
you controlled back when you were destroying the EPS generator
and once defeated, you'll receive his detector. Destroy the
porters for the Gauntlet passcode and get the driver from the
server. Go back to TOWN.3 and get the second passcode. Return to
FACTORY.2 and access the server on the right from the end of
mission 6. You now have the Decoy. Leave the tunnel and destroy
the porters to get decoy ammo. Double back to PARK.1 and fight
Tyrant. The safest way to do this is to use the burst attack
until you really get on his wick and he targets you. Launch your
decoy and Tyrant will lose his lock on you. Keep doing this until
he transforms. He'll charge at you but when he stops, use your
burst attack again or use the Gauntlet to finish him off.


Take the left fork first if you want to pick up the Bounder. All
the squads here are of a high level, including some S-class and
team leaders. Keep going down the river until you reach the last
tunnel, beyond which you'll have to fight Nebula, the boss.
Simply dash attack him until he changes form, but be careful of
the satellites that spew out. Once he eventually transforms,
he'll most likely lunge into the ground and attack you with all
sorts unpleasant weapons including yet more satellites and energy
draining spheres. Keep a stiff upper lip and attacking until his
tail is targeted. This is a good sign. Hit it with a few burst
attacks and he is finished!!


At WAREHOUSE 1, you'll fight Neith again but this time she's not
going to peg it after a few hits. She's powerful, fast and
tenacious but if you keep plugging away at her with your
Gauntlet, eventually you'll be victorious. You will probably take
a lot of damage. It's better than the alternative, which involves
a lot of dodging and takes forever.


To complete this you have to defuse four bombs. There will be a
brief period while ADA scans for each one, at which time you
should tackle the high level squads. Once you locate the bombs,
though, you only have one minute to defuse or destroy each bomb.
Shooting the bombs is easier, but you'll take a lot of damage.
The other option is to grab it and wait as a defuse time bar
counts down to zero whereupon the bomb is safe. Repeat until all
four are neutralized. Be careful though, if you're attacked in
the middle of defusing a bomb you have to start again, and if the
bomb is hit by a stray shot it will explode and it is likely to
destroy you. The best way to prevent this attack is to attack all
the melee units during the scanning process, then destroy the
mummy heads with time you have left. However, once ADA has
detected a bomb you need to focus on that, so break out of the
fight you are currently involved in. You can return to the fights
once you've neutralized the bomb and the next scanning period.
Once thatís over you'll fight Neith in her final incarnation. The
key here is to fight at close range. It's messy but you need to
dash slash her until she's finished. Period. And so to the final
battle. Anubis cannot be beaten since he has a force field and he
can teleport. Unfair? Possibly. All you have to do though is hand
on in there and curiously, when you're health bar drops to zero,
the game will take control and finish up. Ands thatís it.

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