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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Fallout 2 (PC Games)
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Welcome to the guide for Fallout 3, hope it helps and hope you enjoy the game!


Stepping into the world of Fallout 3, you'll enter a world that's both unlawful and downright dreary. Mind these advice if you want to survive Capital Wasteland for more than a few minutes.

There are a couple of ways to gain hit points (HP) in the game. The first is taking stimpaks (aka first aid kits). Depending on your perks and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. abilities, you'll receive around 40 HP per stimpak. Food is also a vital part to your health. Make sure to strip the meat off any creatures killed in the wasteland, such as radroaches or mole rats, replenishing HP by eating their moist innards.

Some quests will grant you health bonuses, such as completing the vampire quest (link to this side quest) that allows you to receive more HP from blood packs.

Guns and Ammo
Pay attention to the type of gun ammo. For example, your favorite 10mm pistol cannot fire 5mm rounds (you need 10mm rounds, silly). This brings up another recommendation: have more than one type of gun handy, so you can take advantage of any and all types of ammo you find, considering it's on just about everything, even the enemies who aren't carrying a gun. And make it a habit to always visit a caravan trader, or a supply shop in a local town to purchase some ammo.

Followers are scattered throughout the wasteland, usually found in some of the major cities like Megaton, Paradise Falls, or the Citadel. Depending on your karma rating, some of the characters may or may not follow you on your adventure.

They're also great at carrying a surplus of supplies (except Dogmeat). Followers will carry the excess supplies until you meet a caravan dealer or reach a small town, where you can sell the surplus for caps.

Good Karma Followers

You can save Fawkes from a holding cell inside Vault 87. Once you free him, and complete the quest for Vault 87 (see main story walkthrough), Fawkes will offer his services to fight along side you.

Star Paladin Cross
You can find her inside the Citadel, near the large laboratory. Talk to her to have her join your party.

Neutral Karma Followers

If you helped save Butch's mom from the radroaches at the very beginning of the game, then you can find him in the Muddy Rudder bar in Rivet City.

Sergeant RL-3 (no picture)
You can purchase this combat droid from a traveling salesman who goes by the name of Mister Tinker. Look near the RobCo factory (find location).

Charon (no picture)
You can purchase his contract from Ahzrukhal, who you can find in the Underworld (find location).

Evil Karma Followers

You can find Jericho in the town of Megaton, inside Moriarty's Saloon.

Clover (no picture)
Speak to Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls about purchasing the contract of Clover if you want her to fight along side you.

Drugs and Alcohol
As with most things in life, vices should always be taken in small doses, lest we become addicted to them. Fallout 3 is no different. If you become addicted to alcohol, or start popping one too many chems (psycho, buffout, etc.), you'll become addicted to them, and face some penalties to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, such as a reduction in intelligence. You can offset these effects by either A) keep taking them to feed your addiction, or B) finding a doctor to cure you of your habits.

The only real advantage alcohol gives you is very temporary improvement to your charisma and strength. However, you can combine chems with other items to yield a variety of effects. One such example is combining psycho (+25 damage) and yao guai meat (+10 damage) to give you a temporary +35 to your attack. What item combinations did you like to use? List them below.


Brotherhood of Steel
Primary Weapons: Flamer, Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, Frag Grenades, Minigun
Primary Armor: Brotherhood Power Armor
XP Reward: 10 - 30

These guys are some of the toughest enemies in the game. But honestly, you shouldn't be fighting them in the first place, especially if you're trying to complete the main quest � they reside at major check points throughout the game. And if you want to wear the power armor they wear, then, well, you must be trained by them, and the only way to do that is if you complete Chapter 8 of the main quest. Be smart: Don't fight the brotherhood of steel. If you want to loot their bodies, look around for fallen brotherhood of steel soldiers � near the G.N.R. building -- to pick up their armor (after you're trained to use it), and their energy weapons.

If you don't want to heed our warnings, then come prepared when you battle one of the brotherhood. That means, have a lot of stimpaks, ammo, frag grenades, and even a companion or two before you fire that first shot.

Primary Weapons: Laser Pistol, Ripper, Frag Grenades, Plasma Grenades, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol
Primary Armor: Enclave Power Armor
XP Reward: 10 - 50

OK, you'll encounter the Enclave in the later parts of the main story (after Chapter 5). They yield energy weapons, and are generally a pain in the ass, because they have accurate aim, and have their own form of power armor. When you do fight them, use V.A.T.S. to shoot at their heads � this will hinder their ability to strike critical shots on you, especially if you land a critical hit. Continue to concentrate your fire on them until they're a rusted pile of scrap metal.

Primary Weapons: Chinese Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun
Primary Armor: Raider Armor
XP Reward: 10 - 20

Raiders are the most common enemy you'll find out on the road. The best part is that none of them are heavily armed or armored, so you can handle one or two of them at once. They're also a great way to build up your XP since they don't take too many shots to kill, especially if you concentrate your fire on their legs instead of their heads. They have a tendency to run away from a fire fight if their health starts to get too low, and they can't run very far if you shoot out their knee caps.

Primary Weapons: Pistols, Rifles, Submachine Gun, Combat Shotgun
Primary Armor: Merc outfit
XP Reward: 10 � 20

Slavers are another form of raiders, except they take a few more hits and usually yield better weapons. Read the raiders section above if you have any questions on how to combat these foes.

Primary Weapons: Laser Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Combat Knife, Frag Grenades
Primary Armor: Talon Combat Armor
XP Reward: 10 - 30

The mercenaries are stronger versions of raiders and slavers, who take a lot of hits to take down, but yield more XP than the other rogue-like human enemies encountered throughout the Wasteland.

Super Mutants
Primary Weapons: Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle, Sledgehammer, Minigun, Missle Launcher, Grenades
Primary Armor: None
XP Reward: 10 - 50

Next to all the other enemies listed above, you will encounter a ton of super mutants in the Capital Wasteland. They take a lot of hits to kill, and are very good warriors, especially in the group. So when you attack them, be methodical about it. Shoot their arms so they drop their weapons. Shoot their legs so they can't chase after you. Shoot their head so their aim is bad. And, most of all, shoot them while staying on the move. Remember: A stationary target is a dead one.

Ants, Bloatfly, Radroach, Radscorpion, Mole Rat, Dogs
XP Reward: 1 - 25

First, there are the ants. Not all that hard to defeat, especially if you concentrate your fire on their antennae. Do this, and they can't determine friend from foe, and they'll attack each other. Whatever you do, don't shoot their legs � the legs take only half-damage.

Bloatflys are easy kills, as only one bullet will kill them, or a hit from a melee weapon will finish them off. This translates into easy XP when you're starting out. The same can be said for radroaches; they only take one or two hits to kill with only a pistol or melee weapon, and are a great enemy to kill to earn some cheap XP, especially if you use the XP Glitch (link to video). Dogs, will yield more XP per kill, but are very quick. Aim for their legs to slow them down to aide you in this effort.

Radscorpions, however, are very difficult and take a lot of ammo to kill. In addition to this, their attack from their stinger is poisonous. If that hits you, it will affect your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, leaving some lingering affects on your character's ability to attack. You can cure the poison with a stimpak or rest, but if you're fighting a radscorpion, there is no time to rest.

Avoid the stinger by using a variety of ranged attacks. You can shoot their legs to slow them down, but like the ants, legs only take half-damage. In short, don't let them get too close to you, stay on the move, and concentrate your fire on their head, stringer, or torso until they're killed.

Feral Ghouls
XP Reward: 5 � 10

You'll encounter a lot of feral ghouls throughout the subway tunnel system. They're easy to defeat if you shoot out their legs with a pistol or rifle, or if they get up close, shoot them once in the head with a shotgun. Don't get surrounded by them, because they have a quick attack that deals between 5 � 16 damage.

Robots and Turrets
XP Reward: 5 � 50

You'll encounter turrets more often throughout the wasteland than robots (in our experience). Turrets are stationary, so you don't need to be running up on them, or running away from them. Find a good cover spot where you can see the turret and fire on it. You can also duck in and out of cover as you fire on the turret until it's destroyed.

Robots on the other hand, take a lot of ammo to kill, and are usually very well armed throughout the wasteland. You want to use pulse grenades or mines to help turn these battles into your favor. Or do like we did: take the long way around and avoid the confrontation altogether. Sometimes the best fight is the one you can walk away from.


Reward: 300XP

Enter Overseer's Office
After completing the game's tutorial, it's time to set out on your own. Amata will wake you from your sleep, and task you with finding the Overseer's Office to escape the Vault. There's no time to ask why (that's later). Pick up your BB gun from the table, clothes from your trunk, and stimpak' from the first aid kit.

Believe it or not, Butch will ask for you help. If you want to utilize him as a follower later in the game, you should help him now.

Stepping into the hallway, you'll encounter a guard fighting a few Radroaches. Stay back and let the Radroaches kill the guard, then strip him of his security armor, helmet, and baton: equip these items. Defeat the remaining Radroaches, continue through the hallway, and follow the "Admin/Security" signs.

Along the way, Butch will appear and ask you for help. If you want to boost your karma (and the ability to have him as a companion later in the game karma only), accept his request for help, follow him back to his room, and save his mother from the Radroaches. You'll also score a tunnel snake outfit that gives a +5 to melee weapons. Just run in there and shoot the Radroaches once or twice, or beat them up with your baton.

Well..if that's the way he wants to conduct business, we're fine with that.

Continue towards the Admin/Security section of the Vault, and you can then confront the Overseer and his guards threatening Amata. Attack the guards, and confront the Overseer. We killed the pleasantries, took the office key, and terminal password from his corpse.

The Secret Tunnel
Follow the hallway signs to the Overseer's office and interact with the console computer. Read the section about "Scouting Reports" from this terminal to learn about the nearby settlement of Megaton (it will be added to your Pip-Boy's map). Now select the option "Open Overseer's Tunnel." Walk down the stairs into the passageway; continue to fight a few more Radroaches. The end of the passage is a control switch that will open the Vault door. Pull the switch, and then speak to Amata one last time.

Access the tunnel from the Overseer's computer.

After that, a few more guards will come running at you. Don't bother with them. Instead, run for the opening to the Vault door. Once you're on the other side of the Vault, they won't follow you through. Continue through the cave to the exit into the Wasteland. You'll have one last chance to change any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. traits before stepping into the world, thus completing this chapter.


Reward: 200XP

Welcome to Megaton
Once you're outside the Vault, open your Pip-Boy, set a waypoint for Megaton on your map, and follow your marker at the bottom of your screen. Once you arrive in the city of Megaton, speak with the sheriff Lucas Simms. He'll tell you to speak with Moriarty, who runs a local bar. He should know something about your missing father�but don't talk to him yet.

Talk to Moira inside The Craterside Supply to get the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, and earn some money.

If you talk to Moriarty, he'll offer to reveal your father's location for 100 caps. If you decline, he'll raise the price to 300 caps (!). Instead, talk to "Walter" who runs the The "Water Processing Plant" (consult one of the many local directional signs to find your way there). Accept his quest for repairing the town's water pipes which have sprung (3) leaks, this sidequest will get you 200 Caps and some XP. Once you have the 100 caps, talk to Moriarty, and discover where your father ran off to. Or if 100 caps is still too high a price, follow one of the options listed below.

*behind moriarty's bar, is a door. Inside this door is Moriarty's office, in some cases, after talking to Moriarty, decline to pay for the information about your father. Leave, and re-enter the bar this time go directly into Moriarty's office. If your luck skill is high enough, Moriarty should be elsewhere and you should be able to get the info on your father from his computer for free. (That is if you scavenged the place to find his password) PASSWORD: lotsacaps. If Moriarty is busy on his computer upon entering his office, shut the door and pull out the police baton back from vault 101. Slowly sneak towards Moriarty maintaining your stealth, once the crosshairs are red enter V.A.T.S. and do a critical sneak attack on the unsuspecting Moriarty. (Lets be honest who didn't want to kill that old bastard?)

Make sure you have the 100 caps before you speak to Moriarty, or else he'll raise his asking price.

UNTESTED: Can you save your game before you pay Moriarty for the information for your father, then reload your save file after you are shown the right direction to travel in?

Find Galaxy News Radio
With the waypoint to Galaxy News Radio on your personal map, it's time to head in that direction. However, you'll have to trek underground through the abandoned subway tunnels full of ghouls and mutants. If you get lost in the tunnel, keep an eye out for flaming barrels, whose flames mark a way you should be traveling. Also, consult the map below. (The destination is Chevy Chase station.)

This is the path to travel through the subway tunnels, starting from Capital Wasteland down to Chevy Chase.

Alternatively, if you enter through the Farragut West Station, you can enter the authorized personal area, where you'll come across a locked gate. Behind this gate are a couple of ghouls roaming around. Ignore them for now and enter the room on the far side of the wall. Pick the lock on the safe, and ransack the place to obtain a bunch of supplies, including the utility gate key. You can use this key to open the nearby gate.

Underground, you'll find a lot of ghouls to fight.

As soon as you open the gate, you'll trigger a group of ghouls running at you. Quickly close the gate � so they don't run at you � and shoot them with your pistol. Proceed through the gate into the subway tunnels.

While above ground, you'll run into super mutants a-plenty.

Once you come out of the tunnel, you'll see two super mutants battling some of the brotherhood of steel (good guys). Once the super mutants have been killed, walk over and speak to Sentinel Lyons. You'll discover that the super mutants are trying to attack Galaxy News Radio.

Fighting With the Brotherhood
Super mutants are standing in the way between you and speaking to Three Dog � who knows where your father walked off to -- at Galaxy News Radio. Luckily, the brotherhood is here to help you out. You can either fight along with them using up a lot of your ammo, or let the brotherhood run around the area clearing out the super mutants.

Join Sentinel Lyons and the brotherhood of steel, or not. The choice is yours.

Sure, you'll miss out on some XP, but you'll be safe in the process. If you want to help with the attack, duck in and out of cover behind the walls, and concentrate your fire on any super mutants attacked by the brotherhood. You'll still get the XP, and won't use up as much ammo in the process.

Miniboss: Super Mutant Behemoth
Man, he is one bad mother fu� Anyway, once you've cleared the area of the super mutants, the super mutant behemoth shows up. The best way to defeat him is by picking up the fat man and eight mininukes from the brotherhood of steel corpse near the fountain in the middle of this city square.

Pick up the fat man and mini-nukes from the corpse of this brotherhood of steel knight.

Equip the fat man, keep your distance, and shoot off a couple of mininukes at the super mutant behemoth until it's killed (it takes two or three solid hits). Really, that's it. After it's killed, remember to loot its body for items such as ammo, mines, and grenades.

It's almost unfair how easy this fight is once you equip the fat man and mini-nukes.

Ask Three Dog about Dad
Speak with Sentinal Lyons so she can give the all clear. Interact with the intercom next to the door into Galaxy News Radio to unlock the doors. Proceed inside, and go up the stairs to speak to Three Dog to complete this quest.


Reward: 400XP

Journey Underground
Note: If your speech level is high enough, you can completely skip Chapter 3, and move onto Chapter 4: Scientific Pursuits. Three Dog will be convinced that he can help with "the good fight," once you find your father.

Leave Three Dog's radio station out the back door, exiting to the road below. Proceed south to Dupont Circle while fighting off a few ghouls and raiders along the way. Foggy Bottom Station is to the west of this large circular raider encampment. In the station, consult the station map below to find your way to the museum station. Exit the station, and the museum of technology will be right in front of you upon your exit from the tunnels.

If you enter through Foggy Bottom, Pennsylvania, or Dupont Circle stations, proceed south towards Museum station to arrive at the Museum of Technology.

This is another pathway you can take, if you enter the Dupont Circle. The big difference is that once you exit from Metro Central, you'll be closer to the Washington Monument than the Museum of Technology.

Museum of Technology

The Museum of Technology has seen better days.

Inside the museum is a ton of super mutants, but there are ways you can take advantage of their misshapen AI. Use the many pillars to keep some distance between you and them. You can also continuously duck back and forth in cover behind this pillars when they open fire on you. Once you've cleared the ground floor of super mutants, proceed up the stairs.

Use the pillars for cover from the super mutants inside the museum.

Follow the signs to the Vault tour (you need to walk through the Vault-Tec tour to make your way around the rubble). Once you exit from the Vault tour, there will be a door in front of you labeled Museum of Technology West Wing. Open and walk through this door.

Tossing grenades into hallways work great to take out a bunch of super mutants at once.
Communications Relay Dish
You'll enter a balcony, and fight more super mutants. Again, use cover to your advantage. If you have any grenades, toss them in the super mutant direction, or use the mines picked off from the super mutant behemoth from the last chapter. Make your way down to ground level, where the Virgo II Lunar Lander is, by continuing through the Delta IX exhibit.

If you're getting lost inside the museum, pay attention to the directional signs.

Strip that lander of his relay dish, and head to the Washington Monument.

Continue fighting more super mutants as you make your way down to the ground level. You could stay along the wall to avoid fire from the balconies above and below you. Once you've killed off the super mutants, proceed down the stairs to the ground level, and walk into the Virgo II Lunar Lander's chamber. Interact with the lander and take the communications dish. Leave the museum by backtracking out the way you came in.

The Washington Monument
Once you're outside of the museum, you'll be able to spot the Washington Monument in the west. Lots of super mutants are in the area, so trying to engage in a firefight is a very, very bad idea. Don't go wandering around in the trenches, either.

If you decide to walk around the trenches in the middle of The Mall, expect this to be all you see for a long time.

You want to stay on the street path, and book it for the monument. If you're having trouble losing a couple of super mutants from your tale, turn and fire at them using the V.A.T.S. and shoot their legs. This won't kill them outright (that takes a few more bullets), but it will slow them down long enough for you to get to the monument.

Entrance to the Washington Monument is heavily guarded. Remember the password? Good.

Once you get close enough to the monument, a couple of brotherhood of steel soldiers will fend off any super mutants that might be trailing you. Interact with the wall terminal and you'll use the password Three Dog gave you from earlier in this quest. Walk through the door into the Washington monument.

Repair the damaged radio relay
Take the elevator all the way up to the top of the monument for one of the best views of the Wasteland. Walk up to the Galaxy News Relay dish, and interact with it. Select the option to "Install Virgo Dish," and then activate the relay. Look around the area as well. There is ammo and a bed to sleep on. Once you wake up, pull up your map and, select to Fast Travel back to Galaxy New Radio Plaza.

Once you take the elevator up to the top of the Washington Monument, activate GNR, then head back to Three Dog.

Speak to Three Dog about Dad
Walk into the building and tell Three Dog about all the work you've done. He'll then tell you that your dad was heading towards Rivet City, directly south of where you are now. This will end the chapter.


Reward: 500XP

Gain entrance to Rivet City
Stock up on as much supplies as you can, such as ammo and stimpaks before you set out on this quest. You have a long journey ahead of you. Exit the GNR building and proceed south along the eastern bank of the polluted Potomac river. You'll encounter some raiders and mutated creatures along the way. If you think you can take these guys in a fight, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, stick to the plan of traveling south, traveling past the Jefferson Memorial, all the way to the large beached aircraft carrier known as Rivet City.

Once you reach this area, ascend the large platform via the stairs and interact with the intercom to have the bridge from the carrier extend out to your location. Walk across the bridge and speak to Harkness. Tell him that you're here to see Doctor Li, and he'll let you in.

Once you're inside, follow the signs labeled Science Lab. Once there, walk down the stairs to the lower level of the lab and speak to Doctor Li.

Talk to Doctor Li about Dad and Project Purity
Doctor Li might be a little standoffish at first, but once she realizes who your father is, she warms up, and lets you know all about Project Purity, and where you dad ran off to. If you want more dirt on the plot details, ask her about the Project Purity and all the stuff your dad was working on.

If you want to bypass most of this plot stuff, just ask her where your dad ran off to not too long ago, and she'll tell you he's at the old lab at the Jefferson Memorial. You can fast travel there since you discovered it while walking south along the Potomac-- but don't fast travel there yet. Instead, follow the signs to the marketplace inside Rivet City to restock your ammo and stimpak supply. If you're extra nice to Doctor Li, she might even give you some supplies for your journey. Once you're all set, fast travel to the Jefferson Memorial.

Look for Dad in Project Purity's Control Room
Enter the memorial through the metal door labeled gift shop. Inside, you'll fight more super mutants and even centaurs. Use the columns in the area for cover from the super mutants and centaurs. Make your way to the rotunda by following the signs.

Once you're in the rotunda, walk up to the auxiliary filtration unit (it's labeled as such) and pick up the log tapes resting here. One of these tapes is journal entry #10. And even though the quest says you need to find his holotapes, you need to find only one in order to continue to the next part of the quest. This would be holotape journal entry 10, located in the place where you'll discover that your father has gone off to find another Vault 112.

This Vault location will be highlighted on your Pip-Boy map. Fast travel to the nearest location to this waypoint to save you time, ammo, and stimpaks. You could walk it, but�it's a far walk, so we don�t recommend that route. You could even fast travel back to Megaton to buy up some supplies as well, because it's still a bit of a journey to Vault 112, which is filled with raiders and the like.

Gain access to Vault 112
Once you're near the waypoint, you'll discover the entrance to Vault 112 is disguised as a gas station. Enter it, and kill the mole rats, and the rest on the nearby bed to recoup some of your health, rather than using a stimpak.

In the corner of this area is a control switch. Pull this switch to open up the secret entrance into Vault 112. Walk down the stairs, and up to the large Vault door. Activate the control switch to have the Vault open up for you, allowing you to walk inside.

You'll be greeted by a robobrain, and be given a Vault 112 jumpsuit -- wear it. Continue down the stairs and through the rest of the vault until you come across the clinic (follow the signs). You'll see a large room full of sleeper pods.

Drop down to the floor below. Find the empty "tranquility lounger" that is open. Step inside, activate it, and you'll be transported off to Tranquility Lane, ending this chapter.


Reward: 600XP

Much like the level from Oblivion, where you stepped into a painting, this is another world all on its own. You can make a variety of choices to obtain the desired result. We went for the violent approach to achieve our means. If you played it differently, list it below.

Tranquility Lane is made up of six houses: the Neusbaum residence, then the Rockwell's, the Simpsons, the Hendersons, old lady Dithers, and then this mysterious abandoned house on the shady side of the street (houses are listed from your starting location, starting to the right).

In the middle of this cul-de-sac is a playground where a girl named Betty is standing next to a dog. Talk to her and she'll have a quest for you.

Make Timmy Neusbaum Cry
Betty will ask you to make Timmy Neusbaum cry. You can find him trying to sell lemonade out of his lemonade stand. If you have strong speech, you can convince Timmy that it's his fault that his parents are getting a divorce by selecting that option. Otherwise, walk up to him, and punch him a couple of times to get him to start crying.

Report back to Betty, and you'll discover that Betty is actually Doctor Stanislaus Braun. He has transformed your father into a dog. The only way to free you father from this twisted virtual reality simulator is by abiding by Braun's wishes. His next one wants you to break up the Rockwells seemingly happy marriage.

Break up the Rockwells' marriage, without killing either of them.
There are a couple of ways for you to break up this marriage. First, go into the Rockwells' house, up the stairs to the bedroom, and read Janet's diary. You'll discover that she thinks her husband Roger is having an affair with the neighbor Martha Simpson.

There are a couple of options from here. First, if you have a strong speech skill, you can convince Janet that you saw Roger kissing Martha. She'll then break up with Roger, and then you can go back and talk to Betty.

The second option is to go into Martha Simpson's house, and steal some underwear from her bedroom, and then return to the Rockwells house and place the underwear on Rogers workbench in the basement of the house. Talk to Janet and tell her that there's something she needs to see in the basement. She'll see the underwear, get pissed with Roger, and leave him.

The violent option is to pick up the rolling pin on the kitchen table inside the Rockwells house, then follow Martha Simpson into her house, and beat her to death with the rolling pin. Look for Roger and convince him that he's married to a murderer. Convince him of this and he'll break up with Janet.

Report back to Betty for your next assignment.

Arrange for a creative death for Mabel Henderson.
Walk into Mabel Henderson's house, and you'll be greeted by her robot, Mister Handy. Wait for Mabel to come home, and then walk into the kitchen. Select "Initiate Security Program" and "Disable Security Screening." Mister Handy will then hunt down and kill Mabel within the confines of her home. Report back to Betty to be given one more task, this one, a little more�daunting.

Kill all residents of Tranquility Lane.
If you've agreed to kill everyone in Tranquility Lane, then retrieve the mask and knife from dog house behind the abandoned house in Tranquility Lane. Equip the mask and knife, and then slash any resident in Tranquility Lane. They won't put up any type of fight. Report back to Betty, and she will agree to free you and your father from the confines of the tranquility lounger.

The objects inside the living room each give off a different tone. Touch them in this order to reveal the computer terminal: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, and bottle.

The other option is to enter the abandoned house. There are a series of objects lying around the house, and if you interact with any of them, they illicit a certain tone. To reveal the computer terminal, they must be touched in this order: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, and bottle.

Access the "Chinese Invasion" program, and a bunch of Chinese soldiers will run into the town and kill everyone. Speak to Betty afterwards and she will allow you and your father to leave Tranquility Lane.

Once you're out of the lounger, your father will walk over and talk to you for a bit. Afterwards, he'll recommend that the two of you return to the science lab in Rivet City. The moment the two of you are outside of Vault 112, fast travel to Rivet City.


Mycheats was used to help create this walkthrough.

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