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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Thief 2: The Metal Age"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Thief 2: The Metal Age (PC Games)
Submitted By: Silent Thunder
Thief 2: The Metal Age Weapons, Tools and Inventory Items Walkthrough

By Silent Thunder

A Walkthrough that will hopefully be very helpful and give you a good idea about every single weapon, tool and Inventory item on Thief 2: The Metal Age. I have included detailed information about all the weapons, tools and Inventory items on the game and how and when it is most appropriate to use them. I hope it helps!


Sword – Your Number one weapon on the game. A heavy, sharp blade that will deliver a mighty and fatal blow to anyone who crosses you when it is used correctly. In combat this should be your number one weapon as it doesn’t cost anything and if you aren’t going for a stealth killing. If you want maximum impact on a guard sneak up behind them and strike them on their backs, this will kill them instantly. Remember: After this stealth killing the guard will still scream and might give away your position to any other near guards.

Blackjack – The best silent weapon in the game, this should always be your first choice when you are going for a stealth knock out. You can only use this weapon effectively when you are directly behind the enemy, sneak up behind a guard and then strike them on their head it will bring them quietly and cleanly to the ground. Using such a weapon will leave no trace as the guard wont leave any blood because he isn’t dead, just unconscious. The guard will also make no sound as he is knocked to the ground.

Broad Headed Arrows – A brilliant weapon in the game, if you are going for a long range shot this is the weapon. Not a stealthy weapon by a long shot though as you can clearly be seen if you aren't well hidden enough. Also when it does kill a guard the guard wont just drop to the ground, he will scream and then die, leaving traces of blood on the ground that can found and reported by other guards. If you manage to strike a guard in the back, this will kill him instantly, a very useful weapon indeed. It also is quite an accurate weapon; it has a target viewer attached that is equipped with zoom options.

Water Arrows – Not actually a weapon in the game, but without them you wouldn’t be able to be a master thief at all. They have three main uses: Firstly they can simply douse out the flame of a torch or gas lamp on a wall in any building, this will produce total darkness where there use to be light, allowing you to sneak by. Remember: it doesn’t work on electric lights! Secondly they can be very useful when you want to hide a murder, blood traces from your murder can give you away when guards find them, so use the water to clean the blood away by simply firing an arrow onto the blood. Finally they can be used to stop the Children of Karis, the mechanical robots. Simply fire one of these arrows into the flames of the boiler, which powers the machine, located at the back of the robots and they will stop working immediately. Again it is quite an accurate weapon; it has a target viewer attached that is equipped with zoom options.

Moss Arrows – Again not a weapon, but a very useful tool. When you are walking or running across wooden or stone floors the noise will give you away to guards so you will need this weapon. When you are on a stone or wooden floor simply fire one of these arrows on to the area of floor you desire to walk on, then after a few second after firing it, it will land on the floor. At first it will grow just one moss patch but afterwards it will grow four more patches that then allow you to walk on them without creating any noise at all. It is equipped with zoom options and a target viewer, but is still quite a hard weapon to use, as it can sometimes not be very accurate.

Fire Arrows – A very chunky, heavy weapon, but it is the most powerful weapon on the game. Because of its size and brightness it can give your position away easily if you aren't hidden well enough in the dark. With this weapon it is one shot, one kill on any guard as it sends a fire bolt into the guard which then explodes on impact. It can also be a very useful weapon against the Children of Karas, but it will take 2-3 shots on one of these machines to fully destroy it. Another good point of this weapon is the fact that it is quite accurate, like all arrows it has zoom options and a target viewer attached.

Noise Maker Arrow – Although you would think that this is not a stealthy weapon it is. You can use this arrow if you are stuck in one room with a guard coming towards you and there is no other escape, but to face the guard. What you can do though if you have this weapon is fire it into another room and it will start to admit sound, this will distract the guard and he will go into the room you fired it into. Not only does it distract guards but also it draws the attention of the Children of Karas and any cameras near by. Remember: You must be hidden to use this weapon because if they see you they will go after you rather than the noise.

Rope Arrows – A brilliant stealthy, tactical tool. If you stuck on the outside of the building and you need to go higher, like into a tower block, but all the entrances are well guarded or blocked. Simply fire this arrow into a wooden surface of the tower block, a rope will then drop down and then you can begin to climb to the tower block. But do remember two things, one always remember to pick up the used arrow once you have finished with it so you can use it again and secondly you must remember that it can only be fired into a wooden surface. Otherwise it won’t stick into the surface and you won’t be able to climb.

Mines – Not the perfect stealth weapon, but it is still good. If you don’t want to fight guards simply place a mine onto the floor where you know the guard walks, you don’t even have to be any where near it when the guard walks on it! After the guard does walk on it, it will detonate underneath him, killing him on impact. The only downside to this weapon is the fact that it is very loud and will attract the attention of any near by guards.

Gas mines – As before, but this time the mine explodes and admits gas, this will knock out the guard and bring him to the floor. Once you are certain that the gas has stopped admitting you can walk past the exploded mine. But like before this will attract a lot of attention to the scene.

Flash Mines – It won’t kill or knock out a guard, but it is a brilliant distraction. Like all the mines all you have to do is place it on the floor and when the guard walks on it, it will explode, but this time it will cause the perfect distraction as it admits a brilliant light. Blinding the guard temporarily whilst you sneak by or attack him whilst he can’t see you.

Flash Bombs – The Sneakiest tool you have. If a large number of guards surround you and you can’t fight your way out, drop one of these onto the floor, it will explode on impact causing a massive bright light to admit from the bomb. This will blind every single guard and leave smoke in the room where you were once trapped, whilst the guards are blinded you can sneakily and easily escape from their clutch.

Inventory Items:

Lock Picks – (Square and Triangular toothed) You can Not be a thief without these two tools, usually you are already equipped with them, but if you are not, buy them. They have the obvious use of opening any door on the game, but this extremely useful through out the whole game. Usually you can find some good loot behind these doors. Also the lock picks open drawers, safes and trunks where you will often find potions and loot. Almost every time you will need to use both lock picks on any door, safe or drawer, for example you will firstly use the triangle toothed lock pick, this will begin the process. Then you use the square toothed lock pick, this will continue the process and finally you use the triangular toothed lock pick again to finish the job and the door or drawer will spring open.

Scouting Orbs – A very, very useful item to have on you. They just have one use, which is to enable you to look around corners for on coming dangers. When there is a corner or anything of the sort that doesn’t allow you to see around the corner and you want to have a look, roll one of these along the floor into the desired position. This will then allow you to view everything around the corner. Remember: After you have used this, always pick it up again so you can use it again and again.

Healing Potions – You must have this potion on you at all times, it is very likely that you will be injured in the game at one point so be prepared! Two top tips would be: Firstly only use the potion when your health is very low so that you can get the most out of it and secondly always carry at least three of these potions because it is likely that you will use it up very quickly.

Breath Potion – Very useful, but only for when you need to swim under water. When you are travelling under water it is likely that you will run out of air at least once whilst you’re swimming so have this potion on standby. When you are out of air simply use this potion and it will give you more air to breathe and swim on.

Invisibility Potions – Again, another useful potion. It is most effective to trick the Cameras and the Children of Karas. You can easily use this potion for stealth attacks. Simply use this potion when you are in view of the Cameras or Children of Karas and they will loose total sight of you, allowing you to run away! A downside is that it doesn’t last very long, but it is very effective in its job. As it doesn’t last very long, bring at least two bottles of it.

Slowfall Potions – Extremely useful when you are in a difficult situation where you are on top of a building, you are surrounded by guards and the only way out of it is to jump off the building. Usually this jump would kill you on impact with the floor, but with this potion it will slow down the fall and so you will gently glide down the building onto the floor below.

Speed Potion – Very good when you are in a hurry to escape guards or just need to get out quickly because you have a set time. Using this potion will speed up your walking and running allowing you to avoid guards on your exit.

Flares – These will be very useful through out the whole game. Especially useful when you are going through dark passages, this will stop you getting lost and you might even find some loot hidden by the darkness. The only thing to remember about this is the fact that flares do create light and so might give your position away to any near by guards. When you have finished with the flare remember to drop it somewhere where a guard won’t find it and give away your position.

Food – You don’t often find food lying about in the game, but when you do hang onto it. Although you might just think it is food it actually will help you out later when your health is low or when you have run out of healing potions. As it acts as a healing potion when you eat it, it will boost your health. Obviously not as much as the actual healing potion, but it should be enough to get you by.

Gold – You will find gold every where around the game and so don’t forget to take it with you! Sometimes it will be in the last place you expected such as the sewers, tombs and other odd places. Search everywhere you can.

Tips and Scrolls – You can only get tips in the game by buying them from the start, I would advise buying any tips you can, as they are very useful. They will give such tips as where gold is hidden or where secret entrances are to buildings. Often tips are very cheap, so it is quite a bargain! You can find scrolls almost everywhere around the game, they can be riddles for hidden treasure or clues for secret passage ways or codes for certain machines so don’t just discard them!

Well that’s every single weapon, tool and inventory item on the game, I hope this has been useful and informative for you! :-)

By Silent Thunder.

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