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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Serious Sam"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Serious Sam (PC Games)
Submitted By: Pont Aeri
Unofficial FAQ

Table Of Contents

[1] Contact Information
[2] Webmaster Information
[3] Where This FAQ May Be Found
[4] Other FAQs Written
[5] FAQ Information
[6] Author Biography
[7] Serious Sam Copyright
[8] Serious Sam Information
[9] System Requirements
[10] Serious Sam Review
[11] The Story...
[12] Installing Serious Sam
[13] Main Menu
[14] Single Player Difficulty Level Differences
[15] NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Simulation Analyzer)
[16] Default Controls
[16.1] My Control Configuration
[17] Keyboard Shortcuts
[18] Multiplayer
[18.1] Coporative
[18.2] Deathmatch/Scorematch
[18.3] Deathmatch/Fragmatch
[18.4] Joining A Game
[18.5] Starting A Game
[19] Enemies
[19.1] Beheaded Rocketeer
[19.2] Gnarr, Female
[19.3] Beheaded Bomber
[19.4] Gnarr, Male
[19.5] Beheaded Firecracker
[19.6] Kleer Skeleton
[19.7] Beheaded Kamikaze
[19.8] Marsh Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
[19.9] Sirian Warbull
[19.10] Bio-Mechanoid, Minor
[19.11] Arachnoid, Juvenile
[19.12] Arachnoid, Adult
[19.13] Bio-Mechanoid, Major
[19.14] Aludron Reptiloid, Common
[19.15] Aludron Reptiloid, Highlander
[19.16] Reeban Electro-Fish
[19.17] Scythian Witch-Harpy
[20] Items
[20.1] +10 Health Vial
[20.2] +25 Health Bottle
[20.3] +50 Health Box
[20.4] +100 Health Heart
[20.5] +1 Health Shard
[20.6] +10 Armor
[20.7] +25 Armor
[20.8] +50 Armor
[20.9] +100 Armor
[20.10] +1 Armor Shard
[20.11] Shells
[20.12] Bullets
[20.13] Rockets
[20.14] Grenades
[20.15] Cells
[21] Weapons
[21.1] Shofield .45 w/TMAR
[21.2] Military Knife
[21.3] 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun
[21.4] M1-A2 Thompson Submachine Gun
[21.5] XPML21 Rocket Launcher
[21.6] Double Barrel Coach Gun
[21.7] MKIII Grenade Launcher
[21.8] XL2 Lasergun
[22] Walkthrough Introduction
[22.1] Hatshepsut Temple - Level 1
[22.2] Sand Canyon - Level 2
[22.3] Tomb Of Ramses - Level 3
[22.4] Valley Of The Kings - Level 4
[22.4x] Moon Mountains - Secret Level
[22.5] Oasis - Level 5
[22.6] Dunes - Level 6
[22.7] Suburbs - Level 7
[22.8] Sewers - Level 8
[22.9] Metropolis - Level 9
[22.10] Alley of the Sphinxes - Level 10
[22.11] Karnak - Level 11
[22.12] Luxor - Level 12
[22.12x] Sacred Yards - Secret Level
[22.13] The Great Pyramid - Level 13
[23] Monster Strategies
[23.1] Beheaded Rocketeer
[23.2] Gnarr, Female
[23.3] Beheaded Bomber
[23.4] Gnarr, Male
[23.5] Beheaded Firecracker
[23.6] Kleer Skeleton
[23.7] Beheaded Kamikaze
[23.8] Marsh Hopper from Rigil Kentaurus
[23.9] Sirian Warbull
[23.10] Bio-Mechanoid, Minor
[23.11] Arachnoid, Juvenile
[23.12] Arachnoid, Adult
[23.13] Bio-Mechanoid, Major
[23.14] Aludron Reptiloid, Common
[23.15] Aludron Reptiloid, Highlander
[23.16] Reeban Electro-Fish
[23.17] Scythian Witch-Harpy
[24] Cheat Codes
[25] User-Submitted Information
[26] Croteam Credits
[27] Godgame Credits (Gathering Of Developers)


|-[1] Contact Information-|

Feel free to contact me at my email address, [email protected]

E-mail is checked often, and a quick response is almost guaranteed. When e-mailing, DO NOT ask for the following:

- hacks, cracks, warez, or other illegal materials
- any questions already answered in the guide(look first, PLEASE!)

I appreciate the following e-mails:

- information you have that I have missed
- corrections to parts of the FAQ
- suggestions to make the FAQ better or more informative
- site's where this FAQ has been posted but is not listed under heading [3] Where This FAQ May Be Found
- compliments
- hate mail (legitimate and intelligent hate mail will be responded to, but unintelligible pieces of garbage, such as *ur fak sux* will be promptly ignored and added to a filter)


|-[2] Webmaster Information-|

If you wish to post this, or one of my other FAQs on your website, you may do so as long as the following conditions are applied:

- the FAQ will remain as is in .txt form
- you give me 100% credit
- you send me an e-mail informing me the FAQ has been posted and where it has been posted (either a general URL or a direct URL to the FAQ)
- you keep the FAQ updated by regularaly checking GameFAQS


|-[3] Where This FAQ May Be Found-|

This FAQ may be found specifically at the following websites:

Cheat Code Central

These sites are guaranteed to have the latest version of the guide; every other site is pot luck.


|-[4] Other FAQs Written-|

JPaterson's FAQs:
| GAME | Platform | Date |
| Nocturne | PC | 24 Feb 2001 |
| Unreal Tournament | PC | 24 Feb 2001 |
| The Sims: House Party | PC | 06 Apr 2001 |

NOCTURNE and UNREAL TOURNAMENT are under the name of Droogie, my name I used in the Half-Life add-on, Team Fortress Classic. Both FAQs can be found at GameFAQS at

*SloDeth's FAQs:*

Too numerous to list here! Check out or for a full, current list.


|-[5] FAQ Information-|

Number of Pages : 41 (currently)
Word Count : 8967 (currently)
Line Count : 1704 (currently)
Best Font : Courier
Best Font Size : 9


|-[6] Author Biography-|

My name is James Paterson and I am a computer networking engineer with a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certificate. I own and operate a local computer store that sells a variety of products, such as laptops, white-boxes, pre-built PC's, games, hardware, etc.

I enjoy playing a variety games, and recently I have gotten really into:

- EverQuest
- Onimusha: Warlords (PlayStation2)
- Shadow Of Destiny (PlayStation2)
- RollerCoaster Tycoon (oldie but a goodie)
- Clive Barker's Undying (greatest horror game I've played in a while)
- Project I.G.I. (bad reviews, but I find it to be a good game)
- Serious Sam
- Tribes 2

I also watch a lot of movies, and my favorites at the moment are:

- Se7en
- American Beauty
- Little Shop Of Horrors (1986 movie-musical version, with Rick Moranis)

I've also really gotten into the HBO TV series "The Sopranos." I've got season one on DVD and have taped the entire season two (since it hasn't been released on DVD yet) and am in the process of taping season three. It is a great show about a mafia boss in the 2000's who has to put up with his family and his other family, and needs to see a psychiatrist. I recommend fans of GoodFelllas, Scarface, etc. to watch the show.

*As for me, SloDeth, you can find out more about me at .


|-[7] Serious Sam Copyright-|

Croteam and the Croteam logo are trademarks of Croteam, Ltd. Serious Sam and the Serious Sam logo are trademarks of Croteam, Ltd. Serious Engine, Serious Editor and Serious Modeler are trademarks of Croteam, Ltd. Copyright 2001 Croteam, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Gathering of Developers and godgames are trademarks of Gathering of Developers, Inc. Copyright 2001 Gathering of Developers, Inc. All rights reserved.

This FAQ is not endorsed or supported in any way by Croteam, Gathering of Developers, godgames, it's staff or affiliates.


|-[8] Serious Sam Information-|

Serious Sam is one of those rare games when a group of amateurs decide to program a game and get recognized by a company. Developed by a group of people who are living in a warring country (sorry to the developers, but the name of your country escapes me at the moment. I am assuming Croatia, due to the name of your company. If not, sorry.). They banded together to create a game which was originally going to be downloadable over the Internet. Over time, the Serious Sam tech demo was witnessed by a bunch of people and gathered massive hype. Why? The game looks gorgeous and gameplay compliments the graphics just as well.

Eventually, a member of Gathering of Developers, the people responsible for the ill-fated "Blair Witch" line of games, noticed this so-called "tech demo" and decided that these amateurs had real potential. Talks eventually led to the developers of the game, Croteam, to sign a publishing deal with GOD.

Now, in March 2001, the game has hit stores, and is an amazing product which has definitely lived up to its hype. May I congratulate Croteam for creating an amazing game and to Gathering of Developers for signing a group of soon-to-be famous developers.


|-[9] System Requirements-|

Minimum System Requirements:

- AMD K6-3 400MHz or Celeron 300MHz
- 64MB RAM
- Full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator
- 100% Windows compatible sound card
- Windows 95OSR2/98/98SE/ME/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 5) or Windows 2000
- 150MB free hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements:

- AMD Athlon 550MHz or Pentium III 550MHz processor
- 128MB RAM
- Full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM on-board memory
- Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!
- 450MB free hard disk space

However, if you want to enjoy the game in all it's glory, the following requirements are needed:

- AMD Thunderbird 800MHz or Pentium III 800MHz processor
- 256MB RAM
- Third generation full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM on-board memory (example: GeForce 2 GTS or GeForce MX)


|-[10] Serious Sam Review-|

Serious Sam is one of the best first-person-shooter I have played in a long time. If you are looking to purchase Serious Sam for an engrossing storyline, intricate character development and puzzles galore, then turn away and buy Half-Life. If you were an avid Doom player looking for the smallest amount of puzzles and an insane amount of killing, then buy this game. While Serious Sam does feature some puzzles and attempts a story, the best aspect of the game is the constant killing and there's lots of it. Some missions throw around 800 enemies at you in total. Sometimes the game will send out 40 enemies at once to attack you, give you an ammo pack when they're all dead, then throw another 40 at you. This is what Serious Sam is all about.

The graphics engine is simply amazing. The game was supposed to originally be a tech demo to showcase the engine that these guys built, and when turned into a full-fledged game, it shows. There are great effects, and the lens flare is some of the best I have ever seen. The game engine is capable of very large outdoor levels, and interiors are just as well done. Capable of throwing a near-limitless amount of enemies on-screen at once, you can understand why the hefty system requirements.

Gameplay: The gameplay is just like Doom, set in an Egyptian setting. You run around, find Ankh's and other similar items, and solve easy puzzles to open doors. All the while battling 30-50 enemies. There are times when your thrown into a "gauntlet" area, where all doors shut, sealing you in, only opening after 100 enemies, in different waves have been defeated.

As much as I love killing critters non-stop, there are times when it becomes too much without replenishing your ammo supply. I found myself throwing my keyboard on the desk and saying 'Goddamn enough is enough!'

Sound: Sound effects and music are well done. There's nothing like hearing the agonizing screams of Kamikazi men as they come running at you with bombs on both hands. Believe me, you will hear them long before you're able to see them. The music is just as good. When fighting bosses or certain large amounts of enemies, a heavy metal song will kick in, perfectly complimenting the barrage of fire you're most likely exchanging.

Multiplayer: Nothing special here. There's the standard Deathmatch, as well as a welcome Cooperative, but a team game, like Capture The Ankh or something, as well as a built-in server finder, would have been gladly welcomed by everyone. Cooperative is extremely fun, and a workmate and I made it to level five before he tossed two rockets my way and killed me. If anybody is interested in a game, please send me an e-mail.

Overall: When everything is said and done, Serious Sam is an enjoyable kill fest, which will numb your finger instead of your mind. If this were a professional review, I'd rate it 9.5 out of 10.

Recommendation: BUY THIS GAME!

*SloDeth's additions: I have to put emphasis on the 'Goddamn, enough is enough!' aspect. As much as I love killing, it's a bit too much at times. The game is cheap enough, though...if it was more expensive, I don't know if it would be worth it, but at $20, it's worth every penny.*

|-[11] The Story...-|

At the dawn of the 21st Century, mankind makes a startling discovery. Beneath the sands of the earliest known human civilization, traces of another, even more ancient-but technologically advanced-civilization are uncovered. The profound scientific implications of this discovery leads humankind to the far reaches of the universe. Everything seems perfect, but too perfect to last.

In the year 2104, human civilization is attacked by countless deadly monsters spawned from another dimension. In the battles that follow, humankind fights valiantly, but nothing can stop the monsters from coming. Earth's forces are steadily defeated, planet-by-planet, from Alpha Centaury back to their own solar system.

Because of his extreme bravery in battling monsters, Sam 'Serious' Stone becomes a legend. Wounded countless times-but never defeated-Serious Sam becomes a living symbol of the Earth's resistance against the advancing evil.

But, no matter how bravely human armies fight, they are defeated, time and again. Attempts to defend the solar system fail and the Earth is now under direct attack. Humankind stares into the face of it's own annihilation.

World leaders must now turn to their last chance-an ancient artifact called the 'Time-Lock', a relic from a long-forgotten race, imbued with the power to teleport a single person back in time. The choice of whom to send is obvious.

Serious Sam becomes the final hope for humankind. He must return to the past and change it to save his race from extinction from an evil force determined to purge the galaxy of all intelligent life.

(story taken from the Serious Sam instruction booklet, page 4)


|-[12] Installing Serious Sam-|

1. Quit all applications and insert the Serious Sam CD into the CD-ROM driver. NOTE: If you are on Windows 98, use the following instructions to close everything:
1B. End every program listed except for SYSTRAY and EXPLORER
That guarantees everything is closed.

2. Serious Sam will automatically display the installation screen. If autoplay is disabled, you can start the installation by following these steps:
2A. Double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop
2B. Double-click the CD-ROM icon (usually D: or E:)
2C. Double-click the file "setup.exe" to begin the program

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Reboot if prompted.

NOTE: To enable Autoplay for future reference, follow these steps:
A. Click "Start", then click "Settings", the click "Control Panel"
B. Double-click the "System" icon, which looks like a computer
C. In the box that pops up, click the "Device Manager" tab at the top.
D. Look for the listing "CDROM". Either double-click CDROM or single-click on the + sign beside it.
E. Double-click the name of the CDROM that shows up. This brings up the Properties box.
F. At the top, where the tabs are, single-click on "Settings"
G. Make sure there is a small checkmark in the box beside "Auto insert notifcation"
H. Click OK
I. Reboot if prompted


|-[13] Main Menu-|

Single Player: Being the game, story-mode.

Network: Select this option to set-up and play multiplayer games.

Split Screen: Select this option to begin a 1-4 player game on the same computer.

Demo: Select this option to view any of the pre-recorded demos or record your own.

Mods: Select this option to activate any MOD's (modifications) you have installed.

High Scores: Select this option to view the High Score table.

Options: Select this option to configure Serious Sam to your liking and computer specifications.


|-[14] Single Player Difficulty Level Differences-|

Tourist Mode: For people who have never played a FPS or people who only play FPS's occasionally. Enemies are slow, dumber, easier to kill and do less damage. There are not many spawns.

Easy Mode: For people who enjoy first-person-shooters and are just getting into them. Enemies are fairly slow, not too bright, fairly easy to kill and do fairly low damage. There are a few spawns.

Normal Mode: For people who enjoy first-person-shooters and have been playing them for a while. Enemies have moderate speed, are fairly smart, they have moderate strength and do moderate amounts of damage. There are a good number of spawns.

Hard Mode: For people who have been playing first-person-shooters for a long time and enjoy a challenge. Enemies are fast, they are smart, they are tough to kill and they do a good deal of damage. There are a lot of spawns.

Serious Mode: For people who's only place in this world is to play first- person-shooters. Enemies are faster then you, they are extremely intelligent, they are a pain-in-the-ass to kill and they do tremendous amounts of damage. There are near- constant spawns.


|-[15] NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Simulation

NETRICSA is a small computer implanted inside Sam's skull. Sam's NETRICSA is the best available of the wide range of such devices, common among head- to-head fighters. It is a neurotronical computer connected to the perceptual cortexes in his brain. The computer has all the access to his audio-visual experiences and can provide him with feedback. It is used to provide fast and simple access to all the necessary data and analysis for a skilled combatant, so that he/she can keep up to date with the situation and know what to do next. It translates texts, offers simple head-up- display directly to the visual cortex, tracks targets and gives other kinds of help in fight and in general tactics.

In game, NETRICSA appears on your screen in two different ways; as a heads- up-display and as a full screen computer interface.

Heads-Up-Display is active normally while you explore the area or fight. In the lower left corner, it shows your current ARMOR and HEALTH state. Next to it, your CURRENT WEAPON and currently carried amount of AMMUNITION for it is displayed. On the far right is an icon for each type of ammo you have and a small bar showing how much of that type do you have.

In the upper left corner is SCORE, showing the sum of reward money you have collected by eliminating your enemies and completing other tasks. When a NETRICSA has a new message for you, you will hear a notification sound and MESSAGE COUNTER (upper right corner) with number of pending messages will appear below the account display. Then you can invoke NETRICSA full screen to examine the message.

On the center of the screen is NETRICSA's target detection display. A CROSSHAIR shows exactly where your weapon will hit, and it changes colors aaccording to the state of your target. While you have no live target, it is WHITE. When you aim at a new enemy, it will become GREEN, and as you damage the enemy, the color will turn RED.

If you target an item that can be used or operated (e.g. a switch), a USE indicator will appear above the crosshair. Press USE BUTTON to operate the item. If you target an item that can be analyzed, an ALAKYZE indicator will appear. Press USE BUTTON to analyze the item. After analyzing it, a new message will appear with description of the results of NETRICSA's research.

To read any of the NETRICSA's messages, you can invoke NETRICSA fullscreen at any time by double clicking the USE BUTTON.

In fullscreen mode, NETRICSA shows four windows:

CATEGORY SELECTION in the upper left has five buttons allowing you to select one of the message categories: Tactical Data, Strategic Data, Weapons, Enemies, and Statistics.

MESSAGE LIST in the upper right shows list of messages in currently selected category.

MESSAGE TEXT in the lower right shows the message text, while MESSAGE IMAGE at the lower left shows eventual visual information attached to the message. You can scroll both the message list and the message text with their accompanied sliders.

You can exit the fullscreen NETRICSA by either clicking on the EXIT button in the upper right corner, or by pressing ESCAPE ort he RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

(information taken from the Serious Sam instruction booklet, page 12)


|-[16] Default Controls-|


Move Forward: W or Arrow Up
Move Backward: S or Arrow Down
Strafe Left: Q or A or Arrow Left
Strafe Right: E or D or Arrow Right
Jump/Swim up: Space or R
Dodge/Swim Down: F or C


Fire: Left Mouse Button or CTRL
Manual reload: Alt
Next/Prev weapon: / or Mouse Wheel Up and Down
Flip Weapon: \ or Third (Middle) Mouse Button
Knife: 1
Colt/Two Colts: 2
Single/Double Shotgun: 3
Minigun/Tommygun: 4
Rocket Launcher: 5
Grenade Launcher: 6
Laser: 7
Cannon: 8

|-[16.1] My Control Configuration-|

JPaterson's Controls:


Move Forward: W
Move Backward: S
Strafe Left: A
Strafe Right: D
Jump/Swim up: Space
Dodge/Swim down: CTRL


Fire: Left Mouse Button
Manual reload: R
Next/Prev weapon: Mouse Wheel Up/Down
Flip Weapon: Middle Mouse Button
Knife: 1
Colt/Two Colts: 2
Single/Double Shotgun: 3
Minigun/Tommygun: 4
Rocket Launcher: 5
Grenade Launcher: 6
Laser: 7
Cannon: 8

SloDeth's Controls:

Move Forward: E/Right Mouse Button(I'm still trying to get away from my Quake 1 controls, but this is here just in case I forget)
Move Backward: D/Middle Mouse Button(same as above)
Strafe Left: S
Strafe Right: F
Jump/Swim up: Space
Dodge/Swim down: G
Fire: Left Mouse Button
Manual reload: R
Next/Prev weapon: Mouse Wheel Up/Down


|-[17] Keyboard Shortcuts-|

Console: F1
Menu Save: F2
Menu Load: F3
Menu Controls: F4
Quick Save: F6 (USE THIS OFTEN!)
Quick Load: F9
Screenshot: F11
Start Demo Record: F7
Stop Demo Record: F8
Activate Menu: Escape
Activate Console: F1 or ~ (tilde)
Pause Game: Pause/Break
Toggle Fullscreen: Alt-Enter


|-[18] Multiplayer-|

Multiplayer Information:

- TCP/IP play supported both in LAN and on the Internet
- Split-Screen for multiplayer on one computer, even without network
- Supports GameSpy, for easier location of servers and co-players on the Internet
- Up to 16 players in one game
- Up to 4 players on one computer (Split-Screen)

|-[18.1] Cooperative-|

In standard Cooperative mode, players play together against enemies. Optionally, you can allow/disallow players to accidentally harm each other (friendly fire).

You can play custom levels of your choice, or play an entire game together, from beginning to the end.

Optionally, you can allow items (health, weapons, ammo) to be picked up by all players, so they don't have to split them.

|-[18.2] Deathmatch/Scorematch-|

Deathmatch on score. For each item you pick up your own value is raised by the value of that item (shown when picked up). Also, your value slowly increases with time, faster if you are standing still than if you are moving. When you kill someone, his value is added to your score, and half of his value is added to your value.

In short, the longer you live, the more items you pick up, and more you kill, the more valuable you will be for the one who kills you. So, it is not worth killing people who just respawned. Let them live longer and build their value up.

Also, if you kill yourself, your vale is subtracted from your own score.

A Scorematch game can be set on a time limit or score limit base. Person with highest score at the end wins.

|-[18.3] Deathmatch/Fragmatch-|

This is standard Deathmatch mode. For every kill, you get one frag more; if you kill yourself, you lose one frag. A Fragmatch game can be set on a time limit or frag limit base. Person with most frags at the end wins.

|-[18.4] Joining A Game-|

1. At the Main Menu, select Network -> Join Game
2. Chose "Search LAN" or "Search Internet" to list available servers and select a server from the list. If no servers show up, try pressing "Refresh". If you know the exact address of the server you want to connect to, you can instead choose "Specify Server" and then type in the address.
3. Choose proper connection settings, depending on what kind of connection you hav. (modem, ISDN, LAN)
4. Choose player(s) to play on this computer. If you select Observer, you cannot play, but you can watch other players. Normally, you just select one player. If you choose more than one player under "Number of players", you can play in Split-Screen mode. Make sure you set up proper commands for each player.
5. When ready, hit Start.

|-[18.5] Starting A Game-|

1. At the Main Menu, select Network -> Start Server
2. Choose type of game to play: Cooperative, Scorematch, or Deathmatch, and difficulty: Tourist, Easy, Normal, Hard or Serious.
3. Select level to start playing from.
4. Chose maximum number of players allowed to join a game.
5. If you choose "Wait for all players", game will not start until all players join.
6. You may adjust game rules under "Game Options"
7. Press Start
8. Choose player(s) to play on this computer.
- if you select "Observer" you cannot play, but you can watch other players.
- if you selected "Dedicated" you cannot play on the server computer. This improves game performance for other players.
- Normally, you just select one player to play on the server
- If you choose more then one player under "Number of players", you can play in Split-Screen mode on the server. Make sure you set up proper commands for each player.
9. When ready, hit Start.

By default, all servers are visible both on the Internet and in the LAN. If you have your Internet connection on, players on the Internet will see your server and be able to join.


|-[19] Enemies-|


M = Metabolism
P = Perception
S = Size
E = Endurance
H = Hostility
W = Weapon
R = Reward
T = Threat

|-[19.1] Beheaded Rocketeer-|

M = cyber-zombie
P = insentient, LCU controlled
S = 6 ft.
E = very low
H = very low
W = magic-missile launcher
R = 200 FC
T = none

Use anything to defeat this guy. Switch to the Shofields if you're running low on other ammo, or use the most convenient weapon at the time.

|-[19.2] Gnarr, Female-|

M = mammal
P = trained war animal
S = 5 ft.
E = low
H = low
W = bites, punches
R = 1000 FC
T = low

Some of these can either levitate or become invisible in the later levels, so be careful. I usually use a Double Barrel to take these out.

|-[19.3] Beheaded Bomber-|

M = cyber-zombie
P = insentient, LCU controlled
S = 6 ft.
E = very low
H = very low
W = hand grenades
R = 500 FC
T = low

Treat this guy just like the Rocketeer, only back up after you kill it to avoid the explosion.


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