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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Buck Bumble"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Buck Bumble (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Unknown
Ok it may not be a brilliant game nut I have still gone through
the trouble of completeing it so I could write this

Stage 1: Shock Strike

Objective: Kill all enemies in the area.

Simple enough, teleport out of your base (The route is linear)
and get
ready for action. Turn to the left and kill the dragonflies and
pick up
the plasma gun while you're at it. Head for the red door. The
it says "Herd Gate Open", 3 wasps will fly out. That's also
your cue to
shoot before they even reach you.

Head through and you'll find more enemies. Kill the flying ones
then the snails with the grenade launcher. Look for a trail of
to continue, but beware of the proximity mines at the top and
The last 3 enemies won't be much trouble, just a snail and two

Stage 2: Radar Run

Objective: Locate the 3 radar dishes before your base is

The herd seems pretty desperate to locate your base, eh?
Anyway, shoot
the switch to open the door ahead. You'll immediately see a
radar dish.
Shoot that and continue to kill the enemies you see around you.
should be another switch in the area, shoot that to open a door.
over the hill (Hence the trail of points leading up) and
continue into

You'll spot another dish, destroy that and take care of the
You'll have seen a green wall on your way in. Behind it is some
leading to a warp. Inside, you'll find 2 wasps, a full health
drop, and the Auto-crossbow, but don't use it (Yet).

See those gray rocks with flashing blue dots? Destroy those to
the secret passage HQ told you earlier in the briefing. You'll
encountering the weevils for the first time, so pull out your
launcher and get ready to pack some serious heat!

After the rumble, you'll see a pond. Remember, if you fall in
water, press A repeatedly to get out or he'll drown. Go over
the lily
pads to get some Multi bombs. Ahead is a warp, but 3 midair
mines block
the path. Shoot them, but beware of a wall turret.

Ah, the last radar dish! And unlike the last two, they're
guarded! Ignore all threats and destroy the last dish.

Stage 3: Return Fire

Objective: Save the base before it's gone!

Ah, the Herd was just lucky.........

This stage will pose a challenge. Go forward (The path is
linear) and
you'll spot a switch. Shoot it to open the door. You'll have
to go
back, since it's a dead end, and you'll eventually see the
yellow door
along the way. Go inside and into the warp.

Surely you know the way back to base? Good! Remember to shoot
mines so you won't get badly hurt. Eliminate all threats around
base and it'll be safe!

Sort of..........

A Herd ground unit managed to put a nuclear device here, so
you'll want
to take it out of the base. To where they dropped it and gently
go down
until you pick it up. Go back to the warp. After going through
door, go left. Going to the right will only make you go to the
where you shot the switch earlier, so don't go to the right.
When you
approach the pad, go low enough go Buck will drop the explosive
on the
pad. There! Done!

Stage 4: The Sonar Tower

Objective: Destroy the Sonar Tower.

HQ is slow at finding equipment, I know. Start off by shooting
shield generator and follow the wire to another shield
generator. All 4
shield generators are connected to each other, and they are all

connected to the Sonar Tower. There are also enemies and mines
the way, so be careful.

Short stage walkthrough, eh? Once you've blown up the shield
you're free to shoot the Sonar Tower.

Stage 5: Big Blips

Objective: Wipe those enemies (As big blips of course) before
the base
is threatened.

Why can't HQ get a security system?

You start off at your base. You know the way to the warp. Once
warp to the location, you'll encounter Earthworms for the first
Use your plasma gun to shoot them in the head that they die.
you'll face a giant one which is more powerful than the last
two. To
make this guy a joke, shoot him when he starts to rise up out of
water, Or better yet, get in his face an wipe him out instantly
with the
Multi bomb!

Stage 6: Short Fuse

Objective: Take the explosives and drop them under the Herd's

Shoot the switch to destroy the protective beam, but don't pick
up the
bomb yet. Rather than go forward to the door, but it's locked!
a wire coming out of here will lead to a switch. Avoid the
and shoot it, then get out of here!

After heading through the door, shoot the wasps and look down.
see the Homing Missile Launcher! Pick it up and continue
through the
linear path leading you into the smelly old sewers. You're only
here are Earthworms and a wasp. Explore the area for power ups
and when
you see a yellow door, go to the left and you'll encounter a
Guess what you have to do to it........

Head through and blast the Earthworms with your homing missiles,
and wa-
la! You've just cleared the path en-route to your destination!
Go back
and pick up the explosives and head to the control center.
Ignore all
wasps and go inside carefully inside and drop them under the

Stage 7: Outpost

Objective: Destroy the Herd Outpost.

A pretty linear level, search the area for power ups (Including
Homing Plasma Gun), and blast the life out of those wasps. Then
nailing the fly (Who just likes to get in your way), you'll see
mines at
the top and bottom. Shoot the mines at the top so you won't be
taken by
surprise when they explode in your face, and head to the right
the fence.

There are two protective beams. To the right are two switches.
One has
a fly guarding it, and another by a army of ants. Shoot both
to remove them. Then shoot some kind of blue covering to enter
sewers. The sewer path to the Outpost is linear, just watch out
enemies and search for items.

Once you're there, you'll have to destroy the generators
connected to
the Outpost. Two of them, however, are connected to each other.
destroyed, the center of the Outpost is all yours to blow up.

Stage 8: The Sewers

Objective: Kill all wasps and wasp generators.

The entrance to the sewers is basically straightforward, along
the way
to your right, there should be a secret passage. Here, you'll
find lots
of health and points and ammo. Not that much, though.......

Shoot the blue covering blocking the entrance, and keep going
'til you
land in a room full of mosquitoes. Avoid them to your best
ability and
go to the right, and blow up the midair mines. Careful, though,
as one
will surprise you from the right (That's because you're closer
to that
one than the one to the left.).

Pick either direction you want to go, left or right, because the
wasps generators and wasps galore. After you finish off one
generator, go to the other side and blow up that one. However,
are a total of three, and we only have one more left to go.

Remember that room with the mosquitoes we went through earlier?
you'll see another path dead ahead when you re-enter. If you
see pipes
aligned vertically on the walls, you're on the right path. Go
to the
far end and follow the linear path to the final wasp generator.

Stage 9: Clean Up

Objective: Scan this particular area for any info.

As always, proceed forward. You'll get a message that says
KEEP LOW!" It's not a fireworks display, but rather, bombs
bursting in
air like "The Star Spangled Banner" are launched from cannons.
tear you apart if you're careless, so stay low at all costs.

You'll have to look for 3 key pieces here, the first one is
right when
you enter. Shoot that weird looking box with the blue dot for
key piece
#1. Follow the water path to the end and you'll encounter a
blast him for the second key piece. And the third one will be
from shooting one of the wasps.

Go back to the start, and enter through the door. Kill all
enemies to
open the portal. Once you go inside fly forward avoiding all
and shooting flies in your way.

To be honest, I think HQ just sent you out there to kill stuff.
it'll change after you go inside..........

You're accidently warped to a mini-boss, and you must kill it to
the stage. First off, never, and I repeat, NEVER GET UP IN IT'S
AND SHOOT HIM. You're just asking for a suicide mission and
you'll end
dying under heavy fire. Shoot it from a point where it can't
back, but pick a weapon that has enough range to hit it, at
It'll rise up when low on health, so keep at it and it should go
after a while.

Stage 10: Scramble Pylon

Objective: Destroy the Scramble Pylon.

HQ found the reason for the teleport error, but if I remember
shouldn't it be you and not HQ trying to find the rest of the

Anyway, this door has five switches, and you'll have to find
them all.
The first four are easy to find, it's fifth one that'll confuse
first timers. Naturally, the first half is non-linear.

First off, fly through the logs (Inside one of them is the
infamous Fly-
by-wire missiles). Eventually, as you exit the second one,
you'll see a
wire going out. Follow it to a switch, but brace yourself-lots
of enemy
fire is ready to tear you up. Once that's taken care of you can
do the
other four in any order. However, I usually do it like this:

Fly to the right. One switch is on the left side, the other on
right. Follow the left one first and you'll find a switch at
the end.
Shoot that. The other one is hanging around the area with all
of the
earthworms. Then go to the left side. Follow the right wire
this time
first. You'll be gunned down by lasers, but be thankful that at
the end
there are two flowers! After that's gone, do the other one.
And wa-la,
we have opened the door!

The pylon is guarded by 3 earthworms and a boat. I like to
blast the
pylon from afar with 2 manual missiles. It'll go down
afterwards, but be sure to watch out for the boat, because while
earthworms shots can't reach you, the boat will, because it

Stage 11: Herdling Research

Objective: Capture 3 different colored Herdlings.

Don't let HQ's briefing fool you-it's actually quite noisy here,
of the turrets and other enemies around here. You'll also have
search for (Yet again) 3 key pieces.

First off, after the path at the start spits you into a wide
open area,
go to the left a little. Here, if you see a mound a with some
guns (I'm tired of calling them turrets right now) and a
platform with a
weapon you've never seen before, that's the stun gun. Pick it
up and
blow up one of the automatic guns around here with the multibomb
for the
first key piece.

Near the start of the area, you'll see small yellow bugs.
That's one of
the Herdlings you have to find! Unless you have eyesight that
can help
you spot Waldo in under a minute, don't confuse with the yellow
around here. Shoot it with the stun gun (It'll flip over,
meaning it's
paralyzed) and carefully pick it up. Then take to the start
point so
it'll be warped back to headquarters.

One thing you need to know about Herdlings-treat them like
explosives so
you wont accidently touch the ground and they'll get smashed and
Buck won't lose a life, but that means you'll have to get
another one,
and there are three in each area, and to my knowledge, they
don't come
back, so you'll want to be careful. I'm only saying this
because I
never knew if there were an infinite amount of these guys.

The remaining key pieces shouldn't be hard to find, one is in
building with square holes, and the last one from blowing up the
Enter and you'll see wasps armed with guns, keeping in mind that
take more hits then their unarmed cousins. Be sure to kill the
too, so the red door will open. Here, you'll spot a switch
guarded by a automatic gun. Blow it up and shoot it, then
follow the
path to the end for some red Herdlings. Do the same procedure
before. Remember, you can defend yourself and keep the Herdling

Remember that switch you shot earlier? The door that was once
locked is
now open! Ignore all threats and you'll see the last species of

Herdling-green. Do the same tactic as you did for the other

Stage 12: The Extractor

Objective: Destroy the Extractor.

At the start, you'll eventually see wires connected to a switch.
both wires (They go the same way, and the switches are apart
from each
other, so you don't need to follow the other wire.) and shoot
switches from a distance, since they are surround by proximity
mines on
the ground.

After that, shoot the main switch. Follow the wire to the door
enter when it opens. Inside you'll see 2 more switches, with
proximity mines and flies. Stay low and shoot both switches
(And the
flies blocking them) to open the door and remove the protective
beam to
your left.

Kill all the wasps in the next area, and after going through
that red
door, another switch should be to your right. This will get rid
of one
more protective beam guarding the extractor. There's also a
alcove (Destroy the rocks with blue flashing dots, see Stage 2:
run) under the ground with health and ammo.

It's pretty easy to take out everyone in the area before you
blow up the
extractor, and you can stock up on health and ammo by shooting
boxes. Shoot both sets of realistic looking batteries to wipe
out the

Stage 13: The Nuke Tower

Objective: Disable the Nuclear weapon before it's launched.

I wonder what made nuclear weapons turn on the Herd so

Anyway, stock up on ammo, then push forward. Turn left to a
leading to a switch, shoot it, and continue on the path you were
on. Avoid the homing missiles at all costs, they're being
launched at
you the entire time. Go behind the barrel near the fence and
madness of homing missiles will stop. Upon entering the next
however, look to your left for a switch. It'll get linear until
enter the sewers.

A protective beam blocks the portal. Kill the earthworm, then
head to
the left for a switch. Enter the portal.........

You have 1:50 (Or 1:40, I forgot the time) to disable the Nuke
Eliminate all threats, the use your Auto crossbow to shoot the
blue dot.
It'll move somewhere else after a few hits. For the record,
it'll start
in the center, then move to the left, then to the right. It'll
once more.

Stage 14: Mucus Storage

Objective: Destroy the Mucus Storage.

You'll truly make friends with the Fly-by-wire missiles in this
(And for the rest of the game). Pick up all the ammo in here
continue. You'll see some flying enemies in front of the
beams. Kill the enemies with the Homing Plasma Blaster, then
shoot the
switch ahead with the Fly-by-wire missiles, since the beams
guard them.

Go forward and kill all the enemies in the next area (Including
the guns
mounted on the walls) And do the same for the next area. After
you'll have to go through some holes in the fences, but ahead
are some
more protective beams. Use your Fly-by-wire missiles to hit the


You'll then be at the mucus storage. Personally, you can either
hit the
blue dots on the silos from afar with your manual missiles
(Another name
for the weapon), or get up close with the Lazer gun and shoot it
a few
times. Be wary of the enemies, though.

Stage 15: Depot Attack

Objective: Kill the wasps before they reach the depot. Then,
the Spore Carrier.

A linear stage, you must kill three wasps before they reach the
However, when you hit a wasp, it'll leave behind a 10 point
powerup, so
they'll take lots of punishment before they give up the ghost.
from dying, you'll also lose a life if even one wasp reaches the

The Spore carrier isn't as tough as it looks, though. Get
behind it and
shoot the two engine exhausts, then the top will uncover it's
point. Shoot like mad until it goes down.

Stage 16: Steralization

Objective: Trigger the nuclear device and escape.

Another linear stage, I can cover this in one paragraph, because
Herd has already triggered the device and you have about 2:40
seconds to
escape, and this stage basically consists of you using your
Plasma Blaster to shoot anything getting in your way. You'll
get some
ammo for this gun along the way, and you'll want to get out of
alive by using this weapon in this stage, unless you want him to
being part of the fireworks show.

Stage 17: Scorpion Killer

Objective: Kill everything in the hives area of the Herd's

All right, start off by shooting the spider on the web. Then go
to the
left, being sure to shoot the proximity mines. Be careful,
though, they
fire back! Pick all of the power ups and health and go to the

Along the way, you'll see a spider who will shoot orange blasts
spun around and try to hurt you! Take cover and fire your fly
by wire
missiles at it. Shoot another spider on the web and you'll see
giant beetle. Use the same strategy as you did on level 9,
explore for
power ups, and continue.

Kill the Earthworms in the next hallway, and you'll another
Giant Beetle
(AGAIN?!) You should know how to kill those. Be honest. At
the end of
this linear stage is a warp. Kill the Giant Earthworm to enter.
fight a Gatekeeper at the end, but it's not as hard as it looks.
Get in
between the two guns and fire your laser gun at it.

Stage 18: Core Nuke

Objective: Use a bomb to blow up the core.

Everything in the first area must eliminated, and that includes
the ant
and wasp generators (Unless you like endless enemies). A portal
open, so continue into the next area. The path is pretty linear
for the
moment, so go ahead and blast the spider on the web. Eventually,
a bomb,
a mosquito generator and a portal will be seen at the end. Wipe
out the
generator, deactivate the switch to remove the protective beams
you'll pick up everything in the room, including the bomb), and
the portal with the bomb in hand. It'll be very hard to do,

The moment you enter this new area, go to the left, don't go
right now. Shoot the switch so one more protective beam will be
then continue ahead and turn left again. You'll see the spot on
to drop the pad, but you'll have to shoot the 4 blue spots
(You'll see
them, trust me) with your manual missiles. Killing the
earthworsm are
optional, and if you did kill all 4, wasps will eventually come
in as

In any case, get rid of the protective beam, drop the bomb, and
get the
heck out! You have about 1:30 (or 1:40) to exit, but it
shouldn't be
hard to do, except at the beginning. Go through the middle and
right if you get lost at the beginning. Ignore the earthworms
and rush
into the portal!


Stage 19: Gatekeepers

Objective: Destroy all gatekeepers, then kill the QUEEN!

Okay, we go! Turn around right
because you are facing the path to the Queen's chamber. After
through a linear area for a while, go to the left. You'll face
gatekeeper, do the same strategy as you did in stage 17, but
watch out-
they fire homing missiles at you more often!

Pick up the key piece, and go the other direction, since this is
a dead
end. If you by any chance cross a bridge of sorts, you're on
the right
path. Ahead is another gatekeeper, take care of him. And on
the right
side of the bridge, is another gatekeeper. You'll know it when
you see
some bars aligned. After slughtering all the gatekeepers and
all the key pieces, it's time to work your way to the Queen's

The Queen can be a pain to take out for first timers. She has
phases. The first phase is where she walks around and fires
lasers at
you when close. She also unleashes homing missiles at you, and
she does
this a lot. Use the Fly-by-wire missiles to shoot her in the
head. Get
away when she gets too close, and make use of the flowers in the
of the arena.

Her second phase is much easier, she flies around. It's pretty
easy to
kill her with the Plasma Blaster, because she really doesn't do
other than follow you around. Afterwards, you'll beat Buck

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