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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"A Bug's Life"

This game is also available on GBC and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for A Bug's Life (PlayStation)
Submitted By: Unknown
A Bug┤s Life

Level One
The Anthill Mob
At the kick-off point you`ll find yourself standing in the
Staging Area. Easily reachable from this area are overlook rock,
anthil, food altar and the arch which leads to the grass tunnel
. dot will be hovering above you , calling you to follow her. if
you do follow her, finishing the level consists of merely
battling the enemies that get in your way and cracking open a
seed in order to gain access to the anthill.
in the first level , you`ll have to grow the most basic of plant
life in order to further your progress. to reach the anthill
there`s a ledge that`s too high for flick to reach. to get there
you`ll have to crack open a seed close to its base which lets
flick bounce up to the higher ledge . the first level┤s also
there to enable you to experiment with the different types of
berries and seeds in order to discover the hidden potential that
lurks beneath the surface of the ground.
there are three green tokens to collect in this level, but to
reach the third green token , you`ll have to solve a simple to the ledge are 2seeds embedded in the ground-if
you tint one of the seeds green, you can grow a tall platform .
you`ll then have to make the other seed grow into a bouncy
mushroom so that you can jump on to the platformnext to it .
once you ` ve collected the third green token , you can use to
gain access to even higher ledges.
When you have searched the entire level , you should be able to
collect enough tokens to growa propeller plant.with this new
plant you can collect the gold berry, which enables you to
complete the level.

Level Two
Transport Tunnel Trickery
the objektive of this level is to reach the council chambers via
a network of tunnels, while avoiding the grasshopperswhich crash
through the roof. the tunnels comprise of tree root-enmeshed
passages , which are lit by an eerie blue emitting from zhe
mushrooms dotted around.
throughout the tunnels are passageways which lead off from the
main route .to gain access to these you`ll have to collect a set
number of corns , then leap over the gasps to reach further
down.there are also some ledges too high for flick to reach ,
these will require bouncy mushrooms , in order to gain enough
the first enemies you come across are grubs and spiders that
burrow through walls, ceiling and floor of the tunnels. you`re
forewarned of an impending grub entrance by the debris that
precedes it. as you continue through the maze of tunnels, the
grasshoppers start to arrive , signalled by a shower of rubble
falling from the roof .
to destroy them, collect a blue berry because red berries only
fall off them . to collect blue berries , you┤ll have to collect
a purple token,or the blue berry itself .there are a number
purple tokens throughout the level which in turn release blue,
green or purple berries.the council chambers are found afterthe
grasshopper fight.

Level Three
Council Chamber Challenge
The first boss is here now: thumper.
you enter the council chambers to find him . theres one seed in
the level that you can pick up and move to various
locations.there are also three purple tokens you can collect,one
of them must be used to grow a blue berrie plant ,because only
blue berries or better ones can hurt him. as you run around the
the council chambers ,thumper will send mosquitos to damage you.
when you kill them they `ll regenerate until you bag the gold
berriewhich kills them permanently. to collect the gold berrie ,
you must collect the three purplr tokens , one of one of which
is on the top of the giant mushroom at the end of the council┤ll have to grow a bouncy mushroomin order to reach

Level Four
Cliffside Complications
The objective of this level is to float down the riverbed by
holding on to a danadelion stem. If you drop to the riverbed too
soon, a giant bird comes along and eats you, necessitating a
complete level restart. Staying aloft through the entire level
means you'll also collect all the bonus items. At the beginning
of the level, Flick launches himself from the cliff face, which
defines where Ant Island ends and the rest of the world begins.
You must stay afloat by stearing yourself towards the currents
of the air generated by the propeller plants on the riverbed far
When you reach the end of the flight, you'll have to climb down
tot he exit. Above the exit, you'll see another lege with more
bonus items. To reach this, you must use a dandelion and a
propeller plant, which are found on the ledge opposite the one
you want to reach. there's no trick to reaching the opposite
side - it's pretty much trial and error.

Level Five.
Riverbed Canyon Wrangling
The main objective to this level is to get Flick from one end of
the canyon to the other. YXou'll find yourself in a
mosquito-infested maze riverbed. Run the gauntlet of the maze,
collecting the appropriate power-ups and battle you way to the
opposite side of the riverbed. You'll have to double back on a
few occassions throughout this level, because certain power-ups
require seeds to be carried great distances to enable you to
progress through this level.

Level Six.
Bird Nest Soup
The aim of this level is to kill the bird that guards the end of
the riverbed canyon. Make your way up to the big boss bird by
following the path up and around the ouside walls of the canyon.
When you reach the higher points you can collect the remaining
bonus items, then kill the teathered freak when you reach the
top. From the start of the level you can collect the first blue
token by simply jumping up. There are a further three blue
tokens to collect at ground level. Collecting the fourth blue
token gives you the super jump plant.
To collect the gold berry, all you have to do is to make you way
up the outside of the canyon via the walkway. Wehn you reach the
top, the gold berry is conveniently placed in an alcove on the
left. Remember though, if you collect the gold berry, you won't
be able to complete the level in full. Also, when you reach the
higher levels, the bird can attack you more easily, so watch out
for those clawa.

Level Seven.
The Bugs Hit the City
The aim here is to survive your first time in the city streets.
negotiate your way through the bug traffic and mounds of rubbish
and then make your way to the circus bugs. Just like the film,
When you arrive in the city you'll find it more thata bit
hostile. It also provides new obstacles for Flick to traverse -
these range from soda bottles that you can climb in to gain
bonus items, to cereal packets that require seed power-ups so
you canclimb them.
The city's split into four sections, all being relatively easy.
to gain acccess to the second section of the city, you must
first collect at least ten piecesof grain so you can enter
through the cardboard doors. Once through the doors, you'll be
pointed in the right direction by signposts, but is you wish to
claim all the bonus items, then you'll have to work your way
around the city collecting the various pick-ips required to
access the higher levels. To access the third and fourth
sections, the amount of grain required is increased by ten - so
to access the third section, you will require 20 pieces of grain
and then 30 pieces of grain to access the fourth section.
Killing the various bugs enables you to pick up the grain. The
red berries that you begin with will only kill the
daddylong-legs, to kill the other bugs in the city you'll need
to get hold of the blue homing berries.

Level Eight.
City Square Shenanigans
Try to find the reamining six memebers of the circus troupe,
Dirn, Tuck and Roll, Manny, Gypsey and Rosie. All of the missing
characters' positions are shown ot you via sign posts within the
level. Tuck and Roll are together, as well as Manny and Gypsey.
Dirn and Rosie are hidden separately.

Level Nine.
Bug Bar Barracking
Another boss... This time a giant bug called Thud. You'll find
yourself in a spinning can, with the evil one flying aboe you.
Trom your start position, turn around and run to the end of the
can to collect a blue berry. Remember, it's important to collect
the blue berry first, not the gold berry. if you collect the
berries in the opposite order, you'll not be able to complete
the level 100 per cent. Now you can start to whack Mr. Thud good
and proper.
Each time you hit him with a blue berry he drops nine-grain
seeds and a health pick-up. the health pick-up is extremely
important, as the debris that's rolling round the tin can takes
a piece of health off each time you're hit. Inside the can,
you'll also see the letters of Flick's name floating in the
middle of the can. To reach these letters and the gold berry
take advantage of the small rubber ball rolling around the can.
If Flick jumps on this ball, he'll be able to jump up and
collect more items.

Level Ten
Clover Forest Misfortune
find the five missing Řieces of the mechanical bird which, Flick
believes, will destroy the grasshopper army. This level has two
main playing areas - on top of the clovers that make up the
canopy of the forst and under the canopy itself. Flick will also
receive help frommembers of the circus troupe in his quest to
collect the missing pieces. Navigate carefully around the canopy
and forest, otherwise Flick will spend most of his time under
the canopy. Heimlich can be used to bouce back to the top of
Clover Forest and one circus member even turns into a piece of
the mising bird.
To collect the last piece of the missing bird (which can be
found on top of the giant tree trunk), you must first collect
all four of the brown tokens, you can then carry a seed to the
base of the giant tree trunk and make a cannon plant to shoot
Flick up to the top.

Level Eleven
Tree Top Trail
Get Flick to the top of the tree and transport five blueberry
scouts to the mechanical bird. Navigate Flick up and around the
outside of the tree, run up the bark ramps avoiding the rolling
acorns and the insects which block the path. In addition, you'll
have to use vines and the occassional silken thread from Rosie
the spider to swing across the gaps in the bark ramps.
It's easier to travel up the bark path to collect the blue
berries first. This helps make the task ahead easier. Return to
the floor of the tree and travel to the opposite end of the
roots to collect the harvester. this enabvles you to kill all
the insects that are getting in the way on the ground.
To collect the gold berry, first collect all four brown tokens.
The last brown token is situated close to the harvester. to
reach it, use a combination of two propeler plants and a
dandelion plant to gain enough height. The first wo letters of
Flick's name are easily situated close to a couple of blueberry
scouts. The remaining letters can be found half way up the tree,
below two swinging vines that are placed close together.

Level Twelve.
Areana Antics
Set an example as arch-ant by defeating the grasshopper, Molt.
Firt collect a purple token to make a bug-damaging blue berry.
unfortunmately, the armies of ants that surround you think
they're helping you by throwing red berries at you. If the
berries hit you, you'll lose the blue berry and you'll then have
to grow a new plant tp continue to battle. Don't get hit!

Level Thirteen.
The Ant Hill Mob, Part Deux
Fight the grasshoppers using berry shooters, the harvester
andsome of the circus troupe members. when you meet up wiht Tuck
and Roll you─ll see two green tokens floating above them. Botty
bounce on top of Tuck and Roll to reach them and you'll have a
double-sized leaf to help youto collect the other tokens. You'll
also find that there are no seeds on the ground that they can
use to carry stuff to various locations. That special seed's
held by the gtrasshopper flying around in the sky, so collect a
yellow token so you can grow a blue berry and blast it out of
the air. Also it is worth noting that on this level Flick can
only fire red berries. GULp.
To rescue the Princess Atta, collect at least two yellow tokens.
Once they are collected, you can grown a purple berry shooter
which homes in on the enemy bugs - especially Hopper, who's
holding the sweet Princess.

Level Fourteen.
Riverbed Flight
Lead hopper to the bird's nest at the end if the riverbed
canyon. This level's very difficult to negotiate, so be prepared
to lose a few lives. From the level start, head left until you
reach the blue berry picv-up, then continue left until you pick
up the gold berry. You'll now have a fighting chance of
survival. As you travel through the canyon, you'll realise that
Hopper is right behind you at all times, so slowing down too
much isn't recommended because he'll catch up with you and hit
It will also seem as it you can't turn back on yourself, when in
fact you can. The trick is to climb as high as you can and then
turn around and fly over thetop of Hopper's head. You must do
this if you want to complete 100 per cent of the level.
Throughout the level there are certain paths to the left and
right of the canyon where it is difficult to distinguish between
the wall and the path. The default speed gives you time to look
for those hidden paths. Also, it's better to keep your speed at
the default rate until you need to slow down to turn around or
collect a token, becasue Hopper can't reach you at this speed.

Level Fifteen.
Canyon Showdown
Firstly find the bird that will eventually killHopper and wake
it up. this level's split into three sections, each one getting
gradually harder. Within the level, the only enemy bugs to be
found are grasshoppers which are coloured dark green. Hopper is
light brown and is the only grasshopper that's flying. The trick
to successfully completing this end level is to chase Hopper
from one area to the other in an attempt to get him to the bird
nest and his doom.
When you begin the level, travel around the area to familierise
yourself with where everything is. The most important part is
the log which Flik must wlak up to reach the dandelion plant -
this, in conjunction with a propeller plant, will transport
GFlick from one rock to another. The next part to remember is
that gap in the canyon wall, which is blocked off with twigs and
which leads to the next area. You can find it, by heading in the
direction of the moon. when you have collected all the itmes and
can fire blue berries, go after Hopper. Watch out when you find
him, becasue he can fire his own white berries at you. What you
must do is to fire at him until scare him off. hen you have
frightened him off, he'll fly towards the twig barrier and knock
it down to get away. You'll now have access to the second area.
The second area of this level is pretty much the same as the
first. The only difference is this time is that you must attack
Hopper rour times before he'll make his way through the next
twig barrier. The most effective way of attacking him is to
climb to a vantage point so that your blue berries can hit him.
as with the first area, all you have to do to find the second
twig barrier is to follow the diredtion of the moon in the night
When you eventually reach the third area you'll find yourself in
frontof a canyon stairway. Chase Hopper up to the top of the
canyon where the bird's nest is situated. When you reach the
nest keep pelting Hopper with your berries until his energy runs
out. Then the bird eatrs him up and you win.

I hope you found this walkthrough useful

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