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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Crazy Taxi 2"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Crazy Taxi 2 (Dreamcast)
Submitted By: Unknown
Crazy Taxi 2
By d.j johnny quick and killkenny
Version 1.2

Table of Contents
1) Introduction
2) Game play Mechanics
3) Crazy Pyramid
4) Cities
5) Other Stuff
6) Secrets/Codes
7) Crazy FAQs
8) The Grande Finale

Chapter 1: Introduction

SECTION 1: FAQ Information
Hmmm, this section seems like an FAQ about this FAQ. How ironic (or something like that... I don't have a thesaurus around.) This FAQ is written for Crazy Taxi 2 for the Dreamcast. Don't have Crazy Taxi 2? Go buy it. Don't have a Dreamcast? Go buy one. Or you could just take the freeloaders way out and pirate it, but that's not cool.

Anyway, Crazy Taxi 2 was developed by Hitmaker as was the pervious version. It came out on May 31st, 2001 and is the sequel to Crazy Taxi, the Dreamcast's #2 selling game behind Sonic Adventure (thanks to Jon for a correction on this.)
Nevertheless, Crazy Taxi 2 adds several new features (and doesn't add a few
others that would help) as explained in the next section. But first, here's a little information on the different versions of this FAQ:
-Version 1.2-
:Added More Information on Good Fares
:Added Some More FAQs
:First Spell Check (boy did this FAQ need one!)
=First Compiled on 8 2 2002
=Version Completed 9 2 2002 (I know, I know it's been a while since the
last update, but I've been pretty busy lately.)
-Version 1.1-
:Added Small Apple Strategies
:Fixed Some Bugs
:New FAQs
:CT3 Wish list
:Crazy Stop Added
:Other Stuff Chapter Added
:Added Coming Soon Section
:Added All Cabbies
-Version 1.0-
:First Version of this FAQ
SECTION 2: From Crazy Taxi to Crazy Taxi 2
Crazy Taxi 2 has a host of new features, as well as a server (bad pun there) of features that it really could have used. Here's a list of the new things that Crazy Taxi 2 has added over its predecessor:
:2 New Cities (Around Apple and Small Apple... They're New York inspired)
:4 New Cabbies (Lots of people don't like these cabbies, but I find them just fine. Plus, you can get the original cabbies with new, crappier than ever voices. More on this in the Cheats section)
:Crazy Hoppin' (Press the Y button to initiate a hydraulics powered jump)
:The Baby Carriage (See the Cheats section)
:New Music (Some familiar Offspring, some new Offspring and some Methods of
Mayhem. I'm glad they stayed with punk, as I personally can't stand Hip Hop in
:Different Play Mechanics (It's harder to Crazy Drift, the game plays a little
:The Crazy Pyramid (This game's Crazy Box. It has a score of new and creative
mini-games to master)
:Multiple Pickups (It is possible to pickup more than one person at once, and
deliver them to different destinations)
:An Internet Mode to Upload Your Scores and...
:Replays (Record your great Crazy Pyramid scores)

Here's some stuff that would have been nice to have in Crazy Taxi 2 (Note:
These are not in the game, they are simply a wish list):
:A Multiplayer Mode! They took this out for gods sake!
:An Anti-Cheating Mechanism to prevent 1860 Yd. Crazy Golf Shots.
:Even Destination Times (Going to the Hospital zone in Around Apple gives you almost no time, going away gives you too much.)
:No Baby Carriage (Just what is its use?)
:Add more here. E-mail me at [email protected]

CHAPTER 2: Game play Mechanics

SECTION 1: The Characters
Crazy Taxi 2 has 4 all-new characters, along with the original 4 characters
returning after winning the S-S mini game on Crazy Pyramid. Here's a little information on the characters:

AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 152.3lb
Comments: Slash is an average cabbie who doesn't have too much speed nor too much power. He's one of the better beginning characters because of this, so if you're new to the game I'd try him first. Once you get better you should probably move along to a cabbie with more of a lean towards tank or speed, depending on what you're into.

AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 183.2lb
Comments: Iceman is my favorite taxi. He feels a lot like B.D Joe felt in the CT1 (not the new version, I don't like B.D. Joe in the new version mostly
because of his voice.) This means that Iceman handles pretty well, and he's
also pretty quick on his feet. The only thing I don't like about Iceman is
that he seems to slide out pretty frequently when one is trying to turn right
off the start. To combat this, stop when you're spinning, or you'll keep
spinning and waste a lot of time.

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 114.8lb
Comments: Cinnamon is a fairly average character. While she does handle fairly
well, I really don't like her lack of speed (especially with even the fastest
cabbies in Crazy Taxi 2 being slower than the original.) She is playable, and
she's certainly not the worst character, but I wouldn't recommend using her too
much. She's a little freakishly happy on the whole being a taxi driver thing,
too (what 18 year old, decent looking girl would become a taxi driver.) But if
you really dig the chicks, she's not that bad.

AGE: 78(!)
HEIGHT: 5'3"
Comments: I'm not a big fan of Hot-D because I really don't like "tank cabs"
(or tanks that go slow but plow over things.) Hot-D just doesn't move very
fast and the plowing over effect doesn't matter too much in this game if you
get good at crazy hopping. As for some other gripes on him, I can't stand his
whole "I'm old but cool" personality. The people at Hitmaker who were in
charge of designing characters didn't do a very good job on this guy. For one,
his voice is way too high and soft. The manual describes him as having mad
talking and driving skills, but I find it very hard to hear him above the music
on the default volume settings. Plus, he sounds and looks like a teenager. I
overall don't like this guy.

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 158.4lbs
Comments: Axel is a very solid, all-around driver. He isn't the fastest driver
out there, but he can keep up and he won't be destroyed by ramming into a bus.
He's one of my favorite cabbies in CT2, and thank god they didn't change his
voice like they did with the other returning cabbies.

AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 149.6lbs
Comments: B.D. Joe was my favorite driver in Crazy Taxi, but it doesn't hold
true for this version. He doesn't seem to have enough control, and he doesn't
have the best speed or power either. He's not one of the worst cabbies, but
he's not one of the best cabbies either. And once again Hitmaker decides to
give this guy a crappy voice.

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 114.8lbs
Comments: Apparently Gena has decided to give her weight for this version (fans
of the first version will note that it said something like "None of your
Business" in the manual under her weight.) Anyway, I really dislike Gena.
She's slow as a rock, her handling is nothing great, and she doesn't have that
much power. Plus, you guessed it, she has a crappy new voice.

AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 187.0lbs
Comments: Gus probably has the best power in the game. Nothing can run this
guy o'er. Plus, Gus has some good handling and adequate speed. He's a good
beginner character, as he won't go flying all over the place if you run into
something. Give this guy a try, you may like him. His new voice is pretty
deep, but at least it's not annoying.

SECTION 2: Crazy Basics

In order to get respectable scores and beat the Crazy Pyramid, you're going to
have to know how to do all of the Crazy Moves that are possible in the game.
Since the manual leaves a few out, and doesn't do a good job explaining the
other few, here's the various Crazy Basics:
:Press the gas and the forward shift at the same time (you can be in forward at
the time, but you still make sure to shift. You'll need to let off the gas if
you're going forward while doing this for about 1/3 of a second)
-This gives you a quick boost of speed that's useful when starting off.
However, don't try to go around doing simply Crazy Dash, as they won't help you
:Press the gas and the reverse shift at the same time (In order for this trick
to work you must be _moving_ forward and then shift back and step on the gas)
-You won't use this very much, but it can be helpful in getting away from being
wedged against a wall.
:Execute a Crazy Dash, then after a short pause shift into reverse, let off the
gas and shift to reverse, then do another Crazy Dash. Wait about 1/3 of a
second between each step.
-This is the fundamental move for the entire game. Without the use of a Limit
Cut (which refers to bypassing the max speed limit for your character) your
scores won't get too much better than 1-2 thousand. However, with this boost
of speed you'll be able to achieve scores of over 100k dollars if you were
really, really, really good at the game ;-]. Make sure to not try to do this
right off of the bat, as you need to be moving forward for a limit cut to work.
Another thing to note is that you do not need to do a Crazy Dash before the
shifting to reverse and then doing a crazy dash, but it helps because if you're
not at full speed you may not be able to achieve a successful limit cut.
Remember, it takes some practice to nail the timing down.
:Let off the gas for about 1/2 a second prior to pressing Forward Shift,
Reverse Shift, Gas and the direction you want to go at the same time.
-Crazy Drifts are a lot harder than they were in the first game because one has
to let off the gas for a short amount before doing a Crazy Drift as opposed to
just being able to do one while moving in the prequel. Doing a Crazy Drift
will add to your tip combo (see the Crazy Tips section) and will also allow you
to do quick and rapid turns. These are most useful in the Crazy Taxi mini-game
and in a few points in the two cities. To do a CRAZY BACK DRIFT which the
manual seems to cite as a different trick entirely, just do a 180 degree Crazy
:Press the Y Button (What a hard trick!)
-This is a trick new to the sequel. Due to upgraded hydraulics in the cabbies,
you're now able to make your cab jump in the air. How high you jump is
dependent on how fast you're going, and what kind of cab you're in (Cars seem
to jump more than bikes.) Why would you ever use this? Well, it has a few
advantages. First and foremost, you can access new shortcuts by hopping onto
low buildings and riding across, skipping lengthy turns. Second, jumping
allows you to quickly get by high traffic areas while scoring combo points (see
the Crazy Tips section.)
:Execute a Crazy Hop while in the middle of a Crazy Drift (see tricks above)
-This isn't a trick that's used all too much in the regular game, but it's
useful in a few Crazy Pyramid mini-games. This saves time by allowing you to
execute a turn, then a jump, and another turn up on where you jumped all in one
move. This is probably one of the hardest tricks to master.
:Press Forward Shift, Reverse Shift, Gas and the direction you want to turn in
while standing still.
-If you're thinking that this trick looks familiar to the regular CRAZY DRIFT
then you're right. It is. However, this is an important trick to use when you
picked up a customer who's destination is the opposite direction of where
you're heading. Instead of backing up and turning, or trying to find a turn
later on, one can just do this trick and quickly turn around and save some
time. BE CAREFUL: If you try to accelerate before you finish turning, you may
start spinning out. If this happens, wait about a second for the spinning to
stop and then accelerate. If you don't it can cost you quite a few seconds.
:Press Brake and Reverse at the same time.
-Not a very complicated trick, but it allows for on-the-dime stopping to some
extent. You should get in the habit of shifting to reverse when stopping
anyway, since it's always helpful to be able to quickly backup if you overshoot
your target.

SECTION 3: Customer Information

The main goal of Crazy Taxi is to pick up customers and bring them to their
destination. This is accomplished by stopping in the circle of a customer (or
customers) who has either a Dollar Sign ($) or a Number (indicating the number
of people you'll have to deliver to their destination) hovering over their
head. There are almost always a good number of customers around, all you have
to do is look. Once you pick up a customer you'll see their destination and
the distance to their (if you press the X button you can bring this back up.)
A timer will also be displayed over their head indicating how much time you
have to get them there. This breaks down to, generally, Over 9 Seconds
Remaining will earn you a speedy (+ 5 seconds bonus, plus you may earn more
time than you had before if you do a good job.); 5-8 Seconds remaining will
earn you a Normal (+2 seconds bonus); 0-5 Seconds Remaining Slow (No Bonus);
About 2 seconds less than 0 seconds: Bad (No Fare, No Bonus). One will also
earn additional cash depending on how fast he or she takes their customer to
their destination. Here's a little more information on customers:
Have very short distances between destination and don't give too much cash.
These are usually good customers to pick up to try to gain some time back (or
at least to not lose any time.)
These customers still have short distances, but give slightly better fares. An
orange customer is good to get if you're not good at turning around quickly
(needed for picking up Red Fare customers) but still want short trips.
Medium fare lengths and still pretty short destination distances. These will
still guarantee same-area driving (for Around Apple at least.)
The best type of customers to pick up in Around Apple because they give you way
too much time. If the time-for-area system worked right, Lime Green customers
would give you a fairly long fare and a nice chunk of change for delivering
them on time.
These are the longest single-person fares in the game. Generally they're a bad
idea to do very often in either city (much different than the original game
where one would go for these over all others.) This is because the
time-for-area system (how much time you're allowed for the area you have to
cover) doesn't work very well in the game on Around Apple, and directions are
quite confusing in Little Apple. If you do get them to their destination on
time, these customers will give you the greatest amount of cash.
Since it's impossible to tell how far a multi customer fare is going just by
looking at it, I've combined the three sections. When picking up more than one
person, you will have to visit each destination separately (oddly even in
groups of 4 people no one is getting off at the same destination.) You can
visit any destination you want at any given time, but it's recommended that you
follow the arrows unless you know the destinations by heart and know of a
shorter way. For each person you have in your cab, the tips you get are
multiplied by that number (2 customers, x2 tips; 3 customers, x3 tips; etc.)
Picking up multiple customers can be risky, though. If you don't get every
single person to their destination before the clock runs out, you won't get any
of the fares. Even if you've delivered the first 3 customers and are 3 inches
away from the final destination when the clock runs out, you won't earn any
money off the long trip. Also, in Around Apple a 4 Person fare to the Hospital
area can be devastating.

SECTION 4: Crazy Tips

In addition to earning money from fares alone, you can also rack up some big
bucks by earning Crazy Tips as you're driving. A Crazy Tip can be earned by
any of these 3 ways:
1) Crazy Through - Pass closely to another car without actually hitting it. If
the car you're facing is coming at you, you'll earn a Gold coin (worth more
than a silver coin obtained through getting a Crazy Through from passing
through a car going in the same direction as you.)
2) Crazy Drifting - Just perform a Crazy Drift (see the Crazy Basics section)
that's fairly long (a la a 180 degree turn.)
3) Crazy Jumping - Either hop or launch off a jump. The more air you get, the
more tips you'll earn.
Combos earn an increasingly large amount of tips for every Crazy maneuver (see
information right above this) you pull without hitting another car (NOTE: You
can still have a combo going if you hit a wall or building. Just don't ram
into any cars!) Large combos mean big bucks.
When carrying more than one passenger at a time, you can earn a huge amount of
tips. 2 passengers give you 2 times your normal tips, 3 passengers give you 3
times your normal tips, and 4 passengers give you 4 times your normal tips.
Try to keep combos going for a while to rack up money when you have several
passengers aboard.

Section 3: Crazy Pyramid

One of the most fun elements of Crazy Taxi 2 is the Crazy Pyramid. In the
Crazy Pyramid there are several challenging mini-games that are a hoot to play
(some may even make you wonder how Hitmaker! came up with them.) After
clearing a row, you'll be rewarded with a variety of things (I won't spoil them
here, but if you want to know check out the Secrets/Codes section.) To get
more mini games you must clear mini-games on the lower levels. Once you
complete a few on the lower levels, mini-games on the higher levels will
unlock. The higher you go, the harder the mini-games get. Without further
delay, here are the mini games:
This is a real simple one. Just like the Crazy Jump in Crazy Box (found in
Crazy Taxi 1), you must clear a given distance (250 meters) to pass this one.
It's not too hard, even if you don't do any speed boosts. Simply hop at the
end of the ramp and easily clear the 250 meter target. For a new record on
this course, you'll need to time your limit cuts pretty well so that you don't
hop off the ramp and lose speed before your jump
How can you not love this mini-game? What's involved here is hitting the ball
as far as you possibly can by hopping into it. The best way to do this is to
back up (stop when the grass gets dark or you'll fall off) and then charge in
doing limit cuts and hitting the ball with a line drive going slightly up (jump
semi-early to do this.) You'll clear it by a ton, and will probably earn a new
This isn't a very difficult one either. Simply clear the hurdles (you don't
even need to clear all of them) by hopping over them. Doing Limit Cuts will
help you, but it's not really necessary. Get to the finish in under 40 seconds
and win.
This can be sort of confusing at first, but it's really not that bad. This
mini game is similar to the Triple Jump competition in the Olympics. What you
want to do it do a Crazy Hop before the first white line, and then before the
Red timer reaches zero for the subsequent jumps (watch out... the timer goes
pretty fast.) This shouldn't be a very hard Mini-game.
5-5: Crazy Balloons 2
Another returning mini-games from Crazy Box. In this one you need to just run
into all of the balloons with your cabbies. To reach the higher ones, you'll
have to hop (who saw that coming?). You should easily finish this one in the
90 seconds they give you.
4-1: Crazy Ramps
*Yawn* This is such an easy mini-game it doesn't even deserve any guide for
it. Nevertheless, just drive over the ramps (it's not necessary to jump) and
you'll easily win this one.
4-2: Crazy Road
This is a semi-challenging one, as you're on a very high and very narrow road
and falling off means failure (no, not failure!) Plus, there's a good deal of
traffic in this one. What you'll want to do is just take it very slowly, and
don't make any drastic moves. Especially be careful for the turn at the end,
as it's pretty steep, narrow, and inclined.
4-3: Crazy Turn 2
This is the first game where you can use a Drift Hop (see the Crazy Basics
section a few chapters above.) However, you don't really need to use it unless
you're going for a record. If you're just going to beat it, simply jump up
over the walls directly in front of you (the ones that are painted black) and
then turn at jump over another wall. After doing this a few times you'll be at
the end. Simply stop and win the game.
4-4: Crazy Jam 2
This one requires a little bit of thinking, but not too much. The first thing
you want to make sure of when completing this mini-game is that you know how to
do a Limit Cut (see the Crazy Basics section) as it will help you. Now that
you know how to do that, make sure to limit cut pretty frequently, but also pay
attention for the highways above you as you'll need to hop on the first highway
to drop off the first 2 customers (they'll be on either ends of the first
elevated highway) and on the second highway for the last 2 customers (they're
on either end of this elevated highway too.) Once done the 2nd customer, make
sure to drop off the highway you're on, as you won't find the 3rd and 4th stops
on that particular highway. Once you clear it, you'll be finished the 4th row
(assuming you didn't go out of order.)
3-1: Crazy Rush 2
Before I start, here's the map for this game:
The numbers indicate the different destinations, with the other characters
representing different platforms. Anyway, you'll want to hop across the
various gaps, remembering that you have to be in the center square to jump to a
square to the right or let of you. Also, you'll *need* to have a nice bit of
speed (learn to Limit Cut!) to clear some of these gaps (backing up after
dropping off a customer isn't a bad idea.) You've got 65 seconds to take the 4
Afro Men to their destinations.
3-2: Crazy Drop
This is a very annoying mini-game. You'll have to drop down about 8 platforms
without falling off the edges. Each time you drop the platform switches
directions, so if you don't Crazy Drift you'll probably run out of time. The
best way to beat this one is to stay slow and Crazy Drift consistently. Make
sure to drop pretty close to the edge you're not drifting to in order to avoid
falling off. The ideal drop has you facing the correct direction right as you
land, but most of your drops won't be like that. If you're stuck facing not
all the way around, start pulling a Crazy Drift in mid air and you'll correct
yourself when you land. If you stay slow you shouldn't fall off.
3-3: Crazy Stairs
Another annoying mini-game, as you hopping to the right doesn't come naturally
to most people. What you want to do for this game is to jump to the next stair
as soon as you're able to. Don't try to jump when the stair above you is next
to you, this just causes problems. Instead, you want to jump onto the "arse"
of the stair (the aft most part) as soon as you can. Stay relatively slow so
that you don't lose control. Time shouldn't be that much of a factor, so don't
worry about speed.
2-1: Crazy Zigzag 3
This was one of the hardest mini-games from Crazy Box, so naturally it's going
to be hard on the Crazy Pyramid too. This is where knowing how to Drift Hop
will really help you. What this level consists of is a number of platforms
going in different directions from the one below it. Time is not that bad for
this level, so you don't have to take things too fast. When you get to a jump,
slow down very much prior to it and then start a Crazy Drift. Hop when it's
appropriate and continue going towards the next jump. You'll probably want to
break after landing on the last 3 jumps, or else you may fall off the edge
(what a cool castle under water, I must add.) This one will take some practice
to do.
2-2: Crazy Arches
Others have found this one easy, but I for one think this is a fairly difficult
level. The strategy for this level is pretty straightforward: Jump between the
different arches at generally their highest point. Angle is what counts here,
as you won't have much room to correct yourself if you go on it at the wrong
angle. Once you get near the end, start breaking, as the ending comes out very
quickly and you may fall off the edge. You don't have to take this one too
fast, but don't be a slug either. A medium speed is good for this level.
1-1: Tour
This level is not as hard as it looks. As long as you get familiar on where
the next person is going and the shortcuts, you'll do fine. Also, using the
bike is a good idea. Here's the information on what's going on:
You'll start off in the usual Around Apple starting spot. Go onto the bridge
and stay to the right side where traffic is the lowest. If you ever get wedged
behind two buses or trucks, hop over them to avoid hitting them. Don't take
the obvious building hopping shortcut right when you get off the bridge, as it
won't save you time. B.K. is right to the left of getting off the bridge.
Do a Stand Still Crazy Drift to do a stationary 180 and head to the basketball
court which is up the road and on the left. Try to face the big white building
down the hill when you come to a stop.
Right down the street. You can face forward when you come to a stop.
Don't mind the arrow that's yelling at you to go backwards. It's easier to
just take a right and go around the corner of the Art Museum than turning
around. Try to avoid the cars on the narrow street. The Botanical Garden will
be in the corner of the grassy area. Slam into the wall of it to stop quickly.
Any time over 5 minutes here is fine.
Head forward from the Botanical Garden back to the road (follow the arrow) and
down the hill to the station. While the next stop is 180 degrees from where
you're facing, I don't recommend trying to do a Crazy Drift stop, but instead
doing a Stand Still Crazy Drift after you've started again.
Turn around using a SSCD (Stand Still Crazy Drift) and head down the hill to
the Church on the right. Slamming into the telephone booth could save a few
Big Shortcut Alert: You can save a ton of seconds by jumping over the low
rooftop a few meters in front of the church (You'll see smoke stacks) Once you
jump over them, head down the hill and stop facing right.
Head right at the fork and keep going to the university that will be pretty
close. Get to know the supermarket right before it, as it's your next stop.
Do a SSCD to turn 180 degrees around and go to the Supermarket right next to
where you are.
Instead of following the arrow, turn right at the fork and stay to the right.
As soon as you can drop down, turn left and get to the depot. You should
arrive here with at least 3:45 left.
It's a long trip to the zoo, as you're now exiting the area and going to the
Hospital Zone. There are no shortcuts to the zoo, so just try to drive fast
and avoid cars. When you have the option of choosing the right of left roads,
take the left (the one that arrow is pointing to.) Around the corner is the
Just keep going around the bend to find the Police Station. Stop to the right
side of it.
Head straight to the fire station. Not much to say here.
Instead of going back like the arrow tells you to, continue around the corner
and follow the arrow once it readjusts itself.
Unlike the post office, when the arrow points backwards, you do have to go
backwards. Do a SSCD and head 180 degrees in the other direction to the
hospital literally right next to where you came from. This is the halfway
point... try to be above 2:30.
Head around the fence and then stay right against the buildings on the right
side of the street to avoid hitting cars. Come to a stop at the stadium facing
Keen driving pays off here as you're once again exiting a part of the city.
The traffic isn't too heavy, so you shouldn't have that much trouble dodging
it. Head right at the fork (following the arrow.) The Jeweler's Shop is right
around the bend. Park to the left of it.
Head straight ahead and across the street to the Stock Exchange.
Head left around the corner to get to the Department Store.
Continue from the Department Store and turn right at the intersection to arrive
at HMV. You should get here with at least 1:35-1:40 remaining.
Head straight to FAO and park on the very right side of it.
Turn around the corner to arrive at the Gap. Park facing forwards.
Ignore the arrow and head straight. Look for the low roofs straight ahead and
jump onto here. Jump on the way down or risk slamming into a bus. When you
come down you'll be at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Go straight ahead and hang to the right until you reach the courthouse.
It's right ahead, nothing too hard here.
Take a right around the corner to arrive at the library.
Head under the bridge and stick to either side. Once you're out, head to the
school and be satisfied you're almost done. You should have 25+ seconds here.
Head straight ahead around the corner to the hotel. Park facing straight.
You can't fight city hall, but you can fight the arrow pointing you there.
Don't turn around like the arrow says, but instead drop down to the lower
freeway (ahead and to the left) When you get there turn around and follow the
arrow around the corner to City Hall and your final destination.
Congratulations (unless you didn't make it... if you didn't, try harder!)
S-S: Crazy Special
This level is a whole lot harder than the previous level, because it involves
intense memorizing of maps. This level plays a lot like 1-1, in that you have
to bring passengers to every destination in the city. However, this one takes
place on the more difficult Little Apple map and also does not give you a
definite route. Plus you get the weird Blue arrow that sort of homes in on the
nearest destination, but doesn't give you a good route. Before we start,
you'll want to get a Little Apple Map found at:
It's right in front of you.
Do a SSCD to turn 180 degrees around and take the first right. It's right
around the corner on the right (I've used right about 6 times in a row,
Keep going straight (read: don't turn left) until you're forced to make a
right. Make this right and stop at the Supermarket on the left.
Continue around the 2 corners and head straight to the Church. Stop fairly
early here.
Do a SSCD to turn 90 degrees to the left. Then take another left, this being
the first left at the first intersection. Continue on straight and then around
the corner to get to the hotel.
Jump up onto the low roof directly in front of you, but not onto the highest
possible roof (just go onto the lowest of the 2 roofs.) Take a right and stop
at Central Terminal which is mysteriously elevated.
Take a left until you get the fence surrounding the elevated Central Terminal
and take another left. Fall down and the Tempura Restaurant should be right in
front of you.
Continue on straight to the library.
Take the corner at the library and continue on forward until you get to the
department store.
Take the corner again, and continue going forward. This time there won't be a
stop on the corner, so at the corner you have to head left through the mall
(note: jumping on the roof won't save much time and you frequently get stuck.)
Right outside the mall is the Clock Tower.
Take a left from the Clock Tower and continue on forward (don't take any off
roads.) You'll see the Law Court on the right.
Don't take a left at the off road, but rather take a left at the fork very
shortly after you see the off road. Cut through the grass and then head left
to the Ferry Port.
Turn around so that you'll now be going against traffic and continue along the
edge of the sea until you reach the Helicopter Pad when the road curves in.
>From the Helicopter Pad, head forward and around the natural corner to the Bus
Station on your right.
This is right ahead from the Bus Terminal, you should be able to see it.
Round the corner at the Bank and then right again at your first chance. When
you have the opportunity, take a very hard left (it'll be about a 150 degree
turn) to arrive at the Stock Exchange.
>From the Stock Exchange head forward. You'll see a low roof that would be
ideal to jump over. Take the jump and once you're off it head right (as in the
direction) to City Hall.
Go forward and round the corner. You'll notice the stadium up ahead. Stop
there and finish customer #18.
Continue straight, and make a left when you get a corner. DO NOT go over the
"shortcut" as it will mess up the order of things. Instead, after taking that
corner to the left, keep going straight and then turn right to arrive at the
Opera House.
Continue forward and then left. Don't take the jump again, head left and
arrive at the Hard Rock cafe.
Follow the arrow for once and get out of the city zone to arrive at the Gap on
your left side after taking the corner.
Take the left immediately after the Gap and then take the right off
intersection. Burger King is right down the road and up the hill.
>From B.K. head left to get to the University straight ahead.
At the University, turn right to get on the road and continue going forward.
The road will eventually fork, and you'll want to take the left fork. The
basketball court is then quickly up on your right.
Head to the road on the left from the basketball court. When you see another
left off road, take that and continue going forward. Eventually you'll get to
another intersection where you want to take left again. The fire station will
then be right in front of you.
Take the natural corner at the Fire Station and continue on to the Police
Again take the natural corner and continue on straight until you get to an
intersection. Turn left and then immediately left again to arrive at the Post
Yet another straightway this time. Head to the post office.
Go forward until you reach an intersection where you want to turn left. The
Karate Dojo is on your right at the corner.
>From the Karate Dojo jump over the fence on your left and get through the
small break in the trees. Continue on forward through the grass to arrive at
the Bandstand.
Travel across the long stretch of grass to the Boathouse. Be quick, you're
almost there!
>From the Boathouse follow the arrow slightly into the city to arrive at FAO
Schwartz. Make haste, you're very close.
The final stop is around the corner from FAO Schwartz, race to get there.
Now that you've made it you get a special reward and have the satisfaction of
beating the entire Crazy Pyramid. By this time you should be able to rack up
at least 10k on Around Apple and 5k on Little Apple. If you can't, you need
some more practice ;-].

Chapter 4: Cities
Note: Since this guide is not nearly completed yet, the strategies outlined
here are just some basic tips. More in depth strategies will come as time goes
by. Keep checking back for new version and better strategies.

Section 1: Around Apple
Around Apple is by far the easier map to learn between the two. It has easier
to follow paths and arrows, less relying on shortcuts, and it's much easier to
remember. Here are a few tips to earn big bucks on Around Apple:
:At the start, go forward past the yellow and orange circled customers to where
the buildings fork. At the fork you'll find 2 cheerleaders who want to go to
Burger King and the Supermarket. These are very easy targets to get to, and
they give you an insane amount of time to get there.
:If you're feeling more daring at the start, don't pick any passengers up and
go on the bridge leading to B.K. Hug the right of the bridge, and crazy drift
off of it at your first opportunity. You should land facing towards the High
School and away from the Hotel. There will be a group of cheerleaders on your
right. Probably there will only be a 2-Passenger fare that you don't want to
take (if there is a 4-passenger cheerleader fare, for god's sake take it.) If
there isn't the 4-Passenger cheerleader fare there, keep going around the
corner and then do a U-ey. The cheerleaders should have turned to a baby blue
4 passenger fare that you'll want to take. This fare will give you about 150
seconds to take the cheerleaders to the Hotel, The Jeweler's Shop, The Gap and
The Zoo. If you do it right, you should be able to add 80 seconds to your
time. Thanks to Matt Max once again at the Gamefaq's Crazy Taxi 2 message
:When crossing the bridges, it's to your advantage to go with traffic as it's
easier to stay quick and avoid cars to keep combos up.
:Do Crazy Hops frequently when you have multiple customers, as in this city
there isn't too much traffic in most places.
time-for-area system that is tipped against you when going to this zone.
:Lime Green fares are your friend in this level. Some of the most uneven in
your favor times can be obtained by picking up lime green customers near the
University that want to go to the Art Museum. Another great place to get lime
green fares is near the Hotel. A fare going to the Jewelers' Shop or Stock
Exchange can be obtained by jumping to the opposite road from the Hotel and
then going under the bridge to these areas. You'll rack up an insane amount of
:The best area for short fares is the "Mini-Manhattan" area with the Gap, Hard
Rock Cafe, etc. Generally you get large amounts of time for short distances.
:Avoid multiple fairs from Afro-Men as much as you can, because they frequently
like to go to the Hospital Area.
:Going through the Botanical Garden tends to be slow. HOWEVER, the best fare
in the game can be found there. Inside of the Botanical Garden (when looking
directly at the wide side, it's to the right... you'll see them on that narrow
side) you'll see 4 cheerleaders. Taking these customers (To B.K, the Jewelers'
Store, The Hotel and the Stadium) will give you 180 seconds. Even on a bad run
you'll be able to pick up about 50 seconds additional time, which can really
help you get back on your feet after a couple of bad runs. THANKS A TON to
matt max on the Gamefaq's Crazy Taxi 2 message board for this information.
:ALWAYS take the shortcut to the Factory... it saves lots of time.
:The easiest multiple fares tend to be Cheerleaders.
:From the Station, go towards the University when going to a fare near Burger

Section 2: Small Apple
Small Apple is much harder then Around Apple because if you don't know the map,
you're not going to do well. Also, it's much easier to get lost in Little
Apple and to take the wrong route inadvertently. Another thing that makes this
level very hard to get high scores on is that the time and traffic difficulties
seem to get hiked up very quickly. Once you break the 10k mark, it feels like
you have significantly less time and there is significantly more traffic in the
level. This makes it very hard to get Crazy Licenses, as compared to Around
Apple where one can easily get 30k without trying very hard. Here are a few
general tips:
:Avoid the subway, one can get lost down there.
:Always pay attention to where you're going. Getting lost really hurts.
:Looking for passengers? Why not head into the water or down in the subway
system to find some.
:Going to the Boathouse or the Bandstand will give you tons of extra time, so
try to hit there as much as possible.
:Here's a decent starting strategy: Hit the yellow customer right in front of
you that will take you to the Department Store. From there you'll want to take
another yellow customer (the old, fat, black woman to put it bluntly) who
should take you to the high school (not always, but almost all of the time.)
When you get to the high school, turn around and get the yellow customer right
behind you. If it's a man he'll probably go to the boathouse, and if you are
confident to not follow the arrow and go to the boathouse directly, then you
should start off with a nice amount of time. Of course, if it's a woman you
can take the lime green customer ahead for a trip to somewhere in the vicinity
of the Bus Terminal where you can hook up with some easy multi fares there.
Note: This doesn't hold true all the time.
:Here are the different subway stops:
Forward: City Hall
Backward: The Supermarket
Forward: Art Museum
Backward: The Opera House
Forward: City Hall
Backward: Near The Bus Terminal
Forward: Next To the Outdoor Stadium Near The Ferry Port
Backward: The Opera House
Forward: Near The Bus Terminal
Backward: Facing the Library
Forward: Next to The Outdoor Stadium Near The Ferry Port
Backward: Inside Central Terminal
Forward: Facing The Library
Backward: The Supermarket
Forward: The Supermarket
Backward: Facing The Library
Forward: Inside Central Terminal
Backward: The Art Museum
How To Read This: By "forward" I am referring to keeping the same direction
that you were when you were coming down the stairs. If a station that you're
going to is in the opposite direction of how you came down the stairs, you'll
be going to the station "backwards" of that station. Got it? Probably not,
but keep trying.
:Take the Cheerleaders on top of the rooftop near HMV (you'll need to jump up 3
roofs to do this) for an easy fare that will leave about 30 seconds remaining
once you drop off the last one.
:Have a strategy? Send it to me at [email protected]
More coming soon!

Chapter 5: Other Stuff

Section 1: Internet
The Internet feature is new to Crazy Taxi 2. While it's a far cry from the
online multi player that most of us expected, Crazy Taxi 2's online feature
does bring you to the Crazy Taxi 2 homepage
( Here you can view the high scores
of other Crazy Taxi 2 players and upload your own scores too. This provides a
nice bit of replay to the game by allowing you to go for the "gold" in a matter
of speaking (as in get on the Top 100 leader board.)

Section 2: Replay
The Replay mode isn't all that useful, except for watching save files
downloaded from the Internet on some Crazy Techniques. For example, if you
were stumped on how to get over 600 meters on Crazy Golf, then you could go to
the Internet option, download a replay from there and watch how to hit a long
drive. Of course, as a FAQ author I hope that you don't have to do this,
because I hope to explain things well enough here ;-]. Anyway, replays can be
downloaded directly to your Dreamcast (log in with the Internet feature) or
some can be viewed as MPEGs on your PC. Currently, only the Japanese version
of the web site supports MPEG downloads (

Here are the different Crazy Driving Starting Points:
AROUND APPLE 1: The default Around Apple starting spot that you start at in the
regular mode (near the bridge to B.K.)
AROUND APPLE 2: Right on the corner of the Depot facing towards Burger King.
AROUND APPLE 3: Out from the Botanical Garden.
AROUND APPLE 4: In the far corners of the Stadium Parking lot.
AROUND APPLE 5: In a parking space on the freeway connecting the Hospital Zone
and the Jeweler's Shop.
SMALL APPLE 1: The default starting spot facing the Art Museum.
SMALL APPLE 2: Facing away from the Ferry Port.
SMALL APPLE 3: On the grassy median facing the Church.
SMALL APPLE 4: Outside the Stadium facing the (well, it's has the sega
net colors) ramp.
SMALL APPLE 5: Outside the University facing away from the direct route to the
Basketball Court.

Section 3: Options
The Options menu in Crazy Taxi 2 is actually a little more limited then it was
in the original Crazy Taxi. While you can still change around the music and
sound settings, you no longer can adjust the Traffic Settings, Default Start
Time, and Time Difficulty settings that made for some hella high scores in the
original. It's all in fairness, though, as it wouldn't be fair to get 100k
with the settings on easiest while someone else is trying his hardest on normal
or hard settings.

Section 4: Wish list
While this isn't actually a feature of the game, it did fit well into the
"Other Stuff" chapter. Anyway, this section has to do with things that I, and
readers who send e-mails in (send them to [email protected]), want in the
next Crazy Taxi game (be it Crazy Taxi 3 or Crazy Taxi Next.)
:A Multi player Mode
:Internet Servers that update faster (for records)
:More Than 2 Cities Per Game
:Day/Night Modes
:More Vehicles
:The Complete Absence of the Stroller
:More Than 16 Mini-games
:A complete Crazy Golf game (18-Hole Challenge ;-])

Chapter 6: Secrets/Codes

Section 1: Crazy Pyramid Unlockings
These codes are unlocked by beating the different Crazy Pyramid Rows.
Row 5: Unlock Around Apple Map (select Map option under Around Apple select
Row 4: Unlock Small Apple Map (select Map option under Little Apple select
Row 3: Unlock Bike (Press R when selecting your character)
Row 2: Unlock Stroller (I won't even mention how to get this... it sucks _so_
Row 1: Unlock S-S
S Row: Unlock Original (CT1) Cabbies
Section 2: Other In-Game Codes
ARROW SWAP: Place a controller in the 3rd Player slot. During a game press the
L button. This will swap to the arrow used in S-S that shows the exact place
of a destination rather than the path. Switch back using the same button the
same controller.
MORE VIEWS: Get the views that you get during replay mode while actually
playing the game. Most of these make the game unplayable, but it looks cool
;-]. Simply press the B button on a controller in the 3rd Controller Slot to
alternate views.
EXPERT MODE: Hold Y and Start when you press A to select your character. This
gives you no arrows and no destination marks. No more 60k scores for you ;-].
NO ARROWS: Hold Start while selecting your character.
NO DESTINATION MARK: Hold Y while selecting your character.

Has anyone found the ANOTHER DAY code that was present in the first game? This
would be a code that started you in different places and had some different
trips to take. It may not be in this game, but if you know how to do it,
e-mail me at [email protected] (you'll earn credit.)
Section 3: Game Shark Codes
I'm not going to kid anyone. I don't hack my own Game Shark codes. I'm not
also going to pretend that I can get my own Game Shark codes that I could
rightfully put in here. So, instead I'll just link you to a site that does
have Game Shark codes (but really, why would you even want them?) The official
Game Shark site has some codes dealing with Crazy Taxi 2, and you can find it
at: (along
with an authorized verison of my FAQ.) For the good of the Crazy Taxi 2
community, please don't use these codes to cheat in the ranking uploads.

Chapter 7: Crazy FAQs

All FAQs need their own FAQ sections to stay a true "FAQ." For those of you
who aren't quite sure what that means, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked
Questions. If you have a question that isn't answered in this FAQ
Q: What's the better city?
A: Well, there is no _better_ city, but I do prefer Around Apple over Small
Apple simply because I can rack up higher scores on it ;-].
Q: How do I beat S-S!?
A: Check out the Crazy Pyramid section.
Q: When did the game come out? I didn't hear anything about it?
A: Me neither for a while. Sega sort of dropped the ball on advertising the
game. Anyway, it's out now (as you should tell by the various FAQs being out
for the game.)
Q: What is the advantage of using the bike or carriage?
A: Well, the bike allows for quicker stopping and going along with better top
speed. The bike does fly around a little more than the cab does, but if you
get used to the controls it can become better than the cab. As for the
carriage, there is no advantage to using it. It downright stinks.
"The bike has the fastest acceleration and deceleration in the game. But it's
top speed is the lowest and it is the lightest and has problems with
collisions. on the flip side I really think that it has the best jump too. "
As for the carriage (slightly edited)... "The stroller allows you to
practically Crazy Drift without wanting to. However, it has too much of a good
thing and it's cornering is horrid because it spins out before you get your
control back."
Q: Why can't I click on the Internet option?
A: You probably haven't set up your Internet settings yet. Pop in a disk with
a browser in it (you should have gotten one if you bough a Dreamcast) and
configure the settings. If you aren't sure, give sega a call. If it still
doesn't work, you may just need to plug in a phone line to the back of your
Dreamcast ;-].
Q: Didn't this FAQ use to be by MBentley?
A: Yeah... that's my real name and it was a screw up.
Q: Why isn't the web site adding my records to it?
A: I'm not sure yet, but I believe it has something to do with a non-automatic
updating process where Sega validates the scores so that they're not hacked.
Of course, this is a total guess and it could just as easily be that the
servers aren't working right. Who knows, try asking Sega.
UPDATE: According to the Crazy Taxi 2 ranking page there was an error in
registration so that only the Japanese players were getting their scores
uploaded. What a coincidence. Regardless, the uploading process should be
fixed now and you should be able to upload your high scores.
Q: Are there any time imbalances in Small Apple like there is in Around Apple
going to the Hospital Zone?
A: To my knowledge, there are no stops that you can't get a green on if you're
fast. However, certain stops do require you to go through the subway if you
want to get a good time on them (read: get _more_ time than you started out
with.) One such fare is going from the Public Library to the Ferry Port where
you'll have to jump down through the subway system. Try to avoid this fare as
it's really difficult.
Q: Just how the hell did someone really get 1900+ yards on Crazy Golf, and 10k
+ on Around Apple 3 minutes on the Crazy Taxi 2 web site's ranking page?
A: It's almost certain that they didn't. These scores were probably hacked
using a Game Shark and some knowledge of hex editing. To my knowledge it's
impossible to get more than 750-800 yards on Crazy Golf and over about 5-6k on
Around Apple 3 Minute mode.
Q: Do you have a web site?
A: Yeah, but it doesn't really have much to do with Crazy Taxi 2.
Q: What are the best fares in the game?
A: Matt Max on the Crazy Taxi 2 boards at Gamefaqs has provided 2 very nice
fares to take in Around Apple. Both fares require you to pick up a 4-Passenger
Cheerleader fare. The first fare can be found by hopping off the right of the
bridge going towards Burger King and facing the direction away from the high
school. Right past the shadow of the bridge you'll find a blue cheerleader
to do instead is either take another fare, or head around the corner past the
library and then turn around. There should now be 4 cheerleaders. If there
are not, you'll probably want to restart the game to not waste anymore time.
If there are 4 cheerleaders to pick up, do so and get on your way to the Hotel,
the Jeweler's Shop, the Gap and the Zoo. You should be able to finish this
with 80 seconds left on the passenger clock for a hefty reward. Another great
fare in Around Apple can be obtained by heading to the Botanic Garden and
picking up the 4 cheerleaders near the back (they will be in the actual garden
itself.) This will go to Burger King, The Hotel, the Jeweler's Store and the
Stadium and give you 180 seconds to do so. Jeez! There are not really any
fares like this in Small Apple, but there are 3(?) cheerleaders high on the
roof near HMV that will give you a pretty easy fare with +30 seconds left.
However, it's pretty hard to get to and they're not always there.
Q: What do the license plates on the Cabbies mean?
A: Here's your answer for all of the new Cabbies:
Slash: 1NO1
"I Am Number 1"
Iceman: 1AO1
I'm not exactly sure on this one, but it reads something like: "I'm a ______
Cinnamon: 4U21
"For You To Want"
This plate is his initials and it also is the abbreviation for another Sega
game, House of the Dead.
Q: How much money do I need to obtain a certain license?
A: Here are the amounts of money needed to get the different licenses:
No Liscence: $0
Class E Liscence: <$999
Class D Liscence: $1000-$1999
Class C Liscence: $2000-$2999
Class B Liscence: $3000-$3999
Class A Liscence: $4000-$4999
Class S Liscence: $5000-$9999
Awesome Liscence: $10000-$19999
Crazy Liscence: >$20000

Chapter 8: Grande Finale

Section 1: Copyright Information
Steal this, change it, whatever. I don't care. If you really feel compelled
say that you wrote it. But would you want to have your name on something
written as bad as this was? ;-] Self humiliation is the best type of comedy.


by me d.j johnny quick and KILLkenny

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