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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Sonic Adventure 2"

This game is also available on Xbox 360.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)
Submitted By: Venomous Albino
Boss Walkthroughs for Sonic Adventure 2:

F-6t Big Foot (play as Sonic) / B-3x Hot Shot (play as Shadow):
The first bosses in the game are fairly simple to defeat. The robots will fly around the arena, firing off a machine gun. You should use the Homing Attack on their cockpits after they have ceased firing off missiles after they land. Repeat three times and you'll win. The B-3x Hot Shot also has a laser which it will use after you have attacked it. The site of impact for the laser is indicated via a moving red target.

First Tails / Dr Eggman fight:
Another fairly simple battle. Use your lock-on missiles to damage your opponent until they are defeated, and keep moving in order to avoid your opponent's missiles. Rings are scarse in this arena so try not to get hit too many times.

First Sonic / Shadow fight:
A pretty easy fight. Your aim is simply to wait until Sonic or Shadow is standing still, then you must get behind them and use the Homing Attack. Repeat this another two times to defeat your opponent.

R-1/A Flying Dog (play as Rouge):
Almost identical to the Hot Shot and Big Foot battles, except the Flying Dog does not land. Use the bars on the sides of the arena to climb up and hen attack the Flying Dog by gliding into it. The Flying Dog uses the same missiles as Big Foot and Hot Shot, and also has Hot Shot's laser cannon.

King Boom Boo (play as Knuckles):
This boos will take a lot longer to defeat than the others, due to it's annoying tactics of chasing you around the stone pillar and quickly changing direction. Along with King Boom Boo, there is also another ghost in the arena who is carrying an hourglass. You need to punch the small ghost, who will then drop the hourglass. Light floods into the arena and King Boom Boo will now be weakened. He will go underground or inside the pillar, but you will be able to see his shadow. You need to run or climb on top of the shadow, and then dig into it. King Boom Boo will then appear and you must hit him to damage him. Repeat this three times and he will be defeated.

Egg Golem (play as Sonic / Dr Eggman):
As Sonic, avoid the Egg Golem's attacks and get behind him. Then use the platforms on his back to climb up to the Egg Golem's head and use the Homing Attack on the dynamite pack. Repeat this four times and he will be defeated. As Dr Eggman, use your cannon to repeatedly hit the Egg Golem until power generators are exposed on his chest. Now use the Homing Missiles to destroy the generators.

Knuckles / Rouge fight:
Use rings wisely on this arena, as they are VERY sparse. When you and your opponent are thrust into the air, make your way to the platform on the edges of the arena. NEVER venture directly underneath your opponent when standing on the same platform or you will be victim to the Drill Drive Attack. Simply punch or kick your opponent when you get the chance until they are defeated. Also, be on the lookout for Knuckles' and Rouges' special attacks.

Final Tails / Dr Eggman fight:
Similar to the first Tails / Dr Eggman fight. Your opponent will have acquired two special attacks. The first is a very powerful energy beam which will destroy your robot walker in two hits. The second is a volley of missiles. Avoid both of these attacks at all costs. Use the same tactics as before, and also try to destroy the floating dynamite pack in the centre of the arena when your opponent is close to it, so they get caught in the explosion and damaged.

Final Sonic / Shadow fight:
At the start of this battle, simply use your Homing Attack to damage your opponent. Repeat this twice. Now your opponent will always couter-attack your Homing Attack unless you can catch them off guard. To do this, drop back behind them until they announce the use of their special attack, then quickly pick up speed and avoid the attack, and use the Homing Attack to damage your opponent further. Repeat this tactic another time to win the fight.

The Biolizard (play as Shadow):
Fairly easy if you know what you're doing. Avoid the Biolizard's head and tail attacks, and use the Somersault and Jump moves to avoid the black energy spheres he fires at you. When he stops moving and the pipes coming out of his mouth glow red, grind along the pipes and use the Homing Attack on the red energy unit on his back. Repeat this twice. Now when he stops attacking you, the Biolizard will create dozens of pink spheres, use the Homing Attack on the spheres to get onto his back and attack the red energy unit again. Repeat this another time. Now, when the pink spheres appear, you will be thrust into the air. Float towards the Biolizard and land on his back, and attack the energy unit a last time to defeat him.

The Finalhazard (play as Super Sonic and Super Shadow):
The Biolizard is now attached to the Space Colony ARK. Each time you switch to either Super Sonic or Super Shadow, you'll start off with 50 Rings which will gradually decrease until they run out and you'll lose a life. With each turn, you'll need to attack the Biolizard's red swelling bulges before your Rings run out. Use the A button to attack while flying upwards, and the B or X buttons to attack while flying downwards. Each time you successfully attack the Biolizard, you will switch to the other character. The Biolizard now uses powerful energy beams to attack you, along with protecting himself with a layer of red spheres. Being hit by either the beams or the spheres will not damage you in any way, but they will knock you away from the Biolizard, wasting time and Rings. Hit the Biolizard six times to defeat him.
Submitted By: Unknown
� Boss attack mode
Successfully complete the Hero or Dark side story modes to
unlock boss attack mode. You will be able to fight the bosses
from the side of the story you completed.
� Last stage
Successfully complete the Hero and Dark side story modes. Then,
enter story mode and a "Last Stage?" selection will appear on
the menu between the Hero and Dark selections.

� Kart racing mini-game
Successfully complete Tails' driving quest in the Hero side
story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side
story. Successfully complete Rouge's chase mission in the Dark
side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side

� Play as Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow
Successfully complete the "Last Stage?" in story mode to unlock
Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
� Bonus stage
To get a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone stage, from Sonic
The Hedgehog, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart,
Timed Boss, and the emblems for all "A" rating. Once you have
them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green
Forest stage will have the face of Sonic on it.
� Play as Sonic in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions to
unlock him in the PSO suit in Kart mode.
� Play as Shadow in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions to
unlock him in an alternate costume in kart mode.
� Play as Tails in the Tornado 1 in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Tails' stages and missions to
unlock him in the Tornado 1 in kart mode.
� Play as Eggman in alternate Eggwalker in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Eggman's stages and missions to
unlock him in his alternate Eggwalker in kart mode.
� Play as Knuckles in alternate form in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions to
unlock him in his alternate form in kart mode.
� Play as Rouge in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Rouge's stages and missions to
unlock her in an alternate costume in kart mode.
� Play as Amy Rose in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions with an
"A" ranking to unlock Amy Rose in kart mode.
� Play as Metal Sonic in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions with
an "A" ranking to unlock Metal Sonic in kart mode.
� Play as Tikal The Echinda in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions with
an "A" ranking to unlock Tikal The Echinda in kart mode.
� Multi-player characters
Collect all 180 Emblems to unlock the following hidden
multi-player characters:
Racing: Hero
Space Sonic
Racing: Dark
Space Shadow
Mecha Sonic
Shooting: Hero
Space Tails
Shooting: Dark
Space Eggman
Hunting: Hero
Space Knuckles
Hunting: Dark
Space Rouge
� Hero or Dark Chao
To make a Chao a Hero, simply use a Hero character and keep
pressing B or X to pet them. If done long enough, it will go
white and be a Hero. To make it Dark, just use a Dark character
and do the same thing.
� Dark Garden for Chao
Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters.
Continually feed and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve
(creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending
stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark
� Hero Garden for Chao
Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters.
Continually feed and train the Hero Chao and it should evolve
(creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending
stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero
� Good and evil Chao races
Get a good Chao and a bad Chao to unlock the good and evil Chao
� Pumpkin head for Chao
Find one of the Skeleton Dogs; the easiest place to do so is the
Pumpkin Hill stage with Knuckles, and combine it with your Chao.
With either Knuckles or Rouge, start digging around in the Chao
Garden. Eventually a pumpkin will appear. If you give it to the
Chao mixed with the Skeleton Dog it will put it on its head. If
you want to take it off, either throw or hit your Chao.
� Wake a sleeping Chao
To wake a sleeping Chao, stand next to it and whistle. You do
not have to anger them by picking them up during a nap.
� Chao pillow
Go to a Chao Garden and get a coconut. Then with a sleeping
Chao, pick up the coconut and put it by the its head. The
coconut will act as a pillow.

� Big The Cat appearances
In Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill stage, go to the one of the train
gates. You can see Big The Cat hiding behind the gate, waving to
you. In the City Escape stage, Big The Cat appears after the
last corner in the G.U.N. truck vs. Sonic scene. Look for him at
the right of the screen, running downhill on the sidewalk away
from the truck. In the Tails stage where you are running from
the police and you first get your hover ability, Big The Cat can
be seen again. There is a part in the level where you need to
knock a column over in order to use it as a step to reach a
higher level, from which you hover over to a platform with a
police barricade and two robots. If you miss the platform and
fall in the hole, you will see Big the Cat sitting on the
girders underneath the platform. You can also see him in the
battle against Sonic while playing as Shadow.

� Get the Gold, Silver and Black Chaos from Sonic Adventure
Load Sonic Adventure, then go to the Chao Garden where the Chao
you want in Sonic Adventure 2 is located. Put it into Chao
Adventure. Load Sonic Adventure 2 and go to a Chao Garden. Go to
the transporter. On the VMU with Chao Adventure, there should be
an egg. It is the egg for your Chao from Sonic Adventure. When
it hatches, it will be back to its first form. The only thing
transferred is the name, but the Gold Chao will be gold, the
Silver Chao will be silver, and the Black Chao will be black.
Note: If you pet or try to influence the Chao you imported, it
will lose it original colors.
� Full pause screen
Pause the game and press Y + X.
� Hidden artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find
several rendered images from the game.
� Run on foot in City Escape stage
At the start of the City Escape stage, instead of landing on the
ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on
foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause the
game if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the
stage to run on foot and not on the board.
� Quickly complete Security Hall stage
In the Security Hall stage you play as Rouge The Bat and are
given 5 minutes to complete it. This can be quite difficult. If
you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem
to find the Emeralds, intentionally die. You will keep the
existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the
start of the level and the Emeralds will move to different
places. This is the fastest method for completing the stage if
you are having trouble.
� E102 appearance
In Rouge's Inside the Pyramid stage, one of the robots you blow
up is E-102.

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