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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"007 The World Is Not Enough"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for 007 The World Is Not Enough (PlayStation)
Submitted By: Unknown

Walkthrough written by The Gamer (c)2002

Mission 1: COURIER

Go up to the banks reception, talk to the receptionist, then get
out your pen disruptor and walk through the opening to the other
part of the bank directly behind her, approach the guard who will
tell you that you cannot pass, then walk to the left wall and use
'action' on the alarm, then walk back away, and wait for the
guard to go over to check it, then walk through the door he was

Now make your way up the lift, then out onto corridoors which
have cameras that set alarms off, there are two methods you can
use, either run past them not bothering to shoot them, which is
the easiest way, or to take them out, which is nowhere near as
safe for your health, (as it can be time consuming and tricky and
then a deluge of guards will attack you from the front and
behind) so as you make your way through, you will see at one
point there is some armour in a room on the left, but it is only
light armour, not worth making a dash for and turning your back
on gunfire, so shoot it out here then get it once the enemies
have been dealt with, once you make your way to the final
corridoors, there are some plain clothes security, these can be
pretty easy to take out, then make your way along the left
corridoor and then look for the brown wooden door on the right
wall on the new corner, go in and touch a crooked picture on the
wall, this opens a secret panel to a room, the guy in here is
quite tough so blast him with a machine gun, or maybe use a
flashbang on him first, while dashing for the full armour there,
once you have killed him and took the armour, expect more goons
to come in, take these out and see if the door has now shut, no
more should come in, which gives you time to get your fingerprint
scanner on the flask which you can unlock the door with, then
the security door where lechere will be, all you have to do in
there is to pick up the case once he has been shot by his
secretary and then run to the window and smash the window with
the case using the fire key.

Mission 2: KING'S RANSOM

This is pretty much a straightforward linear level where you just
shoot what's in front of you, the key points in the mission are
when you get to a corner where there is a sniper on a window and
a goon on the very corner of a wall in the street, this makes it
tricky which one to hit without taking damage yourself, it's best
to run and shoot the guy on the ground on the wall, then go back
round the corner again, then pop out and take out the sniper,
later on in a wooden building through a door, take out the goons
at the end of the room hiding, shoot a couple of boxes in there
to get grenades which you will need later, then when the coast
is clear go downstairs and get the full armour, in another room,
in a pub , go behind the bar crouching and kill a goon, then
another just on the corner of the wall, there will be another
crouching behind another bar to the left, another key part is
where there is a corner barricaded and a vest tucked in a gap in
a wall, you should throw a couple of grenades at the barricade,
then when its clear kill the sniper on the upper window.
At the end of the level there's a few more goons, there is a vest
in a barrel if you need it, then run after the balloon, your
watch will come to hand by itself, then wait for the location to
appear that you should aim for on the basket, then fire it. and
the grapple will attach to the balloon.


You must start off quickly here and take out the guys who run
directly at you, as you need their TMP's to destroy a crate (
2nd on the left) that has a valuable armour vest in it, it's
vital you get that vest as quickly as possible.
So shoot the guy, sometimes two of them, pick it up, then pause
the game and immediately go into your inventory and switch to the
Meyer TMP, then press X so it will be in your hand as you exit,
that's how pushed for time you are here, quickly destroy the
crate and get the vest, then use your regular pistol to pick off
the guys on the pipeline, then use the sniper rifle and destroy
the parahawk that is plaguing you.

Once that is downed, ski over to the other side and go down,
another guy will be behind a crate, kill him and go on, another
and so on, once you get out to the end, you will need to shoot a
few guys on a pipeline in the distance and a few that come round
the corner at you, there will be another parahawk here, you can
shoot that once the guys are out of the way, stay where you are
in that snow gulley as it offers good protection, but if your
feeling cocky you can stand out at the end where the view is
better, but often more enemies can come at you which you dont
often see, the TMP is excellent for downing the parahawks but you
might not have enough ammo to indulge yourself, so use the sniper
rifle if need be, there is a full body armour over in a crate
over the other side of the area, you will likely want to dash
over and get it, but beware of more ground enemies when you do,
then run back over to your safer gulley area, just keep picking
away at the parahawks now until they are all gone.


Go over to the blonde at the end of the room and talk to her, she
will tell you how her boyfriend is one of the guards and is very
jealous, he will come over to see what's going on and you can
then go over to the doorway he was guarding and open the door
with your credit card lock pick, go in and talk to Zukovsky, he
will give you a voucher worth $25,000 , you must win 100k with it
to get the info you need, the game explains how to play
Blackjack, I find that it usually lets you win the first hand
quite easily so if your feeling brave, bet 24k, good judgment
will eventually get you up to the 100k goal.

Mission 5: NIGHT WATCH

Begin by bugging the first phone in the room that is part of the
bedroom, that has the piano in it, then go outside into the
corridoor, go left and sneak up to the guard there are punch him
out, they usually take 3 punches, but make sure you get close
enough to him to make contact, after you've knocked him out
another will come from the left and do the same again, knock him
out, I have known a third one come but this is very rare.

Then go into the doorway in the wall there and have your
tranquiliser dart gone ready, you need to shoot the guard up at
the far end, you may need to shoot the other guard too, it
depends how things work out, once downed, wait for them to wake
up, then punch them out so they are dealt with, once they are
both no more, go into the little rooms there to bug 2 more phones
there and take a shot of a computer screen with your camera, then
get in the lift there.

This will take you to a corridoor, there is a kitchen just
opposite, the doorways is open, you must go in there and punch a
guard out, then plant another bug on the phone in there, then go
out and unlock the door on the right as you come out of the
kitchen, in here is a letter you must photograph, then go out
into the main open area, where there are 3 doorways, to save time
you can unlock all three doors at the same time, but enter the
one on the left first as there is a vest in there, then go into
the middle door with your dart gun and shoot the guy in there,
then wait for him to wake and punch him out, then bug the 5th and
final telephone in there, then go to the next doorway, and shoot
the guy there with the dart gun, then punch him out, then take a
snap of the big screen there, now go outside and meet the man you
are about to do battle with, talk to him, there will be a cut

He will call down a few goons who will run down the stairs, you
should shoot them, then follow the guy through the door he ran
through, its just off on the side, from the 3 main doors you just
been in, in there is the corridoor you were in earlier, with the
kitchen, a few more goons will come at you from there so shoot
them, then go into the doorway on the right, this is the garage,
in there you can pick up ammo, you need to shoot a goon or two,
and get that vest what is there behind the vehicle, then hide
behind the brick wall there at the end and shoot all the goons
and the boss until he is dead, then go over and pick up his


Go to the guard and show your ID badge, pick up the object on the
desk inside, then turn back to where you started and go to a
store room on the right, pick up ammo a gun and a vest, then hide
behind the crates and crouch, as a guard will come in, once he is
gone you can open your inventory and get rid of everything but
the night vision goggles and the card, then go the corridoor
further, up to the fuse box on the wall and turn it off, then put
your goggles on, wait for the two guards to come and check, and
wait for them to come right up to you, while waiting you can get
your card out to save time, once the path on the left is clear
run past them and put your card into the slot at the end of the
corridoor, then quickly run into the next doorway, it doesn't
matter if they spot you just as your done, but you can't afford
to lose any armour.

Once in the next area, get rid of the night vision goggles and
get your ID card back again, go the next guard and get in the
doorway he is guarding and pick up a radiation badge, then turn
left just as you come out of that room and go into the next
doorway, down you go and show your radiation badge to the guard
there, go inside and switch on the switch on the wall that will
open the doors in another area, now go back out again and along
the corridoor to the very end, now get just your guns ready and
go in, a cut scene will then follow where you talk to Dr Jones
aka 'Christmas'.

Have your pistol as it's less likely to spray into Dr Jones and
hurt her like the submachine gun would, and take out all the
guards that come at you, if your really quick you can kill them
all, then turn around, get the armour and hurry back round to
kill the other guards that will now be around her, but careful
you dont shoot her, again, this is why the pistol is so good

Now Dr Jones will run over to an area and crouch, you can stay
here too and crouch behind the little wall as it provides
excellent cover, some more guards will have appeared over the
other side of the small wall, again pick them off with your
pistol, and occasionally a guard will run round on your right
side, take him out immedately or he will damage you and kill Dr
Jones, once all the guards are killed, sit tight, sooner or later
one or more will appear, so sit tight and protect her, give it a
minute or so, because they can take their time arriving, if you
leave the room too soon, more goons can appear and you will get
the message that Christmas has been killed, so once your sure
that's it, pick up any loose ammo and then switch to your machine
gun, then go through the doorway Christmas opened.

Run and blast all the guards away, and watch the doors ahead, you
must make your way through before they close on you, look out for
a drum there which you can shoot at which will explode and kill
some of the guards.

Once you've moved through all the doors, go right up to where
Renard is, as there is the locator card on the floor in front of
where he is, once he has finished talking to you turn around and
face the doors again, your weapon will switch to your grappling
hook, watch the ceiling now and use your auto aim and fire your
hook at the 'very top' of the chain where the red box shows you
where to aim, if you don't get if first time try again, remember
the chain is moving towards you, so allow this in your aim, once
you've snagged it, it's mission accomplished.

Missioni 7: FLASHPOINT

Start by going into the room for pipeline 1, you will want to
start by crouching and making your way into the store room on
your right to pick up heavy armour and the IAC Defender, a very
powerful pistol that will kill with one shot, very useful in this
mission, use your regular pistol for now and take out the guard
in the hallway, then rush into the room, as the guards will
likely have been alerted and you only have so much time before
they kill the hostages, get in there and kill both guards, being
careful not to the hit the hostages, sometimes the hostages can
be in the line of fire, it's up to you to make sure you position
yourself so you can get clear shots, once you've killed both
guards, face the door because two more guards will come in, kill
them, then switch the pipeline off.
Now make your way to pipeline room 2, in here you can go in and
kill in the same way, turn off the pipeline, then take out the
guards from the hallway, now in this area there are two
storerooms, so go in and power up.

Pipeline room 3 is the hardest of them, you need to crouch and
work your way up so that you can see the guard that patrols the
doorway, have your inventory so you only have flashbangs and the
IAC Defender, follow on at a distance behind the guard until he
has gone back into the room, then have your flashbang ready and
go right in, flashbang the two guards that will be in your way,
sometimes it can be tricky as they will actually block your way
through, so you may have to shoot one out of the way with your
defender, the idea is not to bother about them if they are not
blocking you, as you have to give priority to shooting the two
guards who are next to the hostages, so go and take care of them
two, then turn back and finish off the last guard, ( or two, if
you didn't shoot any when you came into the room) the IAC
Defender is excellent here as you have to be so fast in this
room, and one shot kills are exactly what you need, once all
guards are dead turn the pipeline off and look for any ammo on
the floor, then go out into the corridoor and in the store room
will be two light armour vests and some ammo.

Now go back to control C, where there will be 3 guys there to
kill, your meyer TMP will take care of these, then go through the
next door and take out 3 more guys, each at a doorway, then put
your night goggles on, now get your TMP and run over to the pipe
area where it bends, stay before the bend and wait for the
enemies to come round there, there will be about 15 and they are
all sitting ducks, just shoot them all as they come, usually in
twos or threes, reload when you dont hear any footsteps, once
they are all dead, go back and get the vest and ammo in the
little gap you saw earlier, then go to the end of the area take
off the goggles and sort out your inventory.

When you go through the door after the cutscene there are two
guys on the floor at each side of you, each with a full armour
vest near them, take them both out immediately with the TMP and
grab a vest on the 2nd kill, then go back to the centre and get
your regular pistol or preferably the IAC defender, and these
don't need reloading as often as the TMP, with good aiming you
will take out the enemies above, but you will have to make a
dash for more armour at some point, once back keep shooting
enemies, until Christmas says she's done it, then turn around
(facing the thing) and just use the action key to switch it


First thing you must do is immediately run straight ahead to the
vest facing you once you have it spin round and shoot the enemy
facing you at the doorway, you need to be so quick to get to the
vest because otherwise he takes a notch or two out of your
unguarded health, once he is killed you need to shoot the two
goons behind the crates down below, then stand back in the corner
just near the door you came out of and one by one the goons will
run up the steps at you to their slaughter, you can just pick
them off easily as they come, once the goons stop, there is
usually a guy still down there behind a crate, so when you come
down the steps he will run out, you can now kill him too, once
they are all dead, pick up any ammo on the ground and make your
way out.
You will need to kill two guys outside immediately, then switch
to your rocket launcher to shoot the helicopter that is there,
aim and wait for it to lock on, the fire, you have three rockets,
you usually need 3-5 shots to shoot it down completely, so as
soon as you have shot your third rocket, run down the walkway to
your parked car and in the open boot you can pick up 3 more
rockets, finish off the helicopter, or if the 2nd one is now
there, the one with the cutting wheels, start shooting at that
one, and remember to hide behind the tanker crates for cover if
you need to, once you have fired your three rockets you can get
three more for the final time from your care boot, once the 2nd
helicopter is done away with you will likely be out of rockets
but it doesn't matter, you don't have to shoot the third, what
you have to do is wait for it to blow up the tanker crate that is
blocking the steps down to the walkway where the yellow sign is
on your left when you ran onto this particular deck,
once that is blown clear run down those steps and move along that
pipe as quickly as you possibly can, do not bother firing at the
helicopter, there is nothing you can do to it, just move quickly
to preserve as much health as you can, you will very likely lose
some health here, but that is to be expected.

Once you are inside the next area, get your machine gun and go
down the stairs, your health will very likely be unprotected and
very vulnerable here, so it is is vital you take out the enemies
quickly, there will be one behind a barrel or crate on your right
and several who run at you on the left, you must despatch these
then get to the full armour in the top left corner of the room,
this is vital to your progression, once you have that armour, you
can finish off anyone else there, then go upstairs and get the
wrench, then wait for more enemies to come up the stairs, you can
pick them off easily, there is light armour here too.

Now go out of the door, there is a full armour vest just on the
right of the door, if you don't need it, it's always there for
later, now shoot anyone in your way and run down to a little hut,
you will see a yellow sign on the walkway, the steps are on the
right of the walkway, run down and kill the guys there then get
in the shed, there is the flare gun you are going to need, stay
in the shed for a while because countless enemies will run down
to you, again they are sitting ducks as you just stay covered in
the shed and machine gun them all down, once they have stopped
coming down, run back up the steps, go to the vest if you need
it, but if you have about six notches protected already it's not
really worth it as you will still likely lose a couple running
back the extra distance having got it, so whatever you choose to
do, you need to make your way this time along the walkway, run
along it until you come to another shed area, again countless
enemies will come at you, again they are sitting ducks and you
can just pick them off, once they are all done, and be sure of
this as you don't want to be ambushed from behind, open your
inventory and get just the wrench and the flare gun, now quickly
take the wrench and use it on the nut that you see on your left
near the window, once its turned you will see steam coming out of
the pipe, out of the window ahead, below the helicopter, now you
need to quickly switch to the flare gun and with your sights on
fire the flare at the red area highlighted on the pipe, this will
cause an explosion that will destroy the helicopter, if you
should miss, then you need to get another flare out of the box on
the floor, then go and take the wrench and do the same again
until you succeed.

Mission 9: TURNCOAT

Start by shooting the guy in front of you on the ground then the
one above on the roof, get the guys machine gun and then stand
behind the crate on the left, at the corner, just wait for each
enemy to come round the corner where you can machine gun each one
easily, once you are out of machine gun ammo, you may want to go
round the corner to pick up all the ammo on the floor there and
also to see if there are any more enemies coming, once they are
all gone, take the sniper rifle and kill the guy on the roof,
then run down the alley and get the body armour tucked away
behind the dumpster, you will have likely took some damage so
far, so preservation of that armour from now on is impetative,
now go through the doorway.

As you down the steps here there will be four goons, each behind
one of the furthest four pillars, shoot the left ones first, then
the right, the furthest right will stay hidden, so you can then
go nearer to him and kill him, then get on the train, in the
first carriage kill the guy there, then the one in the 2nd
carriage, in the third carriage the guy will be hidden on the
left behind the doorway, at the end of this carriage will be
another guy hidden on the right behind the doorway, in the fourth
carriage will be one more guy, then in the fifth carriage there
will be a guy ahead behind a crate, but beware he has a partner
who is hiding on the right behind the doorway, so after you have
shot the guy behind the crate, then take care of the one behind
the doorway, now machine gun the crate the guy was behind as it
has light armour and some ammo, now go into the next carriage,
there is a guy behind a crate, and then another hiding on the
right at the doorway, then go into the sixth and penultimate
carriage which is safe, then the seventh and final carriage
which has one last enemy hidden on the right, it is now time to
get off the train

A cut scene will play, now take your pen and fix it to the door
facing you, blow the door, get your machine gun and run down the
passageways, taking out all enemies in your way, eventually you
will get to a room that has some heavy armour in it and another
doorway, go through the door and finally you will come to the
room where the bomb is, kill the guy near the bomb then defuse
the bomb by attaching a satchel charge to it, stand back and
blow it, then note that there will likely be some more goons
behind you, so take care of these if there are, then go up to the
bomb and defuse it by touching it with your electric shock
cellphone, now all you need to do is run back out of here, then
up the steps where bullion fled chasing him and the mission will

Mission 10: FALLEN ANGEL

Start off by going into the first cell in the corridoor and
getting the armour, this is vital to have armour straight away,
then wait behind the door for the guard to walk back down, stand
by the doorway so it stays open, that way you can see the guard,
when he walks by, sneak up behind him and punch him out, then
immediately get his machine gun and use it on the other guard who
will come because of the commotion, shoot him then go in all the
other cells to pickup weapons and ammo, then take out the other
two guards in the vicinity.

Then go after bullion, you go up to the first door above, take
out two guards in the corridoors then another in the room bullion
is in, then hide behind the corner of the doorway and fire off
some grenades in bullions vicinity, but keep out of his reach,
if you look to see which side of the room he is at you can fire
off grenades near him and actually kill him with the grenades
from here, but it's best to save about 3 or 4 grenades for later
in the mission because they come in handy against a much tougher
opponent: Gabor, so if you don't finish him off with grenades now
and then shoot at his head with the machine gun, once your armour
has almost run out its time to make a dash to the left of the
room to pick up full armour, dash and put it on, then turn and
finish bullion off with your machine gun.

Go up to the next level and take care of the guard coming down
the stairs as always, then open the door with bullions key and
then take out two guards in the corridoor, then one guard each in
a couple of the rooms there, one room will have full armour, dont
put it on until you need it, it will be very handy for later, if
you can wait till then, after this, go down and speak to 'M' and
she will give you a card to get into the rooms near where bullion
was, you go back down and put the card in the credit card machine
at the doors and get the exploding pen, and some ammo in the next

Then go back up, again shooting a guard coming down the stairs,
and rescue M with the exploding pen on the cell doors, she will
then get the password so you can get into the final room on the
very top, remember to get the armour if you didn't take it
earlier, again take care of a guard coming down the stairs as you
go up.

Now have all your weapons ready and go into the room, a cut scene
will start, and then its time to take on Gabor, shoot at him then
crouch behind the crates, he will call out some guys which you
can gun down immediately with your machine gun, then dash into
the room on the right that they came from and get the armour,
then just stay clear at the sides and let him use up ammo and his
pipe bombs, occasionally stepping out to pick up a pipe bomb to
throw back at him if it is close enough to you, don't let him get
too close to your doorway as if he gets to stand in the doorway
you can't budge him or pass, and your trapped in there, shooting
at his head using the aim scope with your pistol is quite
effective as he does seem to take a lot of damage with the
After a while he will call out two more guards who will come out
of one of the other two rooms, you can despatch them easily from
where you are, then you need to get to the other room to get the
armour there, so when its clear for a moment when hes not
shooting, dash there and get the armour and use the same tactics
there, after a bit use the grenade launcher and make sure they
land where he is standing, sometimes you have to get closer to
him as they don't fire quite far enough, after a while he should
die, if he doesn't keep it up until the third room opens, keep on
firing at him, chipping away his armour and throwing back his
pipe bombs at him when you think you can get to them in time to
throw back and when he's in between shooting at you, this is all
about good judgement, once he is dead, pick up his keycard that
opens the room where Electra king is holding 'M', all you have to
do is go into the room using Gabor's cardkey and then make sure
you shoot Elecktra quickly with a single shot of your pistol
which will appear in your hands for you, just take time to get
your shot on target and not hit M and you will have won the

Mission 11: MELTDOWN

Run forwards then turn right, go through the door and down to
where there are cabins, go in the one on the left and get full
armour, then take your pistol and go around the very end on the
left and shoot the guy there, you can go in the other two cabins,
on the other side and pick up ammo in there, sometimes there will
be a guard in there, there will also be other guys running at you
and shooting from where you came in, sometimes they come
immediately, sometimes later, so wait there and shoot them as
they come, they will leaves lots of ammo and a vest, once they
are all taken care of, go back and this time go to the other
corridoor and go and unlock the door with the control room key
you picked up in one of the cabins, use your machine gun and take
out the 3 or 4 guys in that room and pick up a vest.
Then go into the next room through the door and stand in the
middle and press the action key, you will pass into another room,
in this room press with switch on the wall to move the torpedoes
out of the way and then shoot the grill and crawl through it, now
is a good time to put your radiation detector on.

The next room on the left is full of harmful steam coming out
across the room, and a guy each behind the last few boiler tanks,
you need to watch when the steam starts and stops, see how the
first boiler steams, then the 2nd, once the 2nd stops, that's the
time you must dash, when it stops dash to where the first enemy
is, shoot him then take cover behind a boiler, renard will be the
one shooting at you at the very end of this corridoor, dont
bother shooting at him, you can reload, maybe even shoot another
from there, then when the steam stops again, make a dash, shoot
and stop if need be, or maybe even make it the rest of the way
through, renard will take off once you have got up to about the
4th boiler tank, be careful on this particular part as it can
really use up your armour and life, take your time if need be,
as its the most difficult part of the level.

Once you are through there is another enemy round the corner,
shoot him then shoot some of the crates there if you want ammo,
then carry on chasing Renard, the next room is a room filled will
lethal radiation, so if you have forgotten to put your radiation
detector on, DO IT NOW!, even armour doesn't protect you from
radiation and if your level reaches 100 you die, now get your
pistol and open the door, the guys in here are easy to spot as
they wear bright orange suits, there will be one facing you in
the distance shoot him and any others you see, take your time
here, often a couple more will come from the right hand side, so
just hang around the door and pick them off, once you think the
coast is clear it's time to get the armour on the left hand side
of the room, you need to run down the middle a bit and look left,
you will see the armour easy enough, grab it and then go straight
back where you came and take a breather to let your radiation
level go back to 0, now its time to make the big dash right
through this maze to the door at the end, you must quickly run to
the right hand wall past two pillars, then turn left, then go
forward, you will find you are on the back wall now, go along
that then cut back in to your left and go through the door, which
is the left wall to the door that you entered the room with.

Once you are out of the radiation room keep on chasing Renard and
go through another door, this room will have a centre mast where
you must shoot off all the blue panels around it so it will
unlock the room that Renard is in, there are two valuable heavy
armour vests in a crate either side, and you will need them so
use your machine gun or shotgun to blast the crates and the
panels, there will also be enemies coming at you, so pick them
off before you start blasting the panels, once they are done
there will still be an enemy or two shooting at you from above
but there are angles where he cannot see you so you can continue
blasting the panels, as long as you aren't taking too much damage
you can ignore him, once all the blue panels are blown through, (
they seem to take two goes to fully wreck) then look for the room
renard is in, there will be a guard there initially, you must
kill him then press the lever on the wall behind him, this will
fire an object into Renard and kill him, then pick up a key he
drops, you need this key to unlock Dr Jones cell, make your way
out of the area, ignoring the enemy who was shooting above you
providing your health wasnt at the very last bar or so, and just
run out of there, back out through the radiation room, you should
know the way well by now, then back through the steamy boiler
alley, take your time, you have plenty of time here, so be
careful theres no need to rush past the steam thoughtlessly, once
your past that, you will come to Dr Jones cell, unlock it then
just crouch and go back through that vent you came through
earlier right next to her cell and the mission, and game are

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