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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Pokemon Puzzle League"

This game is also available on N64 and Wii.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pokemon Puzzle League (Gameboy)
Submitted By: Unknown
Lets start with the challenge mode:
In the challenge mode you may earn up to 5 pokemon doing specific
things during the game.

How do you get these pokemon in challenge mode:

Sentret: Pull off a 7 block chain and battle beauty and if you
win you get to keep sentret.

Marril: Pull off a 4 block chain and battle swimmer and if you
win you get to keep marill.

togepi: Pull a 10 block combo(not a chain) and battle pokefan for

Bellosom: Beat any pokemon in the game in normal mode or higher
in less than 25 seconds(sounds hard). The best way to do this is
pull off a 4 or 5 chain combo on the first gymleader before the
games gets tougher!

Pikachu: Battle for 2 minutes and battle gentleman for his

Pichu: Stay in a battle in hard mode with someone for more than 4
minutes(go easy on the gym leader to waste time).

Now For the other modes such as garbage, marathon and the line

Line clear: All I can say is you have to put some effort into
playing the game and conetrate on each puzzle to figure them out.
It can be hard and take a while but this is the key to winning!

Marathon and Garbage: There are several secret characters in
these modes. To get igglybuff you must beat the game in hard
modes and to get elekid and magby you must break some of the high
scores for the marathon and garbage modes hint:(Use todadile in
garbage mode and cindiquil in marathon).

After you have uncovered all of the secret characters you have
officially beat the game, give yourself a pat on the back!

I rate this game 4 stars out of 5

Game beaten by: mikeman This was made by mikeman which is

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