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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Grand Theft Auto 3"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Rakuga
Written By Rakuga (Jon Robson)
Written between: December 2001-A bit of January 2002 (took a long time so I hope its useful otherwise I might as well have never made it)
Email me: [email protected]
Website: or
(both point to same address)

This walkthrough may be distributed, printed off, used as fuel for fires as long as the name of the author, me Rakuga is kept at the top here.

If someone else takes credit for my walkthrough I will hunt them down and make them into bread or something.

The walkthrough is split into two chunks – “Missions walkthroughs” and “extras walkthroughs”. The “missions walkthrough” surprise surprise deal with missions of a challenging nature (some are emitted as they are pretty straight forward)

The “extras walkthrough” gives help for many of the extras in the game like those garages where you have to bring cars to, hidden packages and emergency vehicle missions.

I didn’t even attempt to give help with those checkpoint missions as I am rubbish at them and asking me for advice on them would be pointless. I will try and post extra information in large chunks as I find sufficient more tips.


Missions are arranged alphabetically by the name of the mission provider. Missions by that person are arranged by order of which they are given. I have only provided walkthroughs for the more difficult missions. I hope my walkthrough helps!


Overview: Take out Salvatore Leone within 2 hours.
Method: Make sure you have a Sniper Rifle first. Then take a boat on the docks outside Asuka’s mission point. Drive the boat across the water to Portland. Drive to the point where Mr. Leone will be leaving and park down the road. Whip out the sniper rifle and wait for him to start walking to his car. Take him out with one shot. Mission complete.

Overview: Take out some Mafia guys who are watching your every move.
Method: Get a sniper rifle with quite a bit of ammo. The mission is made so much easier with one of these. Blips will appear on the radar of locations of mafia guys. There are two in Belleview Park on the island in the middle of the pond. Take them out with two sniper shots. Get back in the car and go to another blip where there is a van. If you keep hitting the van with your car the two people inside will bail. Run them over. If you can’t knock them out straight away they will try to knock your car. Simply get them stuck against a wall. The final ones are near Kenjis casino. Climb to the roof of it and the Mafia guys will be opposite you. There is quite a lot of them so take them out with a sniper rifle from a distance.

Overview: Take out a Paparazzi reporter.
Method: Go to the second docks near Akuza’s and board the police boat (called a Predator). Follow the boat blip and fire at it like crazy. Take shortcuts to get closer to it. You have infinite ammo so just keep firing. If he gets too far away you lose so be quick.

Overview: Take out an undercover cop Tanner
Method: This can be really hard but it can also be very easy. Buy a rocket launcher from the Army Surplus store and head over to Kenjis Casino. Walk over to the blue marker and a cutscene will begin. Tanner will run out and get in his car. Simply shoot at the car with your rocket launcher and as a result you escape having to deal with the police that get on to you and Tanners dead in seconds. Never been easier.

Mission Name: BAIT
Overview: Take out three “death squads”
Method: Find a fast car and drive to Shoreside Vale over the bridge. Pass the first car and drive to the other blip where the Yakuza are. Drive into the area past the guys and then turn right where there is a ramp and hide. Wait for the sounds of explosions and the kill count to go up to a multiple of 4 then leave and get the next one. Do not stop near a car as the guys will get out and you will fail the mission. If any people escape your Yakuza simply run them over and if a car drives off go and lure it back in with the same method.

Mission Name: EXPRESSO-2-GO
Overview: Take out nine coffee stalls on all three islands.
Method: For this mission I suggest you use a Stinger. You will have several minutes to do this mission after you hit the first coffee stall. Firstly make sure you know the exact locations of all 9 coffee stalls before you start your clean up operation. When you find the locations of the coffee stalls they will appear on the radar. There are 5 on Staunton, 2 on Portland (outside Joeys and in Mafia territory St Marks) and 2 in Shoreside Vale (at top of stairs outside airport and a little further on from the airport). When you have found them all go to Portland. Get both stalls on Portland first then take the Callahan Bridge over to Staunton. When you have taken out all stalls on Staunton enter Shoreside Vale and finish off the last ones. In Shoreside Vale you may get some trouble from a Cruiser.

Mission Name: S.A.M.
Overview: Take out a plane as it lands, collect parcels in it’s cargo, return them to construction yard
Method: Drive a car to the radar blip (there is a hidden package here btw). Park the car on the dock near the rocket launcher making sure it is facing away from the docks to where you came from. Grab rocket launcher and jump into boat. Drive along to the runway marker. Then press triangle to exit the boat and go into the rocket launchers scope. Now target towards the docks and wait for the plane to fly in. Try and hit it before it goes into land as if you have to collect packages from the land you will face opposition from Cartel with M16.


Mission Name: THE EXCHANGE

Overview: Kill Catalina
Method: This is a hard and long mission however it can be done if you follow this method to every word. Enter the mission with 100 armour and 100 health.

Run forward straight away and grab the pistol in front of you. Now run as fast as you can to the nearest Cartel Cruiser and with it run everyone on the ground over. When all 3 are dead jump out the car and collect the weapons they have dropped. Whip out the pistol (NOT UZI AMMO save this for later) and shoot the two people on the balcony till they fall. Collect the AK47 ammo the balcony enemies. Enter the garage and collect the armour so that your armour is 100 and in the best circumstances you should keep 100 health. Jump in the Cruiser in the garage and head out of the mansion through the gate.

Head left straight away ignoring the helicopter (it is quicker to go this way) and take the first left, climbing up the hill behind the mansion towards the Cochrane Dam. Now run over the two Columbians outside the entrance to the van. Collect their AK47 ammo and enter the most least damaged Cruiser and drive down the road.

This next bit requires a slight bit of skill. You must hit the exact middle of the next roadblock. If you do so correctly the Cruiser on the left will be knocked to the left and run over the Columbian on the left and the right Cruiser will do the same to the Columbian on the right. When both are dead drive into the right hand corner where there are barrels. Get out and carefully take out the Columbian on top of the box with a UZI or AK47. Also shoot the Columbian that is hidden on the right to that box.

Now run back to the trees that you passed to get to where you are. A sniper rifle is concealed within. Grab the sniper rifle and use it to take out anyone in your way. Make sure you keep one ammo (although not crucial this is useful for targeting enemies.). Run up to the box with the ramp going up and look to the left of it. There should be a Columbian past the box and using an M16 shoot him. Now grab the health behind the box if you need it and run towards the person you just shot. There will be a cutscene.

Quickly walk to the right of the box and fire at the incoming Flatbed with an M16. It must blow up or you are a dead man! Jump in the other nearby Flatbed and run over the guy in front of the Flatbed that is in front of you. Hit the front of the Flatbed so it is knocked back hopefully running over anyone behind it. Run over every single Columbian in your way. Your flatbed should start burning from the gunfire. it does jump out and run towards the wall to avoid fire from people above. Finish anyone off with a Uzi or AK47.

Nearly over now… Run up the stairs to the roof of the Dam and use the AK47 to target and shoot the Columbian in your way. Go to the near top of the roof (but not the very top) and target and shoot the Columbian to the left of Maria (Do not shoot the girl it is Maria not Catalina). The target on the right is less of a threat as he has a flamethrower with a short range. Use the sniper rifle to take the guard on your left and then with the AK take out the guy on the right of Maria.

All the enemies are dead now apart from Catalina. Run over to the rocket launcher and target carefully. If you have enough time you should wait for Catalina to approach you. The closer she is the easier she is to hit. When she’s hit watch her blow to bits then run up to Maria to finish the mission.


Mission Name: Uzi Money
Overview: Go on a driveby shooting spree killing a set number of purple 8s
Method: I think this missions all about luck. Get in the cartel cruiser near the pay phone and drive up and down the street in front of it looking left or right out of your car and fire constantly. It doesn’t matter if you kill other people. Drive at a slow but speed (But not too slow that you get pulled out). Watch out for vans trying to run you over. Keep an eye out for areas with loads of 8s around as you can get loads in the time. Keep trying till you do it. Luckily the pay phones not far from your base so you can keep loading and attempting the mission until you get it right.

Mission Name: Rigged to Blow
Overview: Pick up a rigged car and drive carefully to bomb defusal garage
Method: Head to the tunnel nearby and drive all the way to Portland. Follow the blip to St. Marks and drive into the garage. Then you will need to fix the car in a pay and spray. Remember the one in Portland is in Red Light District. Then drive back to where you found it CAREFULLY. One bump and you will have to fix it again.
Tip: Try nicking the car once you get out of it at the end. I drove it to my base and got out and then went to get in it again through an open door and it was peculiarly locked…

Mission Name: Bullion Run
Overview: Pick up some platinum and take it to a garage
Method: This is pretty easy. Get a taxi and take the tunnel to Francis International Aiport. Collect about 10 platinum pieces then drive to the garage. The police will come and go but make sure you do not get too many or your car will slow down a lot. When you have returned 30 pieces (3 trips, 10 each trip) you will have done the mission.

Mission Name: Rumble
Overview: Go to Picnic Area and have a roughing up session with some other guys and baseball bats
Method: Head to the picnic area near your base in Wichita Gardens. When you get there slowly walk up to one of the guys. When he starts moving stay still and start swinging your baseball bat. Hopefully everyone else will follow and all you have to do is swing your bat when they get closer. I took down 3 people in one baseball bat blow. Try and get everyone on to the floor and keep hitting them. When I finished the mission I had a pile of all of their bodies in front of me.


Mission Name: LIBERATOR
Overview: Steal a Cartel Cruiser and rescue an Asian man
Method: Head to Fort Staunton and steal a Cartel Cruiser. Drive down to the blip and the gates will open for you. Run over everyone inside the garage get out of the car and mow them down if it starts to burn. Now be careful. The Asian is in one of the garages and there is a Columbian also in the same garage so be ready to fire. Do not fire at the Asian man. Return him to Donald.

Overview: Take out Kenji in a Columbian Cartel Cruiser.
Method: Head to the construction yard site and steal yourself a Cartel Cruiser. Head to the multi-storey car park blip. Ascend to the very top. Drive up the ramp to the very very top. Make sure you are opposite a ramp leading off the car park. Drive straight for Kenji, forget about everyone else and run him over as he is the only person you have to kill. If you try to take on everyone else you will blow up. Drive off the multi-storey car park ramp and leap out the car when the Yakuza are out of sight. If the car starts burning do not leave, as you will fail the mission.

Overview: Collect a planes cargo before police do and return to Donald
Method: Drive to the docks by Akuza and get in the fastest boat the Speeder. Drive northeast until you are close to another dock turn around and wait for the plane to come in. Drive over all the packages the plane drops. Make sure you line up with each package then speed into it. Collect all the packages and then go back to the dock. You will hear sirens. Jump into the Yakuza Stinger in front of Azukas and bomb it to Donald’s stopping for nothing.

Overview: Collect a package for Donald.
Method: Get a sniper rifle, some grenades, and a uzi and drive to the airport. Line up with the blip but do not get too close. Shoot one of the 4 Columbians. As you shoot one the rest will duck for cover. Take them out one by one as they peek over. Run over to the Dodo and jump in. The package isn’t there so jump out and walk over to the van outside of the hangar with PANLANTIC on it. Head back to Staunton Island and to the Construction Yard that is right next to your hideout on the second island. Enter from the entrance closest to where your hideout is. Go left from the entrance to the highest ground and use the sniper rifle to take out any Columbians you can see. Now remove all the Columbians within the construction yard. The best tactic that won’t get you killed is to throw grenades over the walls in my opinion. Keep throwing them over to blow up people and aim using the Uzi or M16 to take out any people you can’t get to. When everyone’s dead a message will say take the lift, at this point relax and enter the lift to complete the mission.

Overview: Protect a Securicar on it’s journey through the tunnel from Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale
Method: If you leave the Securicar alone it doesn’t tend to be attacked by the Cartel. Take the bridge over to Francis International. After a while the Securicar will not move any more so enter the tunnel from the airport to find the Securicar and help it to it’s final destination
Tip: Make sure you get a Securicar as many of them are on the streets at this time. Fail the mission and take it to the garage in Portland. You will be annoyed if you don’t. I still can’t find one!

Mission Name: DECOY
Overview: Distract police forces for over 2 minutes without being destroyed.
Method: This seems hard but there is a method that makes it so much easier to complete. Park a car in front of the Securicars which are waiting outside the entrance. Then jump in the car and head right straight away. Bomb it down to the airport and go to it’s drop off point. Head up the stairs and down into the Subway. Lose the police within the subway that follow you. Once you are alone no one can get to you. Helicopters cannot fire at you because you are underground and police cars cannot get to you as their AI is not good enough. Wait till the time runs out..


Mission Name: TURISMO
Overview: Win a race.
Method: Many people find this mission really hard however really it is so easy a taxi could do it (and did win it for me in my case). The trick here is handling. Get a car which has a good acceleration and top speed but you can also handle. Instead of going into the blue point pick up top speed and drive between two cars in the starting position. Knock one of the cars to start the race automatically. Drive left without crashing and hopefully the other cars will hit the wall and get temporarily stopped and slowed down. If you can control your car well you should be able to win the race as the opposition are notorious for crashing and losing control. Take advantage of this weakness.

Overview: Pick up a bomb, steal an ice cream van, blow up some people
Method: This is a pretty straightforward mission. Follow all the blips (you don’t have to do any searching) and drive the ice cream van past the cones to where it is required. Put on the music and run outside. Make sure you have a clear view of what’s going on. Wait a while for all the guys to get in front of the ice cream van until they stop moving then blow it up with the detonator you have. If some people survive mow them down with a Uzi.


Mission Name: THE GETAWAY
Overview: Pick up some guys, take them to the bank, lose the police, take them back home
Method: The hard bit is losing the police. The best tactic for doing this is to head towards the Red Light District and enter the pay and spray opposite Luigis Sex Club 7. This loses the police straight away and makes the mission so much easier.


Mission Name: UZI RIDER
Overview: Kill some Diablos
Method: This requires much patience as the Perennial is a very slow car. Nevertheless you must do it. Drive through the tunnel at Rockford and go over to Hepburn Heights. There is no time limit and you must kill 10 Diablos. I found the best method is to shoot one Diablo then drive away and then return to shoot another and so on. If you try shooting loads of people within a small amount of time, you will get police on your back and lots of Diablos will start running towards your car to pull you out. The guys don’t tend to like it when you get out of their car and eventually will try to kill you if you do. If you get one wanted level star drive around until it goes. Two wanted stars will create some difficulty..

Overview: Collect a Mafia Sentinel, a Yakuza Stinger and a Diablo Stallion
Method: You must collect the cars and return them to the blip that is the garage. If you go towards the blip the Callahan Bridge is right next to it leading to Portland. Take the bridge over and get a Mafia Sentinel from St. Marks and return to the Garage undamaged. Then go back and get a Diablo Stallion from Hepburn Heights then return it to the garage. There are Yakuza Stingers around Kenjis Casino. You have infinite time so take as much time as you want. Just don’t die…

Mission Name: KINGDOM COME
Overview: Pick up something from a car
Method: This mission gave me the most adrenaline rush if you exclude the Catalina final mission. Drive to the car quickly in the parking lot. Park the car you got there with away from the car you need to enter. Park all cars in the parking lot around the sides as they are targets to explode and will make it easier to get yourself killed. When all the cars have been moved jump in the car. Catalina has left you a message telling you to feel the power of spank. Next minute some crazy suicide bombers will jump out vans and start to run up to you. Jump out the car and equip a Uzi. Shoot at people by the vans one by one. When a van begins to burn shoot at another person by another van. Take out any people before they get too close to you. Run around targeting constantly if you stop you are more likely to die. When all the vans are destroyed finish off any stray suicide bombers to finish the mission. Make sure you take them out from a distance. If you don’t you will be caught in the impact…


Mission Name: DEAL STEAL
Overview: Get a Yardie Lobo and screw some Columbians
Method: Steal the Yardie, pick up the Yakuza men and drive to Rockford hospital marker. Beep your horn. They will realise it’s a trap at which point run everyone over. If your car starts burning jump out and mow everyone down. When everyone’s dead you also have to torch their cars. Either torch the cars with some weaponry or do what I did and keep hitting them with ambulances till they blow up (or tip the ambulance over so it begins to burn and then blow). Once everything’s taken out pick up the briefcase and go to the new marker.


Overview: Kill a guy on witness protection program
Method: Drive to the blip which is near the pay and spray and bomb shop on Staunton. On the right of the building you have to torch is an alleyway. Block it with whichever car you have got. Switch to the grenades and aim for the window. The best way to do it is to line up and throw the grenade as far as possible. Keep moving back/forward till you get the right position. Once you get it through the window some guys will run out and jump in cars etc. If you have parked your car correctly the car will have trouble leaving. Throw a grenade towards your car and it will blow up blowing up Mr. Protected witness as well hopefully.

Overview: Protect a guy called Phil at the Army Surplus
Method: Drive to the blip that is at the most northern point of Staunton. Get out and go talk to Phil. Now you don’t have much time. Pick up the weapons and armour and climb into the Flatbed and park it in front of the gate so it is blocking anyone from coming in. Now you have several strategies to win this. The one I used was lobbing grenades over the wall to blow up the cars and then finishing people off with any gun that targets (rapid fire preferably). Apparently you can get the rocket launcher by going to the far east of the area and climbing up boxes to roof and jumping over to the rocket launcher. Be careful you don’t shoot Phil in this mission. Many a time when I targeted for some annoying reason it would target Phil and I’d kill him.

Mission Name: MARKED MAN
Overview: Take Ray to airport in time for his flight
Method: Get a Cheetah, Infernus or Stinger and pick up Ray. Head north to Rockford and enter tunnel as the bridge has many CIA agents on it who will annihilate you if you go anywhere near them. Follow the signs in the tunnel to Francis International Airport. Be careful not to hit anyone or lose control of the car whilst maintaining a good steady speed. When you come out at Francis International drop off Ray and head to his lock up to pick some goodies including a bulletproof patriot.
Tip: You can also drive down into the subway, drive along the tracks and come out just above the airport. Make sure you plan ahead first though!


Mission Name: CHAPERONE
Overview: Take Maria to get some drugs, then take her to a party, then take her home escaping from the police raid
Method: You must finish the mission with the limousine I believe so be careful. Take Maria to where she wants to go. When you get to the party position your car so you can make a hasty exit. Let Maria jump in the car and drive like crazy back to Salvatores mansion. You do not need to lose the police to finish this mission.

Note: If you want a fast car nick the Cheetah at the party and fail the mission. Stick it in your garage and you now have a very fast car at your disposal!

Overview: Follow a suspected grass. If he is found grassing to people take him out.
Method: Follow the blips till the guy leaves the building. Be careful not to get too close to him as he will get spooked with the spookometer. If it gets to maximum he is on to you and you will fail the mission. Stay as far away as possible for him but make sure you see where he is going as he doesn’t show up on the radar. He will drive to Portland Harbour. After the cinematic cutscene simply run him over.

Mission Name: BOMB DA BASE
Overview: Take out a ship with help from 8 Ball
Method: This mission requires that you have $100,000 (which you should have by now). Drive to 8 Balls and enter the marker. Then enter it again (he asks you for $100,000 the first time, the 2nd time he takes your money). Grab the sniper rifle and jump in any car and head down to the Portland Harbour marker. Get out and run over to the nearby building. Find the stairs and ascend to the top and then on to the roof. Get a good vantage point where you can see all the enemies with your sniper scope. Keeping cool is the most important part of this mission. If you start getting panicky you are more likely to lose. Make sure ever shot kills. Take your time getting the shot right. Fire your first shot at one of the guys near the ramp. The other one tends to hide and as a result doesn’t really attack 8 Ball. 8 Ball will now start running. Pick off every single Columbian you see making sure you take out the biggest threats first. Remember 8 Ball runs up the ramp and goes right. When you have cleared his path take every one else remaining. Do not let 8 Ball die. When he leaves watch the boat explode.

Overview: Do a job for Salvatore
Method: Make sure you watch your pager as you carry out this mission. You will get paged by Maria abandon the mission and go to the new marker on the map where you will meet Maria and Azuka. Drive the boat to Staunton Island blip. Or be a goodie goodie and do what the boss tells you and get blown to bits. Your choice.


Mission Name: THE PICK UP
Overview: Pick up some money in a briefcase
Method: Drive to the blip. Make sure the car is positioned sideways to the blip so you can leave either way. Run to the briefcase and quickly jump into the car. Things will get very hard if you try to take them on by foot. Drive over everyone and then attack the Laundry truck where the final Triad is in. Either knock him into a wall, shoot at him or pull him out and kill him. Return to Toni’s when done.

Overview: Take some Mafia guys and kill three important Triads
Method: Get a car and run over two of the blips. One blip however is within China Town in a sort of market which is blocked off so cars cannot get in. Run in here and just shoot at the guy you need to kill. Forget about the other people and once he’s dead just run for your life into any car.


Police Vigilante Missions
Toggle on by pressing R3 (press right analogue stick). In police vigilante missions you have to take out criminals. If you get so many you get free gifts…

10 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
20 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
10 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
20 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
10 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
20 Vigilante Missions = Police Bribe
Tip: Complete “The Exchange” to get a tank making these missions much easier.

Toggle on by pressing R3 (press right analogue stick). In Fire-fighter you have to put out burning vehicles around the city. If you get so many you get free gifts…

Put out 20 fires on EACH district (Portland, Staunton and Shoreside) to get a flamethrower. (ie. 60 in total)

Ambulance Missions
Toggle on by pressing R3 (press right analogue stick). In ambulance missions you have to pick up injured people and take them to hospital. If you get so many you get free gifts..

Save 50 pedestrians to get a health icons at your hideout.
Save 100 pedestrians to get adrenaline icon
Complete Ambulance Level 12 and you will be able to run without losing your breath.

Taxi Missions
Toggle on by pressing R3 (press right analogue stick). In Taxi missions you must pick up people and take them to destinations. Complete 100 taxi missions a Borgnine taxi will appear in Harwood.

Emergency Vehicles Crane
In Portland Harbour there is a huge boat. In front of it there is a yellow striped area. If you put an emergency vehicle in it (ie. Police Car, Ambulance, Firefighter, Enforcer, Tan, Barracks OL and FBI Car) a magnet will appear above it. Get out and let it be picked up. For each one you will get a cash reward.

Get them all and tokens will appear with names of emergency vehicles above them. Use them like you would do in a shop (walk over them) and that vehicle will be distributed to you.

Car Garage Portland
In Portland Harbour near the emergency vehicles crane there is a garage with a small list to the left of it which has lots of car names on it. Deliver all the cars on the list to get pickups created inside the garage and money.

The list includes…
Securicar (this is hard to get. Get one from a mission otherwise you will have to pray you get lucky and see one along that long road which leads west from the tunnel in Staunton. Probably the most rare in the game. I still haven’t got one and am waiting for one to appear I feel gutted I didn’t pick one up when I last saw it.)
Moonbeam (usually driving around Portland outside your base)
Coach (Go to coach depot down the road from garage)
Flatbed (Tend to occasionally pass outside the tunnel entrance in Staunton. I found mine while driving in a Barracks OL – I think that might make them appear.)
Linerunner (There’s one in Atlantic Quays just down the road)
Trashmaster (In Staunton outside tunnel entrance)
Patriot (Supasave)
Mr. Whoopee (Either get from a mission like “I scream you scream” or do firetruck missions/vigilante missions till one appears)
Blista (Outside your base in Staunton)
Yankee (Actually in the Harbour next to Emergency Vehicles Crane)
Bobcat (Just outside the harbour!)
Dodo (Airport is sadly the only place)
Bus (Staunton)
Rumpo (Either Staunton or in Wichita Gardens)
Pony (Nearby Harbour)

Car Garage Shoreside
In Shoreside Vale there is a garage between the two bridges along the Cochrane Dam (take a left at the dusty bridge). Deliver all the cars on the list to get pickups created inside the garage and money. The cars on the list are pretty easy to find. Ones that aren’t so easy are marked with hints.
The list includes…
Sentinel (Airport parking lot)
Stretch (usually in Staunton along that long road which starts at the tunnel goes underneath a tunnel and ends who knows where. Quite rare so nab one when you see it. I got mine in Shoreside it just appeared)
Perennial (there are loads in Staunton/Portland – one outside police station in Portland if all else fails)
Manana (Airport parking lot)
Stallion (go near the tunnel and along the road up to the Cochrane Dam there are usually several here/Airport parking lot)
Taxi (If you can’t find this… dear oh dear. It’s yellow and it has taxi above it)
Cabbie (Try around the airport – lots of taxis there)
BF Injection (Only one in game – in Hepburn Heights parking lot can’t miss it looks like a buggy)

Tip: If you wait a while outside the garage a Kuruma, Taxi, Idaho, Manana, Landstalker will drive past – well they did for me.

Rampage Hints

I can’t remember many of the locations of the rampages. I’ll give you tips for them when you
Submitted By: Unknown
1.Portland mission guide

2.Staunton island mission guide

3.Shoreside vale mission guide

4.Hidden packages

5. Rampages (Portland and Staunton)



Luigi's missions

Luigi's Girl - Walk out of the alley , get any car and follow the dot on the radar to the Hospital. Misty is under the arc, drive up next to her and she'll get in. Follow the dot on the radar back to Luigi's and drive into the blue beam.

Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up - grab the bat, then get a car and follow the dot to Portland Harbor where the SPANK pusher is located. Drive down near the people. Get out of the car and clobber the man with the bat until he's dead. Take his car and follow the dot to the Pay N' Spray paint shop and drive in. After it's painted, follow the dot to Luigi's garage and drive it into the indicated garage.

Drive Misty For Me - Grab a car and follow the dot to Misty who s waiting in a parking lot. Drive into the blue beam and honk the horn and she'll get in. Follow the dot to Joey's Garage and pull up into the blue beam.

Pump Action Pimp - Take off in a car from Luigi's and follow the gun icon on the radar to AmmuNation, head into the alley beside it and pick up the handgun . Now follow the red dot on the radar to the pimp's car, pull out in front of it, get out, and start shooting the car.

The Fuzz Ball - There are eight prostitutes that you can pick up and bring to the ball, but you only need four to complete the mission. The good thing is every extra girl you bring to the ball is an extra $500. Use a mini-van or station wagon that fits 3 at the most and pick more than one up at a time.

Joey's missions

Mike 'Lips' Last Lunch- The Forelli Brothers owe Joey money, but they haven't paid him. Follow the radar and steal Mike's car while he's eating, get it equipped with a bomb at 8-balls, then bring it back with no damage, so Mike won't suspect anything. Then mike will get in the car, now watch the car bits fly.

FAREWELL 'CHUNKY' LEE CHONG- Chunky is selling SPANK at his noodle stand in Chinatown. You have to go and kill him. If you want another gun or more ammo, go to Ammu-nation then head towards the point on the radar. The noodle stand is in a place where poles block off access to vehicles. When you approach the stand, some Triads will shoot at you while Chunky flees to his car around the corner. You can either quickly shoot and kill Chunky before he gets to his car or get a car and chase after him.

VAN HEIST- First get a big vehicle. Then follow the dot on the map to the Securicar and ram it until the security
guard bails out. Steal the securicar and take it to the Portland Docks which will be shown on the radar. Be careful with the
car. Park it in the blue beam, then drive it into the garage.

CIPRIANI'S CHAUFFER- Drive Cipriani to Mr. Wong's in Chinatown which is shown on the radar. After he goes inside and talks for a bit, the Triads will spring an ambush. Get out of Chinatown as fast as you can. Then take Toni to his original destination at Momma's Restaurant in Saint Mark.

Go to the point on the radar and take the car. When you get inside, the Forelli brothers will chase you to get revenge. Get away from them as fast as you can. Go to the point on the radar where the crusher is and park in the blue beam, then get out of the car.


Get a vehicle that can seat four passengers, then go to the point on the radar. Honk the horn to call the men out. After they are in
the car, drive them to the bank in Chinatown. The gangsters will then rob the bank. Now you have a three star wanted level! You should now go to the Pay and Spray near Sex Club 7 in the Red
Light District. You will lose your wanted level instantly, and you can
enjoy a nice, quiet drive back to the hideout.

Toni's missions

TAKING OUT THE LAUNDRY- Begin by going to 8-Ball's garage to collect the grenadesthen follow the points on the radar. The best way to blow them up is to block the road ahead with a vehicle, then throw grenade. Destroy all three and its completed.

THE PICK-UP-follow the radar to the alley behind Mr. Wong's Launderette to find the cash. When you take it, Triads will attack.
You have to kill them all. Run out one of the alleys. Get the triad fish van which is in front of one of the alleys. Get inside the van and take the cash back to Toni at Momma's Restaurant.

SALVATORE'S CALLED A MEETING-Go to Joey's garage to get the Stretch. Joey will get in with you, then drive to Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District to pick up Luigi. Sound the horn and he'll get in. Now go back to Momma's Restaurant in Saint Mark's to get Toni. Sound the horn and he will also get in. The Triads will take advantage of this chance to kill you. Get up the hill as fast as you can, and do
your best to try and evade the Triad Fish Vans in the Stretch. When
you get to the front gate of Salvatore's mansion, the Triads have blocked off the entrance. Drive through a gap to get passed the road
block. Drive into the garage.

TRIADS AND TRIBULATIONS- Get in a car with room for four passengers so Toni's men can come with you. Follow the dot on the radar. The first warlord you should kill is the one in front of
the Fish Factory. Run him down. The second warlord is in the area that is off limits to vehicles, where Chunky used to work his noodle stand. Kill the warlord here. The last warlord is at the Turtle Head Fish Company at Callahan Point. You
will need a Triad Fish Van for the front gate to open. Go to the factory and kill the final warlord.

BLOW FISH- Go to 8-Ball's place to get the Trashmaster. Now you have only two and a half minutes to get to
where you are going. Drive carefully to the factory at
Callahan Point, and the guards will let you in. Park the Trashmaster
between the gas cans , then get out of the blast radius.

Salvatores missions

CHAPERONE- Take maria to go and talk to Chico. He says there's a
party . Maria gets back in and tells you she wants to go to the party. Drive her to the point on the radar, and stay in the car while she goes
inside. You'll see a SWAT truck moving into the area. The party's a target for a police raid. Stay where you are and wait for
Maria to get back in the car with you. When she does get in, Get back to Salvatore's mansion quickly where you'll be safe. Drive into the garage.

CUTTING THE GRASS- Go to to Sex Club 7 and park far away from the taxi you see waiting outside. Curly will come out of sex club 7 and get in. You will see a Spookmeter near the other meters. You must stay far away enough from the taxi so Curly won't suspect anything. After getting to Portland Docks in Trenton, he starts a meeting with the leaders of the Columbia Cartel, Miguel and Catalina. He gives out some info to them. When they have gone kill him.

BOMB DA BASE: ACT 1- Go to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop and talk with him. He says he can blow up the Cartel's boat, but he needs $100,000 to pay for the explosives so you have to come back later when you have the money.

BOMB DA BASE: ACT 2- When you are ready for the mission, go back to 8-Ball's place. He will give you a Sniper Rifle Get
in a car, then drive down to Portland Docks in Trenton. When you stop in the blue beam, 8-Ball will say he'll move onto the boat as
soon as you fire the first shot. Go to the front of the warehouse where the mobile trailers are. Here you will find an Adrenaline Pill which will slow down time, making sniping easier. Run back down the side of the warehouse where the boat is, and go up the stairs you find on the side of the warehouse. They will lead to the roof where you should set up your sniper's nest. First shoot the guy to the left of the ramp going onto the ship, then shoot the guy on the right side. Look up and you'll see red drums next to a guy. Shoot the drums to make them explode and take him out. Look along to the right and snipe the rest of the guys along the boat. If you see more oil drums, shoot them for explosions that will kill guys. Don't stop shooting until you have reached the building on the front of the
ship. 8-Ball will run in if you were successful. He'll set the bombs, and run away as the ship sinks.

LAST REQUESTS- Follow the point on the radar and before you gete there Maria will page you. She says the car is a trap, and that you should meet her at the dock at Callahan Point. Listen to her advice, because the nice Cheetah you find is rigged with a bomb. Follow the dot to the docks, where Maria will reveal her connections with a second crime group, called the Yakuza.

2. Stauton Island

Azuka missions

SAYONARA SALVATORE- Get a Sniper Rifle from Ammu-nation if you don't have one, then drive back to Portland via the newly-rebuilt Callahan Bridge, once you are back in Portland, go to the Red Light District, near Sex Club 7. There is an alley in the block across the street from the club. It has a staircase which will take you to the rooftops. This will let you to get a birds-eye view of the front of the club. Wait until Salvatore leaves the club. Shoot him with a Sniper Rifle. He'll die rather easily, just don't miss that first shot
and you won't have to deal with the bodyguards.

UNDER SURVEILANCE- When the mission starts, you will be given a 6 and a half minute time limit to kill all the spy's. The first group of agents are at the park in Belleville Park. Go into the park and head for the park pond. Bang, bang, there dead, now you can move on to the next group. The second group is hiding in a van at Bedford Point. Just throw a grenade and there dead. The last group is observing Kenji's casino from a hotel across the way. Go
to Torrington where Kenji's casino is. Climb up near the roof. Now snipe all of them.

PAPARAZZI PURGE- Follow the dot to the boat, and take it. Go out to where the reporter is. Don't tail his boat directly, or you'll lose him. Instead, go straight, and don't follow the reporter's weaving turns. Shoot the boat with the onboard cannons when you are in range. If you shoot him enough the boat will blow up and you'll win.

PAYDAY FOR RAY- Make sure you have a fast car like the Banshee close at hand. Get to the payphone at Torrington, near the waterfront.
The cop will direct you on the phone to get to another payphone in the West Belleville Park. After you get there, he will direct you to go to the third phone in Liberty Campus. When you get to this phone, he will order you back to the Belleville Park area, this time the southern part. After you answer this final phone, he will tell you to meet him in the toilets, and the time
limit will be canceled. Go to the toilets to meet the cop.

TWO-FACED TANNER- Park in the blue beam, the Tanner will dash down the stairs and leap inside his old Esperanto. You gotta chase after him and take him out. But he's alerted every cop in the city, and they will make your life miserable while trying kill him. Ram Tanner's car as much as you can between poundings by the police, and try
to drive-by him with the Uzi for extra damage. When you damage his car enough, he'll jump out.Kill him.

Kenji missions

BUST-OUT- Get hold of a police car. Take the car to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in Newport to get it rigged with a bomb.Take the car to the police station, use the police car to
open the automatic gate in the front lot. Drive the police car into the
back lot, and park it next to the wall indicated by the blue beam.
Activate the bomb then stand back and the bomb will blow a hole
in the wall. This will also get you a 3 star wanted level. Get inside a car with him. Go to the alley where the Pay and Spray is in Newport. You will find a Blista in one of the garages here. Take it to the Pay and Spray in this same alley to lose your wanted level. Then drive the man to the Hyaku Dojo in Bedford point.

GRAND THEFT AUTO- You have to deliver all of these cars to the point on the radar. The first car to jack is a Stinger in Bedford Point. It's inside a closed-in parking lot, so you'll need to use an alley. The second car is an Infernus parked at the football stadium in Aspatria. The last car is a Cheetah parked at the hospital in Rockford. Once all three cars have been delivered, you'll complete the mission.

DEAL STEAL- Go north from the casino, and you are bound to see Yardie Lobos driving down the highway. After you steal one, go meet
your contact in Aspatria. He will tell you the meeting is taking place at
the hospital parking lot in Rockford. Drive there and park in the blue
beam. Tap the horn to get the Colombians to come over, kill all the Colombians. After you have dealt with them, destroy their trucks, then take their briefcase. Take the briefcase back to the parking lot behind Kenji's casino.

SHIMA- You must track down the rival gang, and take the protection money the grocery owes Kenji. It turns out they are in Portland, so head over there. The dot on the radar will lead you to Hepburn Heights. You can easily kill them all with a grenade or sniper rifle. Take the final briefcase they were guarding, and head back for Staunton. Take the money to the parking lot behind Kenji's.

SMACK DOWN- You have to kill at least eight Yardies to finish the mission. You have to take them down quickly because once they are out of SPANK they will leave the streets. For every Yardie you take down, another one will come on the streets to take his place.

Ray missions

SILENCE THE SNEAK- Make sure you have Grenades or Moltov Cocktails with you when you begin this mission. Head for the large alley behind the car park at Newport. Before throwing that
bomb, block the alleyway to the right of the window with a heavy vehicle, like an Enforcer. Stand on the ramp near the window, and toss an explosive inside the window. After you manage that the garage door to the left of the window will open up, and McAffrey will try to escape in his car.Try to blow his car up with a grenade but if this doesn't work get in a car and chase after him and kill him.

ARMS SHORTAGE- When you get to the place on the radar, Phil will tell you to grab any guns you can find, because the Cartel will be arriving soon. When they arrive get your machine guns with the aimer on and just fire at the cartel and there cruisers to kill them but watch out because two come from a back alley so make sure that they are dead and that phil is ok.

EVIDENCE DASH- Follow the radar to the pickup that is transporting the evidence. Ram it until a piece of evidence falls out. Collect it, then continue pursuing and ramming the truck until you have all the evidence. After you have all the evidence,blow up your car.

GONE FISHING- Go and find a police boat , the dot will point you towards a dock in Portland. After you do get a police boat, set sail for Portland Rock. You will spot Ray's partner in a blue boat. When he sees you, he'll try to escape. Shoot up his boat. Just watch out for the bombs he drops behind him and you'll be fine.

PLASTER BLASTER- Head for Rockford to find the ambulance. When you get spotted by the driver, he'll radio for help and you'll get a two star wanted rating. Ram the ambulance enough so that McAffrey falls out of the back door in his full body cast. After he falls out, keep running him over until he is dead..

Donald missions

LIBERATOR- Get a Cartel Cruiser so you can get into the cartels hideout. After you get hold of one of their cars, head for their hideout in Aspatria.The automated gate will open up for you. Kill all the enemies in the area. Then rescue the Old Oriental Gentleman who is inside one of the garages. Kill the guard in the garage with the Old Oriental Gentleman, then get in a car with him. Take him back to Donald Love's apartment.

WIPEOUT- After you have a Cartel Cruiser head for the car park in Newport, as Kenji is at a meeting on the top floor. When you get up there, run Kenji down, then leap off the ramp up here to escape quickly. Make this hit-and-run as fast as you can before the Yakuzas can shoot your truck up. Get out of Newport quickly. Now get rid of the Cartel Cruiser.

A DROP IN THE OCEAN- You have two minutes to get to a boat, then get out in the water to collect the boxes that the plane will drop. Head for Asuka's condo in Newport, as there's lots of boats
parked over there. After you do get a boat, go out to meet the plane by following the yellow dot on the radar. When the time limit finishes the plane will begin dropping packages. This will give you five stars on your wanted level. So when arrive back in Staunton go to the Pay and Spray. Get your car sprayed, and then get back to Donald's apartment.

3.Shoreside vale missions

Ray missions (continued)

MARKED MAN- Get a fast car because you need to get to the Francis International Airport in three minutes, and you aren't allowed to use the Shoreside Lift Bridge because the CIA have surveillance teams there.Take the traffic tunnel behind the hospital in Rockford.
Drive down the tunnel. You need to go left at the first section, then left again at the second section. Drive Ray to the entrance, and he'll give
you a key to his lockup, where he stashed supplies and cash for you. Go back to Staunton, and you'll find his lockup in
Newport, just to the right of Callahan Bridge. Inside there is a rocket
launcher, a sniper rifle, an M16, a flame-thrower, and a bulletproof

Donald missions (continued)

GRAND THEFT AERO- Go to Shoreside Vale. Then find out the Colombian Cartel have beaten you to the plane. After you have killed them all, get inside the plane. The package has been taken by the Cartel. Check the van outside. This clue will point you towards the
construction site back in Staunton. Cross the Shoreside Lift Bridge again, and go to the construction site in Fort Staunton. They are hiding in that maze of walls near the main building. Before going in to kill them, take out the single Colombian inside the skyscraper nearby. After you do that, look around in this place for stairs going up. This place is an excellent sniper's nest. You can take out quite a few guys from up here, making your journey through
the maze below easier. After you've shot everyone. Be careful because the Colombians like to hide right out of sight behind corners. You'll be told to take the elevator to the top of the tower after you have killed everyone.

ESCORT SERVICE- You must take the Old Oriental Gentleman to Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale. When you're ready, drive
to the red dot nearby to start. A few times during this mission a Cartel Cruiser will try to attack the van the Old Oriental Gentleman is driving. Try to shoot up any truck that comes your way. Explosions will not damage the truck the Oriental Gentleman is driving, so don't worry about the flaming wrecks. Also watch out for Cartel guys on the streets shooting at the van. Eventuallly he reaches the AMCO building to end the mission.

DECOY- Get a car and drive into Shoreside Vale. Go to the AMCO building in Pike Creek, after you take the vehicle police cars and
SWAT trucks will instantly be all over you. You have to distract them for three minutes. You just need to hold it out until the time limit expires.

LOVE'S DISAPPEARANCE- Donald love has disapppeared.

Azuka misions (continued)

BAIT- Go to Shoreside Vale. Go past the airport and
follow the road. You'll see the first death squad car waiting at the
entrance to Pike Creek. Get their attention and lure them to a lot at the top of the hill where the trap has been set. The Yakuzas will kill them. Get the attention of the second death squad car at the end of the dam, then lure them back to the trap at Pike Creek. The last death squad is waiting in a driveway of a house in Cedar Grove. Again lure them back to the trap at Pike Creek. When all three death squads have been killed thats the end of the mission.

ESPRESSO-2-GO- The Cartel is selling SPANK through the Espresso-2-Go stands in every district of Liberty City. You have to go to each of these street stands and crash into them. There are two in Portland, five in Staunton Island, and two in Shoreside Vale. The best way to do this mission is to scout out each stand ahead of time in this mission, so its dot will appear on the radar. The timer won't actually start until you hit the first stand, so you can have all nine on your radar when you begin your seek-and-destroy mission. Here is a list of locations of the stands.

- next to the Portland Docks in Trenton
- next to the entrance to Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's

- next to the car park in Newport
- inside the park at Belleville Park
- in front of the church at Bedford Point
- a little ways down the street from the one in front of the church
- near the star-shaped statue in Torrington, about a block away from Kenji's

- near the subway in front of Francis International Airport
- at the hospital at the top of the hill in Pike Creek.

S.A.M.- At the start of the mission, you'll have three and a half minutes to get into position and shoot down the plane. Follow the dot on the radar to a boat parked near a dock where there's a free rocket launcher. Steer the boat to the runway. When you see the plane approaching start firing rockets at it. If you hit it, it will dump its cargo and you'll have a four-star wanted level. Helicopters will come and attack you. DON'T shoot back at them. If you blow up a helicopter, your wanted level will go up and it will be a lot harder to get away later. Drive out in the front of the airport. Go into the subway. Take the train to Staunton Island. When you leave the subway, you'll be right next to the construction site. Get hold of a car as fast as you can once you exit the subway, and drive back to the lift at the partial skyscraper.

RANSOM- Catalina has left you a ransom note with the corpses of Asuka and Miguel. You have to bring $500,000 to the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove, Shoreside, in exchange for Maria's life. Do whatever it takes to get that money if you don't already have it.

Catlina missions

THE EXCHANGE- The guards out front will take all your weapons. Catalina will take the money. After Catalina double crosses you again and orders her men to kill you, take the gun and run for
the garage to your right. Inside there is body armor, and a Cartel Cruiser that you can use to make the front gates open. If the gate guards are still there, run them over. You have seven minutes to find and kill Catalina. Follow the helicopter over the bridge, then drive to the top of the hill and cross over the Cochrane Dam. Go down
the hill, towards the lower part of the dam, where the Cartel has barricaded the entrance. Kill them, then take their AK-47's. Take one of their Cartel Cruisers and drive down the road, but stop short of the next barricade. There is a sniper rifle hidden on the right side of the road. Take it, because you will need it. I have noticed that the auto-aimed AK-47 has a range that is a little
farther than that of an inactive enemy's vision, so use it to kill the
guards at the next barricade. Use the Sniper rifle only to remove
the guards high up on top of things like the towers or the containers.
When you are about halfway along. The helicopter from now on will fly over the dam every so often and launch missiles at the dam. You
can avoid the blast on the first pass as long as you are on the far end of the road away from the face of the dam. Watch out for the final push to get up the stairs at the end of the road. There are lots of guys here, and even one packing a flame-thrower. When you
do get on the stairs, stop just before you get to the top, but can still
shoot at the guys. From here you can shoot at a few guards, but they can't shoot back. Be careful you don't accidentally hit Maria. There is one last guy to take care of after you kill the ones around Maria. Kill him, then take the Rocket Launcher nearby.When the helicopter makes another pass, shoot it down. After you blow up the helicopter, go check on Maria.

4.Hidden Packages

There are 33 in portland


1: Drive north to the end of the path on Harwood.
2: Harwood, roof of Head Radio Station. Get there by jumping off the tracks.
3: St. Mark's, on top of the Amco gas station.
4: St. Mark's, inside EASY CREDIT AUTOS.
5: Portland Beach, at Salvatore's Mansion.
6: On a ledge below Salvatore's Mansion.
7: Behind the building of Hepburn Heights Towers.
8: In parking lot near El Burro phone in Hepburn Heights.
9: Between trees in Hepburn Heights.
10: One block south from Amco gas station in a small parking lot in St. Mark's.
11: Building facing large potholes in St. Mark's.
12: Park in St. Mark's.
13: Roof of building next to Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Red Light District.
14: Roof of Luigi's Sex Club 7.
15: Roof opposite Luigi's Sex Club.
16: Subway in Chinatown in the bathrooms.
17: Rush Construction Company in Red Light District.
18: Long alleyway in St. Mark's.
19: Tramp Tunnel in St. Mark's.
20: Roof of Supa Save in Portland View.
21: Alley behind Hong Hung Inc. in Chinatown.
22: Chinatown roof.
23: Alley behind Roast Peking Duck in Chinatown.
24: Inside the gates of the Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory in Trenton.
25: Roof of Liberty Pharmaceutical in Trenton.
26: Roof of Portland Docks.
27: In a yard in Trenton.
28: Front of Joey's Garage in Trenton.
29: Power Plant in Callahan Point.
30: Roof of sawmill in Trenton.
31: Behind Turtle Head Fish Co. in Callahan Point.
32: At the end of the pier in Atlantic Quays.
33: Island just south of Portland (accessible by boat).

There are 36 in Staunton


1: Army Surplus store.
2: Coliseum.
3: Top of hospital.
4: Stadium.
5: East side of University.
6: Construction site.
7: On top of small bridge where there are girders.
8: In Colombian Garage.
9: Construction site.
10: Connecting alley to 8-Ball's.
11: Car park.
12: Alley south of Coliseum.
13: Jump off of curvy bridge onto rooftop.
14: Under road tunnel.
15: Basketball court.
16: Stadium-Shoreside bridge.
17: Under Park bridge.
18: End of South dock.
19: Alley near Callahan bridge in Newport.
20: Museum.
21: Pier, south of Callahan Bridge.
22: Behind Police Station.
23: Newport, path to Police Station.
24: Behind Church.
25: End of an alley that's shaped weird.
26: Underground Amco parking.
27: Top of Amco roof.
28: Bedford Point in a glass-breakable building.
29: Doorway, facing an intersection.
30: On roof in the "projects."
31: Behind rocks on pavement near the Pier.
32: Behind a building in the "projects."
33: Underground car park.
34: On top of a pedestrian only walkway.
35: Behind "star statue" logo.
36: On top of Casino.

There are 31 in Shoreside


1: West Dam.
2: East Dam.
3: Tower 1, Dam.
4: "Exchange" helipad in the lower dam.
5: Behind boulder, corner of dam.
6: Behind the furthest Swank house.
7: Front porch, third Swank house.
8: Front porch, fourth Swank house.
9: Colombian mansion.
10: Picnic tables.
11: Fudge Packing Factory.
12: Cedar Grove, in overpass
13: Roof of Police Station.
14: Pike Creek, behind drums.
15: Behind hideout.
16: Wichita Gardens, apartment entrance.
17: Wichita Gardens, in between apartments.
18: Pike Creek, on blue container.
19: Behind hospital.
20: Roof of a large building with a weird awning.
21: Pike Creek, between Turtle Head Storage.
22: Wichita Gardens, under wooden bridge.
23: Airport, parking lot.
24: Airport, under wing in hangar.
25: Airport, on ground next to dome.
26: Airport, under a plane.
27: In front of airport.
28: Subway.
29: Airport, helipad.
30: Airport runway.
31: Airport, end of runway.



Weapon : M-16
Location : Red Lights District/Chinatown border
Objective : Kill 30 Diablo members

Turn left from your garage and go straight along the four lane highway.
When you get towards the end you should see a building with the
Rockstar logo on a billboard on the top. If you turn left onto the
street that it is on you will see an entrance into the building that
you can drive into. Turn left once inside and there it is.

Weapon : UZI
Location : China Town
Objection : Kill 20 Triad members

Near the Noodles restaurant close to the above four lane highway and 1
block from Rampage #1.

Weapon : Rocket Launcher
Location : Chinatown/Trenton border
Objective : Destroy any 13 vehicles

Near the parking lot where you drop off the hookers in the mission
"The Fuzzball" there is a road that curves to the left. The building
on the right can be entered through a disguised (hard to see) entrance
from that road, and if you turn right when you enter you will find the

Weapon : AK-47
Location : St. Marks
Objective : Kill 20 Mafia members

Exiting the road from Salvatore's mansion, head in a straight line
(west) and turn left into the small parking lot in the space of the
first building (a Mafia Sentinel is parked there). Rampage is located
in the niche across from the Sentinel.

Weapon : Grenades
Location : St. Marks // Credit goes to JBlaze88 \\
Objective : Destroy any 10 vehicles

On top of the train tracks. Enter from stairs northeast from the
hospital and walk south along the tracks to the rampage.

Weapon : Shotgun
Location : Trenton
Objective : Kill 20 Triads

In the very narrow alleyway to the right of the Mean Street Taxi

Staunton Island

Weapon : Flamethrower
Location : Bedford Point
Objective : Kill 25 Yakuza members

Go to the large parking lot in the SW section where the SPANKED suicide
bombers were.

Weapon : Rocket launcher
Location : The church
Objective : Kill 20 Yardies

Go around to the side of the church facing the water and look for a
little niche leading into a graveyard.

Weapon : Sniper rifle
Location : Bedford Point/Torrington border
Objective : Snipe 17 Yardies in the head

Go to the AM (AMCO) building. Facing the front of this building, go
around to its right side and towards the back corner. There is a
staircase there. Go up and the rampage is on the SW corner of that

Weapon : Grenades
Location : The Firestation
Objective : Kill 25 Yardies

From the hideout, turn left and take another left at the traffic light.
Go straight to the end and turn left. The firestation is on the left
and the rampage is located in an alley behind it.

Weapon : M-16
Location : Liberty Campus near the telephone
Objective : Destroy any 15 vehicles

From hideout, exit left and turn left at the traffic light. Go straight
to the next light and turn right. Go straight again and turn left into
the back of the campus across from the Cartel's base. Rampage is
located on the right side as you enter the campus.

Weapon : Molotov Cocktail
Location : Newport
Objective : Torch 16 Yakuza

On the upper freeway in Newport, near the unique ramp jump of that
freeway. From where the jump location is, move north along the right
side (facing the Callahan Bridge). The rampage is in a small space in
front of a building's doorway.

Weapon : Shotgun
Location : In the central park
Objective : Destroy any 10 vehicles

Central park near the hideout. Rampage is located at the southwest

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