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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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This game is also available on Xbox and PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Ghost Recon (PC Games)
Submitted By: Minlack
DavidJís Ghost Recon Guide

Tom Claceyís Ghost Recon if an incredibly hard game but there are strategies and tactics that work well. The following are the tactics that I find work best on each level.

Mission 01: Iron Dragon

OBJECTIVES: 1.Take the outpost in the east.
2.Secure the Caves.
3.Get to extraction point.
X.Capture Papashvilli

The first level is one of the easier levels with lost of bushes and trees for you to hide in. Most of the enemies stand out in the open so you can take them by surprise!
Have two people on each team, stay as a sniper on Alpha team. Follow the directions I give by using the map. Advance towards the small bunker on the hillside towards the west of the insertion point. Set up Bravo team in the bushes near by the north cliff, make sure you donít get seen. Send team Charlie along the south of the path until the get to a big rock to the south east of the bunker. You move past through the first two clumps of trees. Just to the north of the second clump of trees is a rock that you can hide behind giving you a good view of the bunker. Take out the lone soldier in the bunker. This will set off two enemies running down the hill on either side. Charlie will take care of the guard to the south, the other runs along the crest of the hill and is easy to take out with your sniper. Move halfway up the hill, north of the bunker and look at the cliff to the north. On it youíll see sand bags with a guy standing behind them. Keeping your distance take him out with you sniper rifle. Advance all teams to that cliff and move up the slope to the east of it and carry on east. Youíll eventually arrive at the camp, which you have to capture for MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE. You can do two things, send in all your people and take it by force, which usually works or hide behind one of the many rocks around the base and take them out with a sniper rifle. At this point QUICK SAVE. Move along the northern ridge towards the caves in the east. Now itís time for MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO. Thereís one lone guard at the entrance thatís easily dispatched. Then send all your men into the first section of the cave to clear the two guards in there. The next bit you have to do by yourself as your men usually kill Papashvilli who you have to capture for the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE. Thereís one soldier in the east passage. Once youíve killed him move down the west passage and sneak up on the one guy whoís guarding Papashvilli. There you go thatís mission objective 2 and the extra mission objective complete. But then you get attacked. Four guards move up to the cave and towards the west entrance. Make sure youíre ready for them. They each enter one at a time so you can take them out nice and easy. After this move south down the west side of the map. Pass the first ridge then move east until you come the where the guy with the sandbags was. Take out any guys wandering over from the west and move down towards the extraction point. Thereís two enemies guarding the extraction point, take them out and finish MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE!

Mission 02: Eager Smoke

OBJECTIVES: 1.Rescue pilot 1.
2. Rescue pilot 2
3. Get to extraction point.
X. Destroy crashed plane.

The darkness give you the advantage here so put on your nigh vision goggles and you can take them out before they get you.
You want one sniper on Alpha team and rifle men and support men as your other five soldiers. Send team Bravo to the house with one of the pilots in then send team Charlie to the Barn to the south of the insertion point. You take team Alpha to the crashed plane, and soldiers on the way to the pilots will be killed by your men. Move past over the stream and hide amongst the bushes. Theyíre a hell of a lot of guards by the plane. Lie on the ground and get your team member to open fire while you pick them off with your sniper. Itíll take a while but when thereíre all gone go up and plant the explosives on the plane then move your team back to the trees surround the extraction point in preparation for the later ambush! The switch to team Charlie and raid the barn, which is relatively easy to take, and secure the fist pilot for MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE and send team Charlie back to the extraction point. Then switch to team Bravo. Creep up to one of the windows and youíll see a guard in the house, put a bullet into his head. Then move in the front door. Look at the stairs and youíll see an enemy standing just round the corer, kill him, run up the stairs and secure the second Pilot for MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO. Start Bravo back to the extraction point and switch to team Alpha. At this point a small ambush will arrive in the trees surrounding the extraction point at the north. Zoom in with your sniper rifle and take them out, donít let them take you by surprise and always be prepared. Once team Bravo arrives youíll finish the mission and complete MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE.

Mission 03: Stone Bell

OBJECTIVES: 1 Secure western pass.
2. Secure eastern pass.
3. Prevent breach of defences
4. No NATO casualties.

Prepare for your fist encounter with the most evil things in the game. Tanks. If they see you youíre dead, as their machine guns and very, VERY powerful!
Make sure you have a Demo man on Alpha team. All will seem quiet at first but you need to move, as the tanks will arrive soon, so get off the road. Go back and head up the south cliff. Up here will be the southwest patrol, which you need to destroy for MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE. Leave team Bravo and Alpha to deal with that as you doesnít have much time. Quickly move team Charlie over the bridge to encounter the second patrol. They move down the road towards the bridge in the north direction. Use a machine gun to take them out fast. Youíve now completed MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO. By this time the tanks will arrive. Quickly get team Bravo behind some rocks and switch back to the Demo man on team Alpha. Get out his Anti-Tank rocket launcher and peek around the corner of a rock on the edge of the cliff on the south side of the bridge. As soon as theyíre in a decent range, before they start firing, blow them up. Theyíre big targets so you wonít miss. Next you have to deal with the two sets of troops advancing up the north and south cliff. You can either get one team on both side and let them kill the enemies, one team with your help, and pray. Or if youíre feeling confident, team Bravo up with Charlie on one side and deal with the other side yourself. If Bravo and Charlie get pinned down, finish off your side and cross over and help them. Once theyíre dead youíll have completed MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE and the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE. Well done!

Mission 04: Black Needle

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure Crossroads.
2. Contact NATO soldiers.
3. Get to extraction point.
X. Save NATO soldiers.

Thereís a heavy gunfight and you need to get some NATO guys out of there, who are taking shelter in the ruins of a building.
You want to use heavy gun power here. Use support and riflemen and, as always, a sniper. On your side of the bridge thereís not many enemyís. Take out the guys guarding the south of the bridge and sniper those on the north side. Once done cross the bridge and get Bravo and Charlie to hide in the bushes. Advance, as Alpha team, towards the crossroads in the bushes on the right hand side of the road. Thereís one guy by the hut to the east of the crossroad and a couple of other guys hanging about. Sniper all of them, remember there may be one or two guys in the other buildings and that's MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Next advance to the forest to the north of the map and head east until you get to behind the building where the NATO guys are. Go in as Alpha team through the back entrance, youíll see the NATO guys firing away. DONíT go round the corner. Peek out and take out all the enemies. Note, there may be several shooting down from hill to the left and the right, be sure to take them out. Once done, talk to the NATO guys. Youíll have to bring down team Bravo to look after the other guy. Retreat back along the North, back to the crossroads. Unfortunately thereís an ambush. Take all the guards out and head back over the bridge. Whatever you do donít just sprint for it, keep your ground and take all the guys out to ensure everyone is alive at the end of the mission. Thereís not nasty surprise guards waiting back at the extraction point, once over the bridge your safe.

Mission 05: Gold Mountain

OBJECTVES: 1. Secure bank.
2. Investigate crash site.
3. Get to extraction point.
X. No civilian casualties.

Your first urban experience. Guards hiding round corners, snipers from the roofs and (gulp) more horrible tanks! Nooooooo!
Make sure you only have one guy on Alpha team. You start off behind a building. Send Bravo team to the left and hold Charlie back. Advance a team Alpha and move to the left of the building. Hide behind the parked cars and move forward until you see the door of the next building. There are snipers in the windows so keep down and take them out first. Guards will pour out of the building, mow them down with a machine gun and watch out for any guys creeping up on you from behind. Once cleared you have completed NISSION OBJECTIVE ONE. Rejoin the rest of the team with team Alpha. Move forward to a small ally way. Before that send team Bravo down the road to the right and left down to a car park. In here are some annoying guards who could interfere later. Go up to the truck and peek round it in order to get rid of the two or three guards down there. Once completed move them back to the group. Advance down the ally way and turn right at the junction. Youíll eventually come to where the crashed helicopter is. Shoot all the guys from the ally way or hide behind the near by car and kill them from there. Once all killed move Bravo and Charlie further back into the ally way out of sight of the road. Get Alpha team to move in to investigate; this completes MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO. Time to say good bye to the guy on Alpha team! As soon as the mission objective is complete a tank rolls round the corner and, very likely, shoots your guy. We can at least try to keep casualties down to a minimum. At that point witch back the team Bravo or Charlie. Sprint back along the ally and cross the road to the embassy before the tank gets round the corner and massacres you whole team. Kill the few guards on the ground of the embassy and then go up the stairs on the side. There are a couple of guards on the roof. Kill them and rally at the extraction point on the roof which completes MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE and the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE.

Mission 06: Witch Fire

OBJECTIVES: 1. Gather two sets of information.
2. Get to extraction point.
X. Destroy Sam Site

This mission sees you stealing information under the cover of darkness from an old castle being used by the enemy as a base.
In this mission itís important to keep quiet. Stay of the roads as there is a truck with about ten troops inside driving about. The first thing you have to do is send Bravo team round down south, out of sight, to the hut containing the fist set of information. Watch out for the two guards inside the hut and don't íake much noise as it could results in tonnes of guards coming out of the base to get you. Once youíve got the information send them back you where you started. Make sure you choose a rout near to the edge of the map to avoid detection. Itís a long trek, so meanwhile get teams Alpha and Charlie to move up north to take out the Sam Site. There are several guards around it so keep your distance and when itís in view fire an anti-tank rocket at it. EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE complete. The blast will kill most of the guards but pick the rest off with a sniper. When team Bravo has met up with you again move north towards the extraction point, remember to keep close to the edge of the map. Near the extraction point if a wooden building with some guards in it. Take them out. Move towards the back entrance. Keep teams Bravo and Alpha back in case it all goes wrong. Peek round the corner of the entrance and take out all the guards you can see. Pray that they donít set off the alarm! If things get desperate make a runner for the building to the left of the entrance to obtain the second information. Even if that soldier dies MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE is complete! If you do kill them all give yourself a pat on the back. Walk in there and enjoy the hugeness of the castle. Either way, quickly retreat back to the extraction point and get in the small boat. How itís gonna hold 6 men if beyond me but either way MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO will be complete!

Mission 07: Paper Angel

OBJECTIVES: 1. Plant explosives on first pylon.
2. Plant explosives on second pylon
3. Get to extraction point
X. Destroy camp garrison

Hereís your chance to blow up a bridge, but donít think about crossing it. There are loads of tanks making it suicidal!
On Alpha team have a Demo man and a Sniper. Head left from the start in the direction of the bridge. Thereís one of two guys on the way. Proceed until you get to a slope leading down to the waterís edge. Keep teams Bravo and Charlie up on the ledge and move down with your Demo man. Head up stream to the first pylon, thereís not resistance so donít worry. Donít shoot at any of the guards or tanks on the bridge. Place the explosives on the pylon. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete! Head back. Youíll notice a small ambush moving in up stream. Bravo and Charlie are out of sight so theyíre all right. Take them out with your sniper. Gather all the teams at the bottom of the slop and head down stream. Keep by the river. When the ridge to your left ends there are some useful rocks to hide behind. There are several guards you can take out from here who are hiding amongst the trees. Move down stream until you cannot go any further. Look to your left and youíll see the base you have to take out. Switch to team Bravo and send Alpha and Charlie back out of sight. You donít want to risk loosing your precious Demo man. Hide in the bushes, as itís dangerous to actually walk up to the base when thereís loads of bad guys there. Instead get out a big gun and fire wildly in the direction of the camp. This should get their attention and send them running towards you. Now you can take them out one by one. Once the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE is complete move across the river and to the left through as small open topped cave. Continue upstream and round the bend. Thereís one or two guys hanging around here, but one again there are some well placed rocks providing cover. Once cleared send in the Demo man to plant the second explosive. MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO complete! Now retreat back to the base and when coming out of the cave, move to the left in the direction of the extraction point. Leave teams Alpha and Charlie behind the ridge and get Bravo team to run for the cover of the trees. From here take out the guards coming from the direction of the bridge. Once killed head for the extraction point, hopefully before the tanks have time to react. MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE complete.

Mission 08: Venta, Lithuania

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure Village
2. Destroy northwest tank
3. Destroy southeast tank
X. Save the tank.

Its time to blow up more tanks kill more people and generally shoot guns a lot. Here you have to do quite a lot!
First you have to advance towards the village if you going to complete that EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE. Use the buildings as cover, as there are several guys you need to kill on the way. Also a plane drops a bomb causing a huge explosion. Nice. On the radar youíll notice a green tank with a couple of good guys moving down the road. You need to protect that tank. Get to the village before they do and take out some of the enemies, you can use the craters for cover. Make sure you kill the annoying little guy with the anti-tank rocket launcher on in the building on the left-hand side of the road, otherwise that tank in toast. Once youíve secured the village there are some tanks you need to take out in the hilly areas around the village. Take out the one to the north first. Approach it from the west, behind it, so you can take it by surprise. There arenít many guards around the tank. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Move on east until you get to the edge of the map. Then move south. The tank it at the top of the ridge so creep up the slope at the edge of the ridge and blow it up. MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO complete. Move back into the village and kill the remaining enemies. MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE complete.

Mission 09: Blue Storm

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure First Island
2. Secure Second Island
3. Secure Third Island
X. Capture general.

Time to get wet. Wade through mud and capture another general guy. Woohoo! Quite hard this mission as itís hard to see the enemies, but as your colleague says ďWe canít see them, they canít see us.Ē
Head left from the start. Thereís one or two guys hanging around a fallen tree on the way but arenít too hard to take out. Keep moving along the edge of the map until you get to the first on the islands. Send Bravo team to the left and Charlie to the right. Crouch in the water. You should be able to see the heads of two guars just over the horizon. Shoot Ďem. Send in teams Charlie and Bravo to take the island. Move in yourself and take out any remaining enemies. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Move towards the second island. Notice the bunker on the edge of the island. Shoot the guy in there and anyone ruining towards you. Some of the guards here are very fast making a sniper very inappropriate so use a machine gun. MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO complete. Capturing these two islands is a very hit of miss affair as your right in the open and they have the cover. Save before each of the islands and if anyone dies just QUICK LOAD. Youíll find the guy you have to capture just south of that island. Donít make the mistake of shooting him, as he does look very similar to the other common guards. Next move east towards the third island, probably the hardest of the three. Thereís a clump of trees to the north that supplies suitable cover. Then itís just down to your speed and marksmanship. Make sure you keep the prisoner out of sight as the enemies have a knack of shooting him all the time. Once theyíre all dead you complete MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE and the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE and the mission. Time for a warm shower before you move on.

Mission 10: Fever Claw

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure University Square
2. Secure Palace Square
3. Secure Cathedral Square
X. No friendly tanks destroyed.

Back to an urban setting. Fortunately you get some friendly tanks to help you, but that doesnít make it any easier. Here we goÖÖÖ
From the start follow the tanks. Theyíll take out most of the enemies. When the tanks stop donít go in front of them as just round the corner is a tank thatíll maul you. One of your tanks will blow it up. Thankyou! The convoy moves on. Make teams Bravo and Charlie go right down to the end of this road, but not round to the corner, as there is another tank there. Back with team Alpha. Go down the area where the first tank was and go down the ally to the left, then turn right. Youíll see a tank there. Use anti-tank rockets to blow it up, then rejoin with Bravo and Charlie. The tanks will go round the corner and blow up the tank and kill any of the guys remaining. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Go ahead of the tanks. Round the corner left. Go down to the end of the road and peek round the corner and kill the people who are close there. Then, this is important, sniper the enemy in the ruins of the palace as he has anti-tank rockets and would have blow up your tanks. Then wait for the tanks to come round. Make sure you stay where you are as there is another tank just round the next corner in the same square. The tanks will blow it up. MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO complete. Follow the tanks until you get to a place where they split up. Send off Bravo team down the left road, as there are a few enemies, and the rest of you go down the right. Youíll eventually get to a square where a few bad guys lurk. Shoot Ďem but watch out for a sniper in one of the building to the left. When I thought it was all clear he alone slaughtered my entire team. Follow the tanks round the last few corners until you get to the cathedral square. Stay by the corner and blow up the last tank with your rockets. Fortunately itís too far away to see you. The tanks will kill the last people. MISSION OBJECTIVE THREE complete.

Mission 11: Fever Claw

OBJECTIVES: 1.Secure entrance.
2. Save NATO soldiers.
3. Get to extraction point.
X. Save the person in the medical centre.
Another nighttime mission. This time you need to rescue two captured soldiers in a heavily defended enemy base.
Move south from the start, avoiding the spot light, until you come to a small building. Kill the lone guard inside. The sniper the two guards covering the entrance and a guard patrolling to the south. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Go through the door. Watch out for the guy at the top of the stairs. Go through and out and hid behind the buildings. Creep past them keeping quiet. Then lie on the floor. Thereís a small gap underneath the building that you can shoot through providing brilliant cover. Once youíve cleared the area go through the door, up the stairs and through. Kill the guys guarding the prisoners. Once youíve got them QUICK SAVE. Go through towards the medical centre with the team not looking after the prisoners. Itís quite heavily guarded, but if you fail to get the other guy out just QUICK LOAD and try again. Once youíve got everyone just go out the way you got in. Turn left and head towards the extraction point. When you get close, watch out was there are a few guys waiting there. Take the mountain and complete MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO and the EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE, and finish the mission.

Mission 12: Ivory Horn

OBJECTIVES: 1. Destroy sub-pen 1
2. Destroy sub-pen 2
3. Get to extraction point.
X. Blow up oil plant.

This mission is incredibly hard. Thereís guards every where! Just keep your cool and aim well. The first guards to look out for are on the boat to the left of the beginning. Walk along and keep hidden behind the huge crates. Shoot everyone you see. When you get to the open area with the big crane shoot everyone and watch out for the people coming out of the warehouse to the north. Just keep shooting, and eventually the flow of guards will stop. Head right and plant the first demo charge. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Head up to the oil tanker thing to complete the EXTRA OBJECTIVE. Watch out for any guards remaining from the massacre you caused a while ago. Then head for the second sup-pen. Watch out for several enemies guarding it. You have to be really careful when going around corners. Once youíve completed the MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO head back to the extraction point. Just keep trying at this one and youíll eventually do it. Good Luck!

Mission 13: Arctic Sun

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure control tower.
2. Destroy plane No. 1
3. Get to extraction point.
X. Destroy plane No. 2

This mission is relatively easy. Move forward from the start until you get to the end of the building on you left. Shoot the guards near the big building. This causes guards to flood out of a warehouse to the left. Kill all of them. Afterwards go up to the big building and enter through the door. Kill the guards on the first fool. Once thatís cleared go up the steps. You wonít find any enemies on the stairs. Once your at the top shoot the guard directly opposite the door. Then look out for the guard round the right corner of the door. MISSION OBJECTIVE ONE complete. Go down and out of the door you came in and turn left and head to the warehouse ahead. Go in and dispatch the guards inside and plane the explosive. MISSION OBJECTIVE TWO complete. Go out and cross the main run way and mow down the enemies with your Support men, looking out for guards hiding behind the backs of the warehouses. Go to the warehouse on the right hand side and enter on the right hand side where there are a few enemies in a group who can be killed easily. Place the final explosive. EXTRA MISSION OBJECTIVE complete.

Mission 14: Willow Bow

OBJECTIVES: 1. Secure Eastern pass.
2. Secure Western pass
3. Take the hill.
4. Destroy the Russian camp.

Almost there now. With all the techniques youíve learned over the past 13 missions you should be able to complete the first parts of the missions. No ambushes or surprises while you complete MISSION OBJECTIVES ONE, TWO and THREE. Then come the incredibly hard bit, taking the Russian base. Thereís tanks, machine guns and loads of guards. Make sure your properly equipped and just go for it. Find out where the tanks are and keep trying.

Mission 15: ----------------

OBJECTIVES: 1. --------------
2. --------------
3. --------------

No need in spoiling it. Having completed 14 of the hardest missions seen in a computer game Iíve decided to leave you to work it out for youíre self. What you say? This defeats the purpose of this guide? Nope. If you can complete this mission then not even all the guides in the world will help you on ELITE difficulty. Well Iím off to get slaughtered 1,000,000 timesÖÖerÖ.and then I probably get a bit of sleep (yawn), definitely.

Written By DAVID JACOBS (it's my own work)

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