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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Evil Dead (Dreamcast)
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The first disc is somewhat non-linear; you can get the items and pages in any of several different orders. For this walkthrough, I've chosen the quickest and easiest path--but there are other ways.

6.1 Exploring the Cabin
6.2 Outside the Cabin
6.3 Wolverine Campground
6.4 Hellbilly Land
6.5 The Maze of Trees
6.6 The Hellbilly Shack
6.7 BOSS: Grammy
6.8 Back to the Maze of Trees
6.9 BOSS: Tree-Monster
6.10 The Page on the Bridge
6.11 BOSS: Scoutmaster Nugent
6.12 The Archery Range
6.13 The Church Graveyard
6.14 BOSS: Skeletal Ash
6.15 Knowby's Fruit Cellar
6.16 FINAL BOSS: ?????

6.1 Exploring The Cabin

The game begins with Ash making a tape-recording of his plans to find the missing pages and rescue Jenny. As soon as he getsfinished, you have control. Pick up the save-reel flashing on the professor's desk and go to the inventory screen. Load the gun, but use the axe as your secondary weapon - you won't need the handgun for awhile. Walk to the right of the desk to the next screen and quickly turn on your chainsaw--your first battle is coming up. On the wide-view of the cabin, walk down a little bit and one of the legless deadites will leap up from the ground to attack you. Keep pushing down into the monster and alternate between swinging your chainsaw and hitting it with the axe. Keep attacking it and it shouldn't have time to respond or hit you back. Make sure you use the chainsaw to finish it off and use a one-liner as it dies--you'll usually get a large health kit.

That deadite never respawns, so you now have the living room to yourself. The first thing to do now is to search out the cabin. Walk to the left of the fireplace until you see two doorways. Go through the left door and into the old bedroom. If you don't want to fight, quickly run up through the room to the door on the opposite side--otherwise a deadite will erupt from the window and attack you. Unlike the living - room battle, this one will constantly respawn. The good news is that the respawning deadites here only replace each other--they won't gang up on you. This room is a good place to build up your health kits later, but for now just run through the room into the adjoining piano room.

Ash will notice a Necronomicon page sitting on the piano (how the heck did the professor miss that page?!). After that slightly spooky sequence, pick up the page and read it--it lets you know that really bad things are happening, just in case you hadn't figured it out already. There's nothing else to do--Ash just won't play the piano, maybe because of that clunky chainsaw on one hand--so leave through the door opposite the window and you'll find yourself in the hallway. The door at the end of the hallway leads outside and you don't want to go out there yet. Instead, go to the room across from the piano room. It's a bathroom--inside the medicine cabinet are some vitamins (orange-flavored, no less) that will work like a large health kit when you use them. You can also check out the toilet if you want--it makes no difference to the game, but considering some of the bosses you're going to face, you may want to take care of business first.

Now go back to the hallway and walk toward the camera to the next doorway on the right. This leads to the kitchen, where you'll find a sandwich in the fridge. Ash doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that it must be at least eight years old, so take it and use it as a small health kit. Also check out the counter on the right side of the kitchen to find a biscuit.

You now have everything you need from the cabin, so it's time to venture out into the demon-haunted woods.

6.2 Outside the Cabin

Leave the cabin through the back door, the door in the hallway. You'll emerge in the back of the cabin with a mushroom, a small gas-tank, and a crowbar. Pick all of them up--the red mushroom may seem useless now, but you'll definitely want it later. Then head to the right of the cabin to the old workshed, slashing away any deadites that pop up on the way. They respawn here so don't try to kill them all--just clear a path to the workshed as fast as you can and run through the door.

Here you'll find your first inventory chest. Definitely save the game here and put away the converter, the mushrooms and crowbar--you won't be able to use them until you get to the next chest. You'll notice that you can still hear the deadites snarling outside. Take a deep breath and run outside, switching on your chainsaw as you step out the door.

Fight off the two deadites waiting for you and run to the other side of the cabin as soon as a path clears. Run up along the side of the cabin and grab any mushrooms you find along the way. You're now in front of the cabin -just dodge the deadites while you pick up the mushrooms and run to the left side of the cabin; be careful to not pick up the shovel lying on the grave, no matter how tempting it looks. Run down the side of the cabin to grab a large gasoline can--you're probably going to need it by now. Since this is a narrow dead-end path, you're going to have to fight your way out. Just hack and slash through the deadites and go back to that smoking grave. Pick up the shovel and get ready for a surprise!

Man, and you thought YOUR old girlfriends were bad! Stay on the headless dancing corpse of Linda and whack her with the chainsaw and axe--if she gets too far away, pull out the gun and start shooting. After a few hits she'll leap away into the night, never to be seen again.

6.3 Wolverine Campground

Run south from the cabin entrance and follow the dirt road to the bridge, dodging or killing any deadites that get in your way. You'll find your car and a Necronomicon page hanging from the wrecked bridge. You can't open your car (Jenny had the keys) and you can't reach the page--hmmm, just a coincidence? At any rate, run left from the bridge to find an old hiking trail. Follow the trail along a ridge--a new enemy is waiting on the ridge for you, flapping skull-headed bats, but they'll respawn and are so easily dodged that it's not worth the time and health to fight them. Just keep running along the ridge and they probably won't hit you.

As you arrive at the park, you'll hear an evil cackling sound. Walk a little further and you'll discover the awful truth--evil cackling demon-
possessed Boy Scouts! Okay, so these are technically Wolverine Scouts, but either way the kids at Camp Crystal Lake had it easy compared to these guys.

Two deadite-scouts will rush in to attack you. You might want to draw your gun on them, although a few quick slashes will take them out. Don't try to kill them both at once--just focus on killing one deadite and let the other run around until you're ready to go after it. They shouldn't pose too much of a threat and there's a stick of beef jerky waiting for you on the right picnic table to help heal you after you're done.

Check out the firepit to find some lighter-fluid and follow the trail to the right. You'll find a crossroads; go east and you'll see a locked chain-link gate and a file. Read the file to learn about Father Allard, Knowby's old friend. Encouraged by the thought of "meeting new friends" at Allard's old church, go right back to the fork and head south. If your chainsaw's nearly empty, fill it up now--you're gonna need it.

You've just stumbled onto Camp Evil Dead! Yikes! Two deadite scouts will attack you at a time, some flinging arrows while others slash at you with knives. They won't respawn but there are aLOT of them, so you may want to just run through the camp and follow the trail leading up the mountain. Still, you're going to come back here several times, so I recommend killing them off now.

Just use the same strategy that you used at the picnic tables, attacking one and then killing the other after the first is down. Keep using health and gas items when you need them. There's eight or ten scouts to kill, after which a save-tape will appear on the ground and legless deadite-spirits will start attacking. These will keep spawning so just search the tent to the left of the big tent for a letter and the big tent for rifle shells.

Now cross the campground to find a rocky trail leading up the side of a cliff. Follow the trail to a caved-in mine entrance. Have Ash search the rocks for a sudden flash of insight from Ash and then use the shovel; he'll clear out a small tunnel and crawl into the old mine. Here you'll find the Wolverine Scout guide and an inventory-chest. Save the game and take out the converter, the crowbar and the mushroom you put in the chest. Put the rifle shells and lighter fluid in the chest for now.

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