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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy Legend (Gameboy)
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(5) The Palace
Supporting Character: Myron
Items: Radar
You start the game in a battle. When the battle is finished you'll find out that it was just a simulation. The next day you'll be at the Elder who tells you of Borgin who sent you into the past in hopes that you might save the future. The Elder then takes you west of town to a temple where Myron and Sharon are waiting for you. Then both join the party and the Elder takes you further into the temple to see the Talon. Now exit the temple and return to the town to the east.

(7) Dharm
Go to the shops and equip your party with whatever you can afford. Make sure you equip and magic you buy by going to your items screen, selecting the magic spell, and then selecting the person to teach it to. When you're finished go to the house in the top right corner of town where you'll find the Simulator. The Simulator is a good place to gain a few easy levels along with some gold. You can enter the Simulator as many times as you want so you may want to get your levels up to maybe 5 or 6 before continuing. When you're happy, leave Dharm and head north.

(6) The North Tower
Items: Shell Magic, Leather Gloves, Float Magic
1st Floor-As soon as you enter just continue going straight to get to the next floor.
2nd Floor-Follow the wall and go left. Once you reach another wall go down, jump over the hole in your way, and then continue following the path until you reach the chest. Now backtrack your way back to the stairs you came up and then go past them (jumping over the hole) until you reach a wall. Go up and you'll find a stairway leading to the 3rd floor.
3rd Floor-The stairway up to final floor is in the center of this room and is surrounded on three sides by wall, on the forth side is a hole. To get to the stairs just jump over the hole. But first get the Leather Gloves from the chest on the left side of the stairway going up.
4th Floor-Once you get the Float spell in the center of the room go back down a floor and then use the holes to get out of the tower quickly. Return to Dharm if you need to use the Inn and then cast Float and go west to Elan (it looks like a cave).

(4) Elan
Items: Past Unit
Boss: WaterHag
As you enter someone will say that Granny is in the Magic Shop. To get to the Magic shop you need to enter the Inn, go down the stairs which lead to a pond with a couple people in it (you'll need to walk into a wall to get there). Enter the pond and push against the left wall. Now you should be outside the Inn in a river. Enter the waterfall and you're finally there. Cronos is in the large house at the bottom of the town. He gives you the Past unit for the Talon. Now exit Elan, cast Float and head back to the Palace. You'll notice there is a monster guarding the entrance. Land and fight the WaterHag.

(5) Palace
Once you've entered the Talon, Myron will leave the party. Step forward onto the little seat. The Past unit will be attached to the Talon and you'll be taken to a menu. Choose WARP and then PAST. Exit the Talon the way you entered. You're now in the Past.


Upon exiting the Palace go east where you'll find the Elder looking for
a good spot to build a new town (Dharm). Now cast FLOAT and go to Elan
(it's in the same spot it was in the Present).

(4) Elan
You can get to the Magic shop the same way you did in the Present but the spells are the same in either time period. Actually, the only new thing you can buy is Cure2 potions in the Item shop. In the big house at the bottom you'll find a young Cronos who says Granny went to save Lara. Before going to the cave to find Granny and Lara, cast Float and go south to a little town surrounded by mountains on 3 sides and water on the 4th side.

( ) Lae
Items: Flushex
There is a good weapons and armors here, plus if you go to the back of town to the Items shop, the shopkeeper will give you the Flushex unit for the Talon. Now go southeast where you'll find a cave.

( ) Dogra's Cave
Supporting character: Lara
Items: Plume, Iron Nunchucks, Cure2, Rover Unit
Boss: Lara, Dogra
1st Floor-Upon entering go left following the wall around until you find a chest. Go back the way you came and then once you've reached the exit continue to the right and keep going on that path and you'll eventually find Granny. You tell her that you'll find Lara and she leaves. From here continue to the left and then go up to a chest. Return to the spot where you found Granny and then take the stairs down.
Basement1-Go right and the up until you can see another stairway going down. Take that stairway down to the next floor.
Basement2-Go down as far as you can, then left as far as you can, and then up to a stair leading up. Take that stairway to get a Cure2. Come back down the stairs and then go down as far as you can, and then left until you reach a spot where you can go up. Take that path up and then to your left following the outer wall (the one on your characters left). Eventually, you should reach a stairway going up. This is the stairway you want to take.
Basement1-Not much left to do from here. Follow the path you are in and you'll find Lara. Unfortunately, she is under a spell and you have to defeat her in battle to break it. After the battle she'll join your party. Continue to the right and take the stairs you find.
Basement2-In the center of the little room you are now in you'll find Dogra. Defeat it and you'll receive the Rover unit for the Talon. Now exit the cave the way you came in and return to Elan.

(4) Elan
Items: Dive spell
Return to the big house where Granny will be waiting for you. Talk to her and she will give you the Dive spell. Exit Elan and walk over to the edge of land. Cast DIVE and press 'A' to dive. Go north and you should find a town.

( ) Muu
Items: Ifram Seed, Soft
Besides getting new weapons, armors, and magic, there is a building that has two treasure chests. Once finished exit the town and then go around the mountains. After a while you should be able to see a shipwreck about 5 or 6 spaces south of the mountains.

Items: TNT, Water Stone
The most imporatant thing here is the Water Stone. Later you'll be able to use these stones to make powerful magic. Once you're out of the shipwreck go back to the surface (press 'A') and go north. When you reach land press 'B' to get back on land. Continue north and you'll see that you're back at the cave where you rescued Lara. You should also see a piece of land that looks different. Step on that square and you'll plant the Ifram seed. Now use Float and return to the Palace.

(5) Palace
Board the Talon and sit on the seat as you did before. The Flushex
and Rover will be attached. Now choose WARP and PAST again to return to the Present.


As you exit the Palace you'll automatically go to the Elder in

(7) Dharm
Lara will leave the party and the Elder will tell you that Cronos found something for you. So, go to Elan.

(4) Elan
Items: Tower Key
Go see Cronos in the big house. He'll tell you that Ashura in the
South Tower has the Future unit. Then there is an earthquake and Chaos' castle rises out of the ocean. Cronos will then give you the key to the South Tower, your next destination.

(2) South Tower
Items: Chaos Key, B-Jack Whip, Air Stone, TNT
Boss: Ashura
Outside the tower you'll see the Ifram tree, which grew from the seed you planted in the Past.
1st Floor-Just go straight forward to reach the stairs going to the next floor.
2nd Floor-Go left and then up when you come to a wall for a chest. Now go to the far right side of the room and into the upper corner where you'll find the stairs up.
3rd Floor-The stairs going to the next floor is towards the left side of the room. There are two chests, one on each side of the stairs. To get the one on the left side of the stairs you need to jump over a hole, unfortunately you won't have enough room to jump back so you'll need to drop into the hole and then work your way back up to the 3rd floor again (if you don't want the TNT that's in it then just go up to the 4th floor).
4th Floor-Nothing here except the stairs up to the next floor.
5th Floor-Staight ahead from where you enter this floor you'll find Ashura. When you defeat Ashura you will receive the chaos key. Exit the tower (using the holes is the quickest) and return to Elan to resupply and get healed up. Once finished go south until you can see the top of Chaos' Castle. Walk to the water and use the DIVE spell and the press 'A' to go under where you'll be able to enter the castle.

(14)Chaos' Castle
Items: Elixir, Relax, Earth Stone, Gold Gloves, Soft, Psi Armor, Fire Shield, Hover Unit, Future Unit
Boss: Chaos
1st Floor-As you enter you should be able to see a conveyer belt in front of you. This particular conveyer belt is going in the wrong direction though. Go left and up a bit where you'll find a conveyer belt that is going in the right direction. Step onto it and immediately push right. About the middle of the conveyer belt you should go through the wall into a small room where you'll find a chest with an Elixir in it. Go back through the wall where you came in and continue your conveyer belt ride. Once off the conveyer belt go up to the wall and then right until you get to the stairs going up.
2nd Floor-Go down the path to the right of the stairs you just came up. Once you reach a wall go as far as you can to your left. Jump over the hole below you and then take a couple steps to your left and then up across the conveyer belt. You should see another conveyer belt to your left. Go across that one and then to your left again where you'll find another conveyer belt going up. Go across that one and then follow the path around to a chest with a Relax potion in it. Jump over the chest after you've gotten its contents and then across yet another conveyer belt. Here you'll find 3 holes. Jump over the bottom-most hole and then go down. To your left you'll find the stairs going up, but first go right. If you go as far as you can you'll end up going through the wall
on to a path leading to a chest. Once you've got the Earth Stone from the chest go back to the stairs leading up and go up to the 3rd floor.
3rd Floor-Go right, then up, and right again. Use the conveyer belt and press to the right as soon as you get on. Go below the hole and jump over it. Get the chest, then jump over it, go right and enter the door. Once on the other side of the door go up to the top of the room where you'll find another door. You should now be in a passage leading up to a portal. Use the portal.
4th Floor-First go right and up the stairs you'll find. This will take you to the 5th floor where you can grab the chest and then return to the 4th floor. Back on the 4th floor go as far as you can to the left following the wall. Go down through the wall and then to your right where you'll find another chest. Now go west and then up as far as you can (this should bring you right next to stairs leading up to the 5th floor.
5th Floor-Just follow the path and you'll find another stairway and a chest. Get the Fire Shield from the chest and then go down the stairs.
4th Floor-Another easy path. Just follow it and go up the stairs you'll find at the end.
5th Floor-At the end of this path there is another stairway going up.
6th Floor-Go straight and down the stairs you reach.
5th Floor-You've finally reached Chaos. Once you defeat Chaos, get the Talon units from the two chests and then find your way out of the castle. Return to Elan if you need to replenish supplies and/or heal. Then return to the outside of Chaos' Castle and go north where you'll find a new shipwreck.

( ) Shipwreck
Items: Air Stone, TearGas
Get the two chests and then go directly west of the shipwreck to the town of Muu, which you visited in the Past.

( ) Muu
Items: Water Stone
There is new stuff for sale in the Present and also a new building with a treasure chest in it. Once finished, exit the town and go west some more. You'll come to another shipwreck surrounded by volcanoes. To get to it: surface, go a couple of spaces west, and dive again.

Items: Earth Stone, Thunder Staff
This shipwreck is your last stop underwater. When finished, go to the Palace and board the Talon.

(5) Palace
Once aboard the Talon take a seat at the controls and your new units will be attached. Now it's time to go back to the Future. Select WARP and then FUTURE. Exit the Palace and you'll notice the land has changed dramatically.


Upon exiting the Palace cast FLOAT and head west to Elan.

(4) Elan
Item: Morph spell
The town hasn't changed its appearance but the shops have changed their wares. Talk to Cronos in the big house. He says to visit Granny in the Inn and then go to Viper. Granny is lying in bed waiting. When you talk to her she will give you the Morph spell, tell you to go to Muu, then dive. Exit the town and use the DIVE spell to go to Muu (which is just a little north of the island with Elan on it).

( ) Muu
Item: Air Stone
When you enter cast Morph, otherwise all the people will attack you when you try to talk to them. You still might get attacked, just not by the people of Muu. There is another new building to search, plus new equipment to buy. Now exit and head west to Viper.

The large skyscraper is where the shops are and the small buildings
are Inns. On the right side of town you'll meet a guard asking for a password. Since you don't know it right now, just leave him alone. Exit Viper and go south using FLOAT. Here you'll find what appears to be a town.

(1) New Dharm
Item: Password
Examine the tomb that is 3 from the left and 3 from the bottom to reveil a stairway leading down to New Dharm. At the top of town you'll find a huge building where Myron is waiting to talk to you. He tells you the Password and says to go help Dion in Viper. Now that you know the Password return to Viper.

Supporting character: Dion
Items: Berth Unit, Awake, Water Stone, Laser Sword, Rocket
Go talk to the guy who wanted the Password. He'll let you through now. On the right side of the building is 4 chests and Dr. Belski, who can treat any wound. On the left side, Dion is waiting. He'll give you Rocket and tell you to see Dr. Pulcer with it and then he'll join your party. Exit Viper and use DIVE to enter the water. Submerge yourself and go north where you'll find a little undersea shelter.

( ) Undersea Shelter
Items: Cure3, Radio
Dr. Pulcer will give you Radio and tell you the plan. Return to land and use FLOAT to take yourself to the pier on the island with the Palace on it. Go to the end of the pier and use ROCKET to get to Floatland.

( ) Village
Use the village to replenish supplies and get healed while on Floatland. When you're ready go north to the ruins.

(8) Northern Ruins
Items: Earth Stone, Fire Gun, Water Stone (x2), X-Fire
Staff, SMG, Remote, Light Stone, ATM
The cloud-like floor acts like the conveyer belts that you encountered earlier, except there is no way to tell which direction they
are going to take you.
Section1-First thing to do here is work your way to the far right wall. About 5 spaces from the top of that wall you'll be able to walk through the wall and into another section. Step on the clouds and you'll be taken down to a portal which leads to the next section of the ruins. Before entering the portal step on the clouds to your left. These will take you to a chest with an Earth stone in it. Step on the clouds to your left and you'll be back in the main room where you entered. Work your way back to the far right wall and get back to the portal.
Section2-The cloud-like areas in this section make squares out of the non-cloud areas. Go up 2 non-cloud squares and then over one more. Step on to the upper-left corner of the square you are on. The wall directly to your left can be walked though to find a chest. Now work your way to the top left corner of the room where you'll find the portal to the next section.
Section3-Along the bottom wall of this room there are two spots that can be walked through. One is right up against the left wall and the other is in the center of the bottom wall. The one against the wall leads to a cloud that takes you down, the other has a cloud that goes up. You should now be in a small room with a chest and a portal. Get the chest
then take the portal. The portal will take you into another small
room with another chest. Get the chest and then come back to the portal so you can get back to where you were. Now step onto the cloud that takes you up (the opposite one that you stepped on before. Now find the portal in the top left corner of the room.
Section4-First, get the chest that is the bottom corner of this room. Now all you need to do is go up the stairs that is in the top left corner of this room.
Section5-As you enter you should see a chest to your left. Get that chest and then go left where you'll find another chest. The contents of this chest is the main reason for entering the ruins. Return to the portal, but DON'T enter it. Instead walk straight down from it and through the wall to another stairway.
Section6-Go up and you'll see a stairway and a path to the left of it. Take the path to get the treasure and then take the stairs.
Section1-You are now in the center of the room where you entered the ruins. Get the chest and then step onto the clouds. You'll end up walking though a wall. Now all you need to do is go straight up and you're out. Return to the Village to replenish yourself if you need to,
then from the ruins go east following the mountain path until you
can't go east any longer. Now go north to a large dark mountain, on
top of the mountain is Maitreya's Tower.

(9) Maitreya's Mountain
Items: Air Stone, Ice Shield
Go up the first set of stairs. The stairs on your right will take you to a chest containing an Ice Shield, and the stairs on your left will lead to an Air Stone in a chest (take the stairs going down when you come to them) and Maitreya's Tower (take the stairs going up when you come to them). Odd shaded squares will replenish your HPS and MPS when you step on them.

(9) Maitreya's Tower
Items: Cure3 (x2), Psi Gun, Earth Stone, Exit spell, Battle
armor, X-Plane unit
Boss: Maitreya
1st Floor-Go straight ahead from the entrance and up the stairs.
2nd Floor-From here on up to the 8th floor the only thing that is different about the floors is the location of the treasure. On this floor go right to get to the chest and then go up the stairs.
3rd Floor-This floor doesn't have a treasure chest so go either way around to the stairs going up.
4th Floor-Go left to get to the Psi Gun.
5th Floor-Again, no treasure so it doesn't matter which way you go.
6th Floor-The treasure in this room is to the right.
7th Floor-Nothing to see here.
8th Floor-The Exit spell is in the chest here. The quickest way to get it is to go right.
9th Floor-As you come out of the stairway a monster will appear and knock you back down to the 8th Floor. Dion doesn't get knocked down and, while trying to figure out where you went, finds a door which leads to Maitreya. When the control switches back to you climb your way back up a floor. Before going to find Maitreya, go around like you did on all thr
previous floors to get to a stairway going up to the 10th floor.
10th Floor-Grab the two chests and then go back down to the 9th floor.
9th Floor-Search the wall where Dion found the door. The door will open for you too and you'll be able to find a path leading to a second stairway to the 10th floor.
10th Floor-Once you've defeated Maitreya on this level you'll get the X-Plane unit. For a quick escape from the tower use the EXIT spell. Once you're out use RADIO and then REMOTE. You'll now take the Talon back to Viper.

You have Dr. Belski fix up Dion and he rejoins your party. Exit Viper and board the Talon (press 'A' while standing underneath it). Sit at the controls and your new units will be attached.

( ) The Talon
To fly around in the Talon, choose DEPART from the control menu. If you get attacked the Talon will shoot all the enemies once before the battle starts. When you're ready to continue, choose WARP and then X-PLANE to go to Pureland.


When you arrive at Pureland, Dion will leave the party and the Talon will only be able to move on land. To the east there is a town which would be a good place to start.

( ) Darius
Items: Heal spell, Star
In this town you'll learn that FLOAT and DIVE spells don't work. You'll also find a ship to Knaya that isn't ready to sail yet, and two houses with treasure in them. When finished, board the Talon and in it, go west across a bridge. Here you'll find a small village next to a tree.

( ) Village
Item: Catnip
The only person still able to move is Eitar in the house to the left on the entrance to the village. He tells you what happened and that
you should get CATNIP from the tree. If you try talking to the cat mummies you'll be attacked. When you reach a small garden surrounded by fence, look at the left side of the fence for a spot you can walk though. Go up and search the tree to get CATNIP. There is one other treasure in the village, but you can't get it until you unstone the people. With CATNIP in hand return to the Talon and go north where you'll find some ruins.

( ) Maze - Pureland ruins
Items: Wizard Armor, Prison Key, Fur Armor
Boss: Fenrir
Use CATNIP as soon as you enter to put all the cat mummy guards to sleep. If one of the cats is in your way just push it. Go left and you'll end up going up some stairs, right, down, left, and up some more stairs. Follow the outer wall and you'll eventually reach a treasure chest with Wizard armor in it. Now follow the path leading right and keep going until you reach a spot where you go up a two space wide stairway. Go straight up from here and you'll reach Fenrir. After you've defeated Fenrir grab the Prison Key from the chest and go look for Faye.
Finding Faye is easy enough. Just go down as far as you can (back down the two space wide stairs) and follow the path to the right. This will lead to a chest with Fur Armor in it. From the chest keep going right until there is no longer a roof over your head. Go up and you'll find the Prison door. Open it with the key and take the stairway down to get to Faye. When you find her, she will join your party. Return to the village.

( ) Village
Item: Dark Stone
Back at the Vilage, the people are unstoned. You can get the treasure chest that was blocked before. Return to Darius (the first
town you visited) and board the ship to Knaya.

( ) Knaya
Lots'o shops here. Shouldn't be much of a problem finding what you need. When you're finished spending your hard-earned cash, exit Knaya and use REMOTE to call the Talon. Board it and go south and then west across the bridge. Continue in a western direction until you come to a large dark mountain. Enter the mountain.

( ) Mt. Hasbid
Item: Light Stone, Missile Unit, Cool, Durend Sword
Boss: Guya
Climb to the top of the mountain making sure you get all 3 treasure
chests. Make sure you're ready for a fight before you climb up to the same level as the flames, because as soon as you do you'll have to wait until after the fight with Guha to save and stuff. After the battle, Buzi will board the Talon so you'll now be able to buy items on the Talon, a chest will also appear. Once back at the Talon, attach the Missile Unit and then head north to a cave.

( ) Cape Frost Cave
Here you'll find Shar. He says he'll join if you bring him the TABLET, which is in the ruins southwest from there.

( ) Southwest Ruins
Items: Tablet, Light Stone, Fire Stone, Smother, Wizard Armor, Drain Sword, Warm
Boss: Dahak
Blocking the entrance to the ruins is Dahak. Make sure to have Durend equipped to either Arthur or Shanon because it does quite a bit
of damage. After the battle, Dahak will still be there and it says only a Sage can remove him. Then Buzi the Sage cmoes in and removes Dahak. Now you can get past the spot where Dahak was. Here you'll find a chest with the TABLET in it. Take the TABLET and return to the cave to give it to Shar. He'll need time to examine the TABLET so return to the ruins and go down the stairway.
Basement 1-Just follow the pathway to another stairway going up.
1st Floor-Go left and then up until you reach a spot where you can go right or left. First go right and get the Light Stone from the chest. Then return and go left. Get the chest that is in a raised up section of floor. Now from the bottom of the stairs that take you to the top of the raised up section go directly to the right and you'll find a stairway leading back down.
Basement 1-Go down until you see a path going to the left. Take this
path to find the first puzzle room.
Puzzle Room 1-In this room you'll see 4 rocks. You need to move them
down to block the 4 waterfalls. You can jump over a rock if you need to. From left to right I'm gonna number the rocks 1 2 3 4. Ok, move rock 1 down, left twice, and down again. Now move rock 3 down twice. Rock 4 then needs to be moved left, up twice, right four times, and finally down four times. The last rock, rock 2, needs to be moved left, down, right, and down. Now return to the 1st floor by returning the way you
1st Floor-Go left until you reach a wall. Follow along that wall and
you'll be able to get two treasure chests. After getting the chests, continue following the wall until you reach a stairway going down.
Basement 1-Go right and follow the outer wall until you reach another stairway. This leads to the next puzzle room.
Puzzle Room 2-You must put the rocks into the waterfalls just like you
did in the previous puzzle room. In this one I'm gonna number the rocks like this: 1 2 3 4
Move the rocks in this order:
Rock 4- down twice, left twice, down
Rock 1- down four, left, down
Rock 2- right twice, down five
Rock 3- left, down 3, right 3, down
Now exit the puzzle room and you'll be back in Basement 1.
Basement 1-Go north and you'll eventually reach a spot where you can go right to get a chest. From the chest, go left and you'll find the stairs to the final puzzle room. Before entering it take the path going down. Get the chest that it leads to and then go back up to the stairway leading to the puzzle room.
Puzzle Room 3-This room is a bit trickier than the previous two.
I'll number these rocks like this: 1 4
2 3
Move the rocks in this order:
Rock 1- down twice, left, down 3 times
Rock 2- down twice, left, down twice
Rock 3- left twice
Rock 4- left, down, right, down four
Rock 3- up, right twice, down, right, down three, left twice, and finally down one more.
Once all the puzzle rooms have been cleared you'll be taken out of the ruins to watch the water disappear. Get in the Talon and head north.

( ) Jorgandr desert
Boss: Jorgandr
The whirlwind in the center of the desert will suck you in and the Talon will be destroyed. Jorgandr will attack you at this point. After the battle Buzi will go back and stay with Shar, and he tells you to go ahead to Talonsburg, which is north.

( ) Talonsburg
Items: Shield Unit, Hover Unit
Dr. Quacer will take all the units from the Talon and attach them to the Talon2. Exit Talonsburg and board Talon2. Return to the cave where Shar and Buzi are waiting, and both of the will board the Talon2. You can now buy and make magic aboard the Talon2 plus you can buy items. If you got the Hover unit in Talonsburg then the Talon2 can now fly over both land and water now. Go back to Talonsburg and then head northwest to the city in the clouds.

( ) Cirrus
Items: Calm, Laser Unit
Talk to King Clamin in the castle. Inside the castle Juba will board the Talon2. You can now buy and make armor on the Talon2. King Clamin says he will give you the PASS if you can get Xcalibr. Return to the Talon2 and go back to the cave where you got Shar and Buzi. From there go a little north and then east a bit to a town on a very small island.

( ) Porle
This is where you'll need to go when you get the PASS. For now just gather some information. When you're set, enter the cave just north of Talonsburg.

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