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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Gangsters 2: Vendetta"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Gangsters 2: Vendetta (PC Games)
Submitted By: spoonbeast

When you’re able to buy guns, always issue all members with Tommy guns. They are cheap and can waste massive groups of people quite quickly. Ignore silenced pistols and twin packs. They are absolute rubbish and no good in fights.

When you’re able to buy cars, buy roadsters or armoured cars. Only if you’re desperate will you need a sedan. An armoured car with a gangster with full muscle with Tommy guns can easily take on gangsters with the same kit but in a roadster quite easily one after the other and maybe both at the same time.


Set up all your illegal businesses as soon as you claim them. Also try and monitor any places that the rival gangs trash, as they will always go for these places. Giving you a idea where to defend and where to nail as many of their gangsters as you can.

Need a boost in cash? Try stealing cars from rival gangs and selling them. Some of them will sometimes drive outside your base, park them and go wandering off somewhere. Don’t worry about your cars, they don’t bother stealing your cars and the most they would do is steal back their own.

If you want to take over businesses without trashing them order your gangster to take the building. But when he/ she says something that will mean they trash the place (like wrecking time! Or let’s trash this place). Instantly tell them to get out of the building and then walk back in and claim the place. The shop will be instantly be yours and function without problems. As for illegal businesses, kill the guy who runs it and then claim the site as yours.

Robbing banks are a very effective way of gaining cash with 0% APR. Remember depending on the time, only certain gangsters can rob banks. A safe cracker and bank robber can only rob banks but at different times. It’s best that you use the bank robber in daylight and safe crackers at night. Also once it’s robbed, hide in a local area and wait for the bank to be fixed and THEN REPEAT the process for unlimited cash flow!

When it comes to bribes, get a gangster who can persuade (like TUX) but what if someone is already bribing them? Not to worry, get your kidnapper and order him to kidnap the person from the building. If the person is thrown out of the building and is running for dear life, you should be influencing the person now. But be careful when it comes to police stations, you could be throwing out THE WHOLE STATION FULL OF COPS as well as the police chief and they won’t care if they are under your influence. They will nail or arrest quite quickly.

In some cases, bribery is not needed, finding dirt on anyone will usually bring him or her to your side. Try brothels, casinos and speakeasys for evidence. Never illegal businesses where products are made or printing of fake cash or loan sharks.

When putting a specialist into the illegal business, buy anyone from the newspaper, they tend to be more or less the same. But some special ones will come along and you should consider hiring them regardless if you need them or not. This prevents good manpower going to waste and stopping them gaining money.


Tommy guns (when you ever get them) is the weapon of choice, it’s the fastest drawing weapon, destructive and great in gun fights. All gangsters’ can use the weapon skill fully. A rifle could be an alternative if you are a bit short of Tommy guns. But replace them as soon as you can.

When targeting people on foot, try targeting the gangster in the middle of the pack and let the team do all the work.

If you are a gangster with assassinate skill you can resolve battles easily, despite being on your own. Click on the assassinate button and click on the gangster (or his muscle) that you want dead. The trick here is that normally you have to clear all the muscle before you can get your hands on the gangster itself. With the assassinate feature you target the gangster first. Once he’s dead, their muscle will desert and go back to where they came from.

In drive by situations, you can maximise all the amount of kills done. When driving towards a crowd, pause the game and target the closest person, now unpause it and watch their colour square underneath their feet will vanish as you shoot them. Now pause again. This means muscle or gangster is dead so target some one else and unpause the game. Repeat process. You can nail far more people this way then driving in real time to nail each person.

When you see cops around and they are not under your influence, kill them. They will become an annoyance to you when trying to do delicate things or doing street fights. But this is not a permanent solution. At a change of light, new cops will come along and replace them, but I do believe there’s a limit to the number of people there.

If you are injured or your muscle looks in need of fixing, go to safe houses and your office till recovered. Or if you are no where near a safe house, just fire the weak muscle and hire new ones. Just make sure that you’re close to a different muscle site that when doing this, as you’ll just buy the same one if you stand near the same one you hired them from. Also wait a moment for them to move a fair distance or you would hire them again.

When entering offices with the lead gang leader, get a bomber to throw a bomb into their office and clear everyone out and then kill the boss that runs out. Its much safer then throwing everyone out as you could be killed in the process.

It should be important that you do as many objectives to help other gangs join forces with you to save time and money fighting them. Also provide a safe haven for you. Also the best gangsters will come to you for work. It’s important that you hire them quickly as they will help you in your mission.

If some missions state that you can make gangsters submit by taking most of their land, it’s probably to follow this route of action. But remember, before the gang leader is about to submit I suggest you nick every stray car that you can before you become allies. It would be a waste of resources if you don’t.

If mini gangs begin to spawn (because the main leader is dead and there’s gangsters left) its wise to do drive bys to clear them off as they will become a pain once they are free and roaming. Its best you target their leader who also comes out for walkies. No more then 2 cars should cover these little offices that spring up.

Hitmen are not particularly advised unless their success rate is around 75 percent and above.

Apart from one level, ignore what your advisor says when it comes to being wanted, they police are powerless to stop you and they rarely do raids on your place. Even if they did, you could easily kill them all.

When hiding in you base, place the aggression really high so they will instantly begin shooting anyone who throws them out.

Unless, you’re in an armoured car, you must not take on too many muscle at 2 or 3 close business sites as you might get killed in the process.

If possible try not to kill the muscle that patrol (the ones that walks around) certain areas, this muscle can be turned to your side, provided that you capture the district that their muscle site came from. Otherwise, it’s pointless as there would still be plenty of reserves of muscle even if you killed everyone outside.

Never let muscle guard sites, you can’t arm them and they can easily get over run by gangsters with anything better then a shot gun. Its better off that you got gangsters with muscle (if possible) to guard sites as gangsters are far better skilled then muscle and also gives them the opportunity to obtain better weapons to defend the site.
Submitted By: Freeola
From the outset of the episode, you will notice that your gang members all have high notoriety. This requires all movement outside your district to be made with care; the police vary in density across the city, so avoid the more police intensive areas to begin with. You are already bribing Police Lieutenant Hiram Bernstein in Bartlemy, so treat this entire district as your ‘safety zone’.

As mentioned in the briefing, you need to use spies to find out how to stop Xiao Min ‘Slim’ Jung and Hans ‘Shark’ Wanninger from attending the meeting with Constantine, so consider spying on sites before you attack or claim them.

Another factor to consider is that the FBI will receive reports from priests and police if you establish an illegal business in a district where you are not influencing both characters.

With all these in mind, it is time to take your first steps against Frankie ‘Hammer’ Constantine.

Getting Started
The first thing to do is to bribe the priest in Bartlemy. Although money is fairly tight with a good set of gangsters and the priest costs $100 every hour to influence, this action does mean that you can then set up the loan shark. A specialist with five stars in running a loan shark (such as the one conveniently waiting in your office) will generate over $1100 every hour, more than offsetting the cost of the priest.

Consider placing gangsters into your vehicles, then returning them to your office and selling the vehicles; at this stage of the game, it’s bullet proof or nothing! If you have getaway drivers, load them into these vehicles and use them as ‘interceptors’ against Constantine’s attacks. The first of these will come over the footbridge from Downtown at about 1330 hours, so have the bullet proof cars and any assassins available ready to meet them.

The three largest districts occur in the centre and east of the city, and are all controlled by Constantine. Downtown, Dunning and Hutton are densely packed areas, the last of which is in the north and east and contains ‘Hammer’ Constantine’s office and the army barracks.
With one part of your gang protecting the entrance to Bartlemy from Downtown, send the other part into Anderton to seize control of this district. Remember to spy on the sites before you claim them; your spy will begin to uncover details of the meeting between Constantine, ‘Slim’ Jung and ‘Shark’ Wanninger, the two mobsters from out of state. The third message that you will see is that Constantine is getting nervous and is preparing to flee; don’t worry about this at the moment. Just remember that as you expand into Anderton, keep a sharp lookout for the bullet proof cars of Constantine’s mob, and avoid them at all costs!

By the time that you have captured Anderton and formed a bridgehead between Bartlemy and Waterside, you should know most of the information available to your spy, and should be in a position to stop Jung and Wanninger.

Before you do however, there is an opportunity to increase your income and territory dramatically.
One of the messages from your spy will have said that Father Octavie Petrillo will come over to your side if you take the first sites in Waterside. Expanding this direction will be tough, but ultimately very worthwhile.

Using gangsters on foot, take control of the house across the canal footbridge (after you have spied on it, of course). With these gangsters guarding the bridge, move your bullet proof cars around the canal, claiming the sites with other gangsters as you go. Be warned that Constantine also has bullet proof cars on patrol along the canal edge, so keep your gangsters on foot out of range and use your own bullet proof cars to wipe them out. You may need to your office to heal and recruit fresh muscle.

Expand up the side of the canal and take the first sites in Waterside. On doing this, the whole district will suddenly become yours! A message will arrive, stating that Constantine has ordered a hit on Petrillo. If you want to keep the district, you have to protect the priest!

If it is night-time, check where the priest lives, and position gangsters to protect the approach to his whereabouts (Petrillo works in the church in Waterside, but lives in a tenement block just over the river in Richard Street, which is opposite the dice game on Shebby Street). An advanced warning will help, so take the speakeasy close to the casino and bank.

If Petrillo dies, the district will revert back to Constantine and you will have to take it by force. If you can defend the priest, your income will have increased by around $1000 every hour! Just refrain from attempting to set up any illegal businesses; Petrillo does not like crime, and will not welcome Constantine’s replacement being every bit as corrupt in his district.
Once Petrillo is safe, use your position to start moving through Constantine’s territory to the bridge into Hutton. Claim the sites around the bridge but be careful not to get involved in a gunfight for the bridge; with gangsters, police and army troops with armored cars, Constantine’s defence here is very strong. Just do enough to isolate Hutton from the remainder of Constantine’s territory, so that you get a warning of any gangsters heading into Downtown.
Make sure that you have achieved all this by the end of Tuesday, or you will have to defer the isolation of Constantine and concentrate on stopping ‘Slim’ Jung and ‘Shark’ Wanninger.

Secondary Objective: Stop Xiao Min ‘Slim’ Jung
One of the messages from your spy will have said that Jung can be stopped if Constantine loses control of the Southern district. This requires you to influence the Mayor and the Police Lieutenant in the district of Dunning (the Police Lieutenant is called Rinaldo Picarillo).

Attempting to influence the police lieutenant with a gangster that you took into the level will only result in their being repeatedly arrested and harassed, so you either need to recruit a charmer or make sure that all the police officers in the precinct are dead before you try to bribe the Police Lieutenant. A more effective way is just to bribe the mayor; the Lieutenant Picarillo and all the other police in the city instantly become influenced). The three pairs of police outside the City hall should not pose your gangsters with any obstacle.
Once the mayor and the Police Lieutenant have been influenced, Jung will refuse to appear for the meeting, and the objective is complete. If you fail to stop Jung this way, the only other method left is to kill him before he gets to the casino deep in Hutton.

Secondary Objective: Stopping Hans ‘Shark’ Wanninger
As with Jung, you will have received a message from your spy informing you how to stop Wanninger. Influence the Judge (Maxwell Bonner) and the DA (Joseph Grymes) in the courthouse in Downtown, and influence the Police Chief in the same district, Dale Medellin.
The bribing of the mayor to prevent Jung will also have influenced the Police Chief, so this activity should not be necessary (if you do have to bribe the Police Chief however, remember to make sure that there are no other officers nearby).
The courthouse is not protected in itself, although its presence close to the bridge into Hutton means that you will need to be careful of armored cars in the area. Gain access and bribe the judge and DA to complete this objective.

Primary Objective: Frankie ‘Hammer’ Constantine
With the completion of the two secondary objectives, Frankie ‘Hammer’ Constantine will attempt to flee the city and the army will pull back their armored cars.

You will receive a message stating that your new objective is to take the two buildings at the edge of the city, but if you are quick you can intercept Constantine and end your fight here and now.
If you have your bullet proof cars close enough to the bridge, make a mad dash to the far side of Hutton and intercept Constantine. Gun him down to end the game and claim victory!

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