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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Golden Sun"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Morbo
Djinn list.

1. Type- Venus. Element- Earth. Name- flint.

Right after you leave vale you will see this Djinn on the world
map, walk up to him to get him.

2. Mars. Fire. Forge.

This Djinn is in Goma cave. You will notice it on a ledge above
a man who has just tried to beat it. To get to it you will have
to move the pillar to make it be in the middle of the gap, so
that the top can be used as stepping-stones. Continue through
the cave, once you get to the pillar you moved, jump to the
other side using it, to get the Djinn.

3. Jupiter. Wind. Gust.

This one is in Bilibin. Climb the stairs to the east side of the
town, and walk along the fence until you get to some tangled
vines over the wall. Use Ivan�s whirlwind ability to remove the
vines and reveal a cave entrance. Go in side the cave and move
the statue south, using Isaacs or Garets move ability to move
the statue. Once it has been moved jump across to were the
statue was, then jump to the other platform, go down and get the

4. Venus. Earth. Granite.

This Djinn is in a fenced off area in Kolima. Be behind the
house next to the Djinn and walk down. You should find a secret
doorway, go down the hole, through the tunnel and get the

5. Jupiter. Wind. Breeze.

While travelling through Tret (the tree who turned everyone into
a tree), you will find this Djinn on a high branch on the left
hand side of the tree.

6. Mars. Fire. Fever.

This Djinn is in the cave at the end of the frozen river in
Imil. To get to the cave, you have you use the move ability on
the snowman, which is at the most northern part of the town. You
must push the snowman left so it falls onto the frozen river.
Now you have to navigate your way to the cave by going across
the icy river.

7. Mercury. Water. Fizz.

Mia brings this Djinn with her when she joins your party in
mercury lighthouse.

8. Mercury. Water. Sleet

This Djinn is hidden behind one of the waterfalls in mercury
lighthouse. So the easiest way to get this Djinn is to try and
walk through every waterfall you come across, and some of them
will let you pass through. Once you have found the room with 6
waterfalls in it, you have to go to the waterfall furthest
right, go through this waterfall to get the Djinn.

9. Jupiter. Wind. Zephyr.

This one is inside the cave, in Fucion temple. To be able get
past the man standing in front of the cave, you will have to use
Ivan�s mind read ability on the man who is meditating inside the
main temple. The man who is standing in front of the cave will
now allow you to enter. Travel through the cave and solve a
puzzle to get the Djinn.

10. Venus. Earth. Quartz.

As you travel through Mogall forest you will notice this Djinn,
as you are exploring. You must solve the easy log puzzle to
reach it.

11. Mercury. Water. Mist.

You will notice this Djinn on the high ledge, in the top right
corner of Xian. To get to it, you must make the girl who is
collecting water from the river; drop the water in the right
place. The easiest way to do this is to stand in the doorway
furthest right facing south. Once the girl is standing in front
of you talk to her and she will spill the water, now you have to
freeze the water on the floor using the frost ability. (Once you
have the frost gem anyone can learn this ability, but I
recommend that you give it to Mia, as she is a water and ice
specialist). Now use the frozen pillar to jump from one ledge to
another, and get the Djinn.

12. Mars. Fire. Corona.

This Djinn is hidden on the world map, to get to were it is, you
must walk north from Xian, until you get to a bridge. The bridge
should lead on to an island, go across the bridge and you should
be confronted by this Djinn, have a few fights on the island to
find him.

13. Mercury. Water. Spritz.

After you have defeated all 3 of the water spitting monsters in
Altin, go to the bottom mine, and follow the path on the right.
Solve the puzzle to get the Djinn.

14. Jupiter. Wind. Smog.

This Djinn is hidden in Lamakan desert. Use reveal on the all
the rocks that are placed in a circle, in the second screen. He
is hidden in the middle of one of the circles. It is on the left
hand side of the screen.

15. Venus. Earth. Vine.

After exiting Lamaken desert go northeast to a bridge that leads
to an island. Go on to the island and have some fights, and
eventually you will meet this Djinn.

16. Mars. Fire. Scorch.

In the northeastern part of Kalay, on top of the 2 story house,
jump from the top of the house to the grassy ledge. Go north and
move the statue to find a passageway. Enter the passage and you
will see the Djinn in the top left corner. All you have to do to
get it is, move the statue in front of the water pipe, so no
more water can get into the pool. Now the water will drain out
of the pool. Go get the Djinn.

*Now that the bridge has been repaired you can head back to
Vault. Now that you have gained some new skills, you can get 2
Djinn from there. *

17. Venus. Earth. Sap.

Find the tower in town and ring the bell. Now go to the west
side of town and climb the steps, follow the path until you
reach a dog and a set of circular stones. Use reveal to find a
hole, jump down the hole and solve the puzzle to get through the
cave. Come out and get the Djinn. If you have not rang the bell
he will not be there.

18. Jupiter. Wind. Kite.

Go to the fence next to Kradens house and use the lift ability
on the boulder so it moves out of your way. Go into the cave and
solve the puzzle, to get the Djinn. In this cave you will get
the move halt, use this move on the Djinn, to make him stop

If you want to get all the Djinn, go back and get all of the
Djinn above now, or before you cross over to the western
continent. Because you cannot return to the eastern continent
for a while.

19. Mars. Fire. Ember.

This Djinn is in Tolbi go to the southeastern corner of town and
look for a short vine. Use the grow ability on it to make it
grow, climb the vine, then use frost on the puddle. Now go
straight back to the inn and use the ice pillar to jump from one
platform to another. Go round the corner and get the Djinn.

20. Venus. Earth. Ground.

Do you remember the Djinn you saw behind the rubble in Kalay
dock? Well the only way to get to it is to run from Tolibi to
Kalay, to do this all you have to do is walk along the coast,
keeping the coast on the right hand side of Isaac, until you
reach the other side of Kalay. Walk up to it and get the Djinn.

21. Mercury. Water. Hail.

This Djinn is on an island northwest of Tolbi. To get to the
island walk west from Tolbi to a bridge, cross over it and carry
on walking northwestish to another bridge. Cross over it and
have a few fights and you will find him eventually.

22. Jupiter. Wind. Squall.

To get this Djinn, go to Altmiller cave and keep going past the
invisible man. (You will notice him as he is using Psyenergy).
Keep going through the door. Now you will see another door to
the right. You have to get there to complete the task for the
invisible man and to get the Djinn. Once you are in the room you
must move the pillars in the right order to be able to reach the
First push the left pillar to the right, and then push the
bottom pillar up. Use frost on the puddle. Now push the pillar
on the right over to the frozen pillar then push the top pillar
down. (You will have to walk behind the pillar that looks like
it is flat, but it is not). Now walk around the room to the top,
push the pillar down and then get the Djinn.

23. Mars. Fire. Flash.

In Suhalla desert, as you travel through it, you will notice
this Djinn in the top left corner of one of the screens. Use
reveal on the ledge to reveal a hidden pillar so you can use the
pillar as a stepping-stone to get to the Djinn.

24. Venus. Earth. Bane.

Straight after getting Djinn 23, go through the cave you saw on
the way. Travel through the cave and walk into the pink
sandstorm, DON�T use dowse. Let it take you to an island, walk
to the centre of the island and enter a place called Crossbones
Isle. Enter the cave and on the 6th floor, this Djinn will beg
you to chase him. Chase him around the room until he starts to
run continuously around the 3 stones. Use halt on him to get

25. Mercury. Water. Dew.

This Djinn is in Suhalla gate, on the 3rd screen, there will be
a lot of slides, take the 2nd slide down to the lower level and
get the Djinn.

26. Mars. Fire. Torch.

To get this Djinn go into Lalivero, then go to the east side of
town and enter the house with the ladder on the side of it, that
leads to the roof. Climb the vine to get the Djinn.

27. Mercury. Water. Tonic.

To get this Djinn you have to beat Toadonpa, in Dononpa�s
fortress. Go the ice cave watch the cut scene, then return to
Dononpa�s fortress and go to Dononpa�s Quarters. Once you have
talked to Dononpa, he will show you a path, which will lead to
the Djinn.

28. Jupiter. Wind. Luff.

At the entrance of Babi tower there are 2 ladders leading
underground. Go down the ladder to the left, move the pillar 1
place to the left. Go to the other side and move the other
pillar out of the way. Jump the gap and use grow on the small
vine. Head to the doorway and go down the slide to get to the

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