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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Project Gotham Racing (Xbox)
Submitted By: gamesfreak
Do you keep on crashing into the side barriers on every corner? Well I used to until I discovered the art of skillful driving, and good car control. With practice and effort, You'll understand that going fast doesn't mean everything.

In this walkthrough Iím going to look into the features of "Arcade" mode, and how you can drive through it with ease. Although Iím not exactly looking into the each level, Iím giving a 'walkthrough' of how to dodge those cones, how to take those corners and how to be a good driver.

Firstly, and most importantly, Look at your controller. See the "A" button? That button is set to the most useful thing in the game; The handbrake. Mastering the handbrake isn't hard after a few try's, it's used for cornering. "Why use the handbrake when you've got a perfectly good set of brakes?" I hear you cry, well the handbrake actually slows down the car faster so you can take the corners.

Cornering, like in most racing games, has to be done well if you want to get the highest amount of kudos possible. It involves two things; Judgement, and Control. You have to judge the corner before you take it, is it wide? Is it sharp? Or just a slight bend? You decide. Its this quick decision which is the most important part on how to take the corner smoothly. After you've mapped out what the corner is, it's time to take action and drive round it. This is where the use of your handbrake, accelerator and brakes come in. As you start to come up to the corner, ease off the acceleration and press "A" quickly while turning and gently pressing the brake. If you've done this well, your car should just skid round the corner - which is where you re-introduce full on acceleration to carry on moving.

Obviously practice makes perfect, but that is the generic method of cornering which I use in the game, and it works pretty well. The problem arises with what car you use though, faster cars are tough pieces of meat to master, So I suggest going for a more all rounded car with good handling for Arcade mode.

Arcade mode involves getting a certain amount of Kudos in 3 laps. You gain it by passing through specific 'cone gates' without knocking them over, and the other normal kudos methods. The key to this mode is obviously control, and don't expect to get 1500 kudos straight away on your first try. Each level takes practice, and you do this by mapping it out in your head, go through the first few cone gates and get used to the layout of the road. Imagine you are a Driver and a Co Driver rolled into one - Say to yourself what to do on each area;

"Cone gate one on your left, go through slowly between 60 - 80mph, for a quick handbrake turn right for cone gate 2" etc.

It might sound stupid, I know, but it works. If you know the course and where everything is, you know how to gain that kudos that is required to complete and move onto the next stage. If you hit a cone, whack START, and restart the race. You know why? Because you hit that cone and that lost you potential kudos. You need to rectify that error, so restarting the race helps you practice again and again.

Ok it might seem tedious, but getting those medals isn't easy. I also adopt a method I call "Kudos Road Points". After you've got the course in memory, Map out points on the road where you know how much kudos you should be aiming for, That way you can estimate what you should be getting at the end of each lap, If you aren't getting the estimate, restart the race.

With effort and practice, everyone can get those gold medals in arcade mode, its just involves how you control the car and how you understand the road. Remember that control is your key to getting kudos

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