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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"3D Ultra Radio Control Racer"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for 3D Ultra Radio Control Racer (PC Games)
Submitted By: El Viking
This walkthrough is copyright Matt Brand (Der Nazi) 2003.

This walkthrough should detail all that you need to know about 3D Ultra Radio Control Racers Deluxe. If you have any queries/threats/insults/praises please email them to me at [email protected]


This isn’t a hard game to set up once it’s installed. All you need do is define your controls, and decide what to do. However, it is best to select difficulty at an early stage: Several options can be set, such as numbers of rivals, to make the game harder or easier, but it’s best to set it to 4 opponents and easy difficulty at first for an easy experience that will also have a fair bit of rivalry in it. You will also need to select a vehicle. The monster truck is good to start with because of the grip and power it commands, giving you an easier ride. It’s best not to select a faster car until you’ve got the hang of the controls, because they are generally a bit harder to control due to the aerodynamics. Once you’ve selected your car, and set everything up, it’s time to burn some RC rubber. There are several modes in the game: ‘Race Circuit’, ‘Single Race’, ‘Battle Ball and ‘RC Soccer’ are your options.


‘Race Circuit’ is the option to race in a championship (Circuit) around several tracks, and each circuit is different. They range in difficulty, with ‘Novice’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Pro’, with ‘Custom’ being an option for choosing your own circuit with your favourite racetracks. The aim of it all is to win points and money. The points go towards your championship total, and money can be spent on upgrades. When upgrading, it’s best to enhance your power at first, so you have a noticeable advantage against opponents in speed. Next you should upgrade tyres, because grip is important, especially if you are using a car with skinnier wheels. Power is the final thing to upgrade, because it makes very little difference except the distances used for braking. You may ask “Hold on, isn’t this the most important?” and you’d be right. But in this game you are racing remote control cars around circuits with few tight corners, so isn’t as relevant as it would be in a game such as ‘F1 2003’. Each race is divided into ‘Mains’. A main is a group of 4 cars, selected from the 16 cars qualifying. There are 4 mains; A, B, C and D. The faster you go in qualifying, the higher the main you are in. The higher the main you are in, the more prize money and points you can claim. Once you have won a championship and improved your car to the max, you can save it for use in later races to give you an extra edge.

‘Single Race’ is basically what it says it is, but you can select any track, and any number of opponents, with any options you need, including weapons, power-ups and race length.

‘Battle Ball’ involves you and an opponent trying to get a certain number of balls into a large hole in the floor of an arena. The idea of the game is to capture balls, by driving into them, and then hitting them into the hole in the arena floor. Ownership of captured balls can be changed by driving into them, and this makes the game quite easy: A top tip is to have ownership of all the balls (Or as many as possible) and then start punting them in.

There is also the option of playing ‘RC Soccer’, a sort of 2-a-side football game. The ball can be dribbled and hit, and the goals are relatively large. It’s best to use a monster truck in this situation, because it has a lot more power and grip than other cars, and can also be used to block due to its larger size. The match takes two minutes and the pace is incredibly fast, so it’s best to keep the ball well away from your goal, and to try and get through to score as often as possible.


There are 4 selectable cars in the game, each with their own individual attributes. The slower cars are far easier to drive, but don’t have anywhere near as good a performance as the faster ones in all areas, with the exception of grip.

The Monster Truck is very easy to drive due to its tight grip on all tracks, supplied by twin engines, massive tyres, and four wheel drive; the weight of all this makes it hard to knock down. This makes it ideal for novices, and fantastic on tracks where the surface is rougher, where it can gain quite an advantage. However it has a disadvantage on faster, properly surfaced low downforce racetracks.

The Stadium Truck is a stable, solid four wheel drive car. It is relatively fast, with decent acceleration and a moderate top speed. It is relatively small, making it easy to manoeuvre, but easy to knock over due to its middling weight.

The Baja Bug is far faster than the two trucks, with fast acceleration and a high top speed. It is also stable and easy to drive because it is mid-engined and has relatively wide tyres. However, it is not as stable as the trucks due to its smaller size and weight, and can be flipped over quite easily. It also has less grip, and has to take jumps slowly because of the lack in grip and weight making it unstable in the air.

The Buggy is the fastest selectable car, due to its lighter weight, smaller tyres and powerful engine. However, it is not an easy car to drive, due to poor suspension and skinnier tyres, and due to this it is not suited to rough terrain tracks. It is not recommended for novices.


One of the many features of this game is that since you are racing by remote control, you have none of the problems experienced by real race-drivers such as marshalling and safety regulations, allowing for the provision of powerups and weapons. Weapons can be used in a variety of ways, but the main one is taking out opponents. Bottle rockets can be fired from a distance, but can rebound off walls and damage your car, so they are best used on tracks with long straights and wide corners such as thrill ride. Oil slicks are the best from removing an opponent from your tail, because they can cause a rival to skid, possibly off the course, or possibly into other competitors. Explosives can also be used, but like bottle rockets, they also carry the risk of damage to your vehicle. A trap that can electrocute opponents is also available, but it can slow you down, so it is rarely advisable to use it, except in slower areas. Powerups can also be picked up, and they serve a variety of purposes, including damage repair and engine upgrades. They are very useful, but should only be picked up if you are near them, because they are often near traps or pitfalls.



The thrill ride is one of the fastest tracks in the game, due to low downforce and fast corners. In a race here, the fastest cars will dominate a race, so the best tactic here is to get as many oil spill traps as possible, to take advantage of the poor grip that the faster, skinnier-wheeled cars have.


This is one of the rough terrain tracks of the game, and is easiest to drive in a Monster truck due to the handling and grip advantages. It is also best to stay away from the puddles and frogs, because they can seriously damage your batteries, and sup the power.


Another rough terrain track, this track is incredibly potholed, but with some flat straights. If you are in one of the trucks, due to the rougher terrain, it is best to try and get speed powerups near the straights, because this is where the faster cars can take advantage of better acceleration and overhaul you.


This track is quite flat, and has relatively smooth terrain, so the faster cars work best here. There are also several underground shortcuts around corners, which can trim off a lot of time, but can cost you a lot of time if you get caught up on a wall. There is also a leaking container containing hillbilly booze, which is best to avoid, because the booze wreaks havoc with your electrics.


This is generally a fast track, but it contains several traps. At the start of the lap, you have to steer clear of bomb-throwing gnomes; the best way to avoid them to is to go around the outside of the corner at a very high speed. You then have to avoid a dog, which tries to eat the cars. He is best avoided by going around the outside of the corner located next to him at high speed. Finally there is a load of grease next o a barbeque, which is best avoided with speed due to its ebbing and flowing.

A very fast track, with several fast corners. The faster cars are best suited to this track, due to the low levels of grip required. There are also a lot of powerups and weapons on this track, which can easily be put to good use. Due to the shape of the track, bottle rockets can easily go around corners. It’s also best to pick up the speed powerups on this track, because it is relatively easy to drive.


A mediums speed track with an abrasive surface, this is well suited to the two trucks. However, you have to be careful due to pitfalls and jumps, so speed must be carefully regulated.


One of the most challenging in the game, this track combines fast and slow corners and some very challenging sections. On this track it’s best to stock up on powerups to get an advantage early on, due to the fact all the different vehicles can perform well here.


This circuit is very fast, has very little grip and full of shortcuts. However, it is almost devoid of powerups, and contains a water jump that could well damage your car seriously if you misjudge it. The buggy is best suited to this track, due to the acceleration it can carry up to the water jump that will lengthen the jump.


This circuit is best suited to the monster truck, because of its superior handling on abrasive, rougher track surfaces and ability to cope on slower high-grip tracks. Here, it’s best to stock up on powerups early, so other drivers cannot attack you anywhere near as easily to increase their advantage on this circuit which tests a driver’s will.


Haunted has many changes in elevation, and several fast corners, so it is perfect for the faster cars. However, there are traps at almost every corner, so it’s best to avoid all traps by staying clear of suspicious-looking structures.


Aztec is an incredibly fast, banked circuit. At the of the track there is lava which can destroy a car, so the best tactic here is to stay at the top of the track on the straights, and to go a bit lower in the corners to help acceleration. Due to the high-speed nature of the track, the buggy is perfectly suited here.


This is one of the hardest tracks in the whole game. The trick here is to try and avoid all hazards as early as possible, and to get as many powerups as possible to extract every possible advantage.


The hardest of all the tracks, and the last track you come to in the hardest championship circuit. Here, you have to drive like a master, extract as much speed as you can, and use as many weapons as possible. If you can win here, you are surely a master.

I certainly hope that you found this walkthrough useful and interesting. If you still have any problems, contact me via the email address at the top.

Matt Brand, December 2003.

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