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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"State of Emergency"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for State of Emergency (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Unknown
For State of emergency, there is no doubt that you will come across very difficult missions that will probably raise your determination to finish it. However, if you still can't complete these missions, then look no further.
In the following, I have highlighted only missions from the 1st and 2nd level as I could,nt really see any hard ones in the 3rd and 4th. I have listed them in how much completed percentage you have:

At 16%-A difficult one , and at the start as well. So what you want to do is obviously, collect the geek, and then go downstairs. At the entrance you will see 2 guys run towards you. Don't waste your precious ammo on them, instead punch and kick them. (you should have noticed that once you have hit someone in a mission, they will focus their attention to you.) So once those guys are finished drop the geek off. Now facing the building look left and in about 8 seconds time a patrol of officers come toward you. Use all of your ammo on them but wait until they are relatively close to you. Once they're finished, turn in the opposite direction and more guys will come. Since you have wasted your ammo, wait right at the door entrance and once they're trying to get in press triangle. Now carefully and quickly hit them while they're down, after 4-5 seconds resume the position at the door and once they're up, do the same move. Repeat till they're dead.
Once this is done run away from the geek up the furthest escalator and try to knock out the guys with the guns, but don't kill them. Then run to the shop and the geek, I mean hacker will enter.

50%-This time you have to protect the base, so before going to the guy that gives you the machine gun, pick up whatever you can find and make 2 barriers at 90 degrees to each other-where the guys/cops appear from.
Now use the maching gun on the first lot, then go through the first barrier, remembering to barricade it back up and then go through the second. Now the cops will shoot at you. Beat them. Then you should see a bomberman come towards you. Try to knock him out at the furthest point away from the barrier. Do the same to the second one. Now the mission is complete, collect the guy and run non-stop back to your mission supplier as there is kamikazes after you.(bombermen)

64%-This time the job is to protect the hacker at the entrance at the phone. Before doing this mission, make a thick barrier* of up to 2 layers of items and then go start the mission. You have to let the hacker through but remember, barricade it back up. Now talk to the hacker and then take the longer route round to batter the cops. Use the base ball bat supplied on them.Viola!!

87%-When you have to take on the mall rats(about 40 of them) at scooters bar, the trick is to use triangle to knock them all down, and if there is a gunman, go for the gun first, otherwise he will keep shooting you.

96%-If you fail this mission then you will be annoyed that you have to do it all over again. The trick is that once you have got your bottle and gang, run away from the corporation, don't stop and beat them up, cause they have guns. Once, at a building throw the bottle into the shop as close as you can get to it and then run away. Remember aim through the doors, it doesn't matter about the glass, it will smash anyway.

At China town.

6%- When you have to rescue the guy getting chased by cops, just barrel roll them(pick Spanky by the way) by charging at them, L2 and press square. This will knock them all down and then do the usual routine by beating them and once they're up again, hit triangle.
TIP-Watch out for the gangs though, if you punch one of them they will all come after you will knives and bats!!

*-To make a barrier, use tv's and bins by hitting the people that are carrying them and then press circle to drop them. Don't place them too close together as they will explode near buildings too.
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare
State Of Emergency Ė Playerís Guide

This is my third walkthrough and is written by Ruchir Gupta (killer Nightmare). This walkthrough goes over the points of how to stay alive and how to cause maximum carnageÖ Smash the corporation!!! Well, erm, letís get started then.

1. Game Modes
2. The Characters
3. The Levels
4. The Weaponry
5. Tactics
6. Last Clone Standing
7. Author Information

1. Game Modes:

State of Emergency is split into 2 modes, Revolution and Kaos. Revolution is the mission based story mode, taking you through a total of 175 missions spread across four levels. Missions are varied in their context but can be categorised quite easily. They will normally involve either the destruction of corporation forces or property, or the protection of one of your comrades as they undertake various tasks. Youíll also find that the local crime gangs also take an avid interest in your business, and the battles with them are an integral part of the game.

Kaos mode is effectively the arcade version of the game with high scores being the main objective. Completing levels in Kaos will give you your first insights of new levels and modes. Kaos can also be played either over a fixed time or until death. (The death of your character to be more precise.)

2. The Characters:

State of Emergency offers you a choice of five characters. Macneil and Libra are available from the start, whilst Spanky, Phreak and Bull appear as their respective levels are completed. Although they are all different, I havenít noticed any huge advantages in any particular one. Spanky is my favourite, just because of the way he shoots his Uzi, (nice technique there), and Libra with me was discarded because she was simply too lightweight.

3. The Levels:

Four levels are available; high scores in Kaos mode or completing stages in Revolution will open them for their respective modes. The action starts in the shopping mall, which offers excellent killing positions at the bottom of escalators. The carnage then moves through to China town and the East side before ending with the destruction of Corporation Central.

4. The Weaponry:

The news youíve been waiting for. In State of Emergency, you can use handguns, Uziís, Ak47s, M16s, shotguns, grenades, tear gas, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, tazers, pepper spray, and the magnificent mini-gun, guaranteed to reduce the street to a bloody mess within a matter of seconds. If you prefer to keep it personal, you can decapitate someone and use a severed limb to beat him or her into submissionÖ No, Iím not joking.

5. Tactics:

Tactics in Revolution mode are quite straightforward. There will normally be more than just one mission available to you at a time, just follow the different coloured arrows to locate your revolutionary leaders, As many missions will be time based, make sure you are armed and have full health prior to accepting one, The best way of doing this is to overcome a lone policeman, nick his baton, and then pick a fight with a street gang. As they often seem to congregate next to your leaders, you should always be looking to start a mission with full health and a hatchet, or at least a decent bat.

Once the mission is underway you will no doubt attract the attention of men with guns, so go for them first and relieve them of their weaponry. On the first 2 levels especially, firearms are few and far between. Even so, handguns are best ignored, as you can do more effective damage with a sword or an axe. Once you have accepted a mission, stick to the objective and donít get drawn into irrelevant fights. If you are pursuing a target, then keep your eye on them and donít get sidetracked by the corporation forces that try to block your path.

The missions feature different characters, but the objectives are often repeated so you should be able to develop tactics on the early missions that will help you later in the game. One of the most common missions involves protecting other revolutionaries on their way to target or safe housed. Always stay close to them. If you sprint they will sprint too, but you have no view of them and as a result you wonít be able to protect them efficiently. Keep yourself between them and the enemy, if that means taking a bullet then so be it, itís all for a good cause. These are the trickiest missions, as your comrades will often start with minimal health, so though they are often eager to help you out in a fight, itís better to keep them well away from all the action. Revolution mode requires forward thinking, planning of escape routes and the capacity to know when to walk away and when to fight.

Kaos mode on the other hand, requires an insatiable appetite for destruction and the willingness to kill anything that gets in your way. Weapons will be scattered around the levels with far more frequency than in Revolution. Ignoring the timed modes, Kaos is the main event, and there are no missions as such, you will need to fulfil objectives to achieve a high score. Make a note of where decent weapons can be found, normally on corners, and run from weapon to weapon. Most will regenerate, but if the game thinks itís getting too easy, it may change the weapon or choose not to replace it. Objectives and penalties will flash up on your screen and this is where the big points are to be found. If the game tells you to smash windows then do so, and you will find your scores multiply. From time to time different groups of people will come after you, illuminated by red arrows; these are targets and again, yield high bonus scores. It also pays to be aware of when the game is inflicting penalties for civilian kills, and stay away from rockets and grenades during this period.

To regenerate you energy and time, as in Revolution, pick a fight with the police. The best method is to get a big group to chase you to a point where you know there will be a weapon, sprint up to it and grab it, before executing a quick turn and change of camera angle to mow the lot down. If you do wish to take them on unarmed, you will receive double time bonuses, time will also be added for the completion of objectives. If I had to sum up the best way of attacking this modem then ďorganised chaosĒ would be the ideal phrase.

6. Last Clone Standing:

There is really no excuse for this mode. Using a variety of weapons you must massacre 200 unarmed clones as quickly as possible. They have nothing; you have lots of automatic weapons. Very therapeutic when you are stuck in Revolution mode and have some frustration to unleash. My current record for the timed mode is 163. I expect you guys to do better, mainly because I know youíre all more sadistic than I am.

7. Author Information:

This walkthrough was written by me: Ruchir Gupta, (a.k.a Killer Nightmare). I hope it proved useful to you, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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