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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Virtua Fighter 4 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare

You may think of yourself as a Tekken master, the King of the Dojo, but when it comes to Virtua Fighter 4, you'll need all the help you ca get to master it. To help you cope, this guide, written by me, (Ruchir Gupta (Killer Nightmare)), is complete with many, many tactics for lots of situations, the characters and the moves. Don't you just love it? Now let's press on and deal with matters at hand.


(i) Wolf Hawkfield
(ii) Jacky Bryant
(iii) Lion Rafale
(iv) Vanessa Lewis


Okay, this bit’s important for the move section or you’ll end up landing on your backside and losing the match quite disgracefully, of course. (All the moves start from the right facing position).

F = Forward
B = Backward
U = Up
D = Down
P = Punch
K = Kick
G = Guard


In Virtua Fighter there are three gameplay modes and three training modes. As you would expect, there is a straightforward "versus" game, giving you the opportunity to beat the living hell out of your friends, parents, and anybody else who happens into your front room. There is also an arcade mode, which takes the same form as Tekken. In this you must defeat a series of CPU controlled opponents before arriving at the final boss match against the fearsome Dural. This boss is mean, female and made out of metal. Not a good combination.

Kumite mode is the most involved story like mode of the game. In this mode you can increase the rank and skill of your characters, and gain new costumes and items for them. Normal matches are interspersed by ranking fights that improve your standing in the fighting community.

The training modes are possibly the most useful of any we have seen. Command training will guide you through the move- lists, and free training allows you to practise what you have learned on a customised sparring partner, in addition, trial training takes you through the basics and Is indispensable for any newcomers to the series or genre.


Although you should never really be wandering about the ring, we'll assume that you will work out that moving the directional button slowly will have that effect, what you really want to be doing to keep your opponent guessing is to dash around the place. There are not many of the running attacks that are such a feature of Tekken, but dashing will make your next manoeuvre more difficult to predict. To perform a dash, double tap the forward or backward button. Dashing backwards and forwards is often a good way to draw your opponent out in a stalemate situation, leaving them open for attack. If you want to have some degree of protection whilst dashing, then bear in mind that VF4 allows you to perform a crouched dash by double tapping D/F or D/B. This will guard against most attacks whilst you are dodging about the place.

Running is rarely used in VF4 due to the lack of running attacks, but if you must, tap forward twice and hold to run. Just don't be surprised if you get knocked out when you arrive at your destination. Likewise, there Is not much use for jumping in general gameplay, but if you feel the need, tap up and tap and hold one of the action buttons to jump. The normal Jump attacks are not strong in VF4 and are easily guarded against, though there are some special ones available.


The control system at first seems simplistic, but as you advance through the game you will see the advantages of them. There are 2 buttons to punch, 1 to kick and, unlike Tekken, a guard button. You can still perform left or right-sided kicks, but which of these is delivered is governed by how you are facing your opponent. As with Tekken, use of the directional controls allows you to perform attacks at top, middle or low level. Many of the moves and combos require you to perform a tap or a tap and hold. See the move key list earlier on for more info.


Ok, so now you know how to move about, but unfortunately there's often going to be someone attacking you, that being the point of the game. You will not last long in this game without a good defence. It is imperative to be able to both guard and evade. The guard button is there, so use it. To complement this, evade attacks by tapping up or down depending on which level the attack is coming from. Sounds obvious, but it is more effective In VF4 than you might think. Once you are guarding well, it is easy to start to transform your defence into a worthwhile attack. The top gamers will use a tactic known as poking to fight a strong opponent. This involves Jabbing from behind crouching guard until the opponent is sufficiently opened up to other attacks, much as in a boxing match. This works well in VF4, but there are other ways that are just as effective. Many characters have their own reversal moves that will both parry and reverse an attack. To perform a reversal, tap either D, B, DB, depending on the height of the attack and tap and hold P+K. This has to be timed perfectly but is spectacular when performed correctly Most characters that don't use reversals will at least have a parry move that deflects the blow.


Now I’m boring you, aren't I? You want to know how to attack. Well, VF4 has a huge array of attacking moves. The most effective are based on juggling and throwing. Tekken fans will know how to juggle. It involves kicking or punching your opponent into the air and then keeping them there. Throws are self-explanatory and each character has a wide variety. There are thirteen characters to choose from, below I have picked four of the most accessible to newcomers and listed some of my favourite moves. Happy Brawling!

(i) Wolf Hawkfield:

Wolf is a wrestler and consequently has the largest repertoire of throws in the game. He also boasts the most powerful move in the game, the unstoppable Giant Swing, and it would hardly be fair if I didn't tell you how to do that, wouldn’t it?

Top Move:

Giant Swing - B, DB, D, DF, F, G+P

Easier but as good:

Wall Body Slam – DF, G+P
Tiger Suplex – B, G+P

(ii) Jacky Bryant:

Jacky is a racing car driver, and also one of the most well balanced characters in the game. His sister Sarah also features in the game, though she is not quite as strong. Jacky is ideal for newcomers to learn the ropes, and should ensure that you don’t get too disillusioned.

Top Move:

Sadistic Hanging Knee – DF, DF, P+G

Other Good Moves:

Face Crush (into a wall) – F, F, P+G
Northern Light Bomb - DF, P+G

(iii) Lion Rafale:

A French student in a fighting game. Not exactly the sort who would strike fear into your opponent’s heart, you may think, but he has become something of an unlikely favourite. Lion is easy to learn, though not necessarily one of the game’s strongest characters.

Top Move:

Mantis Leap – UF+P+G

Easy but effective:

Seven Star Elbow – B+P+G
Jumping Sky Leg – B, F+P+G

(iv) Vanessa Lewis:

Vanessa is a new character to the Virtua series. She is a far cry from the normal female stereotype of a high kicking lightweight fighter and boasts a remarkable variety of moves. She also has the option of assuming the “Muay Thai” stance, from which she can launch some devastating combos.

Top Move:

Stomach Crush into front sleeper - DF, K+G, F+P+G

Muay Thai Combos:

To assume Muay Thai – P+K+G
Knee Combo – F, F, K, D, K, K
Heel Sword – DF, P, K


Should you not meet the standards that VF4 expects of you, it may be that you end up having to wear a disgrace item. These are items or masks that the game gives you if you are playing particularly badly. You must then raise your game to get the items removed. Thus, if you play as Jeffrey and continually let your opponent escape your throws, you will go bald! Sarah, on the other hand, has to wear some highly unattractive glasses should she lose too many matches also.


If you want to take a break from it all, then why not let someone else do the fighting for you? In AI mode it is possible to train another character to fight for you Pokemon style. You can spar with them until they reach the required standard and teach them new moves, before entering them in either Arcade or Kumite. Different yet weird.


This walkthrough was written be me, (Ruchir Gupta (Killer Nightmare)), and I hope that you have enjoyed reading this, and I hope most of all, that this has proved useful to you. Thanks for reading and good-bye.

A Killer Nightmare walkthrough :)

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