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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC and DC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Unknown
After watching the beautifully done FMV, you will be given a choice to
choose your character: Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac.

Edward Carnby: Begins with a double-barreled gun. The hero from the
previous Alone In The Dark series. Aline Cedrac: Begins with... well... a
REALLY POWERFUL... torchlight. ;)

Choose your character and begin the game.If you choose Edward Carnby, you
will start in the middle of the wood. There are two main paths there, left
and right. The left is blocked by a locked gate so go right. After a short
walk Aline will call you. After the conversation, continue walking until
you arrive infront of an empty house. Enter it and you meet with an injured
man. He looks badly injured and he had lost one of his arm. Yikes! After
talking with him, remember to press X to receive a small bronze key. You
won't see it lying on the floor and it's kinda hard to get it. After that,
get out of the house and continue your journey. After a short walk, you
will hear two sounds of gun shot. You can choose whether to go back or not.
If you decide to go back, you will discover that the man is gone.

Use the key to unlock the locked gate and enter it. A FMV will take place.
After watching, pick up a box of magnesium bullets on the side of the road.
Open the gate on the upper screen and enter. After a short walk another FMV
will begin. After that, pick up 2 boxes of magnesium bullets on the road.
Continue going up and you will see a first-aid kit on the sculpture. Pick
it up and go back to where you came in and walk up the stairs. Here, you
will meet your first enemy. The dog. Use you double- barreled gun to shoot
it a few times and it will die. The double-barreled gun is useful against
smaller enemies. So Remember to switch weapon when you are facing against
bigger enemies AND save your bullets. Try to make each shot counts, or else
you will be in serious trouble for not having enough bullets later. You can
avoid those dogs easily to don't confront them if it's not necessery.

You can choose either way to continue 'cause you will ended up in the same
place. After you reach the staircase walk up and enter the gate. Continue
going up you will see a gate down the screen. It's locked so ignore it.
Another scene will takes place and continue going a monster will suddenly
appear out of nowhere. This creature takes a lot of bullets to kill so I
strongly advise you to avoid them. Walk down the stair and enter the gate.
Turn right and activate the valve to drain the water so you can proceed on
your journey. Another monster will appear so ignore it and walk down the
stair and enter the aqueduct.

It's pretty straightforward here so keep going up until you reach an open
area. When your walk to the center a monster will appear so shoot it. Don't
try to avoid it because this will only cause you a lot of troubles. My
advise is after you shot it walk a few steps and stop to wait for the
monster to appear and shoot it again. Keep doing this and the monster will
stop coming out. Turn right and enter the hole at the right corner. Climb
up the wall and pick up the charm of saving and get in the door. You are
now inside the manor. It's time to find Aline.

Walk up the stair and enter the cellar. Pick up a box of magnesium bullets
on the crater. There's a also a first-aid kit on the table and REMEMBER to
pick up the triple-barrel shotgun(WOW!) lying next to the table or else you
will be in a serious troble later on. It's kinda easy to miss it so keep
your eyes open. Open the casket next to the locked gate. After the short
FMV pick up the gilded key and use it to unlock the gate. The other gates
in this room are locked so ignore them by now. Enter the gate you and walk
up the stair. Enter the mirror door and you are now in the 1st floor lobby.
The mirror door are now locked so that's why you should pick up the shotgun
in there.

When you enter, Aline will call you. She's trapped and you need to free
her. There is a statue there, push it to the front of the mirror and you
will know the password for the statue is H and M. A mechanism under a
picture on the 1st floor will open. Get to the 1st floor, examine the
picture and you will get a small key. Enter the inventory and examine the
key and you will know that the key is use at the third floor. Don't need to
hurry yet, push the cabinet next to the picture you examine just now aside
and enter the door. You will meet Aline in there, after the conversation
remember to pick up a few items inside the room. There is diary next the
bed, read it. There's two doors inside the room, one is sealed up and the
other one is actually the mirror. Enter the mirror door, walk down the
stair and until you see a door, but it's sealed up so you can't enter. Peek
through the spy hole and it looks likes some kind of laboratory. Pick up
another charm of saving next to the sealed up door. Go back to where you
came in. Exit the door and proceed down to ground floor. Pick up a charm of
saving next to the main door. The main door is locked so you can't go
outside yet.

Enter the door behind the staircase. An old man will appear. He says he is
the guardian of this island.After the conversation the old man will
disappear quickly (ghost?). This old man is actually Edenshaw the Indian.
He will also give you a charm of saving.

After that, turn left. At the end there, you can pick up a box of
phosphorus bullets on a drawer. Enter the door at the left side of the
stairs. Two zombies in there waiting for your arrival. It's pretty hard to
avoid them so kill them. Go till the end and pick up a first-aid kit. Now
enter the door in this hallway. Watch out for those small creatures hanging
under the ceiling.

You'll see a box of phosphorus bullets and a box of magnesium bullets on
the table. Pick them up. Pick up the Wolf Mask and photo on the next
screen. Check the picture, you should know there's something missing on the
scale inside the glass. Go back to the outside. 3 zombies waiting for you
there. Kill them all. Now go all the way 'till the end at the other side
and enter the door there. The library is just opposite to that door but
it's locked, so remember it.

After you enter, there are another 2 zombies inside there waiting for you.
Kill them. Enter that door on your left. Switch on the light first. There's
an amphora filled with water there. Forget about it first. Now pick up the
crowbar on the crater. Search the drawer there for Richard Morton's will
and testament. Read it carefully. The last page contains the hint to solve
the puzzle inside the library. Check the bookcase in the midddle for
another book. There's also a phosphorus bullets on the opposite side of the

Read Obed's diary on a small bookcase and pick up the flask on the table.
Now fill the flask with water in the amphora. Go to the other side, check
the cupboard for a first-aid kit. 2 monster will appear. Unlock the door
and exit to the lobby.

Go back in the door behind the stairs again. This time turn left, go back
to the room with a scale and a ship inside it. Use the flask filled with
water on it. The second painting on the first floor will activate. Go back
to the first floor and check the painting. Activate the mechanism and you
will receive a gilded key. Examine it and it said this key should be used
at first floor.

Now go back to the ground floor. Enter the door at the back of the
stairs...again. Turn right this time, enter the door at the end there. Kill
those zombies and unlock the door there. Inside there, another monster will
greet you. Kill it. Check the bookcase near the window door for a first-aid
kit. Pick up a small gilded key on the table. There's a statue of an owl
there. Use the wolf mask on it and you will receive a steel key. Now exit
this room.

Go in the door which is opposite the door you just came out to go to the
lobby. Go back to the door behind the stairs. Turn left and enter door at
the right side of the stairs. Walk up the spiral stairs and enter the
attic. Pick up the grenade launcher first.

Continue go to the locked door and Aline will call you. She said there's
some sort of trapdoor under the floor in the attic. Many people thought the
trap door is in this room. It's actually not. So don't waste your time
running around in this room and trying to find the trapdoor.

Use the small rusty key to unlock the door. In there you will meet 2
monsters. They are extremely afraid light, so use your torch light to scare
them off. Pick up 2 boxes of phosphorus bullets on the crater. Remember to
pick up a lighter in SE corner. It's kinda easy to miss it. Enter the other

Nothing here, enter yet another door. In here, call Aline. She will tell
you there's a trap door under the floor here. It's actually in the second
screen so use the crowbar there and you will receive a small gilded key and
a small key.

Exit through another door. In this room, there's a lot of small monsters
will appear and hanging under the ceiling. Try not to walk under them, or
else they will drop down and attack you. You can pick up a box of
phosphorus bullets and a box of magnesium bullets on the cupboard. At the
end you will see a candle on the crater. Use your lighter here. The candle
will lid up. Click on the wall there and you should hear some "click"
sound. Use the crowbar to break open and enter.

You will meet another two monsters in here. Quickly switch on the light in
this room and they will disappear. The door next to the switch is locked so
use the small gilded key to unlock it. But don't go in yet. Enter another
on the opposite side. Before that, pick up the first-aid kit there. In
there, you will meet Lucy.Back to the door you just unlocked and enter.

Go down the spiral stairs and when you see the first door, unlock it. This
door leads to the 1st floor. Go in. Enter door on the right. You are now
inside Alan's office. Pick up the first-aid kit near the gun rack. You can
read Alan's note on the table. They drawer is locked so use the small key
that you found under the floor to unlock it. Receive a large ornate key and
a half-picture. Examine the numbers behind the picture.

Go out, go 'till the end of the corridor and turn left. Also go 'till the
end until you see a bust of Richard Morton. Use the steel key to unlock the
door. Inside, get the large ornate key and a charm of saving on a small
chair in front of a bookcase. Check the bookcase also for a box of
phosphorus bullets. Pick up another half picture on the table and read the
letter. Combine the two half pictures and add up the numbers behind. You
will find out it's 3926. Before you exit, read the diary next to the bed.
Now you have both keys for the library, but don't hurry to go there yet.

Exit the bedroom, go to the switch there and switch it on. Enter door on
the left side of the switch. It looks likes a bedroom. When you get near
the bed, three tentacles will emerge from the bed and throw you back like
toy. Ouch..! Shoot the lamp hanging under the ceiling and burn this
monsters to its homeland.

Pick up the rocket launcher and 3 boxes of phosphorus bullets on the table.
There are also a first-aid kit and a charm of saving on the fireplace.
After that, there's nothing more here. Go out. Now it's time to go to the
library to finish your business here in the manor.

Remember the door I told you to remember before. Go there, use the large
ornate key you found in Obed's room to unlock it. Enter, and a FMV sequence
will play. Wow! The library looks pretty impressive huh and... pretty
untidy. After the FMV, Carnby will call Aline. After the conversation,
switch on the light. Use the extra ornate key to unlock the next door.
There's nothing inside so don't waste time searching in there.

First of all, there are two main puzzles you need to solve it. Lets get to
the easier one dirst. Before that, read the diary on the table and the
Morton Family's biography.

Now, go up the stairs. Pick up a box of rocket along the way. You will see
a panel on the second floor of the library. The code is... well, guess
first before you continue reading. Still can't solve it? Try to think
harder. Okay, I'll give you another hint, the picture. get it? If you still
don't get it well then, I'll give you the code. It's 3926. Enter it. A
bookcase behind you will open.

Inside there, as usual, switch on light first. Now check the wall, you will
see several statues piled on top of one another but the top is missing. So,
use your acrobat statue here and a panel will reveal. You don't know the
code yet so waste time guessing the code. Search the bookcase for a paper.

REPRESENT WERE BORN ON Guess what it's mean first. You definitely need it

Before you exit, pick up the telescope on the crater. Continue going up
until you see a ladder. Climb up and go to the rooftop. Enter the tower
there. Pick up a charm of saving on a barrel. Now use the telescope near
the window. Increase the magnification toward the fort's window and you see
a set of numbers carved on it. It's 1692. That's the code for the panel in
the secret room. Go back down and enter the code. After that, one of the
painting's mechanism in the first floor will activate. Don't hurry yet.
There's still another puzzle you need to solve here. Before that, I
STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SAVE YOUR GAME HERE. You will know why later. Now it's
time to activate four books in the library.

Book 1, 2, 3 and 4: Push these books in this correct order.

When you activate the third book and walk up the stairs, a FMV will play.
Now be prepared for a boss fight!

You really need to kill this boss before you push the last book. He is
pretty tough to bring down and he flying around and this makes him pretty
hard to hit with your rocket launcher. The way to beat is stand still
there. Wait for him to attack, after that quickly hit him with your rocket
or whatever you still have. This should blast the monster away. Wait for
him to fly back and repeat the process. He should be down in no time. Make
sure you have at least 3 first-aid kits left in your inventory before
fighting him 'cause his attack hits hard and fast.

After that, push in the last book. The last painting in the 1st floor will
now activate. Now go back to the paintings there, activate the left
painting and you should receive a small bronze key and a plasma cannon. The
plasma cannon are pretty powerful but the range of fire is very very short.
You need to go near the enemies in order to hit them. Activate the last
painting for which is the third one from the left. You will receive an
engraved metallic piece. Examine it and you should know the code for the
lock at the beginning of the game. Yes, you have to go back there.

Now, you can enter codes for all the paintings right now. The panel is
open. Enter from left to right. You can find the codes for each painting by
reading Morton family's biography which is actually their date of birth.

Richard Morton - 1852 Archibald Morton - 1874 Jeremy Morton - 1899 Howard
Morton - 1931

After you enter them, the clock on ground floor will open. Go down there
and pick up the key inside to clock. It's use to unlock the main door.
Unlock it and go outside the manor.

Pick up the charm of saving near the gate first. Now go to the back of the
manor and you should see a kennel. Search it for 2 first-aid kits and a gas
cartridge for the plasma cannon. Now go back to the gate and use the key to
unlock it. Now you should know the way back to the start of the game so I
won't repeat anymore. Enter the correct icons for the lock and you should
be able to unlocked it. Enter and you will be asked to insert disc 2!

First of all, check that disgusting corpse for 2 first-aid kits and a gas
cartridge. Now walk across the bridge. Aline will call you. After the
conversation continue foward. When you reach the altar, the bridge behind
you will collapse.

Go up to the altar and check the biggest stele with cross on it. Choose
north as the stele direction. Now just follow Aline's order and do as she
says. In the end she will tell you that the east stele is the stele that
you need to perform the incantation. Select the correct order of the
incantation words.

The correct order is O goul'al, Hypor, Harnis, Korna. After that, a blue
light appear in the central plinth. Check it to receive a Stone Stele and
an Abkanis Statue. Your job here is finished so continue on your journey.
Beware of giant scorpion on your way there.

Aline will call you eventually and they have to meet right away. Now
continue going until you reach a ladder. Climb up, and go in the cave. Pick
up two boxes of rockets here. After that, go back down. Continue going
until you reach the swarm.

Beware of those zombies, there are quite a lot in here. Try to avoid them
to save bullet. Keep going to the left, you will see the plane. Finally you
found it! Go into the plane. Pick up 3 first-aid kits, a wire cutter and a
blue lens. There's also a box of rockets on the seat. Now talk to the
pilot. After the talking with him, the plane will start sinking. You can't
save the pilot so don't try. Quickly go out before the time runs out. A FMV
will play.

Go back the swarm and be prepared to fight the hardess boss in the game...
just kidding. Nothing really in here, just those dumb zombies. ;) Exit the
swarm by going north. When you enter the next area, you will see an
abandoned church in front of you. Don't go in there yet. Instead, go left
and walk up the wooden stairs. You will meet Aline.

She will give you another seal inexchange for the stone disk. Now go back
to the church. The door is locked by chain, so use the wire cutter you'd
got in the plane on it. Now go inside.

Pick up a first-aid kit on a crater and abox of rockets on the altar. Now
read the book on the table. Notice there isa panel next to the door? Check
it and you need to enter three correct picturesto activate it. If you want
to find out yourself, combine the blue lens with your torchlight and search
for the blood symbol. There's one on the church's door. The other two is at
the outside, follow the blood trail and you should be able to find them.

Press picture 3, 5 and 9. The altar will move back and reveals a stairs. Go
down. Use the seal you got from Aline on the panel to turn the turnstile.
Go straight, you will see another panel but you need another seal to
activate it so leave it. Enter the laboratory.

When you are in there, you might wonder why you can't use the switch. Don't
worry about that yet. Continue going, you can pick up a charm of saving
near a cage. At there, don't turn to left. Instead, continue going
straight. A cut-scene will trigger. It's Alan and he's is examining a
monster's corpse. Anyway, he will discover Carnby is there and escape.
After that he will turns off the current in the laboratory and locks all
the doors.

Aline will call and come to save the day... Just follow her instruction and
activate all three swichtes in the laboratory. Beware of zombies. The door
next to the operation table will now unlock and you can escape now. Before
that, remember to read the letter on the table. Aline will tell you that
she's already unlock the trapdoor inside the underground store room for
you. So, exit the lab.

There's nothing really in this area... except those "friendly" monsters of
course. So just keep going straight until you reach a room with 2 doors
there. Enter the door which is not lock. In there, listen to the tape
recorder. You can know the Morton brother is working with Lamb.

After that go back out, unlock the other door and enter. Now you are back
at the underground cellar. Before you go up the trapdoor, you will meet
edenshaw. He will disappear as usual so go up the trapdoor. Now you are
inside the greenhouse.

There's a box of phosphorus bullet in a cupboard. After you pick it up,
climb the ladder there. Push down the statue and the statue smashes into
pieces. Go back down and check the wreckage to receive a seal and an
Abkanis statue. Go all the way back to the secret lab and back to the panel
there. Use the seal to turn the turnstile. You are now inside a large

You will meet Aline in there. After the conversation, then head along the
passageway. In the next area, head across the bridge and enter the door.
There's a trapdoor in the alcove. Open it to receive a lighting gun, four
first-aid kits, a battery charger and 5 charms of saving. After the go
through the door at the other side.

In there, you will meet Alan and Edenshaw. Alan will try to open the gate.
Carnby will be pulled into the gate with Alan. Now you are inside an abyss.
Be warn that the monsters in here will keep coming out. So try not to waste
your ammunition here. Just run if you can. After a short walk, Carnby will
call Aline. After the that, keep heading straight. Go in another hole. From
now on, your main priority is to find the exit to the next area.

In here, avoid those dogs if you can. Kill if necessery. Find the exit, it
can be easily located. In the next area, turn left and keep head along the
passageway. You can find the exit. In here, you will find big giant
scorpion, also kill them if necessery. Keep going until you find the exit.

In the next carvern, there are dogs in here. Avoid them and enter hole
ahead of you. Turn right here. When Carnby try to climb across the wall,
Alan will show up and cut the rope.

Enter the hole there. You will find Archibald Morton's corpse there. Pick
up the flask and a photoelectric pulsar. After that read the note there. Go
back out and climb down the rope. In here, walk up the stairs and you will
Alan. Damn... he is still got away. Keep after him till the next area. You
will finally catch Alan as Aline come out at the other side. Obed shows up
in his mutated form and pushes Alan down the cliff.

Enter another hole after that. Head 'till the end and climb the rope. Walk
cross the bridge and you will recive a call from Johnson. After that, enter
yet another hole. Keep heading straight here until you reach the exit.
Enter and you are now in a carvern which is full of lava. Find the exit
here and avoid those anoyning scorpion.

In the next area, when you walk across the bridge, Johnson calls again.
After that, walk to the upstairs. Keep going and find the exit until you
receive a call from Aline. In here, a FMV will play for showing a pillar
dropping down Walk across the pillar. There's a spring there and you can
refill your flask here. Enter the hole.

Here, you will see three statues in front of a door. Two heads are missing
and you don't have them. Go to the next area and climb down the rock. You
will see a statue on the top of a pile of rocks. When Carnby try to get it,
Alan will show up in his mutated form. It's time for the boss fight and the
last fight you will have.

You can't kill him with your odinary weapons. You can only kill him by
finding the spear. The spear is located in a small passageway in the SW
corner. When you try to enter, Alan will always throw you out like toy. The
trick is, hit him with whatever you still have until he drop to the ground.
Now's your best chance to get the spear. Quicky go in there and you should
kill the boss already.

After that, pick up the statue and go back up. Use the statue in front of
the door. Aline will show up with another one. After she put in the last
one, the door will open. Go in and you finish the game!


Aline will start at the roof top of the manor. Climb into the window and
you will meet an old lady lying on a bed. After the conversation with her,
she will give you a small bronze key. Search the room for other items. When
you try to leave the room, a monster will suddenly come out. All you need
to do is flash your torchlight towards him and he will disapear after a
while. Go out the room and you will meet two monsters. Run straight ahead
and quickly switch on the light, the monsters will disapear. Go back and
turn right. Pick up a charm of saving and enter the door on your left.
There is a box of phosphorus cartridges on a barrel and another charm of
saving on a table. Enter the door in front of the table where you picked up
the charm.

Now you are in a hallway. Walk straight ahead and enter the door. Pick up a
small gilded key on the table and a first-aid kit on the crate. There's
also a box of magnesium bullets in the room. The door in here is locked so
go back. Go back to the room where you switched on the light just now.
Unlock the door next to the switch by using that key you found just now and
enter. Go down the spiral stairs and you will overhear two men talking. It
looks like one of them is Professor Obed. After that, continue going down
and enter the door. You are now on the ground floor.

Now enter the door on your left. Switch off the light and go check the
statue. Use the key that old woman gave you to unlock it and receive a
revolver. It's not quite as power as Carnby's modified revolver but it's
better that the torch light in anyway. A monster will come out of nowhere
after you picked up the revolver. Avoid it to save bullets and go straight
to the window and you will hear someone unlock the door next to the window
for you. Enter it and you will see Professor Morton running away. Go
straight up and enter the last door. Switch on the light there and enter
the door at the left side of the staircase. Keep going till the end and you
will meet Professor Morton. After a short conversation and he will attack
Aline. Aline will wake up and she's trapped in a room on 1st floor.

After the conversation with Carnby, check the drawer to receive an allen
wrench and three first-aid kits. You can also read Alan's Diary which is
next to the bed. There's a Charm of saving on the chair there. Now, enter
the mirror door and go down the stair. Watch carefully when you arrive the
first door, there's a shotgun lying there and it's kinda easy to miss it.
Pick it up and enter the door. Continue going down and proceed near the
door. A scene will take place. After that, pick up yet another first-aid
kit on the floor there. Go back to the room and you will meet with Carnby.
Aline refuse to stick with Carnby and insist to go by herself. With
Carnby's help, you are now in a room on 2nd floor.

You will found a talking mirror and he tells you to help him to find his
mirror. After that, he will disapear. Now unlock the door there and enter.
Go find the old lady and talk with her again. After that, go out and enter
the door next to the switch. Go down the stair and enter the door which you
overheard two men talking inside. It's now unlocked. After that, enter the
door on your left. Inside the room, there's a first-aid kit next to the gun
rack. Pick up the mirror and a grenade launcher under the table. Go out
when you are done. Continue walk straight and you will see blood coming out
from a room and then many small creatures which look like some kind of
insect dropping down from the ceiling. You can avoid them easily by running
so don't waste your bullet on them.

Enter the door which on the left side of light's switch. It looks like a
bedroom and there are some creppy sounds that keep calling Aline. Anyway,
Pick up a box of phosphorus bullets and go to the right side of the bed.
Decerto will talk to you again. Enter the mirror and you will be given two
choices whether give him the mirror or not. Choose No and you will kill
Decerto. If you choose Yes, he will use the mirror to turn Aline into a
monster which is mean that you are game over.

You will receive an Abkanis Statue. Go out the mirror and you will meet
Edenshaw. He will congratulate you for killing Decerto. After the
conversation with him, Aline will call Carnby. After that, unlock the door
next to the door where you just came in and enter it. Now go back to the

Now enter the door at the back of the staircase. Go to the door at the end
of the right and enter. Two zombies waiting for you there, try to avoid
them to save bullets 'cause they will keep coming out even though you had
killed them. Enter the door on your right. Pick up a box of Magnesium
bullets on the round table. You will see a big mirror there, pull out your
revolver and shoot the mirror. Read the book inside the mirror. Don't
forget to obtain two other books in this room. One is on the table and the
other one is in the bookshelf. There's also a scroll next to the mirror you
broke just now. Go find the old lady again.

After talking with her she will give you a Glass Prism. Your next
destination now is Library which is located on the ground floor. Enter the
door behind the staircase. Go to the right side and you can find the

Switch on the light first. You can read Jeremy Morton's diary on the desk
and on the lectern for Morton's family biography. Pick up a box of grenades
next to the lectern. Now, it's time to do what you should do here. There
are 4 bookcases in the middle of the library. Examine the middle one on the
right side. You should found a book which let you enter 4 codes. The code
is 1991.

Enter the secret room. Inside you can get the Arkanis Tablets, 3 first-aid
kits, a charm of saving and a box of grenades. Pull the switch after you
receive those items. A FMV will play. Now be prepared for a boss fight!

The strategy to beat this boss without wasting too much grenades is only
attack him when he finish attack you. My plan is, run around the library
and after he attack and misses you turn back and shoot him with your
grenade launcher. Run again and repeat. He should be downed in 5 or 6

After beating the boss check the huge cylinder to receive half of the
medallion. Now go up the staircase in the library and enter the secret room
behind the bookcase. Pick up 3 boxes of phosphorus bullets on the floor.
Continue going up. Climb up the ladder and enter the tower there. There is
another box of grenade on the floor. Go back to the library and exit.
You'll automatically ended up in Lucy's room. After the conversation, Lucy
will give you the other half of the medallion. Combine them.

A cut-scene will play, oh my... the boss is awake! Anyway, go back to the
lobby and use the medallion on the mirror and you will unlock the mirror
door. Enter and go down. You are now in the underground store room. There
is a trap door there. Climb up the ladder and Aline will use the allen
wrench to unlock the trap door to gain access to the greenhouse.

You will meet Edenshaw again. He will disapear after the conversation.
There's a box of grenades on a crater near the locker. After you pick it
up, exit the greenhouse.

The stupid boss you fought in the library just now will jump out from
window. You can just ignore him and enter the small gate there directly.
The boss will keep chasing you so just run. Enter the gate and keep going
straight 'till the end. You can pick up 2 boxes of phosphorus bullets
there. Two zombies dogs will come after you. Kill them. Remember to pick up
the charm of saving and a box of grenade on the floor.

Go back and turn left while avoiding the boss. You will see a small house
near the church. Enter it. Finally you can get rid of the boss here. Find
the tomb which carved Jeremy Morton and enter it. Pick up a box of rockets
and the rocket launcher there. Another first-aid kit near the casket. Pick
it up and investigate the casket. You will receive a metal cover. Combine
it with your torch light.

There is a massage carved on the casket which said, "only the symbol of
light will open the tomb". Go out and check the wall in front of the door
which you just came in. Use you torch light, which you just combined with
the metal cover just now to light up each "button" in the correct order.

If you do this correctly, the tombstone name Richard Morton will unlocked.
Enter, check the corpse for another document. Just keep going straight and
ignore the monsters. Exit and go over the outcrop.

You just finished disc 1. Pop in the disc 2 and continue on your journey.
Disc 2's puzzles are quite frustrating and long.

The gate is locked so just keep going deeper into the wood. There are dogs
here so just run past them if possible. When you reach the intersection,
choose either way because they both lead to the same place.

Just keep going until a FMV plays. You are now outside the fort. The main
door are locked so you need to find other way to get in. Before that, go
right to pick up a box of phosphorus bullets.

Climb up the rampart on the right side of the fort's door. You are now at
the top of the fort. Walk down the stair. The door there is locked so
ignore it. Down there, you can unlock the main door. There is another stair
leading down so go down. Pick up a first-aid kit and keep going down the
stair. There's a wall in the middle and there are 2 monsters waiting for
you at the other side. Pick up the,phosphorus bullets and go down. Ignore
the monsters and go up. Inside there you will find 3 doors. Unlock the door
which is down the screen. You will meet Obed there. He has lost his mind
and Aline believes that he isn't her father. Pick up the black metallic
card and a charm of saving on the floor. Go back up. Walk up the stair and
there are two doors there. One is locked so enter the left door. You can
pick up a metallic piece on the cannon. Three monsters will appear so kill
them all. Pick up wire cutter on the table and read the document. You will
get a blueprint of the perforator. Now go all the way back to the wall
which you climbed just now. Climb to the other side and enter the hole
there. You will see a chest in there. Use the pliers to cut the chain on
the chest. You will receive a large ornate rusty key and a steel ingot.

Go all the way back to the top and use the key you had got just now to
unlock the locked door. You are now inside the workshop.

Read the book on the table first and pick up the orange accelerator, barrel
of weapon,and stock of a weapon. Combine them all into a Photoelectric
Pulsar. It's not a weapon which you can equip though. Pick up 2 first-aid
kits on the floor and a glass lens in a locker.

You can switch on the light which is next to a passageway which leads to
the outside. There's a strange machine next to the ladder. Use the mould
and the steel lingot on the machine. You will receive a perforator barrel,
combine this with tripod support.

Combine again with the Photoelectric Pulsar and it will become the
perforator. But the power source is missing. Forget about it, go out
through the door next to the light's switch. You will see a telescope
there, use the blue lens on the telescope. You should see a big statue.
Forget it. Continue going and a FMV will play.

You dropped down into the reservoir. Now you have to find your way back to
the top.

Keep going, beware of the monster which comes out from the water. Two shots
from the shotgun should finishes it off. Keep going 'till the end and walk
up the ledge and enter the door there. Pick up a box of phosphorus bullets
on the floor. Climb up the ladder.

Check the chest, you will receive three color cards. Which is the golden,
red and silver card. Now you have all the cards! Pick up the first-aid kit
on the right. Unlock the door and exit. You are back at the telescope

Go all the way to the bottom of the fort. Climb up the wall and go to the
other side. Back to the room with three doors in there. Use the 4 metallic
cards on the locked door there. The right combination of the card is,

Silver, Golden, Red, Black.

The door should be unlocked now. Enter, remember to pick up the plasma
cannon in a small hole under the wall. It's kinda easy to miss. There's
also a charm in this room. Pick up the other half-ring and combine it with
the other half.

Now, go up the stair. Check the strange machine and you get a map(?). Enter
these code into the machine.It is 10 31 2001. This is the date that Carnby
and Aline arrived on Shadow Island!

A FMV sequence will trigger. Wow, what a powerful machine. All the planets
in the Solar System are lining up toward the east.

After that, a wall will open. You will receive a large bronze key, a seal,
a small rusty key and an Abkanis Statue. Use the key on the locked door in
the same room. Exit through it. You are now outside the fort. Pick up a box
of grenades there. Check the strange statue which you used the telescope to
looked at. You will have a conversation with Carnby. Aline will tell him
they have to meet right away. Oh well, go all the way back to where you
start at disc 2. Before that, pick up a charm of saving next to the statue.

When you exit the fort and try to enter the wood, the stupid boss will come
out of nowhere again.

When you arrive where you start at disc 2, you will meet Carnby. He gives
you the stone stele in exchange for the seal. After that, you will
automatically back at the statue there. Put in the stone steler into the
statue and you will receive a luminescent stone and an Abkanis Statue.
Aline will call Carnby. Now combine the Stone with the ring you combined
just now and the perforator.

It's time to go back to the workshop.

Climb up the ladder. Go to the top of the workshop. Use the small rusty key
to unlock the pad lock. Go down the stair. Activate the machine in the
middle to open the trap door first. Go down the ladder again and activate
the machine there. Be prepared for a boss fight.

It's that stupid boss again. This time you have to finish him once and for
all.You only have 2 minutes. If you run out of time, activate the machine
again. The strategy to beat him is when lightning in the middle of the room
stop,quickly go to the other side to lure him jump over to you. If your
timing is right, the lightning should strikes down and hits the boss. He
won't jump if the lighting are not gone. Hit him 3 times with the lighting
and he'll will die.

Now, turn off the machine and reactivate it. This time you have to be fast.
You need to go all the way down to the room with the cannon before the time
runs out. You will encounter enemies along the way but ignore them. When
you reach there in time, use the perforator on the cannon and a FMV
sequence will trigger. Go in the hole and you are now inside an underground

Pick up the photoelectric Pulsar. Climb down the ledge. Two monsters will
rush toward you. Run as fast as you can to avoid them. Walk across the
bridge and enter another cave. Now walk all the way down the stair and
enter another hole.

Keep going down and you will meet Carnby eventually. Just follow him. After
that just go through the other cave. There's another bridge there so walk
across it. You will see a big building in front of you. Enter through the

Along the way, there's a trap door on the right side. REMEMBER to open it
or else you gonna be sorry. There's a lot of things inside the trapdoor.
You will receive 5 first-aid kits, a battery charger, a lighting gun, and 5
charms of savings.

After that you won't get any bullets for your shotgun, revolver, rocket and
grenade launcher in the next area. The lighting gun now is your best
friend. It's powerful and can hits multiple enemies at a time. You need to
recharge it by using the battery charger. You can recharge your battery
charger by picking up the crystal along the way. There's plenty of them so
don't worry about searching for them.

Go out the building. You will meet Alan Morton and Edenshaw. It looks like
Alan gonna perform the ritual. After that, a FMV sequence will
trigger.Carnby been sucked into the door. After the conversation with
Edenshaw, enter the door that Carnby been sucked into it.

Keep going down, you will see crystals along the way. There are plenty of
them so I'm not gonna tell you the exact location because there are easy to
spot. The monsters in this area will kept respawning so don't waste time to
fight them. Just keep running, of course, kill if necessary. You can read
the stone. Other than that, keep going.

Now turn left, climb up the higher ground and walk down. Climb up another
high ground and keep going. Exit through the hole there. A cut-scene will
trigger. After that, just go down. There are dogs here along the way so
avoid them. Half way through, Aline will automatically climb up the ladder

You are now outside the Abkanis Temple.

There are dogs in this place, don't bother killing them 'cause they keep
respawning. You will see a ladder leading up there, ignore it first. Now go
up the stair and enter the temple. There's only one way here so keep going.
After that, a FMV will play. You will see some kind of an altar in the
middle of this room.

There are total seven switches on the altar. Depending on where you stand,
the wall behind you will open if you press the button. Collect 6 seals in
here and go out. Back to the ladder which I told you ignored it before. Now
climb up the ladder and enter go down the hole. Pick up the Indian Skin
Flasks first. You can refill the flask at the fountain which Edenshaw told
you before.

Notice that there are 6 stones behind the ladder, put each seal into each
correct stone. You will know which seal should be put in by looking at the
animal on the seal. After you put in all the seals, the hole on the floor
which blocked you can now walk over. Pick up a stone pyramid and a charm of
saving. Go back to the temple.

Inside the temple, use the stone pyramid in front of a huge statue. There a
mechanism in front of it and you can spot it easily. Put in the stone
pyramid and trigger a FMV sequence. Wow... the views in the temple are
gorgeous. You will receive a stone head statue on the mechanism which you
put in the stone pyramid. A cut-scene will trigger.

Now go back down to the cave.

continue going down here. You are now inside a room full of lava,Just keep
going here until you arrive at a bridge. Remember here, you need to come
back later.

Cross over the bridge and keep going. You should see a strange green
fountain at the wall there. You can refill your flasks here. Now scale up
the wall and keep going. Another FMV. You see Alan climb down the bridge.
So, go back down to the bridge. Climb down the rope.

Another FMV. Obed been turned into a monster! He jump to Alan and push him
down the cliff. Aline will go down after the last statue. Congratulation!
You found the last statue. It's time for final show down. Aline will call
carnby, telling him she found the last statue. Now enter the little hole

Jump down and you will meet the four-legged giant monsters here. Ignore
them and keep going. Eventually Johnson will call you. After that, continue
going. You are now inside a room full of water. Drop down and go right.
Keep going straight here and beware for monsters. Climb up the ledge and
Johnson calls again. Jump down. Regconise this place? Go back up. A FMV
will play. One of the pillar will drop down. When you try to cross, you
will meet Obed which is your last boss.

Go in the hole. In there you will see three statues. Two heads are missing
so use one of your statue here. Carnby will show up and put in the last
one. The door behind the statues will open and enter it. You just finished
playing as Aline! Enjoy the ending.

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