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This game is also available on PS2 and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for SSX Tricky (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Robizdabest
First of all, make sure you have a memory card ready before you
play this all you will use your data.I have split this guide
into sections to make sure there is no confusion.


The Starting Characters Are:

Eddie Wachowski
Nationality: American
Board Style: Freestyle
Friend: Elise
Enemy: Moby
Edging: 10/35
Speed: 16/38
Stability: 9/35
Trick: 12/35
My Rating: 8/10
Review: Eddie is a great starter character and learns some
really high pointer moves and is also pretty quick.

Elise Riggs
Nationality: Canadian
Board Style: BX
Friend: Eddie
Enemy: Marisol
Edging: 11/33
Speed: 13/39
Stability: 10/34
Trick: 13/37
My Rating: 8/10
Review: Like Eddie she is a great starter and she learns some
great moves, some better than Eddie's and her spped is quick.
her stability and edging are something to watch out for though.
Not a strong point.

Moby Jones
Nationality: British
Rider Style: BX
Friend: Zoe
Enemy: JP
Edging: 10/35
Speed: 13/35
Stability: 9/36
Trick: 15/37
My Rating: 7/10
Review: Moby is a great person for tricks. His Super Uber trick,
along side Zoe's are the best in the game. So tricks aren't his
problem. In races speed isn't his bad point, its his friends.
Unfortunately many people have a grudge against him and 1 little
slip and he could be in trouble. With Moby you need to stay away
from everyone.

Marty Fraser
Nationality: American
Rider Style: Freestyle
Friend: Kaori
Enemy: Moby
Edging: 10/33
Speed: 11/34
Stability: 7/35
Trick: 19/41
My Rating: 7/10
Review: Marty is full of tricks and is probably the best tricks
character in the whole game. His stats are OK considering his
tricks are so high in stats. Unfortunately his speed, edging and
stability start off pretty weak so if you start the game off
with him ,start in showoff mode.

Secret Characters:

Brodi: Get 1 gold medal in world circuit mode.
Zoe: Get 2 gold medals in world circuit mode.
JP: Get 3 gold medals in world circuit mode.
Kaori: Get 4 gold medals in world circuit mode.
Marisol: Get 5 gold medals in world circuit mode.
Psymon: Get 6 gold medals in world circuit mode.
Seeiah: Get 7 gold medals in world circuit mode.
Luther: Get 8 gold medals in world circuit mode.


Garibaldi: Garibaldi is a nice long run. It is a great starting
level, for racing and tricks. In race make sure you take
advantage of the hills of snow and do lots of tricks including
uber tricks until you get unlimated boost. (Click B for Boost).
Then near the end you will get to a bit where you see a big
fall, go down it to get really far ahead of the others. For
showoff, the scores for a gold are easy, just do plenty of
tricks and squeeze in at least 1 uber trick and you'll have a
gold medal.

Snowdream: Snowdream is very short, but that makes it harder in
showoff. In race it's pretty easy because it is so short, but
still watch out. The computer can be very competetive so keep a
sharp eye. There is also a shortcut, but it is very easy to find
so there is no point telling you. In showoff its harder than
Garibaldi, because its a much shorter level and you need more
points for a gold. Try grinding and near the beginning there are
many ramps so take advantage of that.

The next levels you try.
If you are really stuck email [email protected].

Just for convenience I will give you a few pointers.

1.In race if toy see some red glass it means its a shortcut.
Smash through the glass and get to the other side.

2.In showoff if you see some blue glass it means its a good
trick can be done there. Smash through it and do a really good

3. In race, and showoff as well try to do lots of tricks and get
your tricky meter up. The higher the tricky meter the more boost
you get. Do 6 uber tricks to get unlimated boost. This helps
alot when racing but also helps your tricks.

4. In showoff, make sure you hold down (A) before you perform a
trick you'll jump give you extra height. Always remeber that.

So use these tips to help you through the game and if you want
some challenges try these. (These are only for showoff)

Try to get higher than these scores:

Garibaldi: 1200000
Snowdream: 500000
Elysium Alps: 600000
Mesa Blanca: 550000
Mercury City: 1000000
Tokyo Megaplex: 1500000
Aloha ice jam: 325000
Alaska: 1300000

Thanks for reading and if your stuck remember to email me!
[email protected]

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