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Digimon World Walkthroughs

Submitted By: opmrule
digi volving:
There are two stages of digimon that always digivolve to the same
These are the FRESH and IN-TRAINING digimon. It takes half a day
for a FRESH
digimon to digivolve into a IN-TRAINING digimon. Here is a list
of all the FRESH and IN-TRAINING:

Botamon - Koromon
Poyomon - Tokomon
Punimon - Tsunomon
Yuromon - Tanemon

After the IN-TRAINING digimon comes the ROOKIE digimon. It takes
one day for them to digi volve to ROOKIE. There are four
IN-TRAINING digimon and nine ROOKIE digimon, so that means that
each IN-TRAINING digimon could digivolve into at least two
different ROOKIE digimon. Here is the list of all the IN-TRAINING
to ROOKIE digimon:

Koromon - Agumon or Gabumon
Tokomon - Patamon or Biyomon
Tsunomon - Elecmon or Penguinmon
Tanemon - Palmon or Betamon

Any IM-TRAINING digimon can also digivolve to Kunemon if that
digimon sleeps in "Kunemon's Bed".

After ROOKIE digimon comes CHAMPION. to get cerain CHAMPION
digimon you must follow these instructions:

comes from any digimon, To get it follow these requierments:
Low stats, low weight, medium virus, some caremistakes.

comes From any digimon,to get it follow these requirements:
Fill in the virus bar to top.

comes From agumon, patamon or get it follow these
5 or less mistakes,HP 1000+,weight 30,Def 100+.

comes From Patamon, get this digimon come to these
0 mistakes, weight 20, MP 1000+, Brains 100+

comes From: Palmon, Kunemon.To get vegimon come to these
5+ mistakes, weight 10, MP 1000+

comes From Agumon.the Requirements to get greymon are:
100+ off, 100+ def, 100+ speed, 100+ Brains

comesFrom Agumon, Gabumon.the Requirements:
4 or less mistakes, weight 40, HP 1000+, Def 100+,Brains 100.

comes From Agumon, Gabumon.the requirements:
3 or less mistakes, weight 30, HP 1500+, Speed 100+, Brains

comes From Patamon, Elecmon.the Requirements:
100+ off, 100+ def, 100+ speed, 100+ Brains

comes From Palmon, Betamon.requirements:
3+ mistakes, weight 30, Def 100+

From:Kunemon.the requirements:
Tech 30+.

comes From Penguinmonmon. the requirements:
5 or less fights,Tech 30+.

comes From Biyomon. the Requirements are:
weight at 30 and MP at 1000,speed 100,brains 100.

comes From Betamon, Penguinmon. the requirements:
HP 1000, DEF 100, OFF 100, BRAINS 100.

original form is Gabumon.set the stats to:
HP at 1000, Mp at 1500.

comes From Agumon. set the Requirements to:
HP 1000+, 20-30 Weight.

comes From Palmon.the requirements:

comes From Gabumon.make the requirements:
1000+ MP,100+ speed,30+ Lbs.

comes From Biyomon, Kunemon.set requirements to:

this is all i know of up to now so i am very sorry if theres

to get the next form ULTIMATE just doubble the requerments of the
CHAMPION. for example:

comes from greymon. set requirements to:

also some items push digimon to digivolve.
for example

feed a metal bannan to a CHAMPION digimon and digimon will
digivole into metaletemon.

good luck with the digi-volving.
Submitted By: gamey brainy
Kill Digimon easy:
When you have recruited Devimon buy tons of Devil Chips and feed them to your Digimon.

Digimon live longer:
When you have beaten machinedramon twice (look below) go to Jijimon and he will give you a chain melon.This makes your digimon live 22 hours longer.
Just repeat the prosess or:
press triangle 0 0 x 0 at the menu

2nd machinedramon:
When you beat machinedramon save. Jiji will tell you about anologmans back. Go to Ice santuary (any digimon can go in). Beat him then go back. You get chain melon for doing this. Also go to battle mode after doing this.

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