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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Maximo (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare
Maximo - Game Guide

Second walkthrough here for me. This is a tough game, so I got a little game guide for you if it gets hard.

This review is written by Ruchir Gupta aka "Killer Nightmare". Let's gets started then.

1. Weapon Info
2. Armour
3. The Chracters
4. Level One - The Boneyard
5. Level Two - The Swamp
6. Level Three - Graveyard of Ships
7. Level Four - Spirit Realm
8. Level Five - Castle Maximo
9. Extras
10. Credits

1. Weapon Info:

You're going to need a weapon for this game. In fact a big weapon. Luckily, Maximo is a skilled swordsman and his sword can be pwered up or changed during the course of the game. Each level will offer appropriate elements for your weapon. Fire can be found in the first world, followed by gold, frost, and then the impressive Armageddon on level 4. These don't last forever though, so use them sparingly. Maximo has a number of basic stabbing and slashing moves, these can be suplemented by picking up the green or red power ups throughout the game. The green ones improve your attacks, while the reddys will give your sword different powers, allowing it to shoot fireballs or ice, or perhaps just increasing its length. Not that size is important, you understand.

2. Armour:

Don't be scared because when things get tough you've got armour aswell, and a sheild that can be used for protection or attack. Yellow power ups collected during the course of the game will increase your armour, and green will give your armour special powers, allowing you to throw it and use it to pick up useful objects. The yellow circle power ups will give you a facemask that will make you invincible in a crash bandicoot sort of style, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Now, if you're feeling confident, I'll give you an idea of what to expect on the five levels. Each one is split up into 6 sections and ends with a boss fighht. Remember to make sure you activate the stage checkpoints as you pass them with a downward stab with your sword. If you got it right, a sword image will stay in the ground. If you haven't, it won't.

3. The Characters:

Achilles is your henchamn who has taken over the Kingdom while you were away fighting. He has also taken your true love, Sophia (the one who turns into a demon). You will also encounter Death on your travels, in the shape of the grim reaper. He's not all bad though, as he'll let you buy back your life if things go wrong, be warned though, life isn't cheap.

4. Level One - The Boneyard:

This is really to ease you into the game, believe me it gets much more difficult. Here you will get your first sword power up, fire tongue. Once the first stage of the level is complete, you'll get a chance to save your game in the water pool. Make sure you do this inbetween each stage, and then you'll go in to fight yor first boss, the gravedigger. You'll have noticed him wondering around the level previously. Stabbing him in the feet will make him sit down so he's vulnerable to attack.

5. Level Two - The Swamp:

Beware of quicksand in this level. If you jump on it, you're liable to get swallowed. There are also patches of dark swamp that will result in instant death if you enter them. Avoiding piranhas, zombies and the like, you will eventually come up against the boss, a witch doctor. He'll turn you into a mini Maximo. When he starts hopping around on one foot hit him with your sword and then kill all the little guys he splits into.

6. Level Three - Graveyard Of Ships:

It's very cold on this level, very cold, so losing your armour and wondering around in your boxers looks rather uncomfortable. To find sectret caves, look for pieces of wall that look significantly different from the rest and give them a good wallop with your sword. Falling into the water will freeze our gallant hero, but assuming you make it through you'll end up facing an evil pirate. He's got a wooden leg, so take full advantage of this by forcing him onto one of the grates on the floor. His leg will become stuck and you can take this opportunity to hit him with your sword, over and over. Nasty

7. Level Four - Spirit Realm:

Now things are getting really difficult, but don't say i didn't warn you. Lava flows, horrific jumps and deadly enemies are the order of the day. The levek boss is appropriately nasty too. He can only be attacked when he is spitting fire at you. When he does this, run around behind him and give him a smack on the backside (not literally), then avoid his revenge attacks whilst trying not to drop to a fiery death in the lava.

8. Level Five - Castle Maximo:

Here you can face your arch enemy, Achilles. He can be rather easily dispatched, again - attack him when he's throwing fire at you, and use your power ups to break down his force field. However, just as you are reunited with your true love, having vanquished the evil king, she turns into a demon (isn't that always the way. The lights go off and you have to rely on lighting flashes to see who you are fighting. The demon, like most of us, is vulnerable to being stabbed in the eye, so do so five or more times, and you will emerge victorious.

Congratualtions, you have just completed Maximo, read on for some extras.

9. Extras:

What do you get after all this? - Well, all the girls love a hero, and even if Sophia doesn't seem to appreciate your effirts, the princesses do. Each level has one that you can rescue. Collect a kiss from each one and you'll unlock some nifty stuff when you manage to complete the game.

Boxer shorts - you will have differet amounts of armour that you can wear during you travels of the Kingdom. If you look after yourslef, then your armour will remain high. Conversely, if you take some punishment and your armour gets worn down, you will end up in your clad boxers. This makes you very weak and chilly, esecially in the icy level.

10. Credits:

This review was written by Ruchir Gupta aka "Killer Nightmare" (on special reserve) on 05/11/03. (submitted to ukwalkthroughs)

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